Beautiful eyes with Hikari

If you went to a website and read this: Hikari Cosmetics was founded on the principles of delivering glamorous, sophisticated makeup to women around the United States at a reasonable cost. We may be an up and coming brand, but we plan to take the makeup world to the next level of high-class! From our high-shine, vivid lip gloss collection to the perfect eye color combinations we have something for every woman to fall in love with.” wouldn’t you be intrigued? Both Lisa and Marcia were and we were excited to receive some HIKARI for review. We want to give the line a fair shake so this week it’s my turn (Marcia) and next week Lisa will share her products with you.

HIKARI eyeshadow palette, powder, liquid eyeliner

Anyone who knows me knows I’d rather have eyeshadows and eyeliners than any other cosmetic products out there. I love all cosmetics but it’s the eyes that get me going.

HIKARI Jennifer eyeshadow palette, HD Powder, and Iris Liquid Eyeliner

Hikari has 10 eyeshadow palettes that happen to be on sale as I type for only $5 each. It’s rare to find even a single eyeshadow of quality for that price but if you hurry you can get a 4 pan with great colors for just $5 (regularly $15). I have Jennifer and it’s a beauty. What I love best about this palette is the push and pull of it. Jennifer starts with colors in my comfort zone but then brings in a shade that pulls me away from that, daring me to make my eyes come alive.

HIKARI Cosmetics Jennifer Eyeshadow Palette

Jennifer contains 2 matte shadows and 2 satin shadows. These are loaded with pigment and apply with ease. I find that my eyes need an eyeshadow primer to do justice to the shades. Individual shades aren’t named on the palette but they are on the website so I’ll do my best to describe Stealth, Bellini, Magnetic, Swanky.

Hikari Jennifer shadows

Top left is a dusky blue matte shadow, top right is a light golden cream satin. Bottom left is a matte dark brownish black while bottom right there’s a golden brown.

Hikari Jennifer shadows

I use the light gold on the inner third of my eye and then under the browbone, next I apply the golden brown in the crease. Finally I’ll use the dusky blue on the very outer quarter of my eye and blend it by my lashline. I can also vary the order I use the shadows and I especially like the light gold with the dusky blue. None of these 4 shades are sold individually, just in the palette.

HIKARI Liquid Eyeliner in Iris

My camera hates close ups so excuse this very blurry shot but I wanted you to see the paint tip of their Liquid Eyeliner. What’s particularly nice about this kind of felt head is that you can get a thin line or a thicker line. HIKARI Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner is available in 5 shades:

Fawn- Brown

Slate- Gray

Indigo- Blue

Iris- Purple

Essence- Green

HIKARI Liquid Eyeliner swatches of Iris

Iris is a very deep purple that can also look brown depending on what shadows you wear with it. I like just that pop of purple instead of my typical brown. The liner is terrific since it applies so easily, just gliding on, and it has a long lasting formula so I don’t have to worry about it fading or chipping away.

HIKARI Final Touch HD Powder

The third product I have is one I’m getting a lot of use from. I had given up powders in the heat until I tired HIKARI’s Final Touch HD Powder. This is a pressed silica powder that is light as air and never looks cakey on me. The powder helps blur pores (my nemesis) and fine lines.

HIKARI Final Touch HD Powder and Beauty Junkees brushes

Using a duo fiber makeup brush like my Beauty Junkees ones gives me the light application that I’m looking for to set my makeup. I don’t normally get shiny during the day but I notice that this keeps my face from looking that way yet it’s not so matte that I look ghastly.

Hikari Cosmetics have many products that I’d love to explore. Even their foundation looks light enough for me. With the added attraction that Hikari is cruelty free and PETA certified this cosmetic brand has a lot to offer and the prices are great. Don’t wait long to take advantage of the $5 eyeshadow quads though since that will soon change.  —  Marcia

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The Temperature’s Rising so I’ll Bare My Soul with MAC Cosmetics

MAC Bare My Soul

MAC Bare My Soul (

MAC Bare My Soul from Temperature Rising

MAC Bare My Soul from Temperature Rising

It’s been a long time since MAC eyeshadows have rocked my boat but I’m here to say that Bare My Soul from the new Temperature Rising collection is doing just that. I’m enjoying this palette so much that I’ll even forgive MAC for raising the price to $44. Supposedly they did this because of the special packaging color. Since I like all the shades though I’m not going to complain.

