Dehydrated or stressed skin? Then Lace Your Face with this mask by Dermovia

dermovia mask

When you love using a face mask then you want to try out a variety of types. Why not try one that is not only effective but pretty at the same time? Dermovia makes LACE YOUR FACE MASKS that do that for you. You just don’t look as scary wearing this full face mask. But what’s important is that this really works. Dermovia has 3 current “flavors” of Lace Your Face masks with more coming soon so it will be hard to choose which one you want to use. I was sent the Calming Chamomile to try and let me tell you it’s a winner.

Lace Your Face mask in Calming Chamomile

Lace Your Face mask in Calming Chamomile

What’s unique about this mask is that it fits your face like a glove. You can just lay it on if you want and go relax for 15 minutes or you can apply it properly like the photo shows. There are holes for ears and there is a bottom flap that you can fold up into the ear folds so that you can walk around and do what you need to without taking extra time from your day.

Dermovia Lace Your Face

Dermovia Lace Your Face

This is before I got my ears in the proper slots but you can see how nice looking this mask is.

Lace Your Face

Lace Your Face

Lace Your Face

Lace Your Face

I’ve used the same mask twice. First time I wrapped it around my ears as directed and was able to compute. Second time I wanted my neck to get some of this juicy goodness so I laid down and left the flap on my neck and not just on my chin. Both times I felt refreshed, hydrated and glowing. The ingredients are excellent and I found there wasn’t a fragrance with this.

From Dermovia about Calming Chamomile: “This highly enriched formulation contains an effective yet gentle complex of minerals sourced from deep within the seawaters of Tahiti. These natural ingredients instantly provide soothing and calming nourishment by combining botanically derived Squalene, Apple Stem Cell, and Dew Grass Extract. This luxurious skin normalizing treatment provides essential nutrients that are necessary to restore pH balance and maintain healthy skin. In addition, Chamomile provides superior strengthening and reparative properties that visibly soften and protect the skin from future imbalances.”

first steps

first steps

final steps

final steps

The mask was loaded with the serum that makes it so potent yet so very gentle.

Dermovia Lace Your Face Calming Chamomile ingredients

Dermovia Lace Your Face Calming Chamomile ingredients



Now tell me you don’t want to be soothed, balanced, repaired, non-irritated and without stress on your face. I’m sure you can’t. Be sure you save the outer wrapper since this can be used one more time. I put it back in the package, sealed it tightly and was able to use it again. I also didn’t need to follow with a serum after using this since the ingredients are a serum that includes hyaluronic acid.

There’s more…. you can use this one of three ways! Straight out of the package, keep it in the fridge for a wonderful cooling sensation and to help close pores or heat up the closed package in a bowl of hot water for a true spa facial feeling.

If this doesn’t sound like it’s up your alley how about trying one of the two others?

Brightening Bearberry is loaded with antioxidants and is a lightening mask that helps diminish dark spots and sun damage.

Hydrating Rose Water is for those of you who want to moisturize and fight signs of aging.

Coming soon will be Smoothing Peptides, Rejuvenating Collagen, Exfoliating Papaya, Clarifying Mulberry Leaf and Healing Yogurt and Milk. I’m looking forward to the Rejuvenating Collagen personally.

A set of 4 masks (that is 8 uses) is $55 but you can purchase one for $15 to test it out. I wish they’d sell a combination pack but maybe that too will be coming up soon.

If you’d love to visit an esthetician but don’t have time or money for it, then a Dermovia Lace Your Face mask like this will help in all the right ways. — Marciadermovia lace mask opened

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Calming Chamomile is also available at Skincare by Alana

Two ways to get super hydrated skin: Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask and 24 Hour Age Defying Cream


If your skin is in need of hydration, I have two products that are perfect for you:  Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask (4 masks for $25) and 24 Hour Age Defying Cream ($65).  Both give skin amazing moisture and together they nourish and plump like nothing else.

Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask

Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask

one of the Moisture Infusion Masks

one of the Moisture Infusion Masks

The Moisture Infusing Mask is a wonderful pampering treatment mask that isn’t super spendy. This is a gauze-like fabric mask that is soaked in a treatment solution. Just position on your face and leave on for about 20 minutes…it stays in place so you can go about your business whilst taking care of your skin. Afterwards, remove the mask and let the remaining solution soak into your skin.

the gauzy-fabric mask

the gauzy-fabric mask

A veritable ‘Hall of Fame’ list of ingredients include stable vitamin C for brightening, hyaluronic acid for plumping skin, ceramide III for moisture, vitamin B-5 for tissue repair, algae extracts for collagen production, green and white tea extracts to repair UV ray damage, caviar extract for cell regeneration, along with several other ingredients to minimize fine lines and improve elasticity. I use this mask every two weeks and have amazing results. I have serious love for these, even if they make me look REALLY scary while wearing them (we are talking Friday the 13th scary…I will spare you the pic).

