Fashion Flash means great articles

This is the third year of Fashion Flash and there’s a lot planned for it including some upcoming giveaways. Beauty Info Zone has been involved with Fashion Flash for about 2 years and it’s so nice for us to introduce all the lifestyle blog posts when it’s our turn. This week Fashion Flash is coming from Melanie of Society Wellness and it’s loaded with skincare, beauty, lifestyle, travel, exercise and more. Please take a peak since we’re sure you find some great reads.

It’s that time! Fashion Flash time.


Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is our Fashion Flash hostess this week sharing 10 unique articles. You’ll learn about the cosmetic world, the travel world, the cooking world, and the health world when you read these great articles.

Let’s see what’s up on Fashion Flash

Where else can you read over 10 articles by women influencers than on Fashion Flash? This week Barbara Hannah Grufferman is hosting all the best ways to learn about belly dancing, water exercises, superfood, beauty, and even have a giveaway to enter? You’ll be sorry if you miss these gems.

Memorial Day edition of Fashion Flash

Fashion Flash wishes you a great Memorial Day. Whether you are in the US or another country take a moment to remember those who have served to keep you safe from harm. These are very special people who serve their country.

Fashion Flash is hosted by Sheila of Painted Ladies this week and she’s got 9 wonderful posts to help improve your life in many ways. Be sure to visit.

Winding down May with a great edition of Fashion Flash

Welcome to the Beauty Info Zone week for Fashion Flash. It’s been a long time since we’ve had the pleasure of being able to host this and we’re very glad to be back. This week we’ve got a little of everything from your favorite over 40 bloggers. No matter what you like – fashion, travel, beauty, health – you are going to find it here. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy these great articles.
Which makeup brush should you use on your cheeks, and where? Sheila from Painted Ladies explains the use of different makeup brushes for blush, contour and highlight.
Prime Beauty has the answer to your aches and pains with these three Village Naturals Therapy products that cost only $15!
Do you have medium skin tone? Are you still looking for the perfect foundation match?  Never Say Die Beauty suggests checking out new Stellar Beauty that specializes in foundation and concealer for medium skin tone based on undertones</a> for a seamless match.
Inka of Glamour Granny Travels invites you to enjoy lavender season in Provence.
Melanie from Society Wellness looks at the “other ingredients” on your supplement bottle.

Fall Prevention Exercises! May is Osteoporosis month and Certified Health Coach & Exercise Physiologist from can’t say enough about this debilitating yet largely preventable bone disease.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of “Love Your Age: The Small-Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life,” wants you to think about these five simple steps you should start to make as you inch towards — or hop over — the age of 50 to live your best life ever!
A great dry shampoo doesn’t have to break the bank. Head over to Notes from My Dressing Table and let Erika tell you about her favorite, budget friendly dry shampoos.
 Are you over 40 and struggling with dating? This week on Ladies Road Map Podcast, we interview, dating expert, Murielle Fellouse who shares her wisdom and helps women find and raise their self confidence and self worth in life and dating.
Janise from Mama in Heels shares how you can pull off a new but old trend that looks good on every body type.
Memorial Day is the start of great long days in the sun. Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog looks at ways to enjoy your summer without aging your skin.
When you have to wash your hair, you want the very best and the gentlest ways of protecting it. Check out Beauty Info Zone’s latest ways to take care of hair.
Everybody seems to know somebody with a peanut allergy these days. Jackie Silver Style discovered something amazing…

Fashion Flash for mid May

We’re back again with 10 new articles for this week’s Fashion Flash. Janise of Mama in High Heels is our hostess this week. There’s an incredible amount to learn this week that you won’t want to miss. Join us at Janise’s blog.

A beautiful May Fashion Flash post

Thanks to Allison of Never Day Die Beauty we have a cheerful Fashion Flash emag for this week. We want to give a grand welcome to the newest in our group and Allison has a link to them. Don’t miss out on the great articles.