Lisa’s Top Picks of 2011: Skin Care, Body Care, and the rest!

A few days ago I posted my favorite color items, you can find that post here.  ‘Top picks’ posts are the ones I enjoy writing up the most, I love sharing the extra good stuff with you, and I love being able to put all this fabulousness in one review!  I was going to publish today’s post of my favorite skin care, body care, and other miscellaneous items yesterday, but boy did I get hit with the flu.  I’m all better now, so here is my list for you.

Favorite skin care:

I found several skin care items that I am constantly reaching for over and over. I love the Chella Foaming Cleanser Lavish Souffle, it the perfect cleanser and you only need a tiny bit.

Chella Foaming Cleanser

I really got into natural organic lines, like Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Neroli Toning Mist and Coconut Oil, beautiful products from a fantastic line with a great message.

I also loved the Artisan Naturals Lemon Cypress Exfoliating Mask, which is my favorite go-to for pesky breakouts.

To even out my skin tone, I have been absolutely loving the Omorfies Etenia Lightening Cream by Kleraderm.

Two other skin care lines that I adore are 3Lab (for their amazing Super Eye Treatment and Perfect Lips)

and YBF Skin Care (Hydrate B and Boost are flipping fabulous).

YBF Boost

Favorite primer:

This one is a tie for me.  I am completely impressed with Reviva Labs Makeup Primer,

it’s a great silicone based primer that actually goes on light.

And I am totally loving the Youngblood Mineral Primer,

Youngblood Mineral Primer

which has a wonderful texture and really helps my makeup stay put all day.

Favorite Facialist:

My favorite facialist this year was Joanne Kallabat, owner of Kleraderm.

Joanne Kallabat with her son, Michael

It’s such a treat to go to Nordstrom and get a $150 facial for only $20 – plus she gives the BEST face massage ever.  I love how she gives tons and tons of samples first.  She wants to figure out what works best for your skin before she will even let you buy anything!

Favorite Fragrances:

I have completely embraced the layering concept by Lisa Hoffman, and her Tuscan Fig fragrance is just to die for.

Lisa Hoffman Variations case with the Tuscan Fig fragrance

Plus, her iScentify scent finder is super fun to play with.

I also fell in love with the Juara Candlenut Fragrance.

This is a swoon-worthy coconut scent that makes everyone want to hug you.  And then hug you again.

Favorite storage solution:

Wow, this one was a life changer – the Zuca Pro Artist Case.

It has totally changed my organizational system, and has made makeup gigs so much easier, as well as travel.  Looks like we are going to be doing more contests with Zuca this year, so stay tuned!!

Favorite hand cream:

I am a hand cream addict, since I work at a school and need to wash my hands about twenty times a day.  I cannot do without my Votre Vu Duette Lux Lip Balm and Hand Cream.

Little mirror, lip balm, and then hand cream, all in one package??  Absolute genius, and the hand cream smells truly amazing.

Favorite body products:

2011 was a Whish year for me, that’s for sure. I love this retro line, every single product is a winner.

Just this morning I was thanking the Whish Gods for making their amazing Shave Crave Shaving Cream.

Tarte Cosmetics is a line better known for its great color products, but a true unsung hero is the Tarte Celebutante.

It’s a gorgeous body shimmer spray that smells unbelievably good, like fresh coconut and vanilla.  Yummy!!

Speaking of coconuts, I went pretty ‘coconutty’ for the Bodycology Island Coconut products.

The body cream, body wash, and body spray are all truly terrific, and I reach for them all the time.

Favorite sunning/self-tanner products:

I am a big fan of faux tanning, and I had some great discoveries this past year.  Hampton Sun is a go-to line for any sun products, including faux tanning.  I love the Privet Blossom products, they have a unique scent that is totally summer in a bottle.

Hampton Sun Shimmer Spray in Bronze

The spray SPF is amazing, and the faux tanning and body shimmer products are excellent.  Try this line, you won’t be disappointed.

Another great discovery that changed my faux tanning was the Beautisol Self Tanning Magic Mitt.

This $6 wonder completely changed my faux tanning experience for the better!!  No streaks, no worries, no problems.  Love it!!

I also fell in love with Tan Towels.  Such a quick, sanitary way to get a deep tan, plus the towelettes travel so well.


Favorite cleaning products:

Dusting Fragrance

I am the first to admit that housekeeping is never a priority for me, so finding things that help make cleaning joyful is huge for me.  Sweet Grass Farm has pretty awesome cleaning products that give me extra motivation, my favorites are the Dusting fragrance and Lemon Verbena Liquid Soap.

