Perfectly petite stocking stuffers from Pixi Beauty

Stocking stuffers from Pixi!

Stocking stuffers from Pixi!

No trip to Target is complete without a major cosmetics aisle haul of Pixi Beauty.  I love that Target has testers, and the super cute size of the new items and kits that Pixi sent us make them absolutely perfect stocking stuffers!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm Trio

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm Trio

I am a huge, huge fan of the Pixi Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balms.  I keep the Comfort Clear next to my bed, and I have one of the tinted balms in my purse at all times.  I let my mom use my Ripe Raspberry when her lips felt dry, and she wouldn’t even give it back to me!  The Shea Butter Lip Balm Trio ($16) includes three shades:  Comfort Clear, Honey Nectar, and Ripe Raspberry.  Be sure to pick up one of these shea butter and vitamin E infused lip balm trios for yourself, too.

Pixi Concealing Concentrate in Adaptable Beige

Pixi Concealing Concentrate in Adaptable Beige

Pixi Concealing Concentrate ($12) may look tiny, but it packs a big concealing punch!  This waterproof concealer is highly pigmented so it covers all sorts of skin sins.  The jar opening is small, but it keeps me from the temptation of using my finger.  A concealer brush easily grabs all you need – and you don’t need much – to conceal the after-effects of all that holiday partying.

Pixi Quick Fix Powder in Translucid

Pixi Quick Fix Powder in Translucid

Isn’t this loose powder absolutely adorable??  The Pixi Quick Fix Powder in Translucid ($20) works for all but the darkest skin tones to finish makeup and buff away shine.  The application sponge and the mirror on the top of the lid make this a fantastic way to powder your nose on the go.

Pixi Nail Polish, left to right:  Almond Glow, Crystal Champagne, Nude Dazzle

Pixi Nail Polish, left to right: Almond Glow, Crystal Champagne, Nude Dazzle

Marcia raves about Pixi nail polishes and for good reason.  These $8 polishes are the perfect size, not so big they go bad before you have a chance to use all the polish.  They come in fabulous shades and are chip resistant so manicures and pedicures last. The 3-free polishes even have built-in UV protection to prevent discoloration. Three great shades to put in any stocking are Almond Glow, a nude with subtle pink shimmer; Crystal Champagne, a festive multi-faceted rose gold shimmer; and Nude Dazzle, a light metallic nude.

Pixi Fairy Dust Favourites

Pixi Fairy Dust Favourites

Pixi Fairy Dust Favourites ($12) is a single stack of five loose powder highlighter/eyeshadows.  Each screw top lid is also the container for the color above, so it’s not something you can separate into five different gifts.  No worries, the colors are complimentary and all work great together.  They are beautiful eyeshadows that can be deepened with a mixing medium.  Fairy Dust also makes an awesome cheek highlighter.  The lighter shades give skin a beautiful glow when mixed with body lotion, and they make lips look lush when patted over lipstick.  The stack contains Fairy Dust in Snow Sparkle, a glimmering white; Gold Dust, a candlelit gold-nude shimmer; Brightening Bare, a medium nude sheen; Mocha Magic, a warm tan shimmer; and Copper Sheen, a rich metallic copper.

Any one of these petite pretties will perk up a stocking…get them all for a truly sublime stocking experience!  You can find them at Target or online at Pixi Beauty. – Lisa

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Be ready to travel the world with Face Stockholm World Traveler Kit

I am always fascinated by kits that have the potential of streamlining products and providing a perfect color palette for travel. FACE Stockholm’s President, Martina Arfwidson, set out to put together a perfect travel set that would work for every skin color in every situation. She put together a gorgeous set that has almost everything you need to perfect your look while traveling. It’s called the World Traveler ($290).

What sort of gorgeousness is inside this bag??

What sort of gorgeousness is inside this bag??

The set comes with a chic makeup bag called the Ida Black Prickig Bag. It holds all items from the World Traveler Kit with room to spare for anything else you would like to add.

Face Stockholm World Traveler Kit
The set includes: An empty four-color palette, two eyeshadows, one blush, one brow/eyeshadow, one lip liner, one lipstick, one mascara, a blush brush, two eyeshadow brushes, and a lip brush. 


