A Fashion Flash Giveaway containing all my loves

When I think of the things I love the first two that come to my mind (not people, things!) are books and cosmetics. I am a big reader and usually have two books going at one time. My reading material is the first item I put in my carry-on or purse when I’m going somewhere and the second item/s are cosmetics. When Fashion Flash decided it was time for one of their summer giveaways I was so excited to participate in this with my two loves.

Fashion Flash Giveaway prizes

What could be easier than going away for a long weekend or trip and throwing these three items into your bag? You’d be set for a relaxing, enjoyable getaway. Or use them at home for hours of fun! Today’s giveaway will bring you three terrific items: the novel LOST INNOCENCE by Jannine Gallant, a Crown Cosmetics PRO Travel Face Palette, and a 7 piece Mini Sable Brush Set from Crown.

samples, prize to be sent by Fashion Flash


LOST INNOCENCE by Jannine Gallant isn’t even published yet but will be on the day that this giveaway is over. It’s the second book in a new series from Jannine Gallant called A Siren Cove Novel. I didn’t read the first but that didn’t stop me from understanding and getting into LOST INNOCENCE quickly.

LOST INNOCENCE by Jannine Gallant

The small town of Siren Cove, Oregon, has everything you could want—and a few things you don’t . . .

Artist Nina Hutton finds a lottery ticket on the beach, stuffs the crumpled paper in her pocket—then forgets all about it. Distracted and shaken by a series of break-ins at her home, Nina turns to her handsome new neighbor for help and protection again and again.

Since the death of his wife in a drive-by shooting, Teague O’Dell has moved from the city to the small town of Siren Cove, determined that his daughter will grow up in a safe environment. But when the intriguing woman next door is plagued by a mysterious vandal, he wonders if his new home harbors unexpected dangers.
The winning lottery numbers have been revealed, and the owner will do whatever it takes to claim the prize. And the closer Nina and Teague get to each other, the closer they may get to exposing a horror that could cost them everything . . .

If you like suspense and some romance this is going to be an enjoyable summer read for you. I was speeding through the book so fast that it surprised me. It’s not violent but there are times it’ll keep you reading just to find out what’s next!

Jannine Gallant

“Write what you know. Jannine Gallant has taken this advice to heart, creating characters from small towns and plots that unfold in the great outdoors. A recent empty-nester, she grew up in a tiny Northern California town and currently lives in gorgeous Lake Tahoe with her husband. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Jannine hikes or snowshoes in the woods around her home with her dog, Ginger. You’ll discover the beauty of nature interwoven into her fast-paced, romantic suspense stories. To find out more about this author and her books, visit her website at http://www.janninegallant.com/ or sign up for her newsletter at http://eepurl.com/cYGMkH.”

AULORA Pro Travel Face Palette from Crown Cosmetics

The next item you’ll be able to win is this beautiful Aulora Pro Travel Face Palette from Crown Cosmetics. This has everything you need to keep you looking polished and happy for many days without repeating colors. The palette includes 10 eyeshadows, 2 shades for highlighting, 2 blush colors plus 3 lipsticks. Surprisingly the pencil that comes with it is double sided with both black and brown. I wish everyone did that.

AULORA Pro Travel Face Palette eyeshadows

AULORA Pro Travel Face Palette highlighters top, blushes bottom

AULORA Pro Travel Face Palette lips

Mix and match the colors to get exactly what you want. Let’s not forget that it includes a black and brown pencil for liner and brows!

Crown Brush mini set with sable and taklon brushes

The third component to make this trio perfect is this Crown Brush set. They are housed in a carrying case that not only holds all 7 brushes but also has a pocket for you to slip in a few things like your tweezers, sharpener, and a travel size mascara. You’ll use this set over and over – the brushes are a Powder Dome Brush, Tapered Blush Brush, Round Contour Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Angle Liner Brush, Oval Lip Brush, and a Pro Spoolie.

Crown Brush mini brush set

Now for the deets about the giveaway that Fashion Flash is providing for one US winner. There are 2 mandatory entries on the Rafflecopter and you must do them both. Don’t get eliminated because you “forgot”. The rest of the entries give you extra chances to win and you can tweet daily.  Good luck and thanks for following us on both Beauty Info Zone and with our Fashion Flash posts.  —  Marcia

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Going quackers over Rimmel eye makeup @magnifeyes #giveaway

RIMMEL Magnif’Eyes Colour Edition

There’s something so satisfying about going to Target or CVS/RiteAid/Ulta etc. and coming home with a bag full of goodies to make yourself look beautiful. Just the glow you’ll have for spending not much money yet having so many items to play with is a thrill. Today I have quite a few RIMMEL LONDON eye products that will make you look like a million but only cost you around $30.

