Two raves: Inglot Aquastic Cream eyeshadows and Beautylish customer service

Inglot Aquastic Cream Eye Shadows 17, 15, 14, 18

I’ve mentioned Inglot Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow so many times that you are either sick of them or curious about them. I hope it’s curious since I’m loving these and can’t get enough.

Let me start with a little story. I was shopping on Beautylish and wasn’t at free shipping yet. I hate paying for shipping to be honest but I don’t mind buying a little more to get to it. I noticed the Inglot Cream shadows and decided to buy one, #15 to be exact. I put in my new address, paid, and checked my email for my confirmation. It came – with my old address!! I instantly contacted Customer Service but since it was a weekend evening I had to wait for them to get back to me. In the meantime I got a notice that my package had quickly shipped – to my old address. When CS emailed me early Monday morning they were as nice as could be and tried to redirect my package. They were too late – but the CS went out of her way and called Fed Ex who was able to redirect. For that I’ll be ever grateful since other brands/companies were not that gracious.

Inglot Aquastic Cream Eye Shadows 17, 15, 14, 18

Now back to these fabulous metallic cream shadows. After using #15 a few times I craved more so back to Beautylish I went and somehow three more ended in my cart. The only negative about this whole story is that no one has good swatches nor any descriptions of the shadows so it was blind guessing. Now though you’ll have descriptions of 4 at least.

All of these Inglot Cream Eyeshadows have a metallic finish – more metallic than any eyeshadows I’ve found. Since metallics are one of the trends of the year this make them even more fun – but I think I’d like them no matter what. I don’t need an eyeshadow primer with these because they act as the primer. I wear them alone or with powder eyeshadows and they last the entire day without one drop of fading or smudging. I like to blend these on my eye with a fluffy eyeshadow brush after applying some directly from the wand.

Inglot Aquatic Cream Shadow #15

Inglot Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow #15 is a gorgeous gold shade. It blends down beautifully on my lids to a soft gold that’s not brassy. There is no shimmer at all in #15 or any of these but there is shine galore.

Inglot Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow #15

Inglot Aquastic #18 and #14 are next. In the tube these look similar enough that I wondered if I’d made a mistake. But on the eye they are beautifully different and work amazingly well with my typical wardrobe of eyeshadows.

Inglot Aquastic #18

#18 is the lightest of the shades I have and looks like a silvery taupe on my eyes. It can add a lot of life to shadows in the gray family especially. #14 is a brown taupe that is close to perfection. 14 is the one that will end up getting used up first since it has a touch of gold, some taupe, some brown, and lots of shiny beautifulness.

Inglot Aquastic #14

Inglot Aquastic 18 and 14 swatches, unblended

Inglot Aquastic 18,14 and 15 swatches, unblended

The last one I bought is #17 which is the one I’m not sure about. I think I’m so used to neutrals that I’m not as comfortable in colors. #17 is a bright lavender with pink tones but I was expecting it to be more pink. I haven’t used this one enough to rate it but I do have shades it should work well with.

Inglot Aquastic 17 (from

Inglot Aquastic #18

I still want more even though I know I don’t need them but just look at #12 with its gorgeous peach.

Inglot Aquastic #12 (from

I just figure that my next order from Beautylish will end up with one more – you know to get to free shipping (wink wink).

Are you interested in the metallic trend? Would you wear any of these?  —  Marcia

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A Quick Guide to Stocking Stuffers!

A Quick Guide to Stocking Stuffers!What makes for a good stocking stuffer?  Here are the 6 golden rules:

  1.  Make it affordable…spend the big bucks on presents under the tree. You can load up stocking stuffers and make that stocking bulge with gifts.
  2. Make it unexpected…get unique gifts that your giftee probably wouldn’t buy for herself.
  3. Make it flashy…who wants socks or tweezers?  No one, unless they are unusual and full of bling.
  4. Make it pretty….gorgeous gifts make for big squeals of delight.
  5. Make it practical.  Ok, I just told you DON’T make it practical…but I mean make it something your giftee will actually use, not something that will gather dust on a shelf.
  6. Make it relaxing.  Everyone can use some more ‘me time’. Great stocking stuffers give us all the perfect excuse to shut the door on reality and escape for a bit.