Favorite clothing line:

I am totally digging the Sprigs clothing line.  Pictured above I am wearing my Banjee while shopping.  I love these little guys, they really do make life easier.  And I wear my infinity scarves all the time too.  So many great items, it’s a fabulous line that I am so happy I discovered this year!

That’s it for all my favorites of 2011.  And now on to an amazing year of even more terrific discoveries in 2012!!  – Lisa

Mmmm, smelling so good with Bodycology Island Coconut!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely crazy about coconut scents.  I am picky, though – I don’t like fake scents, or coconut scents that are overly sweet.  I like real, true coconut fragrance, coconut that smells like it’s been warming in the sun on a tropical beach.  I have found some truly fantastic coconut scents in the past few years, and my latest discovery has me totally geeked.

I wasn’t expecting to love the smell of Bodycology’s Island Coconut products.  Now, I love Bodycology products and find them to be very high quality – but historically I have found that larger brands fall short in the coconut scent category.   Coconut scented items are typically way too sweet and cloying, so I usually prefer high-end lines or etailers for interesting, complex yet realistic coconut scents.  Imagine my surprise when I smelled Island Coconut and fell head over heels in love!!

I started with the Shower Gel & Bubble Bath ($4.00 for 16 fl. oz).  This lathers up beautifully, cleans and moisturizes the skin, and it smells DIVINE.  You have to admit, the price is absolutely right, too!!  After my shower my skin was lightly scented, not overpowering but definitely still some scent there.  So I thought, awesome, but the other products can’t be this good.

Next, I smoothed on the Island Coconut Body Cream ($4.00 for 8 oz.).  This is a thick, luxurious cream that just melts right into the skin. The fragrance amazed me – fresh-cut coconut with heavenly cream, delicious but not too foody.  It did not smell fake, plastic, or cloyingly sweet.  And my skin was so soft, smooth, and touchable!!  After putting on the body cream, the scent was noticeable, and it lasted all day long.

Then I tried the Island Coconut Body Mist ($4.00 for 8 fl. oz.).  My trick with a body mist is to spray it in front of me, then walk into it.  That way, the fragrance is pretty evenly dispersed, and I don’t put on too much.  Oh, I also give myself a tiny spritz at the back of my neck, a tip I read in a magazine a long time ago.  I was pretty sure that all of those products together – the shower gel, the body cream, and the fragrance mist, would be way too much.  But it really wasn’t.  You can use any of them alone – with the shower gel there is a faint scent that stays throughout the day.  The body cream alone gives a very nice, noticeable scent.  The fragrance mist is about the same strength as the body cream by itself.  Pair it with the body cream and it’s a perfect coconut fragrance that inspired people who sat next to me to say, “You smell so good!!  What is that?” 

You know what really sold me, though?  My husband.  He is very, very picky and usually doesn’t much like any perfume that I wear.  But the first time he smelled me wearing Island Coconut, he said, “Wow you smell delicious!!” and I have been fighting him off ever since. 

Between that and the price, what’s not to love??  Be sure to sample it the next time you are at Walmart, Meijer, Walgreens, Ulta…you can find it pretty much everywhere.  This scent will not disappoint you!!  – Lisa

Healthy Kisses giveaway – the second best kind of kiss!

Have you gone to Prime Beauty’s blog today? If you haven’t you need to read my guest post for Frugal Friday through THIS LINK. Beauty Info Zone and Prime Beauty are teaming up to bring you a contest. Read the review on Prime Beauty, enter the contest on Beauty Info Zone.

The reason you need to read the review is simple. I’ve reviewed bodycology® Healthy Kisses lip glosses. This comes in 3 colors and flavors and are incredibly moisturizing plus they give the prettiest, softest shine. I have a question for you to answer in an email to [email protected] and the answer is on my Frugal Friday post on Prime Beauty’s blog.

You will be winning 2 of the 3 available colors (Fresh Strawberry, Juicy Watermelon,  or Pomegranate Splash).

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Read the review; we’ve made it simple since you can go back and forth between our two blogs without closing out the pages.
  2. Comment on BOTH blogs about which flavor/color you like the best.
  3. Email Beauty Info Zone at [email protected] to answer this question: WHICH HEALTHY KISS DOES MARCIA HAVE ON HER LIPS IN THE PICTURE? Don’t answer here since you don’t want to give an edge to your competitor!
  4. This is open to internationally through Thursday, August 4th at 11:59 p.m. EST
  5. For additional entries TWEET this giveaway and/or add the giveaway to Facebook through the SHARE button that you see when you make a comment. Be sure you email the BIZ again to tell us if you’ve done that so we can use for your extra entries.
  6. You need to be a subscriber to Beauty Info Zone to enter.