The first shade is a fabulous taupe. Below is Romantico which is a light and shimmery brown taupe in the Veluxe Pearl formula. The color is beautiful and one I’d love to have on its own. It’s not highly pigmented so I do need several layers but once it’s on it’s terrific.

MAC Bare My Soul palette Romantica eyeshadow

MAC Bare My Soul palette Romantica eyeshadow

The quad is named after this shimmery gold shade below, Bare My Soul. This is quite frosty which makes sense considering it’s a Lustre which I’ve always found shimmery. The difference with this and some of the lustres I own is that this applies beautifully and the color doesn’t flake away (talking to you Honey Lust). I’ve seen this described as a light gold but I find the color to be an intense gold. In my photo below I have it on my browbone but I prefer it on my lid.

MAC Bare My Soul palette and eyeshadow

MAC Bare My Soul palette and eyeshadow

Summer Indulgence is another terrific Veluxe Pearl that’s a dark bronze chocolate. It is extremely pigmented and easy to blend. A great color to own in general if you love bronzes and browns. It is much darker than it appears in MAC’s picture.

MAC Bare My Soul palette, Summer Indulgence eyeshadow

MAC Bare My Soul palette, Summer Indulgence eyeshadow

The shade that drew me to this quad in the first place is When in Rio. It’s reminiscent of Club but much more green. MAC calls this “deep green with copper pearl”. I find that it’s more of a duochrome with blue undertone in a forest green shade. The formula unfortunately is Frost so it doesn’t blend as well as some of the other shades. My advice is to not pack it on your brush but to start slow and build if you want. The finished color is beautiful but it takes a little more work than it should.

MAC Bare My Soul palette, When in Rio eyeshadow

MAC Bare My Soul palette, When in Rio eyeshadow

So far I’ve done a few looks with Bare My Soul using all the colors. The one I’m wearing as I type this is the taupe on the lid, bronze in the crease, gold on the browbone and green as an eyeliner. I used Manna Kadir’s Trans-fix to change this into an eyeliner (review upcoming in my Wantable post). I love the tone of this green as an eyeliner. The next time I wear this look I won’t use the gold though, instead I’ll use something like MAC Mushroom or a similar shade on the browbone to make it more daytime friendly.

taupe lid, gold browbone, green crease, bronze as liner

taupe lid, gold browbone, green crease, bronze as liner

wearing taupe lid, gold browbone, bronze crease, green as liner

wearing taupe lid, gold browbone, bronze crease, green as liner

Every year at this time MAC brings out a bronze collection. Temperature Rising has helped me appreciate some MAC again. I hope that they continue in this vein. Have you considered any of the palettes, lip colors, blush or polish from Temperature Rising? I’d love to know what else to buy. — Marcia


Bare My Soul

Bare My Soul

Total Beauty Collection’s new program starring Revlon

Total Beauty Collection

Total Beauty Collection

Total Beauty Collection has had subscription boxes for sale since May of 2012 when they became so popular in the world of beauty. As with most boxes the items in the boxes were sample sizes. To celebrate a different kind of sampling program they’ve sent several blogs their newest box to share with you. Beauty Info Zone received this new collection and we’re excited to give you the news about it. This goes on sale on April 8, 2013 and is $15 which includes shipping. You don’t have to subscribe either so I shouldn’t have called it a subscription box. Instead I’ll say it’s a collection of beauty products that’s new and unique.

Opening the Total Beauty Collection

Opening the Total Beauty Collection

This first box is called the Total Beauty Collection Revlon Edition. Every one of these great products is full size and represents the newest products that Revlon has brought out. It was curated by Revlon’s Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman for spring. There are 4 products plus a booklet with looks from the new Pacific Coast collection by Gucci Westman for Revlon Spring 2013. All the colors are perfect for spring and colors that were prevalent on the runways recently.