RIMMEL Magnif’Eyes Colour Edition

samples, affiliates

It’s no surprise that the first thing I opened in my package from RIMMEL is this Magnif’Eyes Eye Countering Palette Colour Edition. I always go for the eyes and I have a few other RIMMEL Magnif’Eyes Palettes already that I enjoy. This is their newest rendition and has everything you need for a variety of looks.

RIMMEL Magnif’Eyes Colour Edition

RIMMEL Magnif’Eyes Colour Edition

Before I get into the colors, descriptions and swatches you need to know that as beautiful as this is, you really truly need an eyeshadow primer to wear the palette and to make it stand out on your eyes. My first set of swatches looked so wimpy when I downloaded them so I had to redo them just like I wear them – with a primer!

RIMMEL Magnif’Eyes Colour Edition

1 – is a bright white in a satin formula. I use this on my browbone but almost always with a soft fluffy brush so it’s not too stark against my pale skin. I also use that brush to go over any shadows that I need to lighten up.

2 – is a satin yellow gold. It applies easily and brightens any look. Very pretty along your bottom lashline.

3 – is a rose gold, not quite as shiny as my photo. It’s a jewelry type rose gold. It’s really unusual to find a rose gold in a drugstore palette.

4 – a golden brown satin

5 – has a lot of brown to it but still has the brightness that makes browns so wearable

6 – at first I was going to say this is a rose gold but once worn I realized it’s more than that. There’s a lot of orange in it but a flattering orange mixed with the rose. It’s very bright on me so I’ve learned to use that light fluffy brush with it.

7 – this is the first matte in the palette, it’s a lightish brown.

8 – Pop of color anyone? This teal is what makes this a Magnif’eyes palette. It really is a beautiful teal that is crisp and bright, perfect for summer skin.

9 – another matte and not my personal favorite. There is a tiny bit of shimmer to it in the pan but on my eyes I felt like it didn’t show up that way.

10 – a navy that applies brighter than it appears in the pan. I like it as an eyeliner.

11 – don’t go by my swatch since it’s actually a purple with some shimmer. It has a black base so you need light to see that it’s actually purple.

12 – last is a matte brown that is almost black. I’ve used it on my brows to check it out and it works well for me.

RIMMEL Magnif’Eyes Colour Edition

The brush it comes with is a soft one that will do in a pinch and the opposite side is a sponge. The shadows can be powdery but the end effect is pretty. I suggest you apply it before concealer and foundation.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Guilty Grey

A great accompaniment to this palette is one of the Scandal’eyes Eye Shadow Sticks and the Guilty Grey one is wonderful. If you love smokey eyes this is perfection since it’s not black but it’s dark enough to pass for black. I have been applying colors from the Magnif’eyes Color Edition over the crayon and come up with some great creations. My favorite is using #2 over it and creating a golden olive.

Rimmel Brow This Way Fibre Pencil

To complete my look I’ve found that the Rimmel BROW THIS WAY Fibre Pencil is pretty great. I purposely showed you my pencil after two uses so you could see the fibers in it. This only comes in two shades, Medium Brown and Dark Brown, which leaves others out but if one of those two shades work for you then you’ll love it. If I were to buy another I’d buy Dark Brown since that’s the natural color of my brows but I also use the Medium Brown at the far end. Then I’ll blend the two together.

The fibers aren’t seen anywhere on your face, they magically fill in bare spaces to make brows look fuller. These last on me really well. The pencil is hard so it doesn’t smear. Sometimes though I need to apply it on my hand first to soften it up.


There’s more to my review including the items for our giveaway. First up in the giveaway are both the Brow This Way Fiber Pencils since I was sent two extras. Then there is the beautiful Magnif’Eyes single eyeshadow in Show Off. This is just beautiful, it’s a shimmery charcoal that you won’t be able to resist. No swatches since it’s in the giveaway but it’s fab.

