Going to Ulta? Your must try is Zoella Beauty Limited Edition Splash Botanics!

Zoella Splash Botanics

Adorable!! I am loving this bright botanical inspired collection for summer from Zoella Beauty, and it’s limited edition at Ulta so if you are planning a trip check it out before it’s gone. The Splash Botanics include seven products in total and I have three to review today – the So Soft Lip Oil ($7.00), the Lagoon Love Bath Milk ($4.00), and the Botanic’Eau Body Mist ($12.95).

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Zoella Splash Botanics So Soft Lip Oil

Zoella Splash Botanics So Soft Lip Oil wand

I have nothing but raves for the So Soft Lip Oil! This has a wonderful applicator that smooths on the most fantastically hydrating lip oil ever. The oil is a combination of sweet almond, jojoba and argan oils, and it smells lightly of delicious cherry  It’s the best summer lip quencher ever and the packaging is to die for. Perfection.

Zoella Splash Lagoon Love

The Lagoon Love Bath Milk is a bath lovers dream, especially for traveling. I find lots of bath powders are drying and itchy, but this is highly moisturizing. It’s made with coconut water and lychee and it makes for a positively decadent bath. The bubbles are big and foamy and it smells divine. Grab a few of these for your travels this summer.