To satisfy my need for immediate gratification, I use the 24 Hour Age Defying Cream. This can be used day or night, but when I slather this on before bedtime I always wake up with baby soft, vibrant skin. No wonder Kate Hudson and Lauren Graham are huge fans!

Le Mieux 24 Hour Age Defying Cream

Le Mieux 24 Hour Age Defying Cream

There are so many fabulous ingredients it makes the skin care nerd in me dizzy. Highlights include peptides for smoothing, repairing, and brightening, mulberry extract to brighten skin pigment, ceramides for major hydration, and emollients and moisturizers including cupuacu butter, jojoba oil, and African shea butter. This is a luxurious and effective moisturizer that does wonders for the face, neck, and décolletage.

inside the jar

inside the jar

swatch of the 24 Hour Age Defying Cream

swatch of the 24 Hour Age Defying Cream

If you are in need of some serious hydration, then turn to Le Mieux.  This premium skincare line has exactly what your skin is asking for.  – Lisa

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Holiday gift idea: an at home spa day with Gold Sakura

Who doesn’t love an at home spa day?  It’s a great idea, and I think a spa day gift is even better if the products are new and unusual.  I recently tried some pretty amazing bath and body items from the website Gold Sakura, which specializes in natural Japanese beauty products.  Theycarry three brands:  Hanayuki, Hinoki Deitanseki, and Shirasu.  It’s a blast to putter around this site, everything looks delightful and is very affordable.  This company ships incredibly fast.  You can get all of these things within a few days, so it’s a perfect gift basket or gift bag to put together.

Here are a few ideas:

Bath Oil, Bath Salts, and Bath Powder – great ways to get clean!

The Hinoki Deitanseki line features wood charcoal and Hinoki cypress oil products.  They have really neat bath packets for $3.00 each, or you can get 6 for $12.60.  I tried one of each.  The Bath Oil softens bath water and leaves your skin moisturized.  It has lemon fruit extract, citric acid, and Hinoki oil.   The Bath Salts soften bath water plus have minerals.  Ingredients include mandarin orange peel extract, sea salts, and Hinoki oil.  The Bath Powder is another great way to soften bath water, and it includes yuzu fruit extract, silica, and Hinoki oil.  I think one of each is a great addition to an at home spa gift.

Another really cool idea are Body Wash Towels.  These are traditional Japanese towels for the bath or shower.  Maybe I am extremely late to this party, but I have never seen anything like these before.

Bath Party Body Wash Towels

Body wash towels aren’t for drying off, they are for soaping up in the bath or shower.  They are large enough to make washing your back a breeze.   The pink towel ($6.50) is stretchy and slightly exfoliating.  It makes gorgeous foam with a tiny amount of soap, and it dries super quick.  It has vitamin C and acerola as antioxidants, plus marine collagen.  The blue towel ($7.50) is like the pink but with sea kelp for minerals and squalene to soften the skin.

just darling!!

And the packaging?  So cute!!!  These make awesome stocking stuffers as well as a perfect addition to an at home spa gift.  Another Body Wash Towel option is the ST Takesumi ($7.50), which is a thicker version that really exfoliates.  This one has bamboo charcoal in it to help deodorize and clean clogged pores.

ST Takesumi Body Wash Towel

The weave in this one is thicker for deeper cleansing.

the ST Takesumi close up

It feels super scrubby and is perfect for cleaning your back.  I love the Body Wash Towels, they are inexpensive and so different from anything you can find in the states.

A spa gift definitely needs a facial cleanser, and there are several great options at Gold Sakura.  Check out this lovely face soap, Shirasu Sakura Facial Cleansing Foam ($18.50).

see the mesh?

The packaging is sublime, it’s exquisite and just looking at it makes me happy.

love the hygienic tube

This is a thick creamy cleanser made with volcanic ash and Yoshino cherry (Sakura) extract.  I find it to be gentle and hydrating.  The volcanic ash is for deep-cleaning pores, and the Yoshino cherry moisturizes.

the special mesh net

Plus, it comes with this fascinating mesh net that you put right over your hand.  You just need a tiny amount of the soap, and the netting works it into a foamy lather that cleans beautifully.

