Cool contest alert: The Lush Golden Ticket

What is even better than a visit to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory?  A Lush Golden Ticket, because bath and body products don’t put the weight on!!  We love the latest contest from Lush, there is something so exciting about a potential ‘prize inside’, not to mention the possibility of helping out your favorite charity.  Take a look, and good luck to everyone!

Lush Golden Ticket...better than one from Willy Wonka!!

A Golden Ticket equals a golden day.  Suddenly the LUSH world could be yours – what an amazing thing!  Bathe in the lap of luxury, shower over the moon in ecstasy or, take a trip to our factory and see how amazing it all is firsthand.  Starting November 1st open up your LUSH gift set and see what’s inside…maybe you’ll have a chance to shine!

We’ve got 50,000 Golden Tickets floating around LUSH land. There will be 500 instant prizes, including 10 GRAND PRIZES of an all-expense paid trip for one person to the LUSH factory in Vancouver, British Columbia! 

 Because we’re not just another soap shop, this too is not just another contest.  Our instant prizes include advance previews of upcoming product launches, exclusive products, a feature in our LUSH Times, donations to a charity of your choice, private parties at LUSH shops and a visit to one of our Charity Pot partners!  If you are lucky enough to find Golden Ticket inside your LUSH gift set simply scratch the box on your Golden Ticket to reveal a claim code.  Log onto to enter your claim code and find out if you are a winner one of the instant prizes! 

Surrounded by bubbles from a Lush bubble bar

Haven’t purchased or received a LUSH gift this holiday season?  You can still participate in the fun!  Fill out an entry request and send it to us at the address below to receive a Golden Ticket from LUSH by mail (available only while supplies last).Golden Ticket Contest, 8365 Ontario Street, Unit 110,Vancouver, BC, CanadaV5X 3E8

For complete contest rules, prize descriptions and limitations and other contest terms and conditions, visit

Enter to WIN a whole new look from Dan Read Cosmetics

Response has been terrific to our interview with Dan Read of Dan Read Cosmetics.  Not only is his cosmetics line fascinating, his life is too – who would have imagined anyone could go from being a drummer in an ’80’s rock band to the head of a cosmetics company? 

We have some great news – Dan is offering an amazing giveaway for our subscribers.  The winner of this fabulous prize will get a complete customized look with colors specially chosen by Dan himself! 

Dan Read Silver Screen Series Foundation

Included is a phone consult with Dan, and products including foundation, blush, lipstick, and three eyeshadows all hand-picked by Dan to perfectly suit the skin tone and preferences of the winner.  The colors will be chosen during your phone consult. 

It’s easy to enter.  Here’s all you need to do:

1. Be a Beauty Info Zone subscriber.  This contest is open to ALL of our subscribers, including our fabulous international readers!

2. Take a look at the Dan Read Cosmetics website.  Leave a comment on this post about which  products/colors you might pick if you win.

3. Email us at [email protected] to identify your comment.
Label the email ‘Dan Read’.

4. For extra entries:

a) Follow Beauty Info Zone on Facebook and comment that you entered.
You can do this daily if you’d like more entries.

b)  Follow Dan Read Cosmetics on Facebook and comment that you entered.

c)  Post this contest on your own Facebook page for an additional entry.

d) Retweet this giveaway on your  Twitter page.
Contest ends Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. EST. 

This is a great giveaway, and an amazing opportunity to “meet” Dan Read.  Best of luck to everyone!!  – Lisa and Marcia

Review and a contest too: Covering up with WuNDERCOVER Concealer

It seems like the older I get, the darker my undereye circles become.   Darkness under the eyes has a wide variety of causes, such as allergies, heredity, lack of sleep and emotional stress.   All of those factors contribute to my dark undereye circles, but what is becoming the biggest issue for me is the thinning of the skin and collagen loss that occurs with age.  I keep getting older and older, and those darn circles just keep getting darker and darker.  I am always on the lookout for a great concealer, and recently tried WuNDERCOVER Cover Creme in Light ($35).