Rimmel Magnif’eyes single in Show Off

Rimmel Magnif’eyes single in Show Off

The next item in the giveaway is STAY MATTE LIQUID LIP COLOUR also in a charcoal, 850 Shadow. When you are over the age of 50 and a grandmother charcoal isn’t going to cut it but it will for someone more “hip” than I am.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour in 850 Shadow

According to Rimmel the Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colors have a velvety matte finish and impressive staying power – up to 12hr – kiss-proof, touch-proof, water-proof. This is just one of 15 shades on Amazon and CVS.

I am quackers about these products. I’ve been wearing the Colour palette several times a week, the brow pencils daily, and the shadow stick whenever I can get a little fancier. I think you’ll go quackers too, but if you win I won’t be sending one of my cute little quackers. I think you’ll be happier with RIMMEL instead.  —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  This RIMMEL giveaway is open to both US and Canadian subscribers. We always have two mandatory entries – that you are an email subscriber to Beauty Info Zone and that you comment. All other entries are extras to give you more chances to win. Prizes today are shown in the photo plus there will be extras in your package if you should win. The giveaway is open through June 27, 2018 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

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POP Beauty – review and giveaway for the young and young-at-heart

Last Sunday we regaled you with some of the fun cosmetics that pop beauty has created for spring/summer 2018. Some of the line is glitzy while some of the line is serious. It’s not like they have a split personality – it’s more that there’s something for everyone with pop beauty. Their highlighting illuminators are beautiful and would have a place in everyone’s collection. Their lip products are beautiful with some glitz but mostly glam. Their newest eye products are mostly for the young at heart with glitter galore. No matter your age there’s something you’ll like from pop beauty and the price is always right.

To celebrate Memorial Day (an excuse to have fun for most of us) we have a giveaway for 4 people.

One lucky person will be winning TWINKLE TEXTURE. This eye twinkling shadow palette with potent pigments adds intensity to lids. Combine colours and layer textures to create creative 3D eye POPing effects. There’s nothing shy about this palette. One side has the glitter while the other side has the same shades but in a satiny finish. In addition this winner will receive pop beauty Violet Popper Topper.

pop beauty Twinkle Texture palette

pop beauty Twinkle Texture palette (from popbeauty.com)

pop beauty Violet Popper


No swatches to share but pop beauty shares the beautiful shades that are in this. Even if you aren’t ready for a party there are 4 shadows that will wear all day with intense and magnificent shades.

3 people will win a combination of pop beauty’s newest lip products: Permanent Pout Liquid Lipsticks (velvet matte) and Topper Popper (metallic top-coat to use over any lip colour, or use on bare lips for sheer gilded pout. No smudge, no budge to last throughout the day & night!)


pop beauty Permanent Pout collection

pop beauty Topper Popper

These 3 winners will each receive one Permanent Pout liquid lipstick plus one Popper Topper in a complementary shade. Here are the choices:

pop beauty popper toppers

pop beauty permanent pout

1  Permanent Pout Go Getter and Red Popper

pop beauty worked with makeup artists for their new shades. Aimee De La Torre created Go Getter: “If you’re a Go-Getter like me, this red hue gets you noticed in all the right ways.”

pop beauty Go-Getter Permanent Pout

pop beauty Red Popper

2  Permanent Pout Z and Peach Popper

Makeup artist Victor Ramos worked with pop beauty to create the new Z and tells us this: “The most perfect suit all pinky-nude shade, hand-mixed by me!”

pop beauty Permanent Pout Z

pop beauty Peach Popper

3  Permanent Pout Basic B and Copper Popper

Victor Ramos also worked to develop Basic B and says this about it “Nothing basic about this colour, my ultimate beige-nude lip”.

pop beauty Permanent Pout Basic B

pop beauty Copper Popper

Now for the hard part – you have decide what you’d like to win! No, that’s really not hard because pop beauty is a cruelty free brand that doesn’t use parabens in its products. Get out a pen and paper and write down your choices!

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: 4 winners, US/Canada. As always you must be an email subscriber to Beauty Info Zone and you must comment. If you’ve changed your email address then include that or email that to me since sometimes someone’s comments/subscription are hidden under their old information. The giveaway is open through June 11th at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. All entries will be checked so make sure you don’t just go clicking away! –  Marcia

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Pixi blogger collaboration with Weylie Hoang

There are 3 influensers that Pixi Beauty collaborated with to bring out new color collections for spring. I’ve previously reviewed the Chloe Morello palette and gloss and today it’s time for Weylie Hoang. As someone who doesn’t watch many videos I didn’t know who Weylie Hoang was before I received this. Now I know she has an amazing following and that she’s absolutely adorable.

