Lisa’s top five favorite repurchases!

Lisa's Top Five RepurchasesI don’t just repurchase my most favorite items. I am a little OCD, so I’m always afraid of running out. I repurchase my favorites in bulk. So whatever I know I can’t live without, I simply make sure I will never have to!! I have at least three or four extras waiting in the wings at all times. Here are my top five repurchases that have lots of brothers and sisters waiting their turn on my shelves.

Paula's Choice Gentle Touch Makeup Remover

Paula’s Choice Gentle Touch Makeup Remover

  1.  Paula’s Choice Gentle Touch Makeup Remover ($16):  This is the very best makeup remover I have ever tried and I buy this four bottles at a time whenever there is a sale. I usually wear full coverage foundation and my skin tends to break out especially in my t-zone. So I take cleansing very seriously, and the first step is always makeup remover. This dual-phase liquid makeup remover needs to be shaken first. After squirting some onto a cleansing pad you wipe off makeup prior to cleansing. It removes everything, even waterproof mascara and the most tenacious lipstick. It’s completely safe to use on eyes, and it leaves skin feeling moist and hydrated but not oily or greasy.

    Creation Pharm Jewelweed Topical Mist

    Creation Pharm Jewelweed Topical Mist

  2. Creation Pharm Jewelweed Topical Mist ($12.95) Creation Pharm has a store in Traverse City,Michigan and you can find the line in person in lots of cool little stores all over Michigan. They have amazing soaps, oils, tanning lotions, bath products, and skin care. Jewelweed Topical Mist keeps my skin clear and is the best thing I’ve ever tried for keeping blackheads and acne at bay. It also clears up just about any other sort of skin condition you can think of – any itchy, rashy skin like Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, food allergies, and even bug bites. My brother was playing softball and he accidentally grabbed some knee pads that had mold in them. During the game, he slid into home and scratched up his leg. Two days later he had the most horrible infection in his leg, and after three weeks of treatment by doctors it was just getting worse. I gave him my precious bottle of Jewelweed Topical Mist and his leg immediately began to heal. Three days later it was all cleared up. He won’t give me back my bottle. I guess I can’t really blame him. The ingredients in this secret weapon include extracts of Jewelweed, White Oak Bark, Comfrey Leaf, Witch Hazel and Aloe. Native Americans used Jewelweed because it has a natural antihistamine in it that is very quick and totally effective. I use my Jewelweed Topical Mist for so many things that I always have extras on hand.  My son has very sensitive skin that will get itchy for seemingly no reason, my husband gets welts on his skin from heat rash, and my daughter is always getting scraped up. Jewelweed Topical Mist takes care of all those issues, plus it truly is the best toner I have ever used.

    Dan Read Cosmetics Silver Screen Foundation

    Dan Read Cosmetics Silver Screen Foundation

  3. Dan Read Cosmetics Silver Screen Foundation ($33.50) Dan Read Cosmetics is a fantastic niche boutique line with one of the best full coverage foundations available. This is a cream to powder foundation that is well-known among stage and film performers because it lasts through anything. It’s bulletproof. Hot lights, wet weather, long workouts – this foundation holds up like a champ. It corrects uneven skin tone, dark under eye circles, red areas, any problem you’ve got, and it looks natural. It is extremely pigmented so you don’t even need a separate concealer. I always have four shades – my winter color is Soft Ivory 3, which is my lightest shade. Natural 1 is my typical shade, and I use Natural 2 and Natural 3 when I faux tan. Silver Screen Foundation is available in a shimmer version that I also always have on hand. When I travel, this is the foundation I take with me every time.

    Guerlain Terracotta Spray

    Guerlain Terracotta Spray

  4. Guerlain Terracotta Spray ($64)  So, this is spendy, I know. But wow is it awesome. It’s not even perfect — the aerosol sometimes gets gummed up – but I have never gotten the same utterly fabulous bronzed glow with any other product, ever. It makes my skin look perfect. The spray is super light and the effect is freaking fantastic. This is a secret weapon that I am happy to share. Once you try this you will never ever want to be without it again. By the way, I honestly don’t find there to be much difference between the Light and Medium shades.

