Color me GUILTY – of tanning, glowing, and sparkling!

My self tanner addiction...

My self tanner addiction…


Well. Now I feel a little ashamed…I mean, this amount of completely unneccessary products is basically obscene. Guess my self tanner/bronzer/shimmer addiction is now officially out of the closet!

*PR samples/purchase by me/affiliate links

I honestly had no idea how many of these types of products I had going until I gathered them all for their family pictures. These are the ones I have open…I decided to leave the second cousins (those awaiting to be christened) for another time. I think I am addicted to self tanners because they hide uneven skin tone and give the illusion of looking slightly thinner. Here are all (well, most…I found some more after the pics were done!) the self tanners I have open right now:

Self tanning lotions

Self tanning lotions

Self tanning mousse

Self tanning mousse

Self tanning sprays

Self tanning sprays

I have three different types:  lotions, sprays, and foam/mousse. I use the lotions in the winter when my skin is at its driest. The foam/mousse are great when I am in a hurry because they need a little less work to get them applied correctly. I use the sprays mainly in the summer. I have a thing about not putting on any heavy body products when it’s hot out – it makes me feel funny. Anyone else weird like that??  I especially love Xen-Tan and Vita Liberata (the latter isn’t pictured because it was shy and said no photos today, please).

My addiction doesn’t stop at self tanners…I am also addicted to body bronzers. I have sprays, lotions, mousse…I love them all.

Body bronzers

Body bronzers

No one does shimmery bronzed skin like Scott Barnes and I adore Guerlain and Red Carpet Kolour (RCK).

Also addicted to spray on shimmering bronzers…if it has a coconut scent, I can’t do without it!!

Spray on shimmer and sparkle

Spray on shimmer and sparkle

I am sad that tarte doesn’t have the Celebutant Dry Oil Spray anymore. I highly recommend the Lucy B Frangipani Bronzing Oil Spray and the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Spray. Hampton Sun makes amazing shimmer sprays too.

Oh, and how could I forget — every day I put two drops of this Paula’s Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate in my moisturizer to keep a consistent color. It’s subtle but awesome.

Paula's Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate

Paula’s Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate

So there you have it. I have no more secrets. And if you really want to know why I need so much self tanner, just take a look at the classic blogger tan lines (courtesy of Tan Towels)!  – Lisa


*some products PR samples, some purchased by me.  Affiliate links.

Lisa’s Top Picks of 2011: Skin Care, Body Care, and the rest!

A few days ago I posted my favorite color items, you can find that post here.  ‘Top picks’ posts are the ones I enjoy writing up the most, I love sharing the extra good stuff with you, and I love being able to put all this fabulousness in one review!  I was going to publish today’s post of my favorite skin care, body care, and other miscellaneous items yesterday, but boy did I get hit with the flu.  I’m all better now, so here is my list for you.

Favorite skin care:

I found several skin care items that I am constantly reaching for over and over. I love the Chella Foaming Cleanser Lavish Souffle, it the perfect cleanser and you only need a tiny bit.

Chella Foaming Cleanser

I really got into natural organic lines, like Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Neroli Toning Mist and Coconut Oil, beautiful products from a fantastic line with a great message.

I also loved the Artisan Naturals Lemon Cypress Exfoliating Mask, which is my favorite go-to for pesky breakouts.

To even out my skin tone, I have been absolutely loving the Omorfies Etenia Lightening Cream by Kleraderm.

Two other skin care lines that I adore are 3Lab (for their amazing Super Eye Treatment and Perfect Lips)

and YBF Skin Care (Hydrate B and Boost are flipping fabulous).

YBF Boost

Favorite primer:

This one is a tie for me.  I am completely impressed with Reviva Labs Makeup Primer,

it’s a great silicone based primer that actually goes on light.

And I am totally loving the Youngblood Mineral Primer,

Youngblood Mineral Primer

which has a wonderful texture and really helps my makeup stay put all day.

Favorite Facialist:

My favorite facialist this year was Joanne Kallabat, owner of Kleraderm.

Joanne Kallabat with her son, Michael

It’s such a treat to go to Nordstrom and get a $150 facial for only $20 – plus she gives the BEST face massage ever.  I love how she gives tons and tons of samples first.  She wants to figure out what works best for your skin before she will even let you buy anything!

Favorite Fragrances:

I have completely embraced the layering concept by Lisa Hoffman, and her Tuscan Fig fragrance is just to die for.