What is cool about this set is all the guesswork is taken out of it for you. The colors are neutral so they work for pretty much everyone, and the products are truly top-notch. I have to swoon a bit about the bag, I think it’s my favorite makeup bag I have ever gotten. It’s heavy-duty, extremely attractive and just the right size for travel. It’s just a wonderfully hardy good looking bag, I love it. I also love what’s inside – let’s start with the brushes that are included.


Blush Brush #33

The Blush Brush (#33) is a beautiful brush that works great for blush, although you could use it for any other powder product like bronzer. I love that it’s 100% cruelty free.


Synthetic bristles

The bristles are densely packed soft synthetic. This is a truly high quality brush that I use all the time.


Bottom to top:  Sable Fluff Brush #11S, Angular Sable Brush #13, Retractable Lip Brush #22

There are three more brushes in this set. The very top brush in the picture above is the Retractable Lip Brush #22.  This has a two-toned tapered nylon brush that comes with a cap. It’s great for lipstick and is a fabulous concealer brush as well.


two eyeshadow brushes and one lip brush

Under the lip brush is the Angular Sable Brush #13. This is a great brush for lining the eyes, as well as for shading in your brows. And the final brush is the Sable Fluff Brush #11S. It’s a perfect eyeshadow brush, it picks up color nicely and blends and shades beautifully. (I think the bag needs a few more brushes to truly be travel ready, though. I would also include the Chisel Contour Brush #5 for loose and pressed powder and I would want a few more eyeshadow brushes like the Small Pony Fluff Brush for highlighter shades and blending, as well as the Large Pony Fluff Brush #25 for all over color.)


The Four Color Palette filled with glorious color

Next up is the Four Color Palette. It comes empty, you fill it with the color pans. This is one sturdy palette!  It is substantial but not super heavy. The mirror is terrific. The palette locks beautifully, keeping those pans in perfect shape on your travels.


Top row l to r: Russian Caviar eyeshadow, Korsbar Blush; Bottom row l to r:  Myrrah Brow Shadow, Mist Eyeshadow

There are two Matte Shadows included, Russian Caviar and Mist. The matte shadows are hyper-pigmented and smooth as butter. And those pans are big! .1 oz, which is twice the size of a MAC eyeshadow pan. Russian Caviar (top left in the photo above) is a deep matte chocolate. It’s a wonderful liner shade and makes a fantastic smoky eye. FACE Stockholm recommends this look:

To line eyes, apply along the very base of the lash line with the #13 Brush.

For a smoky effect, apply shadow with #11s Brush to the entire lid and into the crease. Continue to layer for greater intensity, using Mist Eye Shadow to blend.

And speaking of Mist Eye Shadow, this is a beautiful light beige that is perfect as a base or highlighter. For the most basic look, you can just apply Mist to your entire eyelid to cover any skin discoloration and then finish with the mascara. Voila, you look chic!

face stockholm travel bag powder set swatched 2

The third eye color is the Myrrah Brow Shadow in Brunette. This is a wonderfully versatile shade. It’s great for filling in your brows using Brush #13 and it also is a beautiful neutral shade that I love for the crease.


Left to right:  Korsbar blush, Mist eyeshadow, Myrrah Brown Powder, and Russian Caviar eyeshadow

The final color product is the KÖRSBAR blush. FACE Stockholm describes this as a ‘perfect apricot’ and I couldn’t agree more. It gives you a wonderfully healthy look, this color will work for most skin tones and is extremely flattering.  A bonus is it makes for a spectacular eyeshadow shade as well! Like the eyeshadows, it’s matte but the texture is smooth and beautiful, absolutely buttery.


Black Volumizing Mascara

Also included is the Volumizing Mascara in Black. This is an excellent mascara. It builds a ton of volume, doesn’t smudge, flake, or smear, and it lasts all day.

Face Stockholm Volumizing Mascara on

Face Stockholm Volumizing Mascara on

One coat gives you great definition and thickness, two or three coats gives mega drama.

lip liner

Scene Lip Liner

There are two lip products in the World Traveler set, a lip liner and lipstick in neutral shades.  The Lip Liner is in the shade Scene, which is a peachy/brown nude.

