Three must have lipstick shades from FACE atelier: Jolie, Kona, and Red Fuchsia

FACE atelier Lipstick

Yesterday, a colleague at work said, “April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring?”  Of course I said “Pilgrims!”  Just a little spring humor!  Spring also brings the most beautiful Pro Lipstick ($24) shades from FACE atelier, and today I have three of their best selling must-have shades:  Jolie, Kona, and Red Fuchsia.

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FACE atelier Lipstick in Kona, Red Fuchsia, Jolie

FACE atelier has some very cool, unique products like Lip Lock.  This is a fabulous cruelty free pro line that never disappoints, and I have several indispensable go-to’s from this line – Lip Glaze, Ultra Skin, and Ultra Bronzer.  The Pro Lipstick has joined my super hero trio of must-haves thanks to the fantastic pigmentation, hydrating and smooth formula, and lovely shades.  The Lipsticks are also fragrance-free, which is always a big plus.

FACE atelier Lipstick in Kona, Red Fuchsia, Jolie

Here are the major ingredients in the Lipsticks:

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil – a vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the Ricinus communisplant that acts as a skin conditioning agent. It’s a gentle oil and a non-irritant that’s used as an emollient to maintain soft and supple skin Conditioning. It’s also a humectant that keeps moisture close to the skin’s surface due to its water-binding abilities.

Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax – a multifunctional complex of natural wax esters derived from the waxy leaf structure of Candelilla shrubs.  It increases the time that natural emollients remain on the skin, and help provide a protective, moisture resistant environment for skin.  Hydrating, moisturizing and protective.

The three best-selling shades of Lipstick are perfect for spring and summer.

FACE atelier Lipstick in Jolie

Jolie is a vibrant salmon pink.

FACE atelier Lipstick in Kona

Kona is an enticing tropical red.

FACE atelier Lipstick in Red Fuchsia

Red Fuchsia is a classic blue red.

FACE atelier Lipstick in Jolie, Red Fuchsia, and Kona

The shades are all beautiful and the formula is fantastic.  The texture is creamy and smooth with lots of slip.  Although these are technically matte shades, they all have a bit of satin sheen so they aren’t overly flat on lips.  I would say the shade with the most matte wear is Red Fuchsia, which goes on with a bit of a sheen but has a matte dry down.  Jolie and Kona seem to stay more satin on my lips.

FACE atelier has 26 different Pro Lipstick shades to choose from in matte, satin, and frost formulas, so there’s no doubt you will find something to love!  Here are some amazing tips for your lips from the professionals at FACE atelier.  – Lisa

FACE atelier Pro Lipstick Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do lightly line the lips with a complementary lip liner and fill in the whole lip for a more even fade throughout the day
  • Do  top off lipstick with a transparent of shimmer gloss to enhance the color of lipstick
  • Do regularly apply a moisturizing product like Lip Putty of Lip Ex to prevent cracked lips and reduce the feathering  and bleeding of color into the lips’ fine lines or wrinkles
  • Don’t use a lip liner darker than your lip shade just to line your lip, without filling it in. As it fades, you’re left with an unflattering outline – the cosmetic equivalent of a panty line.
  • Don’t match your lipstick to your outfit.  Makeup should always match your skin tone, not your skirt.
  • Don’t set lipstick with powder. It dries out the finish and your lips, while accentuating those pesky fine lip lines and cracks.

Goldilocks would love this: FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer

The winter months fly by and my skin just keeps getting lighter and lighter, paler and paler…so I am now reaching for bronzer to save me from looking sallow. Pale is great, but sallow is not. It’s amazing how a little bronzer in the right places perks my complexion right up and gives me an incredibly healthy glow. Lately I am loving the FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer ($36) for several reasons.

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FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer in Malibu

First, it’s super easy to use. I find some bronzers have a pigment problem – too little so it seems like they don’t do much; or too much so they end up looking frightening on me. Or, they just make my skin look dirty because they don’t buff out smoothly. The Ultra Bronzer is like Baby Bear’s bed in Goldilocks – just right! The perfect amount of pigment and it buffs in beautifully every time.

FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer in Malibu

FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer in Malibu

Second, this bronzer is really different – it has silicone in the formula, so it isn’t dry. This means the bronzer doesn’t settle into pores, it actually floats on top of skin. As I get older, these little strokes of genius become very important. Color that settles into pores emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles and ages me by years. I put this gorgeous bronzer on my cheeks, chin, and at my temples and I actually look younger and healthier.

Third, it also works as a contour. I’m having a real battle with my neck these days.  I don’t like the fact that my neck is drooping under my chin. Makes me want to wear a turtleneck up to my nose, you know??

So I sweep my Ultra Bronzer under my cheekbones for definition there and then under my chin as a wonderful lighting/contour trick that instantly recedes that drooping neckline. It works for now while I save up for that platysmaplasty (that’s a neck lift, y’all. Just don’t tell my husband.)