Lisa Hoffman Variations case with the Tuscan Fig fragrance

Plus, her iScentify scent finder is super fun to play with.

I also fell in love with the Juara Candlenut Fragrance.

This is a swoon-worthy coconut scent that makes everyone want to hug you.  And then hug you again.

Favorite storage solution:

Wow, this one was a life changer – the Zuca Pro Artist Case.

It has totally changed my organizational system, and has made makeup gigs so much easier, as well as travel.  Looks like we are going to be doing more contests with Zuca this year, so stay tuned!!

Favorite hand cream:

I am a hand cream addict, since I work at a school and need to wash my hands about twenty times a day.  I cannot do without my Votre Vu Duette Lux Lip Balm and Hand Cream.

Little mirror, lip balm, and then hand cream, all in one package??  Absolute genius, and the hand cream smells truly amazing.

Favorite body products:

2011 was a Whish year for me, that’s for sure. I love this retro line, every single product is a winner.

Just this morning I was thanking the Whish Gods for making their amazing Shave Crave Shaving Cream.

Tarte Cosmetics is a line better known for its great color products, but a true unsung hero is the Tarte Celebutante.

It’s a gorgeous body shimmer spray that smells unbelievably good, like fresh coconut and vanilla.  Yummy!!

Speaking of coconuts, I went pretty ‘coconutty’ for the Bodycology Island Coconut products.

The body cream, body wash, and body spray are all truly terrific, and I reach for them all the time.

Favorite sunning/self-tanner products:

I am a big fan of faux tanning, and I had some great discoveries this past year.  Hampton Sun is a go-to line for any sun products, including faux tanning.  I love the Privet Blossom products, they have a unique scent that is totally summer in a bottle.

Hampton Sun Shimmer Spray in Bronze

The spray SPF is amazing, and the faux tanning and body shimmer products are excellent.  Try this line, you won’t be disappointed.

Another great discovery that changed my faux tanning was the Beautisol Self Tanning Magic Mitt.

This $6 wonder completely changed my faux tanning experience for the better!!  No streaks, no worries, no problems.  Love it!!

I also fell in love with Tan Towels.  Such a quick, sanitary way to get a deep tan, plus the towelettes travel so well.


Favorite cleaning products:

Dusting Fragrance

I am the first to admit that housekeeping is never a priority for me, so finding things that help make cleaning joyful is huge for me.  Sweet Grass Farm has pretty awesome cleaning products that give me extra motivation, my favorites are the Dusting fragrance and Lemon Verbena Liquid Soap.

Favorite clothing line:

I am totally digging the Sprigs clothing line.  Pictured above I am wearing my Banjee while shopping.  I love these little guys, they really do make life easier.  And I wear my infinity scarves all the time too.  So many great items, it’s a fabulous line that I am so happy I discovered this year!

That’s it for all my favorites of 2011.  And now on to an amazing year of even more terrific discoveries in 2012!!  – Lisa

Revisiting summer with Hampton Sun – Sunless Tanning Gel and Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray in Bronze review

Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Gel

As much as I love fall, I am a summer girl at heart.  So I keep the summer around through scent – I love anything that takes me to the beach, like coconut scents, or the smell of suntan lotion.   I also keep summer around by using self-tanner.  I’ll bet I have more self-tanners than almost anyone – I am just a tiny bit obsessive about it.   I look younger with a faux tan.  My skin looks healthier, my skin tone is more even, and I get a  glow that my natural color just doesn’t have.

Over the past few years, I have found that Hampton Sun truly specializes in that ‘summer experience’.  All of their products are designed around ‘smart, serious sunbathing’.  One such product is the Sunless Tanning Gel ($32).

Sunless Tanning Gel swatch

Like all other good self-tanners, this is easily applied and with proper preparation it gives a streak-free, natural looking tan.  It works for both the face and the body.  So what makes this self-tanner different from the other ones out there?  Two things:

1.  It smells GREAT.  I love the scent of Hampton Sun products, and this is no exception.  The Sunless Tanning Gel smells like a very subtle version of their signature scent Privet Bloom, a gorgeous mixture of lily of the valley, white hyacinth, sea spray, dune grass, blue plum, and privet blossom.  The scent does eventually dissipate, but it smells amazing while it’s there.