    Coconut Hut Coconut Oil

    Coconut Hut Coconut Oil

  5. Coconut Hut Coconut Oil in various scents ($17, I have slathered this body oil on for years and years…I remember I found it way back when I first discovered the Internet, so it’s been a while! I just love this little Hawaiian body product boutique. I get different scents all the time, but they are always some variation of coconut. Some of my all time favorites are Coconut Kanantik, Tahitian Black Coconut, and Beach Goddess, and I am currently loving the limited edition Hawaiian Tropics, a mix of coconut milk and dark tanning oil.

I’m so happy to share my top five repurchases with you!  I hope you find something that works for you…and I would love to know what your favorites are too!! – Lisa

Color me GUILTY – of tanning, glowing, and sparkling!

My self tanner addiction...

My self tanner addiction…


Well. Now I feel a little ashamed…I mean, this amount of completely unneccessary products is basically obscene. Guess my self tanner/bronzer/shimmer addiction is now officially out of the closet!

*PR samples/purchase by me/affiliate links

I honestly had no idea how many of these types of products I had going until I gathered them all for their family pictures. These are the ones I have open…I decided to leave the second cousins (those awaiting to be christened) for another time. I think I am addicted to self tanners because they hide uneven skin tone and give the illusion of looking slightly thinner. Here are all (well, most…I found some more after the pics were done!) the self tanners I have open right now:

Self tanning lotions

Self tanning lotions

Self tanning mousse

Self tanning mousse

Self tanning sprays

Self tanning sprays

I have three different types:  lotions, sprays, and foam/mousse. I use the lotions in the winter when my skin is at its driest. The foam/mousse are great when I am in a hurry because they need a little less work to get them applied correctly. I use the sprays mainly in the summer. I have a thing about not putting on any heavy body products when it’s hot out – it makes me feel funny. Anyone else weird like that??  I especially love Xen-Tan and Vita Liberata (the latter isn’t pictured because it was shy and said no photos today, please).

My addiction doesn’t stop at self tanners…I am also addicted to body bronzers. I have sprays, lotions, mousse…I love them all.

Body bronzers

Body bronzers

No one does shimmery bronzed skin like Scott Barnes and I adore Guerlain and Red Carpet Kolour (RCK).

Also addicted to spray on shimmering bronzers…if it has a coconut scent, I can’t do without it!!

Spray on shimmer and sparkle

Spray on shimmer and sparkle

I am sad that tarte doesn’t have the Celebutant Dry Oil Spray anymore. I highly recommend the Lucy B Frangipani Bronzing Oil Spray and the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Spray. Hampton Sun makes amazing shimmer sprays too.

Oh, and how could I forget — every day I put two drops of this Paula’s Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate in my moisturizer to keep a consistent color. It’s subtle but awesome.

Paula's Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate

Paula’s Choice Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate

So there you have it. I have no more secrets. And if you really want to know why I need so much self tanner, just take a look at the classic blogger tan lines (courtesy of Tan Towels)!  – Lisa


*some products PR samples, some purchased by me.  Affiliate links.

Top Ten Fall and Holiday Makeup Collections

In no particular order are the items I’m most attracted to this fall. This is the time of year that we need to be thinking about holiday even though it’s early October. But these are almost all limited edition and we just don’t want to miss out! — Marcia

1444007174_2292901__detail_?1444007174BECCA RADIANT GLOW COLLECTION ($32) is a kit I just ordered since I love the Under Eye Brightening Corrector and I wanted to try the highlighter. At $32 from Ulta this is a great way to try some fabulous Becca.

  • Under Eye Brightening Corrector (0.1 oz.)
  • Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone (0.085 oz.)
  • Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight in Opal (0.17 oz.)
  • Beach Tint Lip Shimmer Soufflé in Raspberry/Opal (0.08 oz.)