Scene swatched

Scene swatched

The pencil is soft and creamy, and the shade is great for most people. FACE Stockholm recommends this technique:

Use this pencil to make your lipstick last, define and correct proportions and create a fuller appearance. With a slightly ‘dull’ point, sketch in lips with a light hand, creating a soft border, rather than a sharp outline. Fill in entire lip for added staying power.

And to compliment the nude lip liner is a creamy matte Lipstick in the shade Naked.  What a perfect pair!


Naked Lipstick

Naked is a dark creamy nude that actually has quite a bit of shine to it. It’s not drying like some cream lipsticks, and it wears really well especially over the Scene Lip Liner.


Naked swatched

FACE Stockholm recommends this:  For a smooth coat apply with Brush #22. Press a tissue to lips for more of a ‘stain look’ or apply several coats for beautiful shine. In a pinch, Naked Lipstick can also be applied to cheeks as a cream blush/bronzer. Tap on gently with fingertips for fresh color and shine.

While this set doesn’t have every single thing you need – I will add a concealer, foundation, and pressed powder, plus the few brushes I mentioned earlier – it’s got almost everything you need, and the quality and colors are divine. If you are looking for the (almost) perfect set for traveling the globe, this just may be your answer.  – Lisa

Ready to travel the world!

Ready to travel the world!

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Marcelle Cosmetics eye look with Lux Eye Dust and Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils

It’s been lots of fun to dig deeper into the Marcelle Cosmetics line.  I really like their eye products – their mascara is terrific.  I also love their Lux Eye Dust ($11.95) and they have very nice eye liners with their Waterproof Eyeliner pencils ($10.50).

Marcelle Lux Eye Dust in Element

Pictured above is the Lux Eye Dust in Element, which is a rather unique shimmery silver.  The jar is pretty interesting – it has a flip top and there’s a hole in the middle.  You dip your brush into the hole to pick up pigment.  I find that the jar is great in that the eye dust doesn’t spill all over, but it can be a challenge to get enough pigment out on the first attempt.

Element swatch

The color is kind of a ‘dirty’ silver, it definitely has some brown in it.  This pigment is not super shiny but does have shimmer.  What I like is that it really adheres to the eyelid and lasts much longer than many pigments.  You can get very creative with pigments, mixing them into body lotion, nail polish, or even lip gloss (if the product is lip safe).  Luckily, the Lux Eye Dusts are safe for lips, eyes, body, wherever you want to put them.  There are ten different colors available, ranging from neutral beige to super charged green.

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Caribbean

I also really like the Waterproof Eyeliners, which are a great find for only $10.50.  They have 16 different colors from which to choose.  These are soft, gel-like pencils that just glide on.  They wear great on the lid, and do a pretty good job on the waterline, although they don’t last nearly as long there.  Pictured above is Caribbean, a shimmering emerald-green.  I love this color, it’s really fantastic for brown or hazel eyes.  I don’t find that this color smudges on the eyelid, but it does seem to travel a bit onto my eyelashes.

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Fairy Tale Pink

Another interesting color is Fairy Tale Pink, pictured above.  I have to be careful with pink or else I end up with ‘bunny eyes’.  But I find this color works very well for me on the waterline, it’s got a little bit of shimmer but looks pretty natural and opens up the eye area.  Here are some swatches:

Top: Caribbean Bottom: Fairy Tale Pink

While they aren’t anything particularly new, they are excellent, go-to eye pencils for a great price.  Here is an eye look for you:

Lux Eye Dust in Element, Waterproof Eyeliner in Caribbean and Fairy Tale Pink

I have Lux Eye Dust in Element on the mobile lid, with Caribbean Waterproof Eyeliner on the lid and Fairy Tale Pink on the waterline and lining the lower lash line.

Above is another angle with the same look.

Marcelle eye look, eyes closed this time!

You can see in the above picture how the Caribbean Waterproof Eyeliner doesn’t smudge, but it travels down the eyelashes.  It actually looks pretty cool in person, though – it really gives your eyelashes some depth and interest.

