Makeup Wars Wish Lists for 2014

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I know you recently saw a wishlist last week on Top Ten Tuesday but is ten really enough? Makeup Wars has decided to add on some more wishlist items to get your juices going. Here are 8 that have been on my mind lately. — Marcia
1415558411__9465766STELLA MCCARTNEY HOLOGRAM ENVELOPE CLUTCH – I actually wanted this last (as in the collage) since it’s way out of my league. At $770 I’d be afraid to use it but I’d enjoy every minute of it. I’ve needed a cocktail purse for a long time and this would certainly turn heads.
1415558346__9814141NATASHA STARDUST CLUTCH – Now this is more in my price range ($148) and would probably look great with any dressy item I own. I saw this in the Nordstrom catalog and it caught my eye.
1415558250_61738HARRY JOSH PRO HAIRDRYER AND ACCESSORY SET – I absolutely don’t need this, I have a new and wonderful Conair hairdryer that is fabulous. But ever since I first read about this Harry Josh Pro Hairdryer I’ve wanted it and right now it’s in this set with all these extras for $250 at Dermstore.
1415558078_s1637792-main-hero-300MAKE UP FOR EVER STUDIO CASE – Last week I put the MUFE STATION ($300) on my wishlist. It was more of a dream list. This Studio Case ($52.50) is much more practical and I’d love to own it. It contains 12 of Make Up For Ever’s latest shadows.Natural (M-530, S-516, I-544), Smoky (M-122, ME-108, M-100), Bold (D-236, D-926, I-218), Chic (I-524, D-826, ME-828) – 0.01 oz Artist Liner in Matte Black (M-10)
1415557888_s1640390-main-hero-300TOO FACED EVERYTHING NICE SET – Too Faced has so many holiday choices that it’s hard to narrow down. Once I started looking them over though I realized that even though I wouldn’t really get use out of the bronzers, I’d love everything else in this set.

  • 20 x 1.2 oz Eye shadows in Turtle Dove, Dream On, After Hours, Fawned of You, Knockout, Paper Roses, Kindness is Free, Mauvelous, Be You, Secret Lovers, Heaven, Shiny Happy, Honey Pot, Don’t Settle, Girly, Totally Fetch, Live it Up, Too Glam, Head Over Heels, Chocolate Moon
    – 2 x 0.28 oz Bronzers in Chocolate Soleil and Inner Light
    – 2 x 0.28 oz Blushes in Papa Don’t Peach and Sweet Pink
    – 3 mini Gold glitter Cruelty-Free Teddy Bear makeup brushes
    – 0.17 oz Better Than Sex Mascara
    – Pink glitter zip bag

1415557592_holiday2014_burberry002BURBERRY WINTER GLOW GOLD 2 EYESHADOW PALETTE – I saw this on Temptalia’s site and fell in love with the shades. These are colors I go for all the time.
1415557523_ctpaletteCHARLOTTE TILBURY FALLEN ANGEL PALETTE – This is another that got my heart going. I love the star design and I’m dying to try Charlotte Tilbury. I actually thought of doing this post today as 100% wishes from her line. You need to see the beauty of this at British Beauty Blogger.
1415557464_s1669761-main-hero-300SMASHBOX DOUBLE EXPOSURE – This reasonably priced palette has 20 shades but the reason it’s called “double exposure” is that when you use these wet you get double the shadows. These are meant to be used both wet and dry and the effects are supposed to be dramatically different. It contains eyeshadows in Silver, Mauve, Peony, Blanc, Quartz, Flushed, Veiled, Midnight, Temper, Haze, Noir, Copper, Fig, Espresso – 0.13 oz Full Exposure mascara – Double-ended brush

So there you have 6 more eyeshadow sets and 2 evening bags to add to my wishlist and maybe yours. What would you want from this list? Have you made your own wishlist like my fellow beauty bloggers? — Marcia

Makeup Wars introduces our personal Holiday Wishlist items

“I want nothing for Christmas” said me NEVER! Of course I want a gift. I may not get anything beauty but I can dream can’t I?? The Makeup Wars bloggers have decided to put together our wishlists of what we’d like to see under our menorah or Christmas tree this year. My wishlist is 100% beauty related which comes as no surprise at all. The good news is that these are all pretty easy to get, the bad news is that I bought some of it while waiting to publish.