So, how about a list of awesome ideas for actual products that make the grade?  Ask and you shall receive!  We get a lot of samples around the holidays and these are my favorites for stocking stuffers.                                          pr samples

Jaqua Sweet Mini Hand Creme SamplerJaqua Sweet Mini Hand Creme Sampler
Affordable!  Four mini hand cremes that smell so you want to eat them? You can’t go wrong with the super affordable Jaqua Sweet Mini Hand Creme Sampler ($12.67).  The Buttercream Frosting Fragrance is delicious and the hand creme has Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Aloe to soothe dry winter hands and you only need a tiny amount so this set will last a very long time.

Funktional Wearable Fitness Tracker CoverFunktional Wearable Fitness Tracker CoverFunktional Wearable Fitness Tracker CoverFunktional Wearable Fitness Tracker CoverUnexpected!  Funktional Fitbit Charge/ Charge HR Protective Covers ($19) Your giftee has a Fitbit Charge, you’ve got to pick this up. The protective cover is a bit of bling and a lot of protection. I have a Fitbit and I have to say it’s not attractive…this pretty cover makes it look like jewelry. It comes in two designs and ten finishes for both men and women.

These covers work with  Fitbit® Flex™, Fitbit® Force™, Garmin® Vivofit™, Garmin® Vivofit™ 2, Misfit® Shine™, Misfit® Flash™, Jawbone® UpMove™ and nearly all the other current top-selling fitness trackers.

Funktional Wearables can be purchased directly at or from Amazon, and from select boutiques nationwide.

Inglot Nail Polish in 679 and 621

Inglot Nail Polish in 621 and 679

Inglot Nail Polish in 621 and 679

Flashy!  The Inglot 02M Breathable Nail Enamel is beauty with an awesome twist. The colors are fantastic and the nail polish can actually save your nails life! The Breathable Nail Enamel allows water and oxygen to pass through the polish – right to the nail which absolutely needs it.  INGLOT O2M Nail Enamel is available in a whopping 86 colors for $16.00. It is also available in Matte shades for $17.00. I love 621, a red with gold shimmer, and 679, a pearlescent pink. They are a fantastic way to fill a stocking with some great #ManiMondays.

Scunci Hair and Body TattoosScunci Hair and Body TattoosPretty!  The perfect size, the perfect price, and the perfect amount of pretty – Scunci Hair and Body Tattoos ($4.99 at and decorate your wrists, arms and even hair. What a perfect stocking stuffer that your giftee can use on New Year’s Eve!

All Caps Hair Capall-capsAll Caps Hair CapAll Caps Hair CapPractical!  Your loved one will be thrilled when she pulls an All Caps ($52 at Amazon, select hair salons and spas) out of her stocking! This is beyond cool. It’s the  first-ever multi-function hair protection tool to preserve hair while you shower, sleep and spa! All Caps is much, much more than a traditional shower cap and it makes for an unexpected and wonderfully practical gift. It protects your blow-out, color, keratin treatment, and more.

Here’s what makes All Caps so unique:
  • Reversible hair styling preservation and treatment tool
  • Preserves and masks hair overnight
  • Protection cap during spray tansspa treatments and skincare routines
  • Deliberately crafted to be delicate on hair – a market FIRST! – leaving room for all types of hair
  • Adjustable to head circumference and hair length
  • Outside is a soft, hypoallergenic, waterproof PUL fabric
  • Inside is a static-reducing satin spandex material with an adjustable microfiber terry band
  • Comfortable on ears and will not leave an imprint on your forehead
  • Machine washable

This is a fantastic, practical gift that will quickly become a favorite for every day use.

Pearl Bath BombsPearl Bath BombsRelaxing!  Pearl Bath Bombs ($17.99) really are the bomb. Ok, so the price seems a little high for a bath bomb, even a nice big one. But these festive bath bombs have a wonderful surprise inside – a Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, or Gold plated ring between sizes 4-10. How fun is that???  The Frozen Berry bath bomb ‘swirls to create an enchanting winter wonderland right in your bath. Blackberry, pomegranate with twists of vanilla and cinnamon will warm your body and melt the iciest of moods!‘  Or, you might want to choose the Candy Cane Bath Bomb, ‘a swirling, red and white delight with an invigorating peppermint cream scent that’s meant to energize your skin and refresh your senses!’ There are tons more creative holiday bath bombs, as well as 3 and 4 packs. Everything is All Natural, Handmade in America, has Cruelty Free ingredients, Never Tested on Animals, 100% Vegan, Ethically Sourced, Free of Synthetic Dyes, Paraben Free and SLS Free.

A Quick Guide to Stocking Stuffers!

There you have it – six awesome stocking stuffers that follow the six golden rules.  Have fun shopping and gifting…and pick up some of these for yourself because you deserve it.  – Lisa

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