Get Rich & Creamy with Bodycology – giveaway

Beauty Info Zone has shared some fabulous Bodycology products with you before and now we have the newest items from this great, affordable brand to tell you about. This latest is their rich&creamy Body Wash and rich&creamy Body Lotion. rich&creamy  comes in 4 different formulas – Skin Softening, Hydrating, Ultra Healing and Deep Cleansing.

I was given the opportunity to try out Skin Softening Body Lotion. This lightly floral fragranced product is formulated with Silk & Avocado Oil to soften your skin. And it does soften skin beautifully. It’s so refreshing to apply this after a bath or shower and know that you are doing your body a favor. The Ultra Healing products contain Shea and Cocoa Butter; the Hydrating ones contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E while the Deep Cleansing is formulated with Grapefruit and Apricot Extract. You can pick by fragrance or formula – either way you are going to be feeling amazingly clean and refreshed.

Bodycology uses a new technology they call Aquation. It has been clinically proven to moisturize dry skin up to 24 hours. Other ingredients in Skin Smoothing Body Lotion are Glycerin to add silky hydration; Jojoba Extract to improve skin’s texture and Petrolatum which acts as a barrier against the harshness of the elements.

Bodycology has graciously agreed to sponsor the 9th Anniversary Giveaway for Beauty Info Zone and to top that off they will be offering 3 prizes. One winner will receive both the Body Wash and Body Lotion in Skin Softening, the 2nd one will win Hydrating and the 3rd will win Ultra Healing.

To enter:
1. You must be a Beauty Info Zone subscriber
2. Comment on this post telling us which formula sounds the best to you.
3. Email us at [email protected] and title your email BODYCOLOGY. Give us the name you use to enter and which is the formula that appeals most to you.
4. For an extra entry to Bodycology’s Facebook page and LIKE them. Email us again with your user name for Facebook to let us know that you are a follower. If you want to change your formula for this second entry that’s fine with us. Then you’ll be entered in two of the contests.
5. This is open only in the U.S. until May 12th at 11:59 p.m. EST

Bodycology is such a wonderful brand giving you high quality, amazing ingredients and a great variety of fragrances for an economical price. You can find their line at stores like Meijers, Target, Walgreen and Walmart. They are worth checking out.  — Marcia

p.s. I was at Target checking out Bodycology and saw adorable gift sets like below – what a nice gift for mom from the kids!

Bodycology contest

Beauty Info Zone is hoping you aren’t tired of our contests because we have another one. No complaining please. We just love to find a way to spoil our readers. Our latest contest is for two products by a wonderful bath and body line called BODYCOLOGY. This brand is known for their excellent hand soaps, body washes, body creams, hand sanitizers, hand and body lotions, shower gel & foaming bath soap, moisturizing bath beads and body mists. Your body will be spoiled by Bodycology and all at an extremely reasonable price. You can read my review of the Anti-bacterial Hand Soap here.

Our contest is for two of their newest scents. The first is Midnight Garden Body Cream. Our winner will enjoy this fabulous cream:
Violets, lavender and rose mingle to produce a fragrance that is reminiscent of a moonlit garden. For Daily Rejuvenation: Smooth over skin, giving special care to dry or rough areas such as hands, elbows, knees and heels – for softening that feels like blissful indulgence
Beneficial Ingredients: Moisturizing Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Nourishing Vitamins E & C.

She’ll also receive White Gardenia Body Mist:

The rich, floral scent of fresh gardenias promotes love, peace and good spirits. For Daily Rejuvenation: For a splash of fragrance and energy, spritz lightly on wrists, neck and shoulders – or, for all-over freshness, spray into the air and let the fine mist gently surround you.
Beneficial Ingredients: Conditioning and Hydrating Aloe Vera

Thanks to Bodycology for providing this prize to one lucky U.S. resident (sorry but it’s too heavy to mail to another country). To enter just leave a comment telling us which scent from Bodycology would be your favorite. They are listed on their website. The contest will last for one week ending Thursday, Dec. 16th at 11:59 p.m. EST. The winner will be selected by Good luck — Marcia

Cleaning Up My Act

You’ve already been invited into my shower so now we’ll step out and start investigating some cleaning items in my bathroom if that’s okay with you.

