Makeup Wars 2013 Beauty Resolutions

Makeup Wars is back for 2013’s first edition which of course is New Year’s Resolutions. While it may sound a tiny bit trite you know darn well that this group of amazing beauty bloggers are all going to have their own spin on things.

I’ve made several resolutions that are all beauty related. I know that the diet and exercise things are beauty resolutions but have you ever compared a Weight Watchers meeting or the gym on January 4th and February 4th? It’s like you are on different planets. Instead I tried to make resolutions that I’ve got a good chance of following through on.

Resolution one is one I began as soon as I started making my list for this post – TAKE CARE OF MY LIPS. I’m terrible about remembering to use all the potions I have to keep my lips looking younger and moister. I start with good intentions but I don’t always remember. So I’ve lined up what I need in my bathrooms.

In my master bathroom I’ve been using Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore*. While I’ve only tried the Lip Restore I’m amazed by the fact that you can get 4 glosses and this for $15! Collagen Tinted Lip Restore helps to redefine the lip line and create softer, smoother younger-looking lips, with just a hint of colour and sheen. It contains Torricelumn and Collagen to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is very lightly tinted – I find it’s like a “my lips but better” flush. I apply it as soon as I start getting ready and later apply lip color. When I go into that bathroom I like to add some more if my lips are color free.

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

Elizabeth Grant Collagen Tinted Lip Restore

eliz grant lip collagen on finger

In my extra bath (where I clean up at night) I’ve been using Lush’s Popcorn Lip Scrub*. This is a very dry lip scrub that I like to use in the evening to exfoliate my lips. It’s a little bit sugar and a little bit salt. I rub it on with my finger, scrub around and lick it off. I try to do this before I wash up though since I end up with some of the scrub on my face. It smells just like freshly popped popcorn. I LOVE popcorn and this is a calorie free treat for me! It doesn’t scratch like some exfoliators do. Plus it’s starting to keep my lips looking better and less chapped.lush popcorn scrub

I follow up with Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick as my nighttime lip moisturizer. This inexpensive stick of delight is only $4 and can be used on eyes and lips, day or night. It even has SPF 15. The reason I chose this to use at night especially is that it’s not fragranced so it won’t keep me up sniffing. Fragrance is fine during the day but not for me at night. Plus I can rub a little on dry spots on my face if I’m tossing and turning and need something to do.

Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick

Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick

Resolution two has to do with that extra bathroom. I need to start getting ready earlier in the evening. For some reason I wait until it’s time to go to bed and then I remove my makeup and put on my skincare. I need to change that. I sometimes get too tired to actually wash even though I have awesome cleansers. Instead I’ll use facial wipes like the Aveeno Ultra Calming Makeup Wipes*.I then follow up with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner. That’s okay once in a while but I’m doing it too often. I’ll still keep using the Kiehl’s Toner but my resolution is to start early and then go on the computer!kiehls toner

Resolution threestop plucking chin hairs!! I’m trying really really hard, honest I am. But it’s so hard to resist. I’m made one step forward though and that’s not to keep my Tweezerman tweezers (pretty as it is) on my computer desk. I’ve paid for laser hair removal and I’ve got sessions left but I can’t go until I stop plucking. This one is really going to be hard to keep.

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman


Resolution four is to stop buying the same color eyeshadows over and over and over again. I’m in a rut but I see those beautiful taupes and browns and I can’t imagine not owning them. I ended 2012 buying a few like this beautiful Edward Bess palette. That needs to be the end. So far I’ve made it a whole week into 2013 without buying any though. I have to stop thinking they’ll change my life since I know the only one who sees the difference is me.

Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss

Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss

I’ve made a little progress, especially on resolution one. Now only 75% left to work on. Are any of these resolutions of yours or even close?? — Marcia

Join my fellow Makeup Wars friends to see what they’ve decided to resolve in 2013. Click on their links to get to their sites.

*starred items are PR samples, rest are personally bought or repurchases.


Elizabeth Grant takes us on Safari with her eyeshadow palette

Elizabeth Grant Shades of Safari eyeshadow kit

Elizabeth Grant Shades of Safari eyeshadow kit

Elizabeth Grant cosmetics and skincare aren’t as well known in the United States as they are in Canada. On Beauty Info Zone we’ve had the opportunity to review some products from Elizabeth Grant. Some of her products are sold at Dermstore but I don’t think most US residents are aware of that. Canada, on the other hand, knows how great the line is and how lucky they are to have a woman who not only has a cruelty free brand but also one that gives back. Here’s a part of her story:

Elizabeth Grant has always believed in giving back.

EG Cares is Elizabeth Grant’s Charitable Fund established to help support diverse charitable groups – meeting their requests with donations of money and/or product.

Originally developed to help heal Elizabeth’s own severely damaged skin, the Company’s exclusive moisturizing compound, Torricelumn™, revealed many therapeutic benefits. Nearly every Elizabeth Grant product contains Torricelumn™ and other active ingredients powerful enough to heal skin damaged by disease, the environment and aging. For this reason, EG Cares has developed many charitable partnerships with organizations that assist women recovering from Cancer and other diseases that severely impact the skin. Helping women’s skin heal along with their bodies gives them the confidence they need to face the world anew.