Let’s start with what I bought! After our Favorite Metallic Makeup Wars I was terribly tempted by the Laura Mercier Art Deco shadows that so many of the bloggers put on their list. They were sold out at Sephora which made it even more important for me to buy them. So and my reward certificates came in handy and now I own some of these. While they aren’t on my wishlist since they are on a UPS truck coming to me, they should be on yours!

Laura Mercier Art Deco eyeshadows

What I also bought was one (I promise only one) of the new Burberry Complete Eyeshadow Palettes. I just kept looking at this picture and had to wipe the drool off my face several times. I bought Smokey Grey No. 1 because I have been buying brown shadows galore in 2012. On my wishlist though are more of these. Luckily these are permanent ($59 each). Take a gander:

Burberry Complete Eye Palettes

  • Smokey Grey No. 01 Grays
  • Mocha No. 02 Warm neutrals
  • Pale Nude No. 03 Cool neutrals
  • Dark Spice No. 05 Smoky neutrals
  • Plum Pink No. 06 Plums
  • Pink Taupe No. 07 Pink neutrals

Next on my wishlist is more Too Faced, in particular the Too Faced Bon Bons Set. There’s something so girly and appealing about this $42 box set. Their description makes it even more appealing to me: “As enticing as a box of scrumptious sweets, Shadow Bon Bons features a delicious range of shadows from soft vanillas to rich coffee, an ultra-black LashGASM mascara, a built-in mirror, and a shimmering gold Candlelight shadow primer, making it easy to create bountiful looks. Go from sweet and sassy to subtle to dramatic with this one versatile set.”

Too Faced Bon Bons

Prime Beauty introduced me to the Eye Candy Full Face Collection from Lorac on her blog and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Doesn’t this sound like fun for $59??

– 4 x 0.68 oz Eye Shadow Palette in Ooh La La Vanilla (Nude Eye Shadow Palette), Caramel Love Affair (Golden Eye Shadow Palette), Tantilizing Cocoa (Bronze Eye Shadow Palette), Blackberry Truffle Seduction (Smoky Eye Shadow Palette)
– 0.17 oz Cream Eye Liner Palette in Mesmerizing Dark Chocolate
– 0.17 oz Cheek & Lip Tint Palette in Indulge in Berry Kisses

Lorac Eye Candy

Let’s move away from the eyes (which is difficult for me). When Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog reviewed the Armani Nude Lip Set ($49) I suddenly had a desire for it.   The set includes Rouge d’Armani #103 and Gloss d’Armani #103. I love my light shades of lipstick and even though I probably have dozens of similar shades there’s just something I like about this.

Armani Nude Lip Set

I have the Chantecaille Rose Petals Highlighter ($74) on my wishlist because it’s just so pretty. I’d probably never use it, I’d just look at it.  Read this and weep: “A kaleidoscope of colorful powders blend together beautifully to impart a sheer, flattering glow on all skin tones. Unique light-perfecting powders provide a veil of subtle radiance, while flexible polymers ensure long-lasting, comfortable wear. Innovative technology allows the soft, iridescent pigments to be evenly sprinkled throughout the entire powder.”

Chantecaille Rose Petals Highlighter

On the practical side I’d love the Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set ($265). After seeing it work in person I’d love to have that glowy skin.