Weylie Houng

Pixi + Weylie Houng Dimensional Eye Creator Kit

Weylie Hoang’s creation is the Dimension Eye Creator Kit. This is a bargain lover’s delight since it contains a small travel/gym friendly palette with 6 shades and a dual ended eyeliner.

Pixi + Weylie Hung Let’s Talk Eyes palette

The shades are a mix of matte and shimmers. I’ve been shocked at how well the mattes perform and how much pigmentation they have. I rarely gravitate towards matte shadows but these are changing my mind.


Unfortunately for me though the palette is too warm for me. I can use some of the colors but not all. My skintone is quite fair and I have a lot of coolness to it. While I love wearing golden tones and most browns, I just can’t wear the brick shades or orange shades that are so wildly popular. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them.

Pixi + Weylie Hung Let’s Talk Eyes palette

On the back of the palette are the names:

Itty Bitty (champagne shimmer)
Gurl! (rose gold frost)
Potato (medium brown matte)
Sista (medium brick red matte)
Beautis (dark bronze frost)
Bomb (dark brick red matte)

My personal favorites are Itty Bitty and Beautis. The only ones I don’t get much use from are Sista and Bomb.

Pixi + Weylie Hung Let’s Talk Eyes palette

In the words of Weylie Houng: “My kit includes a palette that ranges from earthy tones to high shimmers and a no smudge, dual-ended liner that makes lining eyes super easy. I am excited to share these essentials to creating any dimensional eye look that not only have buttery texture and amazing color payoff but are super portable too.”

Pixi + Weylie Hung Let’s Talk Eyes palette and Dual Ended Liner

In addition to the palette, the Dimension Eye Creator Kit contains a full size black eyeliner. One end is a matte black kohl, the other a black liquid liner. I found the liquid liner side lasts and lasts and lasts. I can’t believe how pigmented it is. The caveat is that I can’t wear it on my bottom lash line since it will bleed on me. That’s where the kohl comes in since that works well on my bottom lashline and on the waterline.

Pixi + Weylie Houng Dual Ended Liner Kohl

Pixi + Weylie Houng Dual Ended Liner liquid

Pixi + Weylie Houng Dual Ended Liner swatches

I wish two things though for the eyeliner – first that it wasn’t black. We are due for a great brown liquid eyeliner from Pixi. Second is that it were sold separately. Hopefully one of these days Pixi will make my dreams come true with a brown liquid liner and brown kohl on the other side.

Now that you’ve seen two of the three collections I’m sure you’re anxious to see the last and that will come soon. It’s a beauty from Dulce Candy that I want to take back from Lisa. These three collaborations are available at Pixi’s website and you are going to want them before they are gone!  —  Marcia



It’s eye inspiring! Beth Bender Beauty

As Marcia wrote about a few days ago, Beth Bender Beauty is all about accenting the eyes. I have a few more great products for you today – a brush set, a gel liner, and a fabulous highlighting palette. Use these with the stencils Marcia reviewed HERE and your look will truly be eye inspiring!

Beth Bender Sweet Dreams Highlighter Palette


The Beth Bender Beauty Sweet Cheeks Highlighter Palettes ($30) highlight skin, cheeks and eyes – my how I love multi-taskers! These beautiful powders reflect light and can be used alone or layered over eyeshadow, blush, or bronzer. The different powders come in matte, iridescent and metallic finishes and also look truly gorgeous on the eyes…in fact I honestly thought this was an eyeshadow palette at first. Used with a big fluffy brush they give skin a gorgeous glow, but used with eyeshadow brushes they give lots of drama and glimmer (especially when applied wet) and last forever. My palette is called Sweet Dreams.

Get Technical is the lightest shade, a creamy iridescent champagne –

Get Technical

The second lightest is the peachy Sweeten Up that has lots of glow and glimmer –

Sweeten Up

The finally, there is the purple Siren which is matte but makes for a very interesting glow on darker skin tones –


Beth Bender Sweet Dreams Highlighter Palette swatches left to right:  Sweeten Up, Get Technical, Siren

All three shades are excellent eyeshadows as well as highlighters.

Beth Bender Brushes

Beth Bender Brushes

Beth Bender Brushes

This six piece brush set is part of the Pro Makeup collection but you can also purchase these brushes separately.  Overall, they are very nice brushes that give a lot of bang for the buck.