Elizabeth Grant eyeshadowpalette

Elizabeth Grant eyeshadow palette

This is my first review of a true cosmetic product from Elizabeth Grant and I thoroughly enjoy it. Of course it meets two of my favorite criteria: it’s an eyeshadow palette and it’s in the brown/taupe family.  So they sort of had me right from the start. But they still had to prove that the shadows would be ones I’d love to wear over and over and be proud to review. The palette I have is called Shades of Safari and it’s very aptly named. I have relatives who’ve been on safaris and they’ve been told to wear earth tones. They need to blend in with the surroundings when there.

Shades of Safari

Shades of Safari

There are two eyeshadow kits in the Beautiful Colors range – Shades of Safari which contains neutral to warm shades of earth toned shadows as well as Shades of Romance which contains the pinks and purples you associate with romance.

swatches in bathroom light

swatches in bathroom light

swatches near the window with no lights

swatches near the window with indirect sunlight

Wearing Elizabeth Grant Shades of Safari

Wearing Elizabeth Grant Shades of Safari

The four shades are all you need to create several eye looks. These all have a satiny finish with a radiance to the colors. They are incredibly soft to the touch yet they aren’t powdery.  The palette contains a vanilla shadow, peach, caramel and milk chocolate. (Boy that sounds delicious!) They blend beautifully, merging with each other to create a smooth look.

opening the palette

opening the palette

The palette itself is a great one to use since it has a pop-up mirror that’s actually quite handy. But I had a heck of a time figuring out how to open it. I felt so silly struggling with it and then, like magic, it was open. You have to press the back of the palette top down, then the mirror pops up and the 4 beautiful shades appear. While it comes with a small flocked applicator I wouldn’t count on it to apply the shadows. Instead use an eyeshadow primer and a good eyeshadow brush for beautiful eyes using a lovely compact.  — Marcia

*pr sample

Can you keep a secret? Elizabeth Grant and Beauty Info Zone can

Haven’t you always wanted to try an award winning product? Beauty Info Zone has one to share with you but we’re afraid that you might not be able to keep a secret. Can You Keep A Secret? Actually Elizabeth Grant doesn’t want us to keep this a secret. She’d like it if we shouted off the rooftop about this unique product. The prize they won is the prestigious People’s Choice Award for their beautiful and unique packaging.

If you don’t know Elizabeth Grant is the founder of a Canadian skincare company that focuses on producing advanced luxury skin care product. Her products contain an exclusive compound called Torricelumn™ which is an unmatched formula of ocean minerals, proteins, nutrients, vitamins and natural active ingredients. This line has so many wonderful products that it’s hard to believe. One section of the line is called The Socializer which contain 9 amazing products. We have one special one to share with you today: The Socializer’s Can You Keep A Secret? Lip Exfoliator and Conditioning Lip Balm.

This is a dual ended product that is not only effective but fun to use. Read to see not only what Lisa and Marcia have to say about it but what secret they have to share with you.

Marcia’s Side:

Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Can You Keep A Secret?

Can you keep a secret? Mine is that this lip exfoliator and lip balm duo is one of my diet tips. I’m a snacker and I especially snack at night. I find that if I use my Socializer Can You Keep A Secret? then it stops me from eating. My lips are smoothed and moisturized and it helps me control that snacking.

This is such an interesting lip product. I have lots of lip balms all over the place – bathroom, purses, nightstands. They seem to multiply at times and at other times they disappear. But Elizabeth Grant is living in my bathroom so that I can go in and exfoliate and moisturize any time I want.

Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Can You Keep A Secret? exfoliating end

love the lips!

Side one is the exfoliator which is the most fun. It vibrates when you push the lips. (I love the lips on this packaging!! They are so adorable.) The tricky part is starting the exfoliating gel to come out. In the directions it says to turn the dial 3 times. Well the first time you use it, 3 times isn’t going to do it. You will have to work for it. Just when you are about to give up though the gel comes through and allows you to click the lips and get to work. The tip of the exfoliator end is rubber and has small balls at the end which makes the exfoliator work. It’s not gritty at all and it’s not sticky. The next time you use it you will only have to click three times to get out the right amount of exfoliating gel.

Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Can You Keep A Secret? balm side

Side two is the lip balm. This not only softens and conditions your lips but it is soothing. It acts as a conditioning gloss that gives a little bit of volume too.

Elizabeth Grant’s The Socializer Can You Keep A Secret is one I’m glad I shared with you.

Lisa’s Side:

Can You Keep A Secret?  Well, when you have Elizabeth Grant’s Can You Keep A Secret Lip Exfoliator and Conditioning Lip Balm in your purse you can intrigue your date by telling him you are carrying a vibrator with you…and that he needs to press the lips to turn it on…but then again, that might get you kicked off of

The secret vibrating lip button

My secret is actually that this cool product comes apart, so it’s two different products in one.  The bottom part, which is the lip balm, can be pulled right off for super portability.

The lip balm side comes right off

It’s attached to the exfoliator side with a magnet.  Pretty clever!

exfoliator side

I have to say, after exfoliating with the vibrating side the lip balm really makes your lips super soft and luscious.  The lip balm smells like a vanilla cupcake, and has a slight taste of vanilla which is pretty delicious.  Marcia is right – put this on and you won’t even need a snack.  This is a product that is full of secrets, it’s lots of fun!


Socializer Can You Keep A Secret Lip Exfoliator:
Torricelumn™, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Cucumber, Rice Exfoliator.

Socializer Can You Keep A Secret Conditioning Balm:
Shea Butter, Torricelumn™, Tocopheryl Acetate ( Vitamin E), Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate.

*PR samples