Gimmick or essential? The Doll 10 BlendSmart Rotating Foundation Brush

Doll 10 Rotating Foundation BrushA rotating foundation brush? Sounds pretty gimmicky to me. I am low maintenance when it comes to foundation application. I mean, isn’t that what fingers are for??  So I was very doubtful when Doll 10 Beauty sent me the BlendSMART Rotating Foundation Brush to test. Did it turn out to be a happy surprise, or did it turn out to be just another unused brush collecting dust on my vanity?

Doll 10 blendSMART Brush

Doll 10 blendSMART Brush

The BlendSMART Rotating Makeup Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get this brush spinning:

  • BlendSMART Rotating Foundation Brush
  • Universal Foundation Brush Head
  • CR123A 3V lithium battery
  • Measures approximately 5-1/2″L x 1″W; weighs approximately 3.7 oz
Inside the Doll 10 blendSMART Brush box

Inside the Doll 10 blendSMART Brush box

You can put foundation on the brush head then apply – the on/off switch makes it pretty easy to toggle back and forth between spinning and not spinning. Or, you can use it after foundation application to buff.

Doll 10 blendSMART Brush

Doll 10 blendSMART Brush

There are definitely pros and cons to this brush.  Let’s start with the cons.

What I don’t particularly like:

The brush head spins 360 degrees and it spins pretty fast – 190 times a minute. In fact, this is not something you want to use close to your eyes or hair-line. When I tried to use it under my eyes the brush got away from me and while it didn’t hurt, it was an odd, unpleasant feeling. I just avoid the undereye area. The flat brush head doesn’t quite fit into tighter spots like around the nose.

Doll 10 blendSMART Brush

What I definitely like:

The brush head spins 360 degrees and it spins pretty fast – 3 times per second. It really and truly smooths out foundation and gives a beautiful finish. It takes ‘buffing out’ to a whole other level. I tend to overestimate the amount of foundation I need and this smooths out and corrects any application mistakes in seconds.

The flat brush head is easy to maneuver around most areas on the face and it works great with all types of foundation from powder to cream. I find that while I can use this brush to apply foundation, I actually like it even more as a finishing touch. I can put my foundation on using my hands (I like the way foundation melds with my skin with the additional body heat) and then buff using the brush for a really awesome finish. It smooths out foundation so it doesn’t settle into pores or wrinkles. I also find it’s a great way to correct those times I am a little over-enthusiastic with my blush application.

I am totally shocked by this, but the BlendSMART Rotating Foundation Brush is something I reach for almost every day! It may seem like a gimmick, but this brush is truly useful and well worth the price. You can find it on QVC, normally it’s $66 but right now it’s listed for $59.98.  – Lisa

*received for editorial consideration

Doll 10 brush head