Contents of Total Beauty's first brand box for Revlon

Contents of Total Beauty’s first brand box for Revlon

There are four full size products in the box including 2 Revlon Lip Butters. I’ve previously reviewed other Lip Butters with raves because they are my favorite lipstick that Revlon has ever put out. The colors are Pink Lemonade and Sorbet. There’s also a beautiful Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow palette, Sea Mist, with 4 colors that are gorgeous for spring. In addition there’s a Revlon Colorstay nail polish in a nude shade called Trade Winds. The booklet illustrates four looks using these and a few other Revlon products.

One of the looks, Emma, in the accompanying booklet

One of the looks, Emma, in the accompanying booklet

The two Lip Butters, Pink Lemonade and Sorbet, are beautiful and 2 of the 4 newest shades released by Revlon. Pink Lemonade is sweet and light and refreshing, like a glass of fresh pink lemonade would be. It’s very light and may not show up on everyone but it can also be used to top another lipstick to lighten it up without making it look frosty. Sorbet is a fabulous bright pink that has been shown on the gorgeous Emma Stone in advertisements. It’s a very cool tone that can be tempered with Pink Lemonade if it were to be too cool or too bright for you. I personally love wearing them together. Revlon Lip Butters are sheer and moisturizing on my lips.

Pink Lemonade and Sorbet

Pink Lemonade and Sorbet

Revlon Pink Lemonade

Revlon Pink Lemonade Lip Butter

Revlon Sorbet Lip Butter

Revlon Sorbet Lip Butter



Sea Mist Colorstay eyeshadow palette has 4 great shades that remind me of the ocean. The shades are Emerald, Teal, Peach, and Aubergine. All 4 of these shades have a satin finish which is my favorite. Emerald is my favorite shade in this quad since I’m loving all greens lately. The way I like to wear it is Emerald on the lid, Teal in the outer crease about halfway across and Peach on the browbone. Peach is very light and didn’t show up well in my swatches but it’s a beautiful shade on my eyes and has a great subtlety to hold the look together. Aubergine looks darker than it actually is on the eye. I liked it as an eyeliner with the other shades in this palette (I use Trish McEvoy’s Finish Line to give it more depth and staying power).

Revlon Sea Mist Colorstay Eyeshadow Palette

Revlon Sea Mist Colorstay Eyeshadow Palette

back of the Sea Mist palette

back of the Sea Mist palette

swatches from top: Emerald, Eggplant, Teal, Peach

swatches from top: Emerald, Aubergine, Teal, Peach


Revlon Sea Mist eye using emerald, teal and peach

Revlon Sea Mist eye using emerald, teal and peach

Revlon Sea Mist eye using emerald, teal and peach

Revlon Sea Mist eye using emerald, teal and peach

Trade Winds Colorstay Nail Polish is a nude polish which gives the mannequin look to nails. It’s a warmer shade of nude than I feel comfortable wearing which is why I just have it on a nail wheel. The brushes on Revlon nail polishes are fuller than most and apply polish very well. I’ve always had great experience with Revlon nail polish since they last well.

Colorstay Nail Polish in Trade Winds

Colorstay Nail Polish in Trade Winds

Colorstay Nail Polish in Trade Winds; three coats on left, 2 light coats on right

Colorstay Nail Polish in Trade Winds; three coats on left, 2 light coats on right

This is a fun new way for Total Beauty to do a subscription box. By sticking with one brand and including only full size products you are getting the newest from the brand with items you can actually use. Hurray to Revlon and Gucci Westman for putting together such beautiful colors and looks in the first collaboration, Total Beauty Collection Revlon Edition. The box can be purchased on the Total Beauty Collection website starting today, April 8th. — Marcia

Gucci Westman

Gucci Westman

*sent by Total Beauty for review consideration


Makeup Wars 2013 Beauty Resolutions

Makeup Wars is back for 2013’s first edition which of course is New Year’s Resolutions. While it may sound a tiny bit trite you know darn well that this group of amazing beauty bloggers are all going to have their own spin on things.

I’ve made several resolutions that are all beauty related. I know that the diet and exercise things are beauty resolutions but have you ever compared a Weight Watchers meeting or the gym on January 4th and February 4th? It’s like you are on different planets. Instead I tried to make resolutions that I’ve got a good chance of following through on.

