Lush is making feet happy with Happy Feet

Lush Happy Feet

I believe that the best gift you can give yourself is a long, luxurious pedicure.  Lush has a wonderful set that makes it easy for you to gift yourself with some relaxation time, plus you get beautiful sandal-ready feet in the process.  Their latest set is called Happy Feet ($24.95).

all the goodies inside…

The kit comes wrapped in a super cute reusable Knot Wrap.  And inside are four great products that definitely make your feet happy.

the first peek inside

Here’s a first peek inside:  Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb, Volcano Foot Mask, Stepping Stone Foot Scrub, and Fair Trade Foot Lotion.

all the goodies inside opened

What a great collection of happiness for your feet!

Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb

The Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb is definitely big enough for several uses – I cut mine in half and then in half again.  This bomb is specifically made to relax sore muscles with Hawaiian Sea Salt and volcanic clay.  The scent is wonderful, it smells of pine and sandalwood and takes you right to the beach.

Volcano Foot Mask

You follow your relaxing Geo Phyzz foot bath with a fantastic Volcano Foot Mask.  Smooth on this mixture of kaolin, pumice, papaya, lemon juice, and tomato, and then wrap your feet in plastic (I use those plastic grocery bags, or else Saran Wrap).  Sit for ten minutes with your feet up, which helps your circulation, and read something naughty like Fifty Shades of Grey.  Then follow with this little guy:

Stepping Stone Foot Scrub

The Stepping Stone Foot Scrub, my vote for one of Lush’s cutest products ever.  Made of pumice, sea salt, lemon and lime, this little guy scrubs away the Volcanic Foot Mask and leaves your feet amazingly soft and smelling fantastic.  I find the best way to use it is to break off small pieces then scrub them onto your foot.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Then after you rinse and dry your feet, finish the experience by smoothing on some Fair Trade Foot Lotion.  It’s full of super moisturizing cocoa butter, plus both spearmint and peppermint oils to soothe achey tootsies.  It smells fantastic and is the perfect way to finish the job of making your feet extremely happy.  (Here’s a hint – use this lotion anywhere on your body that aches, like your shoulders or your back.)  And now that your feet are happy, it’s time to get to back to that book…

– Lisa

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Mother’s Day gift ideas part one: Votre Vu

Here at the BIZ we try tons of products with upcoming holidays in mind, and one of my personal favorites (second only to my birthday, lol!) is Mother’s Day.  Being a mom is a 24 hour a day job, and even when the kids are grown and gone you don’t ever stop worrying or helping.  Show your appreciation and do something truly special for your mom or your mom-in-law this year.  Let the BIZ be your guide in finding a great gift that is off the beaten-to-death path of flowers or chocolate.

Votre Vu Tres Magni-Feet Set

I found two great Mother’s Day options by Votre Vu.  If your mom is a busy bee who is constantly on the go, help her get some R and R with the Sweep Her Off Her Feet package ($42).  Included are two awesome foot products, Très Magni-feet Exfoliant and  Très Magni-feet Crème. 

Exfoliant swatch

The Magni-Feet Exfoliant is made with tiny bamboo particles.  It can be used on wet or dry feet to scrub away callouses and rough areas.  It smells wonderful, like fresh peppermint.  An exfoliant scrub is really great for the feet to help improve circulation.

Magni-Feet Creme swatch

The Magni-Feet Creme is a beautiful, thick, hydrating cream that smells of verbena and chamomile.  It has shea butter to moisturize and menthol for a cooling sensation.  Nothing beats a foot rub after the exfoliant, and boy does it make your feet super soft.  A great idea is to give this set to your mom, then do the treatment for her.  Just rub her feet with the exofoliant and rinse in a big bowl of water.  Towel dry, then slather on the cream with a relaxing foot rub.  Put some super soft, thick socks on her and let her relax for the rest of the day.  Wonderful!!

Some people don’t like foot rubs, so for foot-phobics, try this great combination:  the Royal Treatment Gentle Pearls Face Scrub ($34) and the Self Preservation Self Tanning Milk for Face ($39).  It’s a great combo because the scrub perfectly preps the face for a beautiful, realistic looking faux tan.

Royal Treatment Gentle Pearls Scrub

 The Royal Treatment Gentle Pearls Face Scrub was a mystery to me at first.  It’s very watery, and when I used it on my damp face after cleansing I was confused, it didn’t seem to do anything.  Then I wised up and actually read the directions.  It needs to be applied to DRY clean skin.  You massage it in, the scrubby part is extremely gentle so even those with very sensitive skin will be happy.  Then, you emulsify with water, massage again, and rinse off.  It does a great job of gently exfoliating the skin and leaving it perfectly prepped for the Self Tanning Milk.

Self Tanning Milk

The Self Tanning Milk is a light lotion that has a fresh fragrance.  It spreads easily and soaks in quickly, and by the next morning your skin has the prettiest, most natural golden glow.  Those who want a kiss of color will love this once a week.  If you want more, use it two or three times per week and you will have a believable, streak-free faux tan that makes you look younger.  The two products together make a wonderful gift of radiant skin.