WuNDERCOVER offers a whole slew of products from concealer to foundation to brushes.  Each product is designed to ‘take the art of concealing to a new level’.  The products are meant for covering skin issues such as broken capillaries, blemishes, rosacea, varicose veins, dark under eye circles, and even tattoos.  Above is a swatch of the concealer.  It’s extremely pigmented.  In fact, the amount shown above is too much for both eyes. 

Eyes before Wundercover

Here is my before picture.  And this was on a good day!!  Normally I have even darker undereye circles.  There is a pretty specific application method for this concealer:  first, put a tiny bit on your concealer brush, about the size of a pin head.  Then, using the product, draw an ‘X’ under the eye.   Blend it out using a sponge – I like using my Beauty Blender Sponge (AKA the ‘pink egg’).  This concealer is not overly creamy, which helps keep it from seeping into fine lines.  However, since it is on the drier side, you may need to spritz your sponge with a little water or hydration mist (I like Make Up For Ever Mix and Fix and MAC’s Studio Moisture Fix) before blending.  If you need more coverage, just repeat the process.

Eyes after Wundercover

After blending, be sure to set it with loose powder.  Here’s my after picture.  I find that WuNDERCOVER gives a great, natural appearance and it really does last all day.  The finish is nice and smooth, and I have no problems with creasing. 

WuNDERCOVER Cover Creme comes in five different shades:  Lightest (this would be a Marcia color), Light (the color I use), Neutral (a medium beige), Medium (tan), and Dark (deep).  If you have dark circles, red areas under your nose, blemishes, or visible veins, this is a terrific product that will cover them up and leave you looking natural, not like you are wearing a mask.  I am thrilled to have found such a great full-coverage concealer.  – Lisa

And here’s some really terrific news:  We have a WuNDERCOVER Cover Creme in Light to gift to a Beauty Info Zone reader! 

To enter:

1. Be a Beauty Info Zone subscriber, this contest is open to international subscribers too!

2. Take a look at the WuNDERCOVER website here.  Leave a comment on this post about which other products look interesting, or why you think the Cover Creme would be a great product for you.

3. Email us at [email protected] to identify your comment. Label the email either Wundercover or concealer please.

4. For extra entries:

a) Follow Beauty Info Zone on Facebook and comment that you entered. You can do this daily if you’d like more entries.
b)  Post this contest on your own Facebook page for an additional entry.

c) Retweet this giveaway on Twitter (and let us know via email and ditto on the daily part).

This contest is open until Monday, October 3rd, 11:59 p.m. EST.  Good luck!!


Clean Up then Get Dirty with our Lush Giveaway

Lush is a favorite line of ours, and to celebrate the change in seasons, we decided to share some Lush love with you!  This week’s contest is for two fabulous Lush products:  It’s Raining Men Shower Gel (3.3 oz size) and a Dirty Gorilla Perfume (0.3 fl.oz. size).

Lush It's Raining Men Shower Gel

It’s Raining Men ($8.95-$24.95) was a limited edition item that was so popular, Lush made it part of it’s permanent line.  If you are familiar with Honey I Washed the Kids, you will recognize the fabulous honey and caramel scent of this shower gel.  The shower gel is perfect – just the right amount of suds, your skin feels soft and moisturized after, and the scent does stay for a while.  The scent is gender neutral, so beware of spousal shower gel hijacking.  It’s one of my favorite fall scents.  Plus every time I use it I pretend I am a Weather Girl and start belting out the song…it’s probably very unpleasant for everyone but me!!