1444007051_holiday2015_guerlain003GUERLAIN WINTER FAIRY TALE COLLECTION – Normally I don’t like mixed palettes but it’s been a long time since I’ve bought Guerlain and this looks appealling.
1444006977_giorgio-armani-holiday-2015-luxe-is-more-2ARMANI LUXE IS MORE PALETTE is truly luxe looking. It contains two layers with the top being 10 neutral eyeshadows in different formulas and the bottom layer contains two highlighters and two cream contour colors. A splurge but one I’d love to see in my collection.
1444006880_twelve-months-of-manimainBUTTER LONDON TWELVE MONTHS OF MANIS contains 12 mini sizes of butter LONDON’s best. This will break you out of any nail polish rut you are in while also having some “safe” shades.
High Tea – Opaque, Nude Creme
Luv (Set Exclusive!) – Light Pink with Deep Pink Glitter, Glitter
Fiver – Opaque, Mint Creme
Molly-Coddled – Opaque, Lavender Orchid Creme
Petal (Set Exclusive!) – Soft Cool Pastel Pink
Petticoat – Periwinkle Blue, Creme
Summer Hols (Set Exclusive!) – Jell Pink, Creme
Tiddly – Opaque, Melon Creme
Clever Clogs (Set Exclusive!) – Orange Rust, Creme
Swish (Set Exclusive!) – Deep Smoke with Metallic Gold Sheen, Metallic
Scrummy (Set Exclusive!) – Rich Crimson, Creme
Bubbly (Set Exclusive!) – Tinted Gold with Gold Glitter, Overcoat
1444006769_2293293__detail_?1444006769STILA TRUST IN LOVE GIFT SET has a little of everything we love about Stila. This $40 set contains 12 eyeshadows, mascara and a Deluxe Lip Glaze.
1444006690_makeup-geek-holiday-2015-duochrome-eyeshadowMAKEUP GEEK HOLOGRAPHIC EYESHADOWS are selling out fast. A single shade is only $6 in the pan while the complete set of 13 shadows is $65. I bought them all and need to transfer them to an empty Z palette. The pigments are already sold out!
1444006622_bobbi-brown-sterling-nights-palette-holiday-2015BOBBI BROWN STERLING NIGHTS HOLIDAY EYESHADOW PALETTE – while Bobbi doesn’t veer far from her other palettes, this one is in a beautiful palette and has classic and beyond colors that we can’t help but love.

  • Ivory Eye Shadow
  • Moon Glow Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
  • Thistle Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Dove Grey Eye Shadow
  • Pink Moonlight Metallic Eye Shadow (New)
  • Smoke Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
  • Midnight Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Caviar Eye Shadow
  • Pewter Chrome Eye Shadow

1444006505_holiday2015_lauramerciercolour005LAURA MERCIER CAVIAR STICK EYE COLLECTION is my most coveted wishlist item and I’m sure it will be mine. For $$58 you get 6 of these raved about eyeshadow crayons.

  • Aubergine
  • Ganache
  • Khaki
  • Amethyst
  • Rosegold
  • Sugarfrost

1443659358_tom-ford-holiday-2015-beauty-noir-1TOM FORD BEAUTY NOIR HOLIDAY 2015 is the one item that I wish for but don’t I’ll ever own. It contains eyeshadow, eye pencils, matte lipstick, mascara, and nail lacquer all in limited edition shades. Sigh!

Last but not least is Dior which would take an entire post all by itself. Dior has too many fall and holiday and fall palettes for me to even pick one.
Join my fellow beauty blogistas to see what else you should be putting on your wishlist.