Resolution one is one I began as soon as I started making my list for this post – TAKE CARE OF MY LIPS. I’m terrible about remembering to use all the potions I have to keep my lips looking younger and moister. I start with good intentions but I don’t always remember. So I’ve lined up what I need in my bathrooms.

In my master bathroom I’ve been using Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore*. While I’ve only tried the Lip Restore I’m amazed by the fact that you can get 4 glosses and this for $15! Collagen Tinted Lip Restore helps to redefine the lip line and create softer, smoother younger-looking lips, with just a hint of colour and sheen. It contains Torricelumn and Collagen to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is very lightly tinted – I find it’s like a “my lips but better” flush. I apply it as soon as I start getting ready and later apply lip color. When I go into that bathroom I like to add some more if my lips are color free.

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

eliz grant lip collagen on finger

In my extra bath (where I clean up at night) I’ve been using Lush’s Popcorn Lip Scrub*. This is a very dry lip scrub that I like to use in the evening to exfoliate my lips. It’s a little bit sugar and a little bit salt. I rub it on with my finger, scrub around and lick it off. I try to do this before I wash up though since I end up with some of the scrub on my face. It smells just like freshly popped popcorn. I LOVE popcorn and this is a calorie free treat for me! It doesn’t scratch like some exfoliators do. Plus it’s starting to keep my lips looking better and less chapped.lush popcorn scrub

I follow up with Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick as my nighttime lip moisturizer. This inexpensive stick of delight is only $4 and can be used on eyes and lips, day or night. It even has SPF 15. The reason I chose this to use at night especially is that it’s not fragranced so it won’t keep me up sniffing. Fragrance is fine during the day but not for me at night. Plus I can rub a little on dry spots on my face if I’m tossing and turning and need something to do.

Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick

Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick

Resolution two has to do with that extra bathroom. I need to start getting ready earlier in the evening. For some reason I wait until it’s time to go to bed and then I remove my makeup and put on my skincare. I need to change that. I sometimes get too tired to actually wash even though I have awesome cleansers. Instead I’ll use facial wipes like the Aveeno Ultra Calming Makeup Wipes*.I then follow up with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner. That’s okay once in a while but I’m doing it too often. I’ll still keep using the Kiehl’s Toner but my resolution is to start early and then go on the computer!kiehls toner

Resolution threestop plucking chin hairs!! I’m trying really really hard, honest I am. But it’s so hard to resist. I’m made one step forward though and that’s not to keep my Tweezerman tweezers (pretty as it is) on my computer desk. I’ve paid for laser hair removal and I’ve got sessions left but I can’t go until I stop plucking. This one is really going to be hard to keep.

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman


Resolution four is to stop buying the same color eyeshadows over and over and over again. I’m in a rut but I see those beautiful taupes and browns and I can’t imagine not owning them. I ended 2012 buying a few like this beautiful Edward Bess palette. That needs to be the end. So far I’ve made it a whole week into 2013 without buying any though. I have to stop thinking they’ll change my life since I know the only one who sees the difference is me.

Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss

Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss

I’ve made a little progress, especially on resolution one. Now only 75% left to work on. Are any of these resolutions of yours or even close?? — Marcia

Join my fellow Makeup Wars friends to see what they’ve decided to resolve in 2013. Click on their links to get to their sites.

*starred items are PR samples, rest are personally bought or repurchases.


A customized subscription box from Starlooks for Starbox, that’s a first!

If the “looksbook” at Starlooks are indicative of their company then they have a darn good time over there. Each of the different looks shows the models wearing the colors of the month. For November the look is nudes. This is the first box that Starbox has sent that is custom tailored to the buyer. We were asked a few questions to determine which box would suit us. I received the Light Box which is perfect coloring for me.

This past October I was able to show you the box for that month. It contained a gorgeous purple pigment, a metallic gold eyeliner, a cherry lipstick and eye tattoos. (Those tattoos are now in the possession of my niece who went nuts over them!). The November box brings a palette of 4 eyeshadows, a lipstick and the most interesting mascara tool that I’ve tried. In addition each month there are several quartz crystals in your box to bring you some peace and tranquility.

