tarte cosmetics does eyebrows right!

There are many things that tarte cosmetics does well and that list definitely includes brows. They sent their Amazonian clay volumizing brow and hair powder ($25) and frame worker double ended brow powder brush ($21) to test and my eyebrows are very, very happy.



The Amazonian clay volumizing brow and hair powder is full of mineral pigment, and it has the Amazonian clay that locks pigment in place and keeps the color vibrant and true. The brow powder comes in four shades: blonde, medium brown, rich brown, and grey. We were sent the blonde and grey to test.


tarte grey volumizing hair and brow powder


tarte blonde volumizing hair and brow powder


grey and blonde swatched

While the grey obviously isn’t my shade, the blonde is surprisingly perfect for me and I have medium brown hair. A great tip for foolproof brows is to go one or two shades lighter than your normal brow shade. It looks very natural and it brightens the face and makes you look younger.

brows with tarte blonde volumizing hair and brow powder

brows with tarte blonde volumizing hair and brow powder

The brow powder is long wearing and doesn’t fade. It makes brows look full without looking painted or drawn on. The texture isn’t overly powdery; in fact it is quite silky and once applied it looks like natural hair.

This wonderful brow powder does double duty – it also fills in sparse areas on the scalp and covers gray roots. Another plus – these make for beautiful eyeshadows!

A fantastic partner for the Amazonian clay volumizing brow and hair powder is the frame worker double ended brow powder brush ($21). This brush is made from sustainably harvested bamboo and synthetic bristles.


tarte frame worker double ended brow powder brush


thin angled end

The thin angled end has just the right amount of firmness for filling in brows. Tap it into the brow powder, then angle it along the natural brow shape and use upward strokes to expertly fill in brows.


thick angled end

The thicker angled end is fantastic for blending the powder into brows, or for filling in the hairline or thinning spots on the scalp.

I adore both the Amazonian clay volumizing brow and hair powder and the frame worker double ended brow powder brush, and I use them every morning. I give both products my highest recommendation for easy, elegant, and natural looking brows.   – Lisa

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Is there such a thing as too much Vanity? Not with Vanitymark Cosmetics

Yup, you will be looking in the mirror all the time if you try out Vanitymark Cosmetics, a fabulous niche line created by Brett Freedman, one of the best makeup artists out there.  This is such a cool line – in their FAQ section on the website, one question is:  If I use Vanitymark will I look like a Superstar?  And the answer?  Baby, you already look like a Superstar!  How can you resist that??

Vanitymark began with products for brows, although now it has expanded and has other products to offer.  But the brows were first, so the BIZ was thrilled to be sent the brow products to check out.  And yes, they totally lived up to the buzz about the super high quality and effectiveness of this line.

I love the Pretty/Prettier page on the website, which helps you pick out the correct brow shade for your coloring, and shows extremely helpful before and after pictures.  Vanitymark recommends you go a little lighter for your brow color, so you avoid a severe, over-stenciled look.  I myself use the Milk Choco shade.  If you have red tones to your brows, this line is a must for you – the colors are just amazing.

The Ultra Brow Pencil ($16) is terrific.  The tip is neither too thin nor too thick, so it creates a perfect, natural looking brow.  It’s super easy to use, and doesn’t smudge at all.  Check out Brett himself in the instructional videos throughout his website, they really help guarantee that you will make the correct shade choice from the get go.

Another fabulous choice is the Brow Powder ($16).  I adore this powder.  The shades are spot on, and the powder is fabulous – it goes on easily, the texture is silky, and it doubles as a great eyeshadow.  The look is soft and natural, and does not smudge.  The best part is it just does not fade – it looks as good after ten hours as it did when you first put it on.

And what about the right tools to put the brow powder on?  I am totally loving the Duo Brush Angle-Spoolie ($16).  I am obnoxiously picky about my spoolies – I can’t stand ones that don’t really grab the brow hair, or that are too bendy so they are difficult to use.  This brow brush is truly the best, it’s just perfect.

And the Ultra Tweez ($16) is unreal.  Love, love, love the dual ended tweezer, one end is perfect for longer hairs, and the other end is super pointy and sharp, and it easily grabs even the shortest stubborn hairs.  In fact, it’s so sharp you really want to keep the little plastic cap on it when you aren’t using it.

Overall, I think this is really cool line that is well worth checking out – and do start with the brow products because they are freaking fabulous.  Too much vanity?  You can never have too much when you use this line!!  – Lisa

Disclosure:  Products were PR samples.