Simple, Natural, and Pure – that’s Humboldt’s Cremeplexion’s beauty

Humboldt Soap Company Cremeplexion Facial Moisturizer

First impressions make a difference in many aspects of your life from meeting new people to interviewing for a job to dating. But it can also be important in products and Humboldt Soap Company Cremeplexion proved that to me when I received it from the company to review.

Humboldt Soap Company Cremeplexion Facial Moisturizer

I opened this colorful package and smiled when I saw it. One thing to know about Humboldt Soap Company is that they consider themselves to be simple, natural, and pure. That was clear to me from day one. The simple clear plastic packaging loaded with colorful crinkles showed me that the emphasis is on product and not on fancy packaging.

It’s going to be hard for me to gush about Cremeplexion without you thinking that the company paid me to do so. But gush I will because this facial moisturizer is everything it says it is and more. I’ve used a lot of moisturizers over the 8+ years of Beauty Info Zone but it’s rare that one surprises me in such a positive way.

Humboldt Soap Company Cremeplexion Facial Moisturizer

First and foremost for me is that moisturizer is fragrance free. That’s not important to everyone but it is the difference between a hit and a miss for me. Cremeplexion is a gentle moisturizer for all skin types so I feel good about recommending it. It’s made with Collagen, Seaweed Extract, and Argan Oil to nourish and balance your skin.

I think maybe it’s a combination of the packaging and the name Cremeplexion that makes me feel like I’m having an ice cream treat every time I use it. I really do think of soft serve ice cream when I scoop some out and apply it on my skin. It’s not sticky though. It’s totally refreshing. I love the feeling of it. It sinks in within minutes leaving my skin hydrated.

Humboldt Soap Company Cremeplexion Facial Moisturizer

I often put in a list of ingredients but I don’t always know what they are. Cremeplexion has simple ingredients and has broken them down so that I can understand what I’m using on my face.

* Argan Oil  –  derived from the kernels of the Argan tree of Morocco, Argan oil is an excellent source of vitamin E and antioxidants.

* Coconut Oil  –  an excellent source of lauric acid and vitamin E for moisturizing.

* Shea Butter  –  natural fat derived from the fruit of the Karite tree, an excellent natural moisturizer.

* Vegetable Glycerin  –  a natural humectant that draws and retains moisture.

* Cocoa Butter  – this is expressed from the roasted seeds of the cocoa tree for its skin lubricating and moisturizing effects.

* Collagen  –  Amino acids which aid in replenishing elasticity to the skin.

* Seaweed Extract  –  seaweed extract helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It’s also effective in treating UV damage as it stimulate the production of new fibroblast keratinocyte cells.

Everything is pronounceable and everything is natural. Isn’t that what you want on your face?

Humboldt Soap Company Cremeplexion Facial Moisturizer

I learned a big lesson with Humboldt Soap Company Cremeplexion Facial Moisturizer. Not long ago I reviewed a lovely night cream and I was all set to buy it when Cremeplexion arrived. I realized then that I had finished the other product in a very short time which is rare for me. Looking into them both I discovered that not only were the prices vastly different but so was the amount of product. Humboldt Soap Company Cremeplexion Facial Moisturizer is $20 for 2.5 oz while the other I’d been using is $42 for 1 oz. That’s a huge difference.

What’s important to know is that I am totally impressed with Humboldt Soap Company Cremeplexion Facial Moisturizer and look forward to using this as my night cream every night. I have no dry spots using this moisturizer, I’m pleased with the fragrance, and I am thrilled with the impact of Cremeplexion. I give this 5 Stars – simple, natural, pure stars.  —  Marcia


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Argan Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, Organic Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Optiphen (paraben free preservative), Cocoa Butter and Tocopherol (Vitamin E Oil), Collagen, Seaweed Extract.

Appriya Transformative Skincare introduction with a giveaway

Appriya Transformative Skincare, Mineral products

Appriya Transformative Skincare, Mineral products

We’d like to introduce you to APPRIYA, a skincare brand that Beauty Info Zone was sent to test. The happy news is that the company sent us several of their best products for a giveaway. We love spoiling our readers with giveaways and we love testing and learning about a company as unique as Appriya.

Appriya is different than the other products we use because it’s based on water. Not just any water though but the untouched mineral waters that create the basis of their line.

Appriya water is rich in restorative natural nano like particles. These biodegradable nano like particles dissolve into the skin, enhancing the efficiency of each product’s active ingredients and ensuring a perfect and even application of every cream, serum and tonic.The skin absorbs the minerals from our water to detoxify the complexion, reduce inflammation, boost moisture retention and supplement collagen and elastic fibers for healthier skin. Bursting with the optimal balance of ionic dissolved minerals, Appriya water offers the most hydration and moisture with its neutral pH and biodegradable properties.
 There are 5 products in the Appriya mineral line and all contain silica. Silica has many properties that fortify and nourish our skin, nails, and hair. It invigorates collagen and boosts the elastin that’s deep within our skin.
MARCIA shares Appriya Mineral Tonic, Mineral Complex Serum and Delicate Zone Mineral Serum while LISA shares Appriya Mineral Cleansing Mousse and Comprehensive Mineral Day and Night Cream
Appriya Mineral Cleansing Mousse and Comprehensive Mineral Day & Night Cream
Appriya Mineral Tonic and Mineral Serums