Lush Dirty Perfume

Lush Dirty Perfume ($3 – $29.95) doesn’t smell dirty at all – in fact, just the opposite.  It’s a clean, fresh scent with primary notes of spearmint, thyme, and tarragon.  It’s a unisex scent, so again hide this one or your significant other will be stealing it from you!  I take this to the gym when I know I won’t have time to shower after.  It really is a scent that takes you from smelling dirty to smelling super clean! – Lisa

One lucky Beauty Info Zone reader will win a 3.3 fluid oz. It’s Raining Men Shower Gel and a 0.3 fluid oz. Dirty Perfume.  Entering is easy!  Here’s all you need to do:

To enter:

1. Be a Beauty Info Zone subscriber, this contest is open to international subscribers too!

2. Tell us what your most favorite Lush product is in the comments.

3. Email us at [email protected] to identify your comment.

4. For extra entries:

a) Follow Beauty Info Zone on Facebook and comment that you entered. You can do this daily if you’d like more entries.

b) Retweet this giveaway on Twitter (and let us know via email and ditto on the daily part).

This is open until Sunday, Sept. 25th, 11:59 p.m. EST

Side by Side – Annmarie Gianni part 2 (plus giveaway)

Annmarie Gianni’s skincare has made a previous appearance on Beauty Info Zone. The line has so many wonderful products though that we needed to divide our review into two parts. What you’ll find when you use Annmarie Gianni are products that are pure enough to eat. Her philosophy is that if you can’t eat the ingredients then they aren’t good enough to put on your face. We’re here with another Side by Side as well as a chance for you to win some of this skincare line for yourself.

Marcia’s Side:

Neroli Toning Mist

On our first review I went a little gaga over the Coconut Honey Mask. So gaga in fact that I used the code we had at that time and bought a full size mask so that I could continue enjoying this delicious mask on a more regular basis. Besides the Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser I was able to test out the following 3 products.

Neroli Toning Mist ($27.95/50 ml):  While I used this in the evening after cleansing with the Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser, it is just as nice any time of the day. It was a soothing toner that I sprayed on my face and then spread with my clean hands to rebalance my skin. Neroli hydrosol is made from orange blossoms (a favorite scent of mine). It’s known to calm your soul and also as an aphrodisiac (don’t tell my husband please).

Annmarie Gianni Anti-aging Serum

Anti-aging serum ($49.95/15 ml): This was actually my 2nd step in my nighttime routine. This serum will increase skin moisture by inhibiting hyalurondase, which is destructive to skin’s natural moisturizer – hyaluronic acid. It boosts Collagen III, a type of collagen abundant in young skin that diminishes with age. It helps soothe irritated skin. While I hate to admit I am aging I know it’s important that I use products like this serum. It’s especially good for all those fine lines. If you use it in the daytime it acts as a mattifying primer for your makeup.  I followed it with the Neroli Toning Mist and then Herbal Facial Oil.

Annmarie Gianni Herbal Facial Oil

Herbal Facial Oil for Normal/Combination Skin ($34.95/ 15 ml):  I used this oil as a nighttime moisturizer.  The ingredient list is sort of like reading a menu at an incredible salad restaurant. I’m always talking about scent in products since that’s important to me. This smells as good as it works. The purpose of the oil is to soothe sensitive skin, balance combination skin and restore a youthful glow. It’s lightweight and did a great job of moisturizing this past summer.

All in all this was a great routine for my summer skin.

LISA’S SIDEIn our first review, I wrote about two great products, the Coconut Body Oil and the Purifying Mud Mask.  Today I have two more terrific products to tell you about.

Ayurvedic Facial Scrub

Ayurvedic Facial Scrub ($24.95)  Similar to the Purifying Mud Mask, the  Ayurvedic Facial Scrub is a tub of dry ingredients that you mix with liquid.  Inside the finely ground powder is a mix of Indian herbs, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and traditional herbal treatments. The combination makes a very gentle exfoliant that effectively cleanses and clears yoru skin.

The Rhassoul clay has lots of minerals in it to help nourish the skin.  It’s also great for exfoliating, cleansing, and absorbing oil and dirt.  Another powerful ingredient is Fenugreek seeds, which works as an anti-inflammatory.

I used this several times a week, combining the powder with liquid cleanser and a little water.  It does have a distinct herbal scent, so it may not be the best fit for those of you who are very sensitive to fragrance.   Once the powder is combined with cleanser and water, it forms a paste which is massaged into the skin.  After rinsing, skin feels clean, looks clear, and is very soft.

