Join the gold rush with Lush: Phoenix Rising, Sunny Side, and Lustre Dusting Powder

It seems like everyone has gold fever these days.  Every where you go there are signs proclaiming “Cash for Gold!”, and there are quite a few television shows about digging for gold, like Gold Rush Alaska.  And don’t forget Kanye, who always shows up somewhere talking about gold diggers!

If you love gold, and even want to bathe in it and wear it, you need to check out Lush.    Here are three of my favorite ‘gold’ items that give a gorgeous, expensive looking gleam!

Lush Phoenix Rising in package

Phoenix Rising ($6.95) is a simply stunning bath bomb.  The violet fizzy has gold woven throughout, and it looks amazing when it hits the water.

The scent is an intoxicating blend of orange and cinnamon that isn’t too strong.  It leaves your bath water a majestic purple that doesn’t stain the tub like you might assume it would.  I do, however, sometimes use an old clean knee-high nylon sock – I tie the bath bomb in it, and the nylon keeps the ‘floaty’ pieces together to make clean up a breeze.

The bath water is shot through with tiny golden shimmers that stays on your skin, leaving it moisturized and beautiful.

Lush Sunny Side Bubble Bar

Another Lush bath product that always cheers me up is Sunny Side Bubble Bar ($6.95).  Talk about bling!!  This is bling times a thousand. If Daffy Duck takes bubble baths this is what he uses for sure.  This beautiful bubble bar turns your bath water into molten gold, with nothing but swirls of shimmer and bubbles completely surrounding you.  The scent is not a very big one, it’s citrusy but definitely not the reason to buy this.  Buy this for the gold.

For a major gold experience, use a piece of a Phoenix Rising and a piece of a Sunny Side Bubble BarSunny Side is subtle enough to not compete with the scent in Phoenix Rising, and the combination of royal purple and major golden shimmer is just to die for!

Lush Lustre Dusting Powder

Finish off your golden look with Lustre Dusting Powder ($14.95).  Do you love the scent of jasmine?  If so, you are really going to LOVE this.

the magical ingredients

See the ingredients above – it’s the neatest feeling powder, it’s moisturizing probably thanks to the essential oils.

Lustre Dusting Powder swatch

The powder has a very sexy, sophisticated, gorgeous warm jasmine scent.  The shimmer makes you look thinner, which is always a good thing!  Use a big fluffy brush to apply, or you can sprinkle it into your hands, rub together then smooth on your chest, legs, and arms.  Make sure you wash your hands after, shimmery palms look pretty weird.  It looks flipping fantastic when paired with a faux tan.

Lustre Dusting Powder applied

Here it is on, and remember I put a large amount on for the photograph.  The shimmer is actually beautifully subtle, you don’t look like a disco ball unless you really go crazy when putting it on.

A fabulous way to get ready for a night out is to take a bling bubble bath with some Phoenix Rising and some Sunny Side, then after put on some Lustre Dusting Powder for a great scent and a sexy shimmer.  Join the ‘gold rush’, try these terrific Lush products and get your gleam on!!  – Lisa

*pr samples