2.  It leaves my skin SUPER soft.  I mean to the extreme – I use this even when I am not particularly interested in self tanning just because it moisturizes so beautifully.

After the self-tanner does its magic and leaves me with a beautifully bronzed body, I like to complete the ‘summer experience’ with the Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray in Bronze ($32).

Hampton Sun Serious Shimmer Spray in Bronze

Oh my, what a gorgeous sheen this gives your body – you won’t believe how beautiful it makes your legs look.  Unless you are between 12 and 16 years old, I don’t recommend applying this to your face – although it does look pretty cool when applied to your hair.  It gives a really pretty shimmer to your locks, and your hair smells flipping amazing.  Just keep the bottle about six inches away from the hair, it’s too wet of a mist to be held any closer.  While it’s wet if held too close, held the proper distance away it’s a super fine mist that does have a slight cooling sensation when sprayed on your skin.

Close up - check out that gorgeous shimmer!

You need to shake the bottle first to get that gorgeous shimmer swirling about.  Heck, it’s fun to just do that and then watch the show, it’s a like a little lava lamp.  It also smells divine, it’s really a fragrance mist of Privet Bloom with some golden shimmer mixed in.

Bare hand with Serious Shimmer Spray in Bronze applied - click to see a larger image

It is not an over-the-top shimmer, it’s subtle and it really makes your legs (or whatever you have decided to spray!) look pretty perfect.  It hydrates the skin with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Vitamins A through E.

If you are like me and are longing for summer, I absolutely recommend checking out Hampton Sun.  You can find it online, as well as in stores such as Saks, Sephora, and SpaceNK.  – Lisa

Sunless Tanning Gel ingredients:  Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone Crosspolymer,  Dihydroxyacetone, Dimethicone, Phenyl Trimethicone, Cyclomethicone,  Phosopholipids, Dimethiconol, Glycerin, Erythrulose, Ethoxydiglycol,  Polyquaternium-37, Butylene Glycol, Pro-pylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl  Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopherol, Fragrance, Urea, Trehalose,  Polyquaternium-51, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium PCA, Aloe Barbadensis Gel,  Chamomile Extract, Juglans Regia (Walnut), SheWater, Glycerin, Peg-16 Macadamia Glycerides,  Propylene Glycol & Diazolidinyl Urea & Methylparaben &  Propylparaben, Fragrance Polysorbate, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Aloe Barbadensis  Gel, Simethicone, Extracts of Cucumber, Grapeseed, Peach, Seaweed, Lemon  Calendula, Gingko Biloba, Ginger, Chamomile Extract, Benzophenone 4, Disodium  Edta, Peg-8 Dimethiicone & Zea Mays (Corn) Oil & Propylene Glycol &  Octyldodecanol & Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) & Ascorbic Acid  (Vitamin C) & Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) & Pyridoxine Hci (Vitamin  B6) & Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) & Silica & Sodium.  Propoxyhydroxypropyl Thiosulfate Silica ll Extract, Caramel, FD&C  Yellow #6

Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray ingredients:  Water, Glycerin, Peg-16 Macadamia Glycerides,  Propylene Glycol & Diazolidinyl Urea & Methylparaben &  Propylparaben, Fragrance Polysorbate, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Aloe Barbadensis  Gel, Simethicone, Extracts of Cucumber, Grapeseed, Peach, Seaweed, Lemon  Calendula, Gingko Biloba, Ginger, Chamomile Extract, Benzophenone 4, Disodium  Edta, Peg-8 Dimethiicone & Zea Mays (Corn) Oil & Propylene Glycol &  Octyldodecanol & Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) & Ascorbic Acid  (Vitamin C) & Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) & Pyridoxine Hci (Vitamin  B6) & Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) & Silica & Sodium.  Propoxyhydroxypropyl Thiosulfate Silica

Enjoying the rest of summer with Hampton Sun

I absolutely adore summer, it’s my favorite time of year.  And while I use Hampton Sun products year round, I especially love to use them now, when the days are long and lazy and it’s as warm as a big hug. 

I think of Hampton Sun as a sunbathing line for grown ups.  The line is elegant, the products are fantastic and the scents they use are nothing short of spectacular.  When we were in LA for the IMATS last June, we went to Space.NK  and the beautiful Teri gave us a sample of  Hampton Sun After Sun Moisturizer.  Patty and I went gaga over the gorgeous scent – it really does smell like summer in a bottle.  I made a huge mistake and let my mom try it…and she promptly swiped it.  I was so bummed I knew I had to get a full size bottle after that.  And there are some other summer staples from this line that I need to share, they are too good to keep the info to myself.