Le Metier Ready, Set, Glow

And one more for the road – I am a Swarovski crystal nut. I love those crystals so when I saw this Tweezerman Swarovski Crystal Mirror ($150) I fell in lust. “Add some glam to your beauty routine while isolating even the finest hair for precise, easy tweezing. The optically correct 1X/10X magnifying mirror is clear from edge-to-edge with no distortion. This gorgeously decorated two-sided vanity mirror will be a beautiful addition to any household. *Made with Swarovski® Elements

Tweezerman Swarovski crystal mirror

Thanks for reading my very long wishlist. My address is available upon request (LOL). Let me know if any of these would be on your wishlist too. Curious minds want to know. Now I’m going to read the rest of the Makeup Wars Holiday Wishlists and probably add many more items to mine just like I did after the metallics. — Marcia

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Marcia’s 2010 Best of List

Lisa’s favorites of 2010 made me stop and realize I should be reporting on this too.  So here I am with some of my new favorites for 2010. All of these are items I’ve reviewed and continue using now. I’m not including items I used prior to 2010, just the new and wonderful discoveries. (I have lots of reviews half written for items that I’m sure will be favorites of 2011 but I’ll keep those secret for now.)


IT Cosmetics: everything about this brand is wonderful. I haven’t found a product that isn’t a rave for me. My new favorites that I discovered in 2010 are IT Cosmetics Brow Pencil and Bye Bye Pores powder. These get used all the time.

Burberry: I’ve got a few items from Burberry now but the only true winner in the brand for me is the foundation. It’s got a beautiful finish and I’m thrilled that the fragrance of it dissipates so quickly.

Cat Cosmetics: I’ve used Cat for a long time. For 2010 first place goes to Eye Sharpie. Oh I love the Eye Sharpie! Second place goes to the Lip Plumper in Rich. I love the way this looks and I really love the way this feels!

Josie Maran: This is a brand I first tried in 2010. They have become known for argan oil and the use of it in so many of their products. The eyeshadows from Josie Maran really stand out for me in their smoothness and pigmentation. I also really enjoy the Bronzing Argan Oil for giving a light natural glow to my winter white face.

Motives Cosmetics: speaking of eyeshadows, a big wow for these. Lovely texture that lasts and lasts. I can’t wait to try more from this brand.

Darac Beauty: another brand I’m quite impressed with. I won’t mention Sifted Blur since that was a previous discovery (I’m so sneaky). 2010 discoveries are his Brow Trio and Feature Focus. Both get a lot of use in the Marcia household.

DJV Beautenizer mascara: I probably need a category just for mascara because I’ve found some wonderful ones this year but this one stands out in my mind even after it’s gone. When they added conditioning oils to their previous formula it seemed to bring out the best in this mascara.

Le Metier de Beaute: I have many loves from this line and I’ve spent a lot of hours pouring over it at Neiman Marcus. Corinthian eyeshadow has to make my best of list as do the eye Kaleidoscopes in Devotion and Le Cirque.

Jane Iredale: 2010 brought me the wonders of Jane Iredale, a fabulous cosmetic line. I love so much of the line but the Perfectly Nude eyeshadow palette stands out as the best; a makeup artist’s dream come true. (Circle/Delete don’t be jealous, I love you too!)


Marie Louise Cosmetics: I had the Restoration Gel in my arsenal in 2009 but didn’t really start using it until 2010 so it counts! It’s become a favorite for its gentleness. The products that have really won my heart from Marie Louise though are the Vital Nanoemulsion a-VC beauty serum and Crème a-VC. They are perfect for my winter dry skin.

Bambola Beauty: There are a lot of great natural skincare items from this brand. Bambola is a great discovery. My favorites are the Mango Moisturizing Mask and Acai Anti-Oxidant Cleansing Crème. Both are winter wonderful items for rehydrating what winter has done to my complexion.

Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection: the name says it all “hand perfection”. I don’t want to be without the day cream for hands ever again.

Senna Cosmetics: this isn’t known as a skincare line but Senna’s Light and Lift eye cream gets used by me all the time! A 2010 best!

Trish McEvoy: I have to give a shout out to Beauty Booster Cream. This primer and mask is amazing!


My last post of 2010 was for BE Beverly Hills Shine and Repair Serum with Argan Oil. It’s the best serum I’ve tried for my hair in 2010 and I’m grateful for it after my unhappy haircut and color.

Touchback: this fabulous temporary hair color tool is something I’m grateful for. It’s saved many a day covering up those gray roots that plague me.