Top Ten Tuesday – Limited Edition 2014 wishlist

Beautysets - Top Ten Limited Edition 2014
TOP TEN TUESDAY is talking Limited Edition items for 2014. I’ve chosen 6 LE items that are within my reach monetarily but I’ve also chosen 4 that are in the stratosphere. But it’s called a WISHLIST for a reason – I can wish, I can dream, I don’t expect to own those 4 items though. Here we go with Marcia’s current LE wishlist. More will come soon in another article.
1414955675_2279336__detail_?1414955675BAREMINERALS THE MAGIC ACT is the most reasonably priced of all the items I’m sharing. It’s not LE in the same sense as some of these since it will be found for the next few months I’m sure. It contains 6 eyeshadows: Celebrate (yellow cream)  + Fortune (pink champagne) + Shazam (shimmering pink) + A-ha (brown sugar) + Pumped (cocoa sparkle) + Foreshadow (brown truffle) and 3 blushes: The Close Call, The Natural High & The Indecent Proposal (bronze taupe/golden petal peach/dusty plum) plus one luminizer The Premiere. What a great set for $39!!
1414955273__9456755CHANTECAILLE 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EYESHADOW PALETTE is one I’d love to own but knowing me I’d probably just stare at it and never use it. This palette donates money towards 3 wildlife charities to help product these creatures. Elephant is a deep aubergine, Butterfly is a warm vanilla and Sea Turtle is copper with rose-gold glimmer. At $68 it’s expensive but not outrageous.
1414954872_nmc1p32_mkTOM FORD LIMITED EDITION LIP AND NAIL BOX pricewise is out of my comfort zone and I know not everything would be used. But if someone has $500 that they wish to shell out for fabulous lipsticks and nail polishes, call me! Lip Colors are Pink Dusk, Spanish Pink, Bruised Plum, Nude Vanilla, Casablanca, Indian Rose, True Coral and Cherry Lush. Nail colors are Toasted Sugar, Mink Brule, Bordeaux Lust, Smoke Red, Carnal Red, Pink Crush, Viper and Fever Pink.

1414954614_s1644905-main-hero-300URBAN DECAY NAKED VAULT has everything that a woman could want if naked/nude shades are your thing. It’s $280 and is sold out at Sephora but it’s still something that is droolworthy. It contains all 3 of the Naked eyeshadow palettes, 3 NakedFlush (blush) palettes, 3 lip glosses and 3 double ended eye pencils.
1414954211_s1642388-main-hero-300LAURA MERCIER BLUSH AND EYE PALETTE is great if you don’t have these classic Laura Mercier eyeshadows. Some of her top shades are in here along with a Rose Gold Shimmer blush. Eyeshadow are Vanilla Nuts, Stone Taupe, Pewter, Deep Night, Topaz, Morning Dew, Cashmere, and Crystal Beige. At $58 it’s a great Laura Mercier wardrobe staple.
1414954073_guerlain-petrouchka-palette-for-eyes-and-cheeks-2GUERLAIN PETROUCHKA PALETTE ($90) is two layers of gorgeousness. My picture shows the eyeshadows because I’m an eyeshadow fanatic. The other layer is blush and highlighters. I found this on Makeup and Beauty Blog and her swatches make me want to run out shopping.
1414953846_0607845038566NARS always captivates me so I have two items to share. This is the reasonably priced ROMAN HOLIDAY SET which contains Roman Holiday Lipstick, a mini Roman Holiday Blush (limited edition) and a Limited Edition Roman Holiday Nail Polish all in this adorable box. This is $49 on Nars’ website and would make a pink lover very happy.1414953738_0607845038399NARS VAULT on the other hand is $500 and would make someone swoon upon opening it. 10 of their new Audacious lipsticks and 10 Nail Polishes = OMG! Lipsticks are Raquel, Anita, Jane, Claudia, Michiyo, Grace, Lana, Carmen, Vivien, Sandra and Nail Polishes are Ecume, Ithaque, Orgasm, Trouville, Schiap, Hunger, Dovima, Jungle Red, Purple Rain, Back Room. YUM.
                                MAKE UP FOR EVER also has me drooling with their $300 MAKEUP STATION. This baby is loaded! Housed in a reusable, professional backstage Makeup Artist’s Case, this set includes primers, powders, eye, cheek and lip favorites, and Artisan Brushes.  It contains:- 0.5 oz Travel HD Primer
– 0.07 oz Travel HD Pressed Powder
– 0.09 oz HD Blush in #210 Cool Pink
– 1.01 oz Travel Mist & Fix setting spray
– 12 x 0.07 oz Artist Shadows eye shadows in M-500, I-544; ME-108, I-414, D-320, M-100, D-236, ME-216, I-922, S-748, ME728, M-630
– 2 x 0.04 oz Aqua Eyes eyeliner in #21L, 25L
– 0.23 oz Smoky Extravagant mascara
– 0.40 oz Aqua Seal makeup sealer
– 0.09 oz Star Powder highlighter #926
– 0.14 oz Glitter #3
– Faux Lashes
– 2 x 0.04 oz Aqua Lip lipliner in 8C, 14C
– 2 x 0.08 oz Aqua Rouge lip color #14
– 0.12 oz Rouge Artist lipstick in Intense 43
1414954367_s1630664-main-hero-300Last but not least is MARC JACOBS BEAUTY and their new eyeshadow palette. I always seem to have Marc Jacobs Beauty on my wishlists. This new LE palette is named Parisienne ($59) and has 7 eyeshadows in deep blue-gray pearl, metallic royal blue, pale blue pearl with silver shimmer, cool matte beige, matte vanilla crème, bronzed espresso sheen, matte burgundy with iridescent glitter. If you love a cool eye then this is going to be a winner.I’m sure my other Top Ten friends will include items I never knew about and will soon want so why don’t you check them out too. In the meantime, which of these would make your own wishlist?? — Marcia

