Fashion Flash has some amazing articles for you

What will you find in this week’s Fashion Flash hosted by Allison of Never Say Die Beauty? How about beauty, beauty organization (important!!), holiday eating, travel, fashion, the Pantone color of the year, and fashion. That’s a lot of goodness packed together for easy reading.


Get healthy and beautiful with the Fashion Flash bloggers

As we ease into December there’s a new Fashion Flash emag to share with you. Mirabai Holland from Moving Free With Mirabai is the host of the week. Health and healthy beautiful bodies and faces are on the minds of the Fashion Flash bloggers this week. Enjoy.


Fashion Flash ends November with the best

Be sure to visit Fashion Flash this week hosted by Janise of Mama in High Heels. She’s got the posts you need to complete the month. There’s so much about health and beauty that you’ll want to know about.

Fashion Flash Thanksgiving edition

Please join Sheila of Painted Ladies and the Fashion Flash team and enjoy 12 posts that run the gamut from beauty to travel to holiday tips. As usual you’ll find diversity and fabulous articles to read.

Happy and healthy holiday from us all.

Fashion Flash for mid November

10 new articles for you to learn from on this week’s Fashion Flash. Mary Lou from Second Lives Club has gathered up these great posts to share with us all. Learn about nose jobs (!!), hot flashes, how to eat over the holidays without gaining weight as well as looking stylish on Thanksgiving, and lots of beauty. You’ll love them all.

November’s first Fashion Flash

Our sweet hostess this week is Inka of Glamour Granny Travels. She is without power yet worked so hard to get our emag up for you with links about lifestyle and looking/feeling our best. Thanks to Inka and thanks to you all for reading our favorite posts of the week.

Halloween edition of Fashion Flash

Fashion Flash edition

The Fashion Flash mini emag is ready for you. The wonderful Barbara of The Best of Everything After 50 has made this week’s even more fun to read. There’s so much to learn from this varied group of bloggers – don’t miss out.