Ingredients:  Love, organic lavender flowers; organic fenugreek seed; rhassoul clay; organic rosemary leaves; organic lemon balm leaves; organic shavegrass (horsetail herb); organic neem leaves; organic comfrey root; organic lemon peel; honey powder.

Neroli Toning Mist

Neroli Toning Mist ($19.95/30ml)  Like Marcia, I tried the Neroli Toning Mist.  I love this toner.  Spray some on a cotton pad and apply after cleansing, and it helps to balance out the natural oil in your skin, soothe any irritation, and minimize large pores.

It has a beautifully refreshing scent, and it just makes my skin feel great.  It’s made of pure organic Neroli Distillate, which is derived from orange blossoms.  I think toners are essential to a good skin care regime, and this one is a real winner.


Annmarie Gianni has sent us a set of deluxe sample size products for one of our readers. For those of you who love organic, cruelty free skincare this will be a perfect way to learn about the line.

The prize contains Aloe Herb Cleanser (previously reviewed), Herbal Facial Oil (see Marcia’s side above), Neroli Toning Mist (both Marcia and Lisa reviewed this today) and Ayurvedic Facial Mask (see Lisa’s side above).

To enter:

1. Be a Beauty Info Zone subscriber in the US please

2. Comment on which Annmarie Gianni skincare product sounds the best for your skintype

3. Email us at [email protected] to identify your comment.

4. For extra entries:

a) Follow Beauty Info Zone on Facebook and comment that you entered. You can do this daily if you’d like more entries.

b) Retweet this giveaway on Twitter (and let us know via email and ditto on the daily part).

This is open in the US until Saturday, Sept. 17th, 11:59 p.m. EST

$10,000 Royal and Langnickel Sweepstakes – enter and win!

Not much is better than the chance to win something, particularly when the prize is pretty amazing.  Royal and Langnickel, one of our favorite brush companies, is having a pretty amazing $10,000 Sweepstakes. 

The Grand Prize winner gets airfare for two to NYC, 3 nights at the Marriott, 2 day pass to the IMATS, dinner for two at Bobby Flay’s restaurant, brunch at the Central Park Boathouse, a makeup workshop with Kevin James Bennett, PLUS $1000 of Royal and Langnickel products.  Holy cow!! 

2 second place winners get $500 of Royal and Langnickel products, and 20 3rd prize winners get an S.I.L.K. 25 piece set. 

And all you have to do is LIKE them on Facebook – which you can do right here

We already entered – how about you??  – Lisa and Marcia

Oh Oh Oh!! A MAC Me Over Giveaway

Happy Labor Day to all in the U.S. As teachers Lisa and Marcia never found the day too happy since it means school starts and our free times ends. To alleviate that for all our readers though we’ve decided a giveaway is in order.

MAC’s newest collection is called MAC Me Over. It was derived from an online contest with people throughout the world submitting photos or videos to MAC to be made over by the company.

MAC Me Over Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick and Carbonized eyeshadow

Beauty Info Zone has two of these beauties to give to one of our subscribers anywhere in the world. We’ve picked Carbonized Eyeshadow, a frosty dark brown in the veluxe pearl formula and Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick, a lustre that is a plum bronze with pearlized pigment.

MAC Carbonized eyeshadow swatch

MAC Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick swatch

MAC Me Over Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick and Carbonized eyeshadow

Here’s how to enter:

1. You must be a subscriber to Beauty Info Zone.

2. Make a comment telling us why you want to win and then email us at [email protected] to tell us which is your comment. Please use MAC Me Over as your subject line.

3. If you want extra entries here’s how to do that: a) like Beauty Info Zone on Facebook – we have the button on the right, b) make a comment on Beauty Info Zone’s facebook page that you’ve entered the giveaway.You can enter on Facebook once a day if you’d like by commenting on our Facebook page.

4. This giveaway is open until Monday, Sept. 12th worldwide .

p.s. Products are brand new, these are personal swatches!


MAC Me Over