Beth Bender Deluxe Pointed Eyeliner Brush

The Deluxe Pointed Eyeliner Brush (originally $17, right now on sale for $12.99)…so this isn’t my favorite brush. I think it’s too long and doesn’t have enough firmness. It bends too much too use with liquid liners or gel liners. I can’t really recommend it.

Beth Bender Angled Eyeliner Brush

The Angled Eyeliner Brush ($12) is truly perfection!! And look at that price! This is a fantastic gel liner brush. If you only get one Beth Bender brush, get this one. You’ll never use another gel liner brush again – it’s that versatile.

Beth Bender Dome Shape Mini Liner Brush

The Dome Shape Mini Liner Brush ($10) will be your best friend for working with gel liners. Great for upper and lower lid lining and creating cats eye looks, especially with Beth Bender stencils.

Beth Bender Pro Medium Shadow Brush

The Pro Medium Shadow Brush ($13) is a great brush, one of my favorites. It’s very soft but dense, and really packs eyeshadow on beautifully.

Beth Bender Pro Crease Blender Brush

The Pro Crease Blender Brush ($13) is a little too long and a little too soft for my old eyes. I need my crease brushes to be a bit more dense, but if you like softer crease brushes you will love this one.

Beth Bender Concealer Brush

The Concealer Brush ($14) is darn near perfect. I love the shape and it’s the perfect size for getting into those awkward dark areas around the eye/nose areas.

Beth Bender Valeria Gel Eyeliner

Now let’s talk eyeliner! The Valeria Gel Eyeliner ($14) is astoundingly good. Look at how gorgeous this is!! The texture is wet, so there is lots of play time before it dries down. You can build this up to be as dramatic as you’d like. The metallic amethyst really shows, especially if you use one of the Beth Bender stencils as your guide in creating a winged eyeliner look.

Beth Bender Valeria Gel Eyeliner

This eyeliner doesn’t crack, wear off, flake, or smudge. It just looks amazing all day long. I love it! Now, I’m pretty partial to this beautiful amethyst shade, but there are lots of other gorgeous colors available at Beth Bender Beauty so you should head on over to the website and poke around a bit.

Don’t forget to enter our Beth Bender giveaway!!  We are giving away three different Beth Bender sets and the giveaway ends on April 9th at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Click HERE to enter and good luck!! – Lisa

Makeup Wars takes on Wet n’ Wild

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening and Blossom Glow

If you’ve been looking at Wet n‘ Wild in stores you’ll find that the line is revamping. It’s out with the old and in with the new. This time around Makeup Wars wanted to talk about favorite WnW products and I’m sure there are many. Since my favorite, the original Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette isn’t really around anymore, I decided to write about two of the newer products that can be found instead.

I bought two products over the last 2 months – one is a hit and one sadly is a miss. I’ll start with the hit: Nude Awakening coloricon 10 pan eyeshadow palette. I chose this because I haven’t bought the more expensive peach palettes that have been a hit for the last year. At $4.99 I thought this was more my style.

Nude Awakening has 10 shades in it: 2 matte transition shades, 3 more mattes, 5 satin finish. The formula of the Coloricon shadows have all been reformulated and I’ve seen several reviews that give a thumbs down to the formula but I think that Nude Awakening’s shades are for the most part nicely done.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

There’s a nice illustration on the back of the palette to help guide you in creating a day look and a night look. I personally ignore those.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

Now about the colors. Let’s take a few looks:

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

No. 1 is a light tan transition shade while No. 10 is a dark brown transition. I’ve gotten fallout from #10 but I’m aware of it now and it’s easy to clean.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening – transition shades

No. 2 is a nude matte that doesn’t show up much on me but is fine for filling in the browbone area. I find it to be chalky though. #3 looks like a beige in the palette but on me it’s a pretty peach with a satin finish. #4 is also a peach but it’s a little lighter and has some shimmer to it. While #5 is a darker peach satin and one of my favorites. I like to wear #5 with either 3 or 4.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

No. 6 is a shimmery peach that to me is like #2 but with more shimmer. #7 is a matte reddish brown while #8 is a favorite dark brown with a touch of shimmer to it. Last is #9, a matte black, with a good formula.