Appriya Mineral Tonic and Mineral Serums


Appriya Mineral Cleansing Mousse Appriya Mineral Cleansing Mousse

($59.00)  I absolutely love this cleansing mousse. It has coconut and fruit sugars which help dissolve oil and dirt, along with vitamin E to help protect skin. The mousse is beautiful foamy goodness that works great with my Luna. I have tons of cleansers but I reach for this one all the time. Ingredients include: Coco Glucoside, which is derived from coconut and fruit sugars and provides hydration and helps maintain skin elasticity while controlling oil production. Allantoin, which is derived from the Comfrey Root-this botanical extract is an excellent soothing and healing agent. Vitamin E, which is a nutrient and antioxidant that defends against free radicals and other environmental damaging effects.


Appriya Mineral Tonic

Appriya Mineral Tonic

The secret to Appriya Mineral Tonic lies in the Appriya water that’s in every Appriya product. The water is pure and untouched but gathers its essence by the way it flows across ancient marble where it becomes enriched with silica and hydrogen peroxide.

The ingredients within are what makes this a unique toner: Cucumber Fruit Extract, Lactic Acid, Mushroom Extract, Niacinamide, Fermented Soy, and Vitamin C. Each has a job but combine to make sure that your skin remains calm and hydrated. The Niacinamide helps with acne even. The formula refines your skin’s texture and adds to the hydration level. I use this mostly at night to make sure that the remainder of my cosmetics are removed leaving my skin more hydrated. There’s a very light fragrance that’s gone quickly.


Appriya Comprehensive Mineral Day & Night CreamAppriya Comprehensive Mineral Day & Night Cream

($189.00)  This is pretty spendy, but hey – it’s infused with colloidal gold! This ingredient plus a host of others create a truly elegant formula that does everything good you could wish for in a skin cream: boosts elasticity, fades wrinkles, evens skin tone, soothes skin and plumps it up. Check out all this goodness:  Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), which helps even skin tone, improves skins moisture and reduces the appearance of acne. Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parki), embodied with Vitamins A and E, moisturizes the skin and reduces inflammation. Glycolic Acid, which treats acne and oiliness, diminishes blackheads, minimizes pores, and reduces fine lines. Hibiscin Seed Extract (Hibiscus Esculentus), which strengthens weak skin, and has a strong immediate tensor effect. Colloidal Gold, which helps firm skin and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Evening Primrose Seed Extract (Oenothera Biennis), which improves acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, which stimulates collagen and elastin fibroblast to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

I am very impressed with this beautiful moisturizer and I know you will be too!


Appriya Mineral Complex Serum

Appriya Mineral Complex Serum

While there are two serums from the Mineral line they are used for different purposes. Mineral Complex Serum is a great facial serum that’s especially good for dry skin. The ingredients are extremely hydrating and nurturing. Aloe, Horse Chestnut Extract and Niacinamide are the hydrating ingredients along with Appriya Water. These are native Thai elements that have been recognized to reduce redness, to calm and to soothe. The Niacinamide helps balance the moisture content so you look more radiant.

Appriya Mineral Complex Serum

Appriya Mineral Complex Serum

But there’s more!! Coconut Oil, Lotus Flower Extract and Evening Primrose Seed Extract are all indigenous to Thailand and work together to diminish wrinkles and give you a brighter and more balanced skin tone. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t take long to be absorbed into your skin; as you can see from the ingredients there is a light floral fragrance that is appealing.


Appriya Delicate Zone Mineral Serum

Appriya Delicate Zone Mineral Serum

Delicate Zone Mineral Serum is almost as nourishing as Mineral Complex Serum but it’s intended for different areas. The work accomplished is the same in both as they help to rejuvenate, pamper and restore radiance. Delicate Zone can be used near your eyes, on your neck and decollete. I’ve used it on my face too actually.

Appriya Delicate Zone Mineral Serum

Appriya Delicate Zone Mineral Serum

As well as the Appriya water it contains Anti-Aging Plant Stem Cells that are derived from Apple Fruit Cell Culture Extract – powerful anti-oxidants that help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains Squalene that helps fight free radicals and smooth the look of fine lines. The Squalene is plant derived unlike others. Follow the two serums with the Comprehensive Day & Night Cream for maximum benefit.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: One US subscriber will win both the Cleansing Mousse and the Day & Night Cream. In addition they will win one of the two serums of their choice. Another subscriber will win the second serum. Because of the weight we have to make this a US only giveaway. To enter you have 2 requirements: subscribe by EMAIL to Beauty Info Zone and comment. All other items in the Rafflecopter give you more chances to win, especially with Twitter since you can do that daily. This giveaway ends on 1/30/17 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Remember you can’t win if you aren’t honest!

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*products provided by Appriya for review and giveaway