I recently went on a trip to Florida, and I was a very, very bad girl whilst I was there.  I never ‘lay out’ in the sun, I know the dangers of tanning and truly regret the summers I spent in my teens literally baking myself in baby oil.  But….but…I LOVE the feeling of the sun on my skin.  I LOVE the ocean breeze, and the coolness of the swimming pool.  I just couldn’t stay in the shade.  So I relied on Hampton Sun to help me have my cake and eat it too.

We had a beautiful condo right on the ocean.  My days went like this:  get up, put on swimsuit, eat breakfast.  Spray myself with Hampton Sun Continuous Mist Sunscreen ($32).  Go for an hour morning walk on the beach, watch the dolphins play.

I adore this spray because I can actually put sunscreen on without any help!!  I never had a problem with missing spots on my back or the back of my legs.  It sprays out easily in a fine mist, and does a terrific job of protecting skin from the sun.  I reapply as necessary, but found this to be quite waterproof and sweat proof.  It smells fabulous and everyone loved it – kids and hubby included.  Here I am at the ocean with my trusty spray in hand:

After my walk, I would go to the pool.  Swim, lay in a comfy chair, read books, play with the kids.  Go to the beach.  Here I am with my youngest daughter at the ocean:

After a long day of rest and relaxation, I would head in to shower off the sand and chlorine.  My shower gel of choice for the trip was Hampton Sun Privet Bloom Shower Gel ($32.00). 

Oh my gosh what a GORGEOUS scent!!  It smells so fresh and clean and summery.  It is a green scent, but not over the top or sharp.  I would stand there with my shower sponge full of the gel and just INHALE. 

After my shower, I would slather on the Hampton Sun After Sun Moisturizer ($30). 

The scent is divine, it smells like a summer’s day at the beach.  It helps your skin keep any color you may have picked up, but it isn’t just for after sun.  It’s really a fabulous body lotion that can be used any time you want to smell amazing.  Ingredients include Emblica Fruit extract, Aloe, Almond Oil, Walnut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea Oil, and Chamomile. It is a holy grail for me and something I will never be without it. 

After my long day in the sun, I would relax some more, smelling like a true bathing beauty without any sun burn issues.

Summer is half over, but there’s plenty of fabulous weather left to enjoy!  I highly recommend Hampton Sun products any time of the year, but summer is especially good.  What Hampton Sun products are your favorites?  – Lisa

Lisa’s top favorites of 2010

Inevitably, the looming new year sparks reflection upon the one passing…and in the world of Beauty Info Zone, that means only one thing – what were my favorite cosmetic discoveries of 2010??

I had a great year in terms of holy grails.  Normally I might find one or two, but this was a banner year – I found so many things I can’t live without that I couldn’t even limit it to my ‘top ten for 2010’.  After some heavy duty soul searching and major editing, I came up with my most favorites.

My vote for coolest cosmetics lines new to me this year:

Vanitymark – super high quality products with a really neat variety of items.

Darac Beauty – all together, lovely products that form a complete system so it’s almost one stop shopping.

Julie Hewett – gorgeous colors, wonderful items…I find myself stalking the website just to drool over the possibilities.

Covermark – amazing full coverage products, plus a whole lot more.  This is a line with surprising depth.

My vote for best overall lines I was already familiar with, and  from which I discovered more great new things this year:

Senna – love the brows, the lips, the bronzers…my list of ‘loves’ goes on and on.

Tarte Cosmetics – fabulous line with truly amazing palettes and holiday sets.

Trish McEvoy – this line is especially perfect for someone just starting their makeup collection.

Jane Iredale – this line is constantly coming out with great new products, and has some real must-haves in many categories.

Favorite skin care discoveries for this year:

Beautisol – really terrific products that work.

Simply Divine Botanicals – my favorite organic line.

Lisa Hoffman – best products for travel, in my book.

Juara Skincare – ok, a bit of a cheat, as this is one of my favorite discoveries in both skin care and body products.  My favorite loves?  The Avocado Banana Moisture Mask ($37), a fabulous hydrating mask that somehow also brightens the complexion.  Also the candlenut fragranced products, in particular the Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel ($28), a beautiful shower gel that foams up wonderfully and smells divine, and the Candlenut Body Polish ($35), a perfect exfoliator that doesn’t scratch but still gets rid of dead skin and leave you smelling amazing.