Birchbox: I’ve gotten two of these now and they are a thrill for $10 total. Even if I don’t use some of the items I have lots of ways to share them. This is a bargain for the price.

My list is a lot longer than I realized it would be, especially considering how many loves I left out. I’m looking forward to using all of these items throughout 2011 and sharing many new ones with you. Have a happy and healthy 2011 dear readers. — Marcia

Marcia’s Top Ten x 2

It’s time for me to stop and assess all the items I’ve blogged about since I wrote a Top Ten list in August. I’m amazed and excited about so many of the products that I’ve been introduced to over the last 3 months so I’m picking my Top Ten from the ones that are new to me. There are quite a few I’ve written about that I’ve used for years so I’m not including those, just the ones that I’ve learned about while writing  Beauty Info Zone. They aren’t in any particular order; I love them all and wanted a second chance to talk about them.

  • Senna Light and Lift Eye Cream – I’m using this every single morning and ignoring all the other little jars of eye cream on my counter. I love the light fresh feeling of this. I like how quickly it absorbs yet leaves my eyes soft and subtle underneath. I have chronic insomnia and Senna Light and Lift Eye Cream has been a lifesaver many mornings. I need just the tiniest amount so this will last me a long time making it even more of a bargain than it already was at $28.
  • Resurf.a.stic Face – Exfoliation was a rare concept for me for most of my life. I just never realized what a difference it makes for the smooth appearance of foundation. I’ve discovered a few great exfoliators lately and this is one of them. It’s so easy to use and it gets to the exact spots you need exfoliating so effortlessly.
  • Burberry foundation I have lots of foundations, I love foundation, I need foundation and this is a winner. Since my local Nordstrom doesn’t carry the brand I ordered it on faith using another blog’s swatches. When it arrived I went from glee (picking the right shade) to horror (it is so fragranced) back to glee (I can tolerate the fragrance because it dissipates quickly). The foundation imparts a beautiful finish. It’s slightly dewy and covers nicely. I especially love it when I use my Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster (see below) since it lasts so well when I use these together.
  • MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liners  – When I reviewed these I only owned two but after using them I went back to the MAC counter and picked up 4 more. I find these really easy to use, long lasting and beautiful. It came in 9 shades and most are still available on MAC’s website. I still don’t know if they are LE or permanent but I’m sure these will last so long that I don’t have to worry about it. All the colors are great so I refuse to pick a favorite!!
  • My list wouldn’t be complete without Le Metier de Beaute since that’s the cosmetic brand that has won my heart in 2010. I’ve reviewed 2 single eyeshadows (Plum and Corinthian), 4 adorable nail polishes in beautiful shades and the Le Cirque eyeshadow Kaleidoscope. I’ve got to pick my most used product for this list and that’s Corinthian eyeshadow. I love this shade. It’s a color I’m comfortable wearing any time. There’s just something so special about Le Metier and especially about Corinthian eyeshadow. 
  • Mascara. Now this is hard because I’ve found two that I really like and would repurchase.  The first is d.j.v. beautenizer Fiberwig LX. I love the curved brush on this mascara. While I still need an eyelash curler I can see how it would help create curls for someone that didn’t. This gives me definition and lengthening without smudging and flaking. I can build it up for more drama too.
  • The second mascara is Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Mascara. I really like the look this gives me and I love the good cause behind the creation of this mascara. GOGO means Get One, Give One and the one you are giving is to a City of Hope cancer patient/survivor. In addition Josie Maran is donating $1 of each sale to City of Hope. We need to stand behind cancer cures so this cause is wonderful and so generous. Not only are you buying a mascara that doesn’t smudge, gives length and definition but you are doing it for someone else at the same time.
  • Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation –  for me this seems more like a tinted moisturizer than a regular foundation. It’s very lightweight and worked well for me during the summer months when I wanted coverage but nothing that would smother my face. This Jane Iredale foundation has become a staple in my foundation wardrobe already.

It was hard to pick ten yet I already have my next Top Ten started in my head since I’m one lucky lady when it comes to the treasures of the cosmetic world. — Marcia

The Good, the Bad and the Smelly: Burberry Foundation

Of course we’ll start with the good! This is a double review; first you’ll hear from a guest blogger and then you’ll hear from Marcia. Of course that’s good, wouldn’t you say?