I have several bathrooms actually and in my main one I currently am using an Anti-bacterial Foaming Soap by Bodycology. I’m super fussy about fragrance and rarely go into stores that carry mostly fragranced items (like Bath & Body Works or Lush). I prefer using a liquid soap to wash my hands but it’s hard for me to find fragrances I can tolerate. Luckily Bodycology has this foaming liquid soap in Apple Orchard and that’s a scent I can live with. It’s a combination of passion fruit and red apple. This contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Triclosan to kill germs. The lather is very gentle and moisturizing. This also comes in Brown Sugar Vanilla and Cucumber Melon. I’ll try the Cucumber Melon next. They also make a gentle exfoliating hand soap with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and small exfoliating beads that sounds interesting.

Nearby I have a small sample of Bodycology’s Cherry Blossom Hand & Body Lotion that I received in the mail via a sampling program (I like sending away for samples!). This is available in 10 scents so there’s one for everyone. I like this as a body lotion but not so much as a hand cream; that’s my fussy nose speaking. The Bodycology Lotion has kept my legs nicely moisturized after a shower. Both of these products are found at Walgreen so they are easy for me to get in place of something like Dial’s hand soaps which I find too harsh.

On the nights I’m too lazy – I mean tired – to wash up well I still need a cleanser. My latest comes compliments of a good friend. There had been talk about YES TO CUCUMBER’S FACIAL TOWELETTES and I always swore I’d pick one up. I guess my friend got tired of me saying it and she sent me a package for which I say “thank you”. I can understand the raves. These 98.7% Natural towelettes are wonderful. They are refreshing, moisturizing and they work. The fragrance is a very light cucumber one which never offends me and is gone quickly. This works well on my daily eye makeup so I don’t need a separate cleansing product for them. They are blended with organic cucumber to soften, aloe vera to soothe  and Dead Sea Minerals to exfoliate, dextoxify and rejuvanate. They get my face clean without stripping oils and I never feel the need to rewash my face. They are just the right wetness too. The package contains 30 Towelettes and costs $5.99. I advise putting the package in a Ziploc bag after opening them to keep them from drying out. The closing is good but it could be better.

My nighttime cleanser is from Rodan + Fields. I’m currently using the REVERSE system Deep Exfoliating Wash and alternating it with Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser or Bambola Beauty Acai Anti-Oxidant Cleansing Creme on the nights I want to use my Clarisonic. I had to ease my way into the R+F Deep Exfoliating Wash but now that I’ve been using it for many months I love it. It cleans my skin better than any cleanser I’ve ever tried. It has small granules that exfoliate. I wet my face, softly massage a small amount into my skin and use a muslin cloth from The Body Shop to rinse it off. I follow with other REVERSE system and ANTI-AGE system Rodan + Fields products.

Here’s some information about this product from Rodan + Fields: “REVERSE Deep Exfoliating Wash is a multi-mechanism exfoliater that simultaneously cleanses and refines sun damaged, blotchy complexions. Alpha hydroxy acids loosen old, dull skin cells so that tiny polyethylene beads can effectively sweep them away.”

Rodan and Fields is sold thru independent consultants of which I am one.  I’ll explain more about this in the disclosure section down below. It retails for $41 but on the Preferred Customer status it’s $36. I’ve been using mine for 4 months approximately every other night and I’ve got another 2 – 3 months left on this tube.

One last product before I step out of the bathroom. One of my favorite eye makeup removers is Mary Kay’s Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. This is what I use on the days that I wear a good deal of eye makeup. It removes my eye makeup without tugging. I shake it, put it on a DHC Cotton Square and hold it on my eye without rubbing. That alone usually gets off my eye makeup but if it’s not enough then I’ll gently rub the remaining amount off. It doesn’t leave an oily residue and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. This now retails for $15. If I used this only (which I don’t) it would last me 2 months. It’s the best dual action remover I’ve found. I’ve bought dozens of bottles since that first MK party.
Thanks for visiting me in my bathroom. I even bought new jammies for this visit. When I was a kid I hated washing up but now I love to clean up my act! — Marcia

Disclosure: Samples of Bodycology were received through a sampling program.

I used to be an  Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields but I’m not doing it any longer. I would love to explain the lines to you if you have any interest in the products. My sponsor for the line is still actively selling it so if you want more information you can reach me at [email protected]. I wouldn’t benefit from this financially. Thank you, Marcia