Overall, these are great buys and there are fun colors available.  If you are lucky enough to live in Canada, you can check these out at the drugstore.  The rest of us can order them online at .  – Lisa

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Get motivated with Motives Mineral Baked Eyeshadow trios

Motives Mineral Baked Eyeshadow Trios

Motives®  Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger is a brand I often notice in magazines like Life & Style and US. It’s well known in Hollywood circles but not as well known among us average consumers. I’ve previously reviewed several items from Motives®  that I really enjoy (Collagen Core Lipsticks and eyeshadow/mascara/powder).  I’m back with more eyeshadows from them that are new. They are the Motives® Mineral Baked Eye Shadow Trios. Motives has now created a mineral line that includes these trios.

Motives Baked Eye Shadow trios

These come in 5 color combinations. They can be used both wet and dry. Using them wet intensifies the colors making them more vibrant or metallic than using them dry. What makes these unique is that they are recommended for people with very sensitive skin, for people who’ve had plastic surgery or chemical peels, and for people whose eyes normally react to the pigment in eyeshadows. These contain soothing ingredients like rosemary extract and magnolia bark extract so they are a good choice for sensitive eyes. In addition since they are baked there aren’t binders in them to hold the pigment together.

I have 3 of the 5 choices from Motives® to share with you.

Confident – while this looks like dark browns in the packaging it translates more as a gray brown on my eyes. The shades are a light cool tone cream that has some luminosity to the finish, a matte medium brown and a matte brown black.

Confident trio

swatches for Confident taken outdoors

wearing Confident trio

wearing Confident trio

Impatient – vibrant pink, lavender and purple. The lavender has a glittery finish to it that you’ll notice more if you wear that shade wet. The pink and purple are more of a satin finish. These colors can be intense even dry so blending with a brush like Motives Eye Blender brush works best.

Motives Impatient trio

Motives Impatient outside swatches

Impatient swatched indoors

Affluent – my favorite, the one I wear the most. This has a light luminous (not glittery) gold, a midtone brown taupe and a very dark brown. My favorite look with this trio is to use the taupe on my lid with the gold on my browbone, then line with the dark brown. I like to use a product like Paula Dorf Transformer when I use it as an eyeliner; it makes the liner last all day long. Affluent is a trio that I know I can use at the drop of a hat and look good in.

Motives Affluent trio

Motives Affluent swatched outdoors

Motives Affluent swatched inside

Wearing Affluent trio

According to Motives® website the two most important ingredients in these shadow are rosemary extract to improve the appearance of smoother-looking skin around the eyes and magnolia bark extract which can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I don’t know about you but I’m seeing those lines on my eyes so it’s great knowing that my eye makeup is working to correct these problems.

You don’t need to be affluent to afford Motives, you just need to be confident enough to know that you’re going to look your best wearing these. — Marcia

Create a perfect neutral eye look with Kryolan Variety 3 Compact Eyeshadow Palette

Kryolan Variety 3 Natural Shades Compact

On our recent trip to Chicago, Marcia and I visited the beautiful and talented Ulrike at the Kryolan City Store.  I told Ulrike I wanted an eyeshadow palette with easy to use, neutral colors for daytime looks.  She immediately said she knew just the thing – the Variety 3 Compact ($52.50), which has 18 natural, neutral matte colors.

Kryolan Variety 3 Natural Shades Compact - open palette

Here is the inside of the palette.  The colors range from an off-white to deep black.  They are all matte, and have a beautiful, silky texture. 

Kryolan Variety 3 Natural Shades Compact side view - check out that great mirror!

The shadows are highly pigmented, and with 18 different colors in all this is a great deal.  It works out to a little less than $3 per eyeshadow.  And the mirror is fantastic.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact eyeshadow brush

It comes with one brush, which is a smaller size, like the kind you find in travel brush sets.  The bristle head is long and rather thin, which makes it great for shadow placement on the lid and brow.  It’s a higher quality brush, always very nice to get in a palette.  There is room in the brush area for at least one other brush of your own.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact - first two shades of each row

Eye colors starting with the top row, from left to right:  RB10, an off-white; RB72, a soft orange; Beige, a slightly yellow beige; Bamboo, a warm light brown; Titan, a soft light gray; Stone, a medium slate gray.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact - 3rd and 4th shades of each row

AB69, a cool light taupe; M15, a medium brown that somehow looks way lighter in the picture – see the above full palette pics for a better representation; Sahara, a warm medium brown; Beech, a cool mid-tone brown; Moon Dust, a medium cool gray; and Anthracite, a deep cool gray that looks much more blue in the picture.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact - last two colors in each row