Our guest blogger is an adorable and hysterical lady that I’ve met on the beauty forums. She goes by SuePhilly and if you’ve seen her posts then you know that she has a wicked sense of humor. When she purchased Burberry and I read her comments I invited her to guest blog so we’d learn about this line.  Welcome to Sue for telling us about the good and the bad:

Burberry Under the Influence

When I first saw pictures of this line, it didn’t grab my imagination as did Dolce & Gabanna, Edward Bess and Ellis Faas.  It struck me as so taupe trench coat.

Then, one day, while on my second… or was it my third… glass of merlot, I ordered quite a few items from Nordstrom’s online.

I’m an eyeshadow kinda girl, but, frankly, the three eyeshadows I purchased didn’t wow me though others have raved.  Almond, Rosewood and Gold Trench all look the same on me and don’t do anything different than similar matte neutral colors from other lines, but the foundation, blush and lipstick are exceptional.

The foundation.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that less is more when it comes to foundation and glowy is better than matte.  Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer mixed with a little of her luminizing tinted moisturizer is my go-to foundation for day, but the Burberry foundation has a tad more coverage and it is much more long lasting on my combination skin.  Lately, I’m mixing in a little of the luminizing tinted moisturizer from Laura and it’s a very fresh look that doesn’t disappear by the end of the day.  Although I am quite a floozy when it comes to foundation, I envision a long, hot romance with this one.

The blush in Blossom is a sophisticated rose color that works with my medium pale skin.  The lipstick, in a shade called Blush (AKA #9) has this carved shape that reminds me of an old love, but once I awoke from my reverie and applied it, I really liked the pigmentation, the color and the feel.  It does have a strong scent when first applied, but that just added to the ladylike mystique of the line.  I would definitely get other colors of the blush and lipstick.

Hmmm, perhaps I’ll buy a Burberry trench coat for fall… (SuePhilly)


After reading SuePhilly’s review and the many blogs about Burberry I decided I needed to own something and the one product that got outstanding reviews from everyone was the foundation.  I studied Cafe Makeup‘s fabulous swatches and color comparisons until I was blue in the face (that made me need the foundation even more, Smurf face isn’t attractive!). I finally decided on Trench 01 for my very fair skin (for comparison MAC NW15, Armani 2).

I anxiously awaited my package to come from Nordstrom and when I opened it and saw the beautiful packaging I was in heaven. Heaven that is until I put some on my hand to see the color. That instant I went crashing to the ground. The smell!!! It was overwhelming to me. The color was perfect but the fragrance of it just plagued me. Sadness ensued but since I had tested it I knew it didn’t make any difference if I tried it, Nordstrom would still have to return it to the company. Bravely two days later I applied it knowing that if I couldn’t tolerate it I’d have time to change my foundation. And guess what? I liked it. The smell doesn’t bother me at all. It drove me nuts on my hand but on my face it dissipated so quickly that it was fine. I finally understood why no one mentioned the fragrance – it’s a non-issue.

Now onto the good. I love this. I love the radiant look. I love the coverage. It’s all that I hoped it would be. I can control the amount of foundation that comes out which is good because I find that a little goes a long way. It applies just as beautifully whether I use my fingers, a Beauty Blender sponge or my Shu Uemura Goat Hair 18 foundation brush. If I had to pick though I’d go with the Shu brush because of the beautiful way it buffs the foundation into my skin. The foundation imparts a lovely dewy medium coverage finish and I just hate having to use a powder over it but that’s necessary if I want it to last through the day. I wore it out one evening without the powder and it looked beautiful for the few hours that I was out so I have hope that in the cooler weather I’ll be able to wear it without powdering it up.

Now that you’ve learned the good, the bad and the smelly do you think you’ll take a chance on this lovely but expensive line? — Marcia

Prices: lipstick $30, eyeshadow $29, blush $42, foundation $52 Available at

Photos from are not the actual shades written about.