Best hair product discoveries:

nTrance – my first encounter with argan oil, I will never be without this hair serum.

Sedu Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment- another amazing hair serum, it’s really terrific.

Best hair tools discoveries:

Sedu hair dryer and flat irons – how did I ever live without these??

Curl-Ease hair towel – I love how it gives me frizz-free hair every single time, regardless of the weather conditions.

Coolest new electronic products:

Luminess Air Brush system – so much fun!!!  I feel like an artist when I use this.

Honeybelle Body Buffer ($325) – this is a little pricey, but take my word for it – it WORKS.  It really does reduce the appearance of cellulite.  And the Apre Contouring Creme that comes with the set is FABULOUS.

Best body product lines:

Hampton Sun – amazing sunscreen and I adore the fragrances in this line’s products.

Whish – everything is super retro cool, I want one of each!  I am especially digging the Lavender Three Whishes Body Wash ($22) – super scent, just the right amount of suds, and it leaves your skin so soft and hydrated.

Hand Perfection – hands down, best hand products of the year.  No contest.

Best beauty tools of the year:

Hollywood Fashion Tape – love, love, love every single thing.  Just check out the Hollywood Hangover Kit pictured above!!  Every item is hilarious, retro, and unbelievably useful.

Crown Brushes – amazing brushes at a super affordable price.

Best brow discovery:

Senna– sick of me talking about this yet?  I just cannot live with out my Form-A-Brow Kit.

Best eyeshadows of the year:

Tarte Cosmetics – fabulous pigmentation and the sets are amazing.

Le Metier – gorgeous, unusual colors that you can actually layer without creating a muddy mess.  See a demonstration here.

Best foundation discovery:

FACE atelier Ultra Foundation – simply amazing foundation.  True love at first wear.

Best concealer discoveries:

It Cosmetics – Marcia introduced me to this amazing concealer that really covers imperfections with the tiniest bit of product.

Covermark – particularly the Under Eye Cover Kit, which covers anything that might be wrong, and has a great loose powder for setting the concealer.

Best self-tanner:

Pur Minerals Get a Little – such a wonderful creamy self-tanner that leaves you looking thin, tan, and happy.

Tan Towels – amazing little towels that give you a super natural, streak-free tan.  I will be expounding on these gems more in my upcoming review.

Best blush discovery:

Mai Couture – I still can’t believe that fabulous blush – and bronzer, too – can be so portable.  Blush in little papers?  Ingenious!

Best mascara discovery:

Revitalash – thick, long, super black lashes that don’t fade, flake, or smear.  What else could a girl ask for?

Best lip discoveries:

Le Metier Creme de la Creme lip gloss – a fabulous neutral that makes any kind of ugly lip color look gorgeous, it’s one of my secret weapons.

Beaute Cosmetics – every single lip product is unique and genius.

FACE atelier lip glaze – I am never without Lip Glaze in Ice…and now I will never be without Lip Glaze in Dianthus, the perfect shimmery pink.

Besame Sweetheart Balm lip gloss pots – gorgeous colors, amazing slip and texture, and a red that looks terrific even on me!

Best mineral makeup line:

Purely Cosmetics – fabulous, high quality, affordable minerals.

Favorite makeup up artist:

Victoria Stiles – she is amazing, just love her work and her website!!

A variety of items I simply cannot live without:

Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner

Vanitymark Duo Brush and Ultra-Tweeze Tweezers

Urban Decay Grind House Pencil Sharpener

Hard Candy Moon Glow Pressed Powder

Z Palette palettes

The year 2010 was simply amazing for me in terms of finding new loves and favorites.  I cannot wait for what 2011 is going to bring!

Happy New Year everyone!!  Warmly, Lisa

Shimmer Spray for Grown Ups from Hampton Sun

Want to sparkle like a Joan Rivers ring collection?  Me neither.  I wanted that back when I was high school, but now that I’m in my mid-forties, that look would be sorta pathetic.  Want to glow in a subtle, but flattering way?  Me too.  It’s a fine line, though, and difficult to find products that aren’t too over the top – or so modest they might as well not even be applied.