Do something different for your mom(s) this Mother’s Day…or let your family know you want something different for yourself!  Votre Vu is a great line with some wonderful, unique products, be sure to give them a look.  – Lisa

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Works as good as it says – Resurf.a.stic

I learn new things all the time. Today’s lesson is that the company called Blinc that I associate with mascara and other cosmetic items has a sister company. The sister company creates products called resurf.a.stic that are used on your face, body, calluses and ingrown hairs. I’ve received two of these amazing products that I’m looking forward to sharing with you.

Resurf.a.stic Face ($40) is a microdermabrasion product that’s in stick form. It’s a one step invention that is microdermabrasion, hydration and treatment all in one product. In order to review this I’ve stopped using other exfoliants that I’d previously used so that I can judge this on its own. I’m impressed enough to say that I won’t go back to my previous exfoliator for quite a while.

The microderm crystals are embedded in the stick. These are “medical-grade, diamond shaped crystals”.

  • Deep clean pores and expunge impurities
  • Boost skin clarity by polishing away dullness
  • Soften skin and promote natural cell exfoliation
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines, rough spots, small scars and wrinkles
  • Reduce discoloration, uneven patches, oily patches, bumps and sun damage, thereby promoting collagen production

It’s the easiest item ever to use. I first wash my face and keep it damp, I wet the stick and I rub this in circular motions on my face. Directions say to start using this once a week and build up to 3 times a week. I didn’t find this harsh at all. The first week I used it once, the second week I used it twice and by the third week I was fine with it three times a week. What I really like about this is that you can use the amount of pressure you desire. If a section of your face needs more exfoliation than another just spend more time going over that part with the stick. It’s not messy at all. Plus it washes off easily with a washcloth and doesn’t leave any residue. A bonus for me is that Resurf.a.stic Face is unscented.

I have a few areas of my face that need exfoliation more than others and this is a great tool for that. I’ve been able to exfoliate one particular area of my chin better with Resurf.a.stic Face than with any other product I’ve tried. This is an easy add on to my nightly routine, replacing only my prior exfoliator. I tone and moisturize after and those seem to work even better than before.

I’ve also been using Resurf.a.stic Callus ($30) on my feet and elbows. The idea is the same, the products are similar but the crystal sizes are different. This is just as easy to use but there are a few differences. The first is that it’s best to start with dry skin. Wet the stick only and apply exactly where you need the extra help.

  • No pain or irritation
  • More effective than stones, files or razors
  • Cleverly softens, reduces and removes calluses

The one thing I want to warn you about with this is not to use it in the shower. I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone stick but that was a mistake. I found that it wore away too quickly. It was effective but I used up too much of the product that way so I’ve gone back to using it on dry skin instead and only wetting the stick to use it. Apply where you need it in a circular motion and in a minute or two you are finished and can wash off your feet. It doesn’t leave them feeling greasy at all so you don’t need to worry about slipping after using this. While you’re at it, try this on your  knees too. I like to sit in the seat I have in my shower, use Resurf.a.stic Callus on my feet and elbows, cap it and turn on the shower.

Easy, portable, moisturizing exfoliation – they work as good as they sound. — Marcia

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Doing the happy feet dance: Aromafloria

Here’s a picture of me:

I’m doing the Happy Feet dance. I’ve been using Aromafloria’s Double Action Spa Foot Scrub and Intense Repair Spa Butter for the last few weeks and my feet are ready for dancing. I have the world’s worst feet. My brother is a podiatrist and even he is amazed at how bad my feet are. I walk a little like a penguin and I can only wear very sturdy shoes. I’m certainly no Carrie Bradshaw but I really don’t want to be a penguin either. So when these two products were sent to me I was eager to give them a go.

I am lucky enough to have a bench in my shower so I sit on the bench and squirt out about a quarter’s worth of the Double Action Spa Foot Scrub onto my DRY feet. I then massage this yummy smelling (spearmint and tea trea oil) scrub onto the top and bottom of my feet with emphasis on my stubborn calluses. I take my time and massage the gentle sugar scrub in since it’s so relaxing. I switch feet and repeat the process. I wash this off in the shower and I can instantly feel how much softer my tootsies are.

But I’ve got to keep them that soft so that’s when the Intense Repair Spa Butter comes in. A little goes a long way with this. As I’m drying off I massage a little onto each foot and I’m ready to take on the world.

I am known for being extremely sensitive to fragrance so when I get a new product the first thing I do is smell. The organic spearmint oil in this is very pleasant and refreshing. The organic tea tree oil is a little more pungent but it’s well balanced. It’s a wake up scent in the shower, then later it’s gone and I don’t notice it at all.

The scrub is also terrific for elbows, legs and knees. If you like to use self tanner then it would be an excellent and inexpensive way to prepare yourself for it. I like that it’s an organic sugar scrub and I like the container it comes in. I don’t enjoy having jars in my shower. I prefer a squeeze tube so I’m not worried about dropping it. Whenever you use something with oil your hands obviously are going to become slippery. I’ve had jars drop from my hand and lost product. With this tube I’m perfectly fine. These retail for $10.50 but are currently $8.40 on the Aromafloria website. They are also available at Ulta.

The company has a green ‘gredient policy which you can (and should) read about here.

I’ll be adding this to my shopping list when I run out. I’ll grab my Ulta coupon and head on out. While my happy feet are there I’ll be sniffing away at other Aromafloria products. If these two can make me happy then I know I’m going to find more winners in this brand. — Marcia

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