The latest from Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Le Metier, Guerlain, and Chantecaille

Marcia and I stopped by Neiman Marcus yesterday to get the latest news from our favorite MA, Kim McFadden.  While we were there, the fabulous Christine Wujczyk joined in and showed us all the latest and greatest from some terrific lines.

The first thing we looked at was the new Chanel Ombres Tissees Irridescent Effects Eyes in Beiges ($75), and Marcia and I squealed like school girls.  It is so gorgeous in person, pictures just don’t do it justice.

They did not have a tester just yet, so we weren’t able to swatch it.  The colors are so pretty, and it has a beautiful sparkly overlay.  We took tons of pics so you could see how it changes depending on the lighting.

The sparkle is an overlay, so once you use the top layer it’s gone.  It looks like it would be a very soft, pretty, but subtle color for eyes or cheeks once that overlay is gone.

After checking out Chanel, we wandered over to Bobbi Brown where there are a lot of exciting new products coming out.

Bobbi Brown has doubled the size of her lip glosses, replaced the awful applicator with a doe’s foot applicator, and only increased the price by one dollar!! These beauties are only $23.

Just look at all the gorgeous colors.  I am so excited about the improvements, I love Bobbi Brown lip gloss but I just hated the applicator and the tiny size.

She also has some truly beautiful mineral loose powder foundation out now.  Pictured above and below (very heavily swatched) is the color Light. 

We found this foundation to be oh so silky and smooth, it’s really beautiful.  And no shiny bismuth in this baby.

The Bobbi Brown makeup artists are recommending the loose powder mineral foundation be applied with Bobbi’s face brush ($50).

We were very impressed with the Neiman Marcus exclusive, The Tailored Collection.  The brushes, palette, mascara, and bag all retail for only $100.

New at Le Metier de Beaute are two gorgeous nail polishes, Anatolia and Urban Dweller ($10).

I liked Anatolia best, and Marcia liked Urban Dweller.  Both of them are beautiful.

We are looking forward to the Le Metier skin care line release later this month!

Next stop – Guerlain.  They have some truly gorgeous new lipsticks and eyeshadow quads out now in their Fall 2011 collection.

Above are the testers for the Rouge G lipsticks ($47), and you can see the two bottom eyeshadow quads (Ecrin 4 Couleurs $59) as well.  I swatched some of the lipsticks, and they were so beautiful – pigmented but glossy, complex yet wearable colors.  I got all excited and swatched like crazy then forgot to write down which was which!  But here’s what they looked like:

And the eyeshadow quads were typical Guerlain fabulous.  Of course Marcia and I wanted every single one.  Here are some pics.