I remember a few years ago I was going to a Bar Mitzvah, and thought it would be nice to have a little shimmer.  I put Giorgio Armani Midnight Shimmer Powder (LE from a 2005 collection, so that gives you an idea how long ago this party was) on my decolletage, and thought it looked really good.  I was wearing a rather low-cut, but otherwise demure dress from J Crew.  I got to the party and went into the hors d’oeuvres room, which had a huge window with the setting sun coming through strong.  As I stood there chatting, I happened to look down…and was mortified!!  My chest wasn’t shimmering, it was SPARKLING like a disco ball…ok, two disco balls.  I ran out of there faster than you can say ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and stayed away from bright lights for the rest of the night.  And I remember longing for something that shimmered in an adult way.  I have been searching for the perfect solution ever since.

Thankfully, I came across a truly grown up version of shimmer spray that gives you a nice, subtle glow and also smells amazing.  It’s called Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray by Hampton Sun, and it costs $32 for a 1 oz. bottle.

I previously reviewed Hampton Sun Sunscreen here, where you can find a pretty detailed description of the scent.  Trust me, it smells simply AMAZING.

I have the Pearl version of the shimmer spray, although it also comes in Bronze, which I’ll bet is fabulous.  The Pearl gives a great highlight to both light and dark skin, and it contains Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and vitamins A through E.  Shake up the bottle then spray, and you get a sexy shimmer that is just right – not too much, not too little.  The scent is light in the spray, so it’s not overpowering but it’s still there.

I highly recommend this gem if you are looking for an adult version of shimmer – no disco balls here, just fabulous looking skin for the summer months!  – Lisa

Disclosure – this item was sent to us for review purposes. Please see our disclosure for more information.

Sunscreen for Grown Ups by Hampton Sun

I love the sun, I love the feeling of warmth and the smells of summer all around me.  I hate the freckles and burns that come with it, though – so I am constantly searching for the perfect sunscreen.  Because I have children,  I usually end up slathering on stuff that I bought for them.  But I am always dissatisfied – I don’t like the heaviness, the icky scent, and the accompanying white cast that comes with many sunscreens.

I was thrilled when Hampton Sun sent us a body lotion and face cream to try.   I have read about them in so many magazines – in fact, they have been featured in In Style, Travel and Leisure, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour, Hamptons, O Magazine, Martha Stewart Magazine, Town and Country, Lucky Magazine, OK!, Gotham, Shape, Allure, People, US Weekly, Women’s Health, Elle, Life & Style just to name a few!

This is truly sunscreen for grown ups.  The packaging is sophisticated and beautiful, and the pump delivery system guarantees easy and sanitary application.  And the scent…oh my.  It is GORGEOUS.  Hampton Sun is a luxury sun product line inspired by the beaches of eastern Long Island, and the scent is based on the region’s blooming privet hedges.  When creating the scent, they told the perfumer their vision was:  Riding your bike to the beach the smell of privet hedges blossoming in the breeze, the sun in your face as you approach the dunes, and then at last you see the ocean, a deep breath, fresh, clean and pure.” I must say, they accomplished their vision – the scent is amazing.

I first tried the SPF 30 Sun Tanning Lotion (4 oz. $35.00).  It has UVA/UVB sun protection, Vitamins A and E, anti-oxidents, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, and Walnut Oil.  The lotion is very light and spreads easily, softening your skin while providing SPF 30 protection.  It is, by far, the most fabulous sunscreen I have ever tried.  It comes in this super cute mesh bag that is perfect for the beach, and with a pump dispenser you won’t have any issues with sand or germs.

Next I tried the SPF Face 15 Hydrating Face Cream (1.7 oz, $40.00).  This one has Vitamins A through E, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Cucumber, Grape Seed, Peach, Seaweed, Lemon, Calendula, Gingko Biloba, Giner, and Canadian Willow Bark.  It helps to reduce redness and puffiness and diminish fine lines.  This has no detectable fragrance, a good thing for a face lotion, and it’s super lightweight and moisturizing.  I love the pump delivery, again it’s extremely sanitary.  It’s also oil-free.

This gorgeous line has other products that I am now dying to try – I am sure the sun tanning oil smells amazing, and they have some Serious Shimmer Cooling Sprays that are right up my alley.  You can find this fabulous line in many retail stores, or else online here.  – Lisa

Disclosure – Items in this post were sent for review purposes. Please see our disclosure for more information.