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening

There are just 4 Coloricon 10 pan palettes and one is a redone Comfort Zone but when I saw that one it just made me want to dig out my original and pass that one by.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

Next I have a beautiful Wet n‘ Wild megaglo Highlighter Powder in Blossom Glow. There are 5 of these ($4.99) and all look so pretty with their floral design BUT  …

Wet n Wild Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow

when I opened it this is what happened

Wet n Wild Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow

It had come apart in the palette and is so fragile that it’s hard to use. I certainly can’t keep it anywhere it might fall or it will be shattered to bits. When I was shopping this week I noticed all the Megaglo Highlighting Powders that were left in the display had smashed so it wasn’t that I got a bad one. Blossom Glow is a light peach that gives me a small glow. It’s not shimmery and it is glowy. I couldn’t come close to getting a swatch picture of it since it shows up so lightly.

Wet n Wild Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow

My recommendation is to buy Nude Awakening if you don’t have these shades in your collection. I have to use an eyeshadow primer with it but that’s what I prefer anyway. Plus I now have some pretty peaches that didn’t break the bank. I can’t really recommend the megaglo Highlighting Powder unless you only need it for a short time, I just don’t think it’s going to live long enough for me to get many uses from it.

What’s your favorite from Wet n‘ Wild? Check out the Makeup Wars ladies to see what you might want.  —  Marcia

Spring 2018 launch! Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette

Happy Valentine’s Day!! What could be better on this day of love than a palette of eyeshadow that looks like a plate full of candy? All the excitement and color and none of the calories! I am talking about Hard Candy Galactic Eyeshadow Palette ($8.00).

sample affiliate links

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette

The Galactic Eyes Palette is not a palette for the faint of heart. If you are adventurous with your eyeshadow and like bright metallic shades at the right price, this collection is going be total love for you. The description says the palette “combines the mesmerizing glow of the cosmos with the hot trends of the runway.  Each shade has a strong color payoff and glides on perfectly for a truly gorgeous finish.” I agree, they do glow and they do have a strong color payoff. Some of the shades glide on better than others…some need a little work as they tend to ball up and go on in chunks.

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette

I actually found that these apply best when using my fingers as opposed to a brush.  I think body heat help sort of melt the pigment and gives them a smoother application – you can see the difference in the swatches between the ones I did with a brush and the ones on my fingers.

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette top row:  Supernova, Retrograde; bottom row:  Meteor, Blue Moon

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette swatches, left to right:  Meteor, Supernova, Blue Moon, Retrograde

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette swatches, left to right:  Meteor, Supernova, Blue Moon, Retrograde

Meteor is a pinkish metallic red that I found was much easier to apply with my fingers. I had a tough time working with this one using a brush. It’s a hard color for me to wear anyway, so I won’t get a lot of use out of it, although it’s pretty lightly patted on over brown shades. Supernova is a very pretty lavender shade that I will wear often. I also really love Blue Moon and use this quite a bit as a liner especially under my lower lash line. Retrograde is another one I had problems with texture-wise – it’s an interesting grey/green shade, but you really have to work with it to make sure it applies evenly.

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette top row:  Nebula, Eclipse; bottom row:  Shooting Star, Constellation

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette swatches, left to right:  Shooting Star, Nebula, Constellation, Eclipse

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette swatches, left to right:  Shooting Star, Nebula, Constellation, Eclipse

Shooting Star is a beautiful shimmery yellow shade. You do get some fall out from this one – you have been warned! Nebula is a medium metallic brown that is very pretty and better applied with a finger than a brush. Constellation is a gorgeous lighter golden brown that I am in total love with…a fabulous lid shade that really brightens the eye. This one has a silkier texture than most of the others and is just lovely. Eclipse is a charcoal gray that can be difficult to work with but makes for a great smoky eye.

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette top row:  Alien; bottom row:  Spaceship

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette swatches, left to right:  Spaceship, Alien

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette swatches, left to right:  Spaceship, Alien

You can’t have a galactic eyeshadow palette without some greens and Spaceship and Alien are the greens smack in the middle of the palette. Spaceship is a shimmery light green that is pretty neat – glowy and ethereal. Alien is a dark grey green with silver shimmer, a great liner shade or crease shade.

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette swatches, left to right:  Meteor, Supernova, Blue Moon, Retrograde, Spaceship, Alien, Shooting Star, Nebula, Constellation, Eclipse

All of the shades can be sheered out for less intense color and if you want bold these are bold, baby, bold! And hey, the price is right – 10 big pans of eyeshadow for a mere $8. You can find this lovely palette at Walmart and at hardcandy.com.  – Lisa

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette