Live the #lifeofaBelle with Honey Belle

#lifeofaBelle with Honey Belle

Honey Belle is just the brand you need to know about for Earth Day/Month and for Mother’s Day. This a a company that prides itself on being natural and organic as well as having a philanthropic project. Everything to love and a lot to learn about with Honey Belle.


These are the creators of Honey Belle, Iris and Calvin, and here’s their mission – I think I’m in love with them!



Generate health and self-confidence

in individuals

by producing clean, green,

and highly-effective products.

We believe in compassion,

and making a difference in the community.

Honey Belle is a company that has freshly handcrafted products that not only solve problems but that use natural ingredients. They created a project called #SoapsforSouls once they saw the needs of homeless people and citizens of underdeveloped countries such as Guatemala, Nepal, Peru, Vietnam, and Burma. Therefore for every soap purchased through Honey Belle one is donated to #SoapsforSouls to help stem the proliferation of disease.

Among the many soaps that Honey Belle makes are the Loofah Soaps which are not only unique but they smell wonderful, work well and a set would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

Honey Belle Loofah Soap Bars – one of several sets

I was sent the soap in Eucalyptus Peppermint and it’s a great addition to my shower. Within the actual soap is a natural loofah sponge. “The loofah sponge is obtained from the gourd plant (a type of squash!), and is dried and peeled. You may see black or brown flecks of the seed or remnants from the skin in your soap, and this is normal! The loofahs are derived from real plants, that come from real soil.”

Honey Belle Natural Loofah Soap in Eucalyptus Peppermint

The first time in my shower the loofah itself felt hard and a bit scratchy but with use it softens up making it more comfortable. It never hurt, it actually felt good, and it did a nice job of exfoliating my legs. I haven’t finished this up but when the soap itself is used up you are left with the loofah which can help you around your house. Double duty!

Honey Belle Natural Loofah Soap in Eucalyptus Peppermint

At $8 each they make a great bath and shower tool plus you have the knowledge of helping others. The sets of 4 that will make a nice gift (you can even divide them up) are $28. There are two sets; a floral/fruity one with Lavender Rain, Sweet Jasmine, Rose, and Citrus; and also a Refresh/Relax set with Sandalwood Patchouli, Eucalyptus Peppermint, Green Tea Cucumber, and Charcoal Bamboo.

I want to try Citrus next but I have a feeling it’s going to take quite a while to finish the Natural Loofah Soap.The soap isn’t drying since it contains Coconut Oil and Glycerin which helps keep skin moisturized.

There’s more to Honey Belle (a lot more) than just the many types of soaps and bath bombs they carry. They also have products for lips and face. There are 3 different lip balms for $5 each or a set of 3 for $12.

Kissable Lips‘: slight tingly effect and minty flavor, made with eucalyptus oil
Matcha Kiss‘: subtle green tea flavor, made with organic matcha topped with eucalyptus
Bumble Balm‘: lightly flavored with honey

Honey Belle Lip Balms

My favorite is Kissable Lips which surprised me since I’m not a fan of eucalyptus normally. But it has a minty scent and I do like the tingle.

Honey Belle Lip Balm

What’s really great about these is that they are made from only 3 main ingredients: Organic Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, and Organic Beeswax. They are moisturizing and we always are in search of a great lip balm.

One more for the lips is their Organic Brown Sugar Lip Scrub ($12).

Honey Belle Organic Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

There is no way I can wear a liquid lipstick or matte lip color without having my lips exfoliated and Honey Belle has brought me a great alternative with this Lip Scrub.

Honey Belle Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

It takes just a small amount of the scrub to make your lips feel refreshed. I take a small amount and rub it onto my lips. Usually I just use my lips to take in the brown sugar goodness but you can also use a washcloth for more exfoliation.

Honey Belle Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

The main ingredients are brown sugar, honey, and organic cold pressed coconut. So you get the exfoliating from the sugar, the coconut oil moisturizes your lips, and the honey retains and preserves that moisture. “Ingredients: Pure Brown Cane Sugar, Cocos Nucifera* (Coconut Oil, Cold- Pressed), Pure Honey, Glyercol* (Vegetable Glycerin), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Love”

Honey Belle Lips and Loofah Soap

While only the Brown Sugar Lip Scrub reminds us that “love” is one of the ingredients, I believe these are all made with love. Love for the environment, love for people in need, and love for creating some great organic products. It’s especially nice to help promote an indie company that is one to love.  —  Marcia



Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover…artisan bar soap from Claus Porto

Claus Porto SoapI freely and openly admit that I am a sucker for packaging. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pack of pencils or an eyeshadow palette…gorgeous wrapping draws me in. Of course, the quality of the product keeps me a fan…but I do love a pretty package!  or example, take a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Which would you rather eat – one hastily wrapped in plastic wrap, or one carefully and lovingly wrapped in wax paper?

Plastic wrap....

Plastic wrap….

...or wax paper?

…or wax paper?

I’m betting you’d go for the wax paper sandwich every time. The magic of packaging somehow makes the exact same sandwich taste even better.

Claus Porto Deco CollectionThe beauty of the box surrounding each Claus Porto Bath Soap pulls me in, and the wax paper wrapped around those big huge bars is an added sigh of delight. Luckily, you CAN judge these soaps by their covers because they are fabulous.                                                                                                      samples

Claus Porto makes artisan soaps that are “hand-crafted and infused with fine fragrances, influenced by the ingredients from Portugal’s flora, imbued with an artisan’s heart and soul, wrapped by hand in packaging illustrated with distinctive artwork.” As the embedded stamp in all the soap bars tells us, the Claus Porto line has been around since 1887. I tried two of these luxurious bath soaps:  the Lime Basil Bath Soap ($13 for 5.3 oz) and the Red Poppy Bath Soap ($13 for 5.3 oz).

Claus Porto Deco Lime Basil Bath Soap

Claus Porto Deco Lime Basil Bath Soap

Claus Porto Deco Lime Basil Bath Soap

The Lime Basil Bath Soap features fabulous deco artwork. Inside the box the soap is carefully wrapped in wax paper, which when opened reveals this gorgeous 100% vegetable soap. This is a shea butter soap so the lather is incredible. Top notes include basil and green accord; heart notes include bergamot, bitter orange, and grapefruit. Base notes include vetyver, moss, and patchouli. The scent is distinctly masculine and fresh, most definitely swoon-worthy. You may find yourself volunteering to help lather up your guy just so you can inhale the awesome fragrance.

Claus Porto Favorito Red Poppy Bath Soap

Claus Porto Favorito Red Poppy Bath Soap

Claus Porto Favorito Red Poppy Bath Soap

Claus Porto Favorito Red Poppy Bath Soap

Claus Porto Favorito Red Poppy Bath Soap

The Favorito Red Poppy Bath Soap is a unique take on Portugal’s lush red poppy fields. Look at the gorgeous detail in the Art Nouveau motif! The soaps, by the way, have a helpful carved bottom that allows the soap to drain properly and dry without sticking to the soap dish. The Red Poppy fragrance top notes include lavender and aldehydic accord; heart notes include poppy and patchouli; and base notes include musk and tonka. This is a much more traditional, ‘soapy’ scent with a classic, clean aroma.

Claus Porto soaps can be found on and prices range from $7 to $21 depending on the size of the bar. There are also some beautiful gift boxes that range in price from $50 to $60. Take a look at the collections for an array of unique and impressive gifts for your guy.  – Lisa

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