M13, a pinky light brown; Nappa, a golden brown; K759, deep warm brown; K3, deep cool brown; Charcoal, a deep bluish-gray; and Black, a dark matte black.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact brown shades eye look with flash

I find that I reach for this palette constantly.  Every color goes on smooth, and they have terrific lasting power.  With all the varying shades of matte neutrals, it’s hard to go wrong with any combination.  Here I used several of the brown shades, the above picture is with the flash.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact eye look - brown shades, no flash

Here’s a close up without the flash.  Below are some more views of the brown shades.

Kryolan Variety 3 Compact eye look - brown shades

Side view, Kryolan Variety 3 Compact eye look brown shades

Eyes open - Kryolan Variety 3 Compact eye look brown shades

I like how there is a mix of warm and cool colors to choose from.  I find myself doing blue/gray looks far more often than I usually do now that I have this palette.  Below are some pics of combinations using the gray shades.

Variety 3 Compact eye look - gray shades

Variety 3 Compact gray shades, eyes closed

Variety 3 Compact gray shades - another view

Variety 3 Compact gray shades eyes

This is a truly terrific neutral palette.  While it’s not going to give you shimmery, daring eyes (the palette Marcia bought will do that, stay tuned for that review!) it will give you beautiful, easy no-fail daytime looks.  It’s now an essential part of my eyeshadow stash.  – Lisa

BeneFit wants to know – do you “wanna” or “gotta”?

Are you an Annie or a Maggie? Benefit Cosmetics would probably like to know. ‘Annies’ are  girls who “gotta” look gorgeous all day according to Annie Ford Danielson of Benefit. She believes that Annies have people to see, places to go and things to do. On the other hand Maggie Ford Danielson says that all ‘Maggies’ “wanna” have it all and wanna shimmy all night long.

Benefit has created two limited edition, Sephora exclusive, sets of eye makeup. You can pick EYE GOTTA, THE ANNIE COLLECTION or EYE WANNA, THE MAGGIE COLLECTION ($36 each). Both sets contain a trio of powder eyeshadows and 2 mini Creaseless Cream shadow pots.

Staying with my khaki obsession I bought The Annie Collection. It contains a trio in one block with Canopy (a warm nutmeg), Purple Haze (gilded purple) and Spiced (golden olive). The creaseless creams are Flash (platinum fawn) and Foiled (shimmering sand). The kit is absolutely adorable and the colors are all very pretty but I’m not thrilled with this set.

What I like:

–          Canopy is a beautiful easy to wear shade that I think would suit anyone that likes a light brown shadow. It’s not unique but it looks pretty on

–          Spiced is also a pretty khaki shade

–          If you used everything in the kit the price is great. It is easy for travel because you’d have several looks you could do with these 5 shadows.

–          Creaseless Creams are good eyeshadow primers imparting pretty color while helping to keep shadows staying fresh looking.

What I don’t like:

–          Purple Haze gives me rabbit eyes. I love purple eyeshadow but this one just doesn’t work for me.

–          The creaseless creams are very shimmery. For some people this is a plus, for me it’s a negative. I have several of these but these particular ones just don’t work for me.

–          The eyeshadows fade away during the day. I am lucky to get 6 hours with them looking fresh. I’ve tried the powder shadows with a variety of bases: creaseless creams, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines and even Benefit Stay Don’t Stray. Nothing really helps. They just fade and don’t look the same late in the day.

–          The little booklet that it comes with is so simplistic that I’m not sure who their audience is for the set. The book shows one powder e/s at a time. Most of us buying a set like this go beyond one single color. I’d have appreciated them showing me looks using all 3 of the shades or maybe two together.

Here are some eye looks I tried with this set:

(Over TFSI, Spiced on lid, Purple Haze in crease)

(Over Foiled Creaseless Cream, Spiced in crease)

(Over Flash Creaseless Cream, Canopy on lid, Spiced in the crease)

(Over Benefit Stay Don’t Stray, Canopy only)

I hate being this negative in a review but I’m disappointed in Annie and I think I’d be disappointed in Maggie too. I’ve read rave reviews of this, specifically on Vampy Varnish. I’m linking her review since this is what made me hit the buy button at Sephora and I’d like you to see two sides of the story.