Overall, the FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer is a beautiful, silky bronzer with an elegant, sophisticated formula that has me wanting all four shades available: brushed sable, malibu, brazilian blaze, and brushed sable. FACE atelier is sold at QVC and FACE atelier’s website.  – Lisa

Wearing FACE atelier Ultra Bronzer in Malibu

FACE atelier Ultra Skin, a foundation for those who want it light and lovely

We have been fans of FACE atelier for years and years but they sort of fell off our radar for a while. Thank goodness for the internet because we are now able to get brands easily that we have had trouble with in the past. If you don’t know much about the brand we have done some reviews in the past (concealer, lip glaze) and now we’re excited about sharing Ultra Skin Foundation.


FACE atelier Ultra Skin

Here’s more to know about FACE atelier and how the Ultra Foundations got their beginning:

FACE atelier is an innovator within the beauty industry, offering a collection of sophisticated, versatile makeup that simply works and works simply. It’s a unique age and race neutral brand that was designed to be the first consumer brand that was truly good enough for professional makeup artists.

Founder Debbie Bondar created FACE atelier in part because she couldn’t find a foundation that matched her skin tone and was overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. She decided to develop an edited line of sophisticated, versatile, age and race neutral makeup that simply works, and works simply.  FACE atelier emphasizes innovation over imitation, offering easy-to-use products driven by quality, performance and originality.  The star of the line – Ultra Foundation – has its own cult following that includes Billy B, one of the most sought after A-list makeup artists in the world.

There are 11 shades in this very inclusive line so that everyone from the very fair to women of color should be able to find a shade that matches them. You can even buy samples on their website for $1 if you aren’t sure.

Now let’s learn if their claims pan out for the BIZ ladies.


I’m so happy that FACE atelier remembered us very pale tone ladies with 0.5. The shade is recommended for “neutral, very light complexion, blush undertone” which describes me to a T. I bought Ultra Foundation previously in #1 (cool, light complexion, yellow undertone) and in zero minus (white adjuster) to create a shade as light as 0.5 in Ultra Skin Foundation. Now I have just one product to use each day.

Wonderfully this is a fragrance free product that is vegan and oil-free.

FACE atelier Ultra Skin Foundation in 0.5

My blog partner Lisa loves primer but I’m the person who owns it and forgets to use it. I remember to use a serum every day but forget about the primer. So knowing that this foundation doesn’t need a primer or even a setting powder elevates it in my mind (and on my face).

It’s very lightweight and at first I even wonder if I have any coverage. Once its blended though I can see how perfectly it covers my redness and pores. If I feel the need to build it up I can do so easily just where I need it – I don’t have to build up all over, just spot build.

FACE atelier Ultra Skin

As I’ve gotten older (and older and older) I realize that the heavy coverage I used to think looked so good no longer does. It ages me so sticking with a lightweight coverage that really does cover is the answer to my skin’s wishes. FACE atelier, in its wonderful travel ready packaging, is absolute perfection.


FACE atelier Ultra Skin

So, as a primer junkie, and as someone who prefers full coverage, this didn’t sound like a Lisa foundation at all. However there’s lots to love about FACE atelier Ultra Skin and this has quickly become a favorite for me.

First, I love my primers because they help my foundation stay in place and keep it from sinking into my pores. Ultra Skin has a built in primer so I can skip that step and I still get the effect of a primer, so I’m sold in this area. Second, I need coverage for hyper-pigmentation and red areas, so I go for full coverage foundation. This foundation has a lighter coverage, but it is truly buildable, and I just blend in a little more over areas that need it. The end result is a lovely satin finish that looks beautiful.  I really like the silicone-based formula; my skin has always taken well to them, although I know some people aren’t fond of them. The silicones blur fine lines and wrinkles, and goodness knows I take every little bit of help I can get in that area!

FACE atelier Ultra Skin in 3 swatch

FACE atelier Ultra Skin in 3 swatch

My shade, 3, is described as cool, light complexion, yellow undertones. It’s almost a perfect match for my skin. I’m also very impressed with my total lack of need for powder – no oily, shiny nose with Ultra Skin Foundation, not even by the end of the day. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Overall, this is a very easy to use foundation in a terrific array of shades. We have nothing but raves for FACE atelier Ultra Skin – this is one to check out for sure!  FACE atelier is sold at Camera Ready Cosmetics and FACE atelier’s website.

Don’t let the blues get you down! FACE Atelier Ultra Camouflage Duet

FACE atelier Ultra Camouflage Duet

Red, brown, black, blue…none of those shades have any business being on my face. So I spend a lot of time covering them up – and I am always looking for something amazing to help me do so. I remember discovering the pro FACE atelier line after Madonna chose it for her 2010 tour – I was obsessed with their Lip Glaze, especially the ICE shade (still a favorite after all these years, by the way!). FACE atelier has amazing products and the Ultra Camouflage Duet ($35) is one of the best in the line. So – if you also don’t think red, brown, black, or blue spots don’t belong on your face, then read on!