November’s Starbox by Starlooks contents

The 4 eyeshadows in the Light kit make for a beautiful nude eye look for me. There’s a soft creamy white with just the right touch of shimmer, a slightly darker bone, a beautiful rusty bronze and a matte dark brown. I’ve used these 4 for a nude look but I also used them with the rusty bronze and darker brown on my lid to create a smoky look. These shadows are very soft. I accidently dropped my palette and the lightest shade broke so I apologize for not having a closeup of the open palette. Even more I apologized to myself for partially ruining a great shade for my lid or browbone.

Light Eyeshadow Palette from the Starlooks Starbox


Pearl Perfection, Braze Beige, Hint of Rust, Mocha Move

I always start with an eyeshadow primer and did so each time I applied this palette. This way the application was smoother and very long lasting. I don’t normally get creasing with shadows any more so I’m not the best judge of that but I really don’t think these will crease.

Starlooks Pearl Reflection eyeshadow

Starlooks Braze Beige eyeshadow

Starlooks Hint of Rust eyeshadow

Starlooks Mocha Move eyeshadow

top to bottom: Mocha Move, Hint of Rust, Braze Beige, Pearl Reflection

The lipstick this time was from Starlooks Tendergloss Lipstick collection. It’s a cross between a gloss and a lipstick. It’s sheer but wears beautifully. I love that there isn’t a fragrance with these and I love this color. Just like last month the color in the tube looks darker than what I applied on my lips. I saw a cinnamon shade but on my lips it’s a ‘your lips but better’ peach with just a touch of coral. These Tendergloss Lipsticks retail for $11 each and there are 20 shades that you could pick from. I love how perfect Pearl is for my look from the box or for anytime. I can’t stop wearing this lipstick!

Starlooks Tendergloss Lipstick in Pearl

site swatch for Pearl

Pearl swatch

The other item in the box is both fun and useful. It’s a mascara tool. It’s see-through pink. The top is curved to fit your eye, the bottom has two different size mascara combs. It’s perfect for protecting your eyelids and under your eyes from mascara drops. Sometimes you’ll use a very wet mascara and you have to sit with your eyes practically glued open before you can blink. Some people (not me) have very long lashes that bump up against their eyes and leave little marks. This tool solves that problem.

using this mascara tool and wearing the eyeshadows

This is a small thing but brings a smile to my face; each month the box looks slightly different. They are the same size but the design is different. My October box was black with purple metallic lettering, my November box is an animal print. The September box contained an angelic palette and the box itself was white with silver. I like this extra touch that the Starlooks company brings to their Starbox. Each box contains 3 – 4 full size cosmetics and costs $15 a month. To subscribe to the next month’s box you need to do it by the end of the first day of that month. If you are reading this on November 30th then you’ve got today and tomorrow (Dec. 1st) to order. And you don’t want to miss the palette of eyeshadows that Starlooks (value of $99) has scheduled for the month! Take a look HERE at their different eyeshadow palettes – one of them could be yours with the December subscription but act fast.

I’m totally enjoying this month’s box which is so wonderful since I was disappointed in my November Birchbox and Glossybox. Starbox is up my cosmetic loving alley. — Marcia

*pr sample

More pictures just in case you didn’t get enough:

November Starlooks contents

Starlooks crystals

I’m truly wild about Lorac Wild About TANtalizer Collection

Have you ever bought something and asked yourself “where has this been all my life?” If you have then you know how I felt when I started using Lorac Wild for TANtalizer Collection. This set is just about the perfect set for summer (not to ignore the rest of the year). It contains a stunning Bronzing Powder, a fantabulous eyeshadow palette and a gorgeous lipgloss plus it’s all housed in a beautiful makeup bag that is unlike the others in your collection. To make it even better its value priced at $39 for all of this.