Shirasu Cleansing Facial Soap, I have it sitting on the mesh netting that comes with it

Or, for something really different you could go with a jar of facial soap.  I am loving the Shirasu Cleansing Facial Soap ($22.50).

inside the Shirasu Cleansing Facial Soap

This jar of soap is the coolest thing.  It has a slightly grainy texture and foams up into a splendid lather.  The grains are the volcanic ash.  Gold Sakura says, “Ultra fine particles of specially processed volcanic ash have a balloon-like structure – smooth on the outside and hollow inside. It allows ultra fine particles to reach deep inside the pores to remove impurities without damaging the skin.”  How awesome is that??  It comes with a slightly larger mesh netting similar to the Shirasu Sakura Facial Cleansing Foam.  This soap also has Aloe extract, Pearl protein, Royal jelly extract and Collagen.

A great way to complete a home spa gift basket is with a facial mask.  I adore the Shirasu Facial Mask ($22.50).

Shirasu Facial Mask

The packaging is fascinating, and so is what’s inside.  This looks and feels almost like a clay mask, just a little more smooth and creamy.  It has all kinds of interesting ingredients like skin softeners olive fruit oil, glycerin and squalane. It also has pearl protein, royal jelly extract, collagen, soybean seed extract, and aloe leaf extract to nourish and moisturize. Plus it does deep cleaning with volcanic ash and Bentonite and Kaolin clays.

a smooth and creamy clay mask

Using the Shirasu Facial Mask several times a week results in healthy, clean, glowing skin.  This is gorgeous stuff, inexpensive, and unusual!

I have listed just a small sampling of goodies available at Gold Sakura.  A customized spa gift is perfect for someone special, and there are all kinds of other unique items at Gold Sakura.  Get creative this holiday and make someone very happy!  – Lisa

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Facial Cleansing Foam ingredients

Facial Cleansing Soap ingredients

Moisturizing Facial Mask ingredients

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Fruit Fiesta Peel and Perfect C Serum

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It’s almost time for raspberry picking.  We have a farm close by where we can pick as many raspberries as we can handle, and the kids just love the annual outing.  The hot afternoon sun shimmers with the scent of sweet berries and fresh leaves, and it’s a wonderful end to the summer.  I adore raspberries because they are good for you inside and out.  They are full of fiber, vitamin C, manganese and antioxidents, which makes a great argument for eating lots of raspberry pie.  In skin care, they are a fantastic ingredient for tightening and firming, plus they’re a great anti-irritant.  All of it adds up to reasons to love the Fruit Fiesta Peel ($28.36) from MyChelle Dermaceuticals.

This face mask is part of the Age Defense line.  It plumps up wrinkles, leaving your skin nice and smooth.  It evens out skin tone and reduces puffiness and irritation.  The ingredients actually draw moisture to the surface of the skin, which gives you that youthful glow.

Looks and feels like strawberry jam!

MyChelle calls it a ‘peel’ because it has 7% Lactic Acid, although you use it like a face mask.  Just smooth this on – it’s rather transparent and sticky, it looks and feels like you are spreading raspberry jam on your face.  After five minutes, you wash it off with cool water.  Other great ingredients besides organic raspberry fruit include almonds and three fruits from the Australian rainforest:  Lillypily, Lemon Aspen and Davidsonia Plum.  The natural fruit enzymes make for fabulous exfoliation, you feel a slight tingle with this mask and know that it’s working.

For even more vitamin C, try the Perfect C Serum ($41.71).

MyChelle Perfect C Serum

This is a terrific serum for brightening your complexion and treating it to tons of antioxidents.  I use it every morning, as well as after I mask with the Fruit Fiesta Peel.

Love the jar

It comes in a hygienic air pump container that keeps the integrity of the serum intact.  The serum is a beautiful golden color, and it soaks right into the skin without leaving it sticky or tacky.

It’s a silky, gold serum

Inside is just a plethora of great ingredients, like 17% Ascorbic Acid, Amino Acids, and plant stem cells that protect skin from UV-induced stress and inhibits loss of collagen.  It gives your skin a big huge hug of free-radical fighting antioxidents, which as you know heals the skin and leaves it looking smooth and glowy.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals has all kinds of fantastic products that give visible results.  These two fruit-based products are at the top of my list, and are absolutely worth a look.  – Lisa

Fiesta Fruit Peel ingredients

Perfect C Serum ingredients

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