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FACE atelier Ultra Camouflage Duet

The FACE atelier Ultra Camouflage Duet is a silicone-based concealer that gets rid of every sort of discoloration – dark undereye circles, blue veins, red spots, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, you name it. There are two shades – one cool and one warm – that work together to cover anything that you just don’t want showing.  The coverage is buildable, the texture is smooth, and the formula is long-wearing. Key ingredients include:

Petrolatum – Petrolatum is considered to be among the most effective moisturizing ingredients available and is also known for its effectiveness in healing wounds. It can help the skin’s outer layer recover from damage, reduce inflammation, and generally heal the skin. Cosmetics-grade petrolatum is considered the safest, most non-irritating moisturizing ingredients ever found.

Cetyl Dimethicone Copolyol – a member of the silicone family that imparts emolliency, and significantly enhances a product’s lifespan and effectiveness. They create a soft, smooth product that is pleasant to apply and imparts a unique skin feel. It is naturally water-resistant while absorbing sebum (the oily substance produced by certain glands in the skin), reducing skin shine. Silicone molecules are larger than human pores, preventing them from settling into them upon application, and the unique molecular structure of silicones (larger molecules with wider spaces between each molecule) allow them to form a breathable barrier.

FACE atelier Ultra Camouflage Duet

A big tip – you want to pat this on, don’t swipe. And – gulp – use your fingers. Body heat seems to really make this concealer perform at its highest potential, truly melding properly with the skin at a level just a tad higher than it does when using a brush.  Now, I know that sticking fingers into creamy makeup products isn’t the best idea, but all you need to do is spritz the compact with BeautySoClean Cosmetics Sanitizer Mist after using it and you are good to go, all sanitized and all good with the cleanliness gods.

FACE atelier Ultra Camouflage Duet swatched

The pigmentation is fabulous so it covers just about everything. I typically use the lighter shade first, patting it on with my finger, then the darker shade over that. It easily covers blue and red colors. Even though it’s a creamy consistency, I do not find that it sinks into fine lines. I do set it with powder although some may love the satin finish and want to simply keep it like that.

My compact shade is #1 Light, and it also comes in Medium, Dark, and Darker shades.  Another intriguing shade is Erase, which I am dying to try – check this out:
It’s supposed to be really incredible at eliminating dark undereye circles and blueness.  I can’t wait to try it!
I highly recommend this fantastic concealer for eliminating any unwanted dark areas, blue circles, red spots, etc. that you just don’t want on your face. You can find FACE atelier and the Ultra Camouflage Duet online at or at  – Lisa

FACE atelier Lip Glaze review and swatches

FACE atelier, a favorite line of pro makeup artists, has some extremely impressive lip gloss called Lip Glaze ($26).   It’s extraordinary stuff – super smooth, highly pigmented, and fabulously glossy.   It’s remarkably long-lasting without being sticky.



We were sent three $1 sample jars (which actually have a fair amount of product in them) so I can’t speak about the applicator.  However, the tubes are twice the size of most lip glosses so they are a really great deal.  Here are three gorgeous color selections:

Face Atelier Ice

Face Atelier Ice

Ice is like liquid diamonds for your lips.  It is VERY shimmery, in fact I think a photo of this is next to the definition of ‘shimmery’ in the dictionary.  I adore it…it’s fantastic on its own, and magical when mixed with any shade of lipstick.  FACE atelier has a great tip for this:  place a drop of Ice Lip Glaze directly onto the bullet of your favorite FACE Lipstick. Mix with a small, synthetic brush (Essential Brush #5) to create a dazzling liquid lip color.

Face Atelier Dianthus

Face Atelier Dianthus

Dianthus is a rosy pink with silver shimmer.  SWOON!  Oh my this is gorgeous.  It’s a beautiful shade that makes lips shiny and lush.



Enigma is a milky peach nude with small golden shimmers.  It’s beautiful for a natural look, and it mixes especially well with matte peach lipstick to create a liquid lipstick.

Lip Glaze swatches left to right:  Dianthus, Ice, Enigma

Lip Glaze swatches left to right: Dianthus, Ice, Enigma

different lighting, left to right:  Enigma, Dianthus, Ice

different lighting, left to right: Enigma, Dianthus, Ice

I also love that the Lip Glaze is both fragrance and flavor free.  In addition to Ice, Dianthus, and Enigma there are 14 more shades available.  I am totally lemming Peach, Paradise (a yummy looking coral shade) and Plum.  Which shades look great to you?  Check out the website and order yourself some sample jars to check them out!  – Lisa

*sample jars sent by FACE atelier