Lorac Wild About TANtalizer cosmetic bag

I’m totally wild about the Eye Shadow palette in this set. The colors are just beautiful. 4 shades in the gold and bronze families that will tantalize anyone that looks at you. The texture is so silken that they basically apply themselves. I was in heaven the first time I applied these because they blended so perfectly on my eyes and with each other. The colors blend seamlessly into each other. This is not a palette you have to work at, you just have to have a great brush or two and let your creativity with the shades go to work.

top 2 shadows swatched

bottom two shadows swatched

The lightest shade is called Fierce which you can use all over your eye or just use it on the lid or browbone. Tigris makes a beautiful crease shade or use it when you want to have a smokey eye. For a beautiful gold there’s Pantherea to use on the lid or even crease. Apply the darkest shadow, Saber, in the crease or use it as an eyeliner. Whether you choose to use all 4 shades together or pick a few, you’ll be amazed at the texture and depth you’ll get. These have the slightest amount of shimmer to them (my favorite formula) to bring them to life. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love these and how silky the formula is.

eyeshadow swatches

close up of swatches

The bronzer in Wild about TANtalizer is so beautiful that you almost won’t want to use it but that would be foolish. At first you’ll see the wild silver design on the bronzer but that’s gone with your first use. Then you are left with a great bronzer that works even on super fair skin like mine. My picture shows you both a light and dark swatch of the bronzer so you can see how versatile it is. I use a skunk brush to get just a little bronze look. But I’ve also used an angled blush brush to do the 3 for more shading.

bronzer swiped

Bronzer swatched light and dark

Let’s not forget the perfect gloss for the set. It’s called Raoul and it’s a peachy bronze shade. You can build it up if you want to or wear one coat to keep it sheer. The best part is that it’s not sticky. It feels so moisturizing on and my hair doesn’t stick to it. When I first apply it I notice a slight caramel scent but it lasts for less than 15 seconds.

Raoul, look at the gorgeous design!

Raoul applied lightly

I have one bad thing to say about Wild About Tantalizer Collection – it’s Limited Edition! Therefore you need to get it right away so you won’t be kicking yourself and asking why you let it go by ( Oh, I have another bad thing to say about this too – now I’m craving more Lorac, especially eyeshadows. – Marcia

Gorgeous neutrals in Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad 13

I love eyeshadow quads, they make getting ready in the morning a snap with the coordinating color combination already figured out for you.  One of my favorite quads is by Napoleon Perdis, it’s the Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad in #13 ($35).

Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad 13

At only $35 for the quad, each eyeshadow costs about $8.75, making this a nicely affordable choice.  The eyeshadows are buttery soft, a bit on the powdery side, and have nice pigment and lasting power.

Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad 13 applicators

The quad is housed in a clear, rather heavy plastic square and comes with two sponge applicators.  The applicators are fine in a pinch, but I always prefer using my own brushes.

Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad 13 close up

The eyeshadows have a wavey shape to them, which looks interesting and different and doesn’t affect application at all.  There are a number of  color combinations available in the Prismatic series, but I love #13.  It has truly gorgeous neutral colors that I like for both work and evening looks.

Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad 13 upper two shadows

Here’s a close up of the top two shadows.  Top left is a rich medium brown with gold shimmer.  This is a perfect crease shade.  Next to it is a beautiful cream color with a hint of peach.  I use this as a lid color and for the brow to highlight.

Prismatic Quad 13 top two color swatches

The lighter color photographs more yellow than it appears in person.  It’s actually more of a peachy cream than a yellow cream.

Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad 13 two bottom shades

Bottom left is a shimmery olive-green.  I love this as a lid shade.  And next to it is the deepest shade, a cooler brown than the top color with a terrific, subtle shimmer.  I use this in the crease over the top brown color.

Eye look with Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad 13

Here I used the olive-green on the lid, the lighter brown in the crease, the darker brown in a thinner line over that.  And then I used the lightest color on the brow to highlight.  (For a great tutorial on creating depth and shape for hooded eyes like mine, see this post from Into the Palette.)

Close up view of Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad 13 look

Here’s a close up shot.  Boy I hated the way my mascara applied that day.  I ended up throwing it out – I kept it around too long and it shows!

Open eye view of Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad 13 look

And here’s how it looked with my eyes open.  This shot is in natural lighting, the other shots are in indoor lighting without a flash.

I really like this quad, I like the finish of the eyeshadows and the colors are so pretty, especially for fall.  If you have some Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Quads, what are your favorite ones?  And if not, which ones look like great color combinations to you?  – Lisa