And finally, looking very pretty are the new berry colored lipsticks from Chantecaille.  These are the new colors in the Lip Chic Collection, Violetta and Calla Lily ($32).

The berry colors are perfect for the upcoming fall looks.

If you don’t have a Neimans nearby, don’t despair.  Just call Kim McFadden or Christine Wujczyk at 248-643-3300, extension 2104 and they would be thrilled to help you.  What new products are you most excited about?  – Lisa

Liquid lining with Guerlain

Liquid eyeliner can be very difficult to use.  If your hands are the least bit shaky, it’s tough to get a straight line.  Liquid tends to smear easily, and the look can also be harsh.  The brush that comes with liquid  eye liners often leaves a lot to be desired – it’s either too short to work with, or else the brush itself is too flimsy to give a straight line, or it gives a line that’s either too thin or too thick.  I’ve tried so many liquid eyeliners…I really like MAC’s, but I hate the brush.  I like Lancome Artliners because they are easy to apply, but find they wear off easily and flake by the end of the day.

Then I tried Guerlain Divinora Liquid Eyeliner ($35), and I fell in love.

This is simply THE BEST liquid eye liner on the market. The handle is just the right length and weight to work with, so that even with my shaky morning hands I get a perfect line every time. I am SO right-handed, but it’s a snap to do my left eye. The brush itself is sheer perfection – I can make a thin line, a thick line, and anything in between with no problem. I am not an artist, and yet even I can ‘wing’ up at the edge and it looks good! The liquid is housed in a cute frosted glass bottle that looks sweet on your vanity.

The colors are fantastic, highly pigmented and rich.
This stuff, once it’s on, does not budge, even with my oily lids. However, it washes off easily with any cleanser. I find that applying this eyeliner is so easy, it literally takes seconds – you don’t have to fiddle with it, or go over areas, you get a fabulous application the first time. It wears like a dream with no flaking or peeling.

Colors include from left to right:  No. 1, deep dark black, No. 2, cobalt blue (my favorite – simply gorgeous!!), No. 3, chocolate brown, and No. 5, dark mauve (really kind of a plum shade). Also, No. 7 is sometimes available, this is a coppery/gold color that would look great on women of color, and I would imagine redheads and those with green eyes.

Definitely check out these fabulous liquid liners – I think they are some of the best available.  – Lisa

Disclosure:  all products were purchased – and repurchased – by the reviewer

Glowing with Guilt

I sure do love a good highlighter.  As I travel further into my forties, I find my skin needing a  lot more help maintaining any sort of ‘youthful glow’.  I am constantly on the lookout for a product that will help in this area without making me look like a flashy disco ball.  Recently I discovered Cle de Peau’s Brilliant Enhancer. I honestly thought I wouldn’t like it.  I have tried both YSL’s Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighter ($40) , and Guerlain’s Terracotta Light Touch Highligher ($40), and don’t like either one very much.  I find that they don’t really make a difference, and I am not fond of the delivery system – it strikes me as sort of dirty and unhygienic (you click the pen at the bottom and the liquid highlighter is pushed up into the brush).  But I sampled the CdP version at Saks and was so impressed.  I loved the sheen, it was not sparkly and it didn’t just disappear into my skin.  I thought, I must have this!!!  But at $62, it is most definitely a guilty pleasure.

I wear this on my temples and high on my cheekbones.  Sometimes if I have really dark circles under my eyes, I put it on the sides of my nose and it instantly brightens my look.  If my skin is looking really drab, I put some of the highlighter on my palms, rub together, and gently pat over my entire face.  Voila!!  Drab becomes fab!  I find myself reaching for it every single day, and I wipe it down after I use it with a tissue to keep my germaphobe self quiet.

So, I do glow.  But in a guilty way.  Oh who cares, I’m still glowing!!  -Lisa