My khaki obsession will continue I’m sure, until something better comes along, and I’ll find use for this Benefit set, but it might be spending a lot more time in a drawer than it does on my cosmetic table. — Marcia

Side by Side – is the kind of brand that Marcia and Lisa just love to discover. There are so many interesting companies on the market but none beat for its inspiration: h.wood.tea. The brand hails from Hollywood and was inspired by h.wood.tea which was developed for the exclusive VIP tea room of Hollywood nightclub h.wood. We were lucky enough to try out several of’s products, many of which are tea-spiked. In the words of “we believe that makeup isn’t about looking flawlessly polished, it’s about celebrating yourself.” So Marcia and Lisa go Side by Side to celebrate ourselves and this great line.


Knowing that h.wood beauty is known for their tea inspiration I was really excited to try out the Lip Tea Scrub. Not only is this an organic product but it’s handmade locally (California locally) and is infused with tea. I have the absolutely luscious BEAUTY BLEND: GREEN APPLE. This simple scrub is made with organic sugar. It’s smells and tastes heavenly. I apply it with my fingertips and massage it in. You can wipe it off but why do that when you can lick it off!! It makes the experience even better! Apples are good for tired and stressed out skin and green apples, in particular, give skin a toned glow. It’s easy as pie to use and leaves no sticky residue. My lips look less lined and more rejuvenated after using this and it doesn’t interfere with lip products at all, only enhances them.

The Lip Tea Scrubs are available in 8 blends. If you feel the need to detox there are two you can choose from (Gingergrass and Vanilla Caramel). If you want an energy blend there are another two (Coconut Chai and Peppermint Anise). Pom-Rose is an anti-aging blend that sounds wonderful because it has anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits). There’s also Blood Orange and Champagne Rose currently available beside the luscious Green Apple that I’m using. These are $20 each and mine seems to last and last.

I also have been using h.wood beauty Cream Blush (no surprise to anyone who reads my reviews). Mine is called Marigold and it’s the sweetest peach shade. This is a matte cream which is unusual in the world of cream blushes. It’s paraben free and easy to apply. I use my fingers with this and just pat it onto my cheeks and even my lips sometimes. If I want to intensify the color, I layer more on since it builds up. I didn’t really have another blush in a color like this so it makes a great addition to my summer cosmetic wardrobe. It also comes in Azalea and Snapdragon.


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!  You tried some beautiful products, but you are going to be so jealous when you read about the fabulous finds that I was able to check out.

Just look at this GORGEOUS eyeshadow, the name is Robertson.  Click on the picture for an even larger look and prepare to drool.

Could it be any more stunning???  It’s a beautiful, complex, shimmering light gray.  If you have deep set, hooded eyes like me it’s the perfect lid color to make the eyes *POP*.

The eyeshadow is highly pigmented, and it has terrific lasting power.  It looks almost as vibrant 8 hours later as it does when I first put it on.

And did I mention that the texture is like BUTTER?  I am so excited about this eyeshadow I can’t believe it.  It’s just plain awesome, and while $16 is a little pricey, the pan is huge.  This is a total winner.  I think I’ve worn the past ten days in a row…a record for me!

Speaking of winners, another one from is the  lip gloss ($16.00).

Meet Napa, described as a deep plum wine color.  It has beautiful gold shimmer in it.

You can see from the swatch that it looks like a deep color, but like most reds it turns rather pink on me.  Not that that’s a bad thing…but it does go to show how different colors react to different body chemistry.

Above is with inside lighting, where it looks more pink than it does outside.  Below is outside, and you can really see the tiny shimmers.

This fabulous lip gloss has a doe foot applicator, which I love.  It also dries down to a stain, and a pretty one, it doesn’t look all dry and icky.  The texture is smooth, not sticky, and it has a faint vanilla flavor.  I love, love, love it. 

Here’s my look, with Roberston eyeshadow and Napa lip gloss.  This is a fantastic, fascinating line and I for one cannot wait to try even more things.  It’s a line worth investigating, no question.

Besides buying h.wood beauty online you can find it at a variety of boutiques and spas here. What a delicious find for us and for you! – Marcia and Lisa