A Brazilian Blowout followup and review of the Açai hair care line

Here’s the followup to the Brazilian Blowout I had done in early December 2011. I raved about the process at the time and almost 6 months later I want to share that I’m still so happy I had this done. The process has lasted me all this time and I’m just now seeing the end of its days. Even though I’m noticing more waves in my hair, I still don’t seem to be having frizzy hair.

I only have to wash my hair 3 to 4 times a week with the Brazilian Blowout keratin process in my hair. I find it so time consuming to dry my hair, even with the best of blow dryers, so having days off without spending that time is a relief. What’s also a relief is knowing that my hair looks as good on second and third day hair as it does on the first day.

I’ve used the Brazilian Blowout Açai Hair Care almost exclusively for the last 6 months and I’m still using them. When I had the Brazilian Blowout done I came home with the Açai Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Masque. I’ve since acquired all the products that Açai makes and want to share my experience with these with you. All the products are have a proprietary Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex to infuse your hair with an exclusive blend of smoothing and sealing properties. Using this line guarantees that you are doing what you can to make the keratin process last as long as possible. There is NO Sodium Chloride in Brazilian Blowout products. They are also sulfate free.

Açai Shampoo and Conditioner: these gentle to use products are excellent. After all this time I’m not even finished with them. A little goes a long way. They are gentle yet effective. I’m not the person that believes in “shampoo, rinse, repeat” like I did when young. One time shampooing is all I need. A small amount of conditioner is enough to leave my hair feeling smooth. The shampoo lathers well but not too much. A brand I had used previously on my keratin processed hair always left my hair feeling dry but these work perfectly keeping my hair moisturized and smooth.

Açai Deep Conditioning Masque: I use this once a week. Sometimes I can leave it in for 5 minutes, sometimes it’s just about 2 to 3. On days you use the masque, you don’t need the conditioner. You need just a tiny amount of the masque for it to be effective. I have shoulder length hair and I haven’t made a dent in my Açai masque yet.

Açai Protective Thermal Straightening Balm: this is my favorite product of all I have. After washing my hair I’ll put about a quarter’s worth in the palm of one hand, rub my hands together and pull this through my hair. It’s got a lovely sweet orange fragrance that doesn’t linger though I wouldn’t mind it if it did. I can then comb through my hair without having to tug and pull. This balm is clear and thick.

Smoothing Serum

Açai Smoothing Serum: this is part of the original aftercare set. It’s infused with the ingredients needed to extend the process. It not only detangles but also conditions your hair when you are using it. When it’s raining or even threatening rain, I reach for the Smoothing Serum. The serum is white and looks more like a cream.

Spray Shine

Açai Shine & Shield Spray Shine*: I really didn’t think I needed this spray until I actually used it. I don’t use hairsprays very often but this is not my mother’s hairspray. This not only makes my style last longer but it imparts the most terrific shine. The Açai Shine & Shield Spray is so light but it adds in extra shine and more important it adds in UVA/UVB protection helping my color last longer. I’ve been able to make my color last a week longer when I use this regularly.

Açai Instant Volume Thermal Root Lift*: I reach for this on “old” hair – the times that I’ve had to skip an extra day and want to impart new life into my hair. The first time I used too much but I’ve since learned to use it more judiciously. I lift my hair at the roots and spray it just there. The nozzle is perfect for that job. I then use my blow dryer with my round brush and voila, my hair looks new again. A quick spray of the Shine & Shield Spray and it’s like I came from my beauty salon.

Acai Sculpt & Define Polish

Açai Restorative Sculpt & Define Polish*: This is the one product I haven’t used yet. What it does though is help when you want that “piecey” look to your hair. Here’s what Brazilian Blowout tells us about this product: This unique polish transforms the hair by adding weightless texture, definition and flexible hold to desired pieces. The exclusive Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex works to fortify and protect while helping to deliver that much-desired “second day after blow-dry” texture. Full spectrum UVA/UVB protection.”

What adds even more to this line of Brazilian Blowout Açai products is that a little goes a long way. When I have my Brazilian Blowout done again I won’t need more product other than the shampoo. After all these months the rest are still going strong. I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of my Brazilian Blowout and the Brazilian Blowout Açai hair care line. I’ll also continue using them with or without the process, they are that good and that gentle. — Marcia

*starred products were PR samples, others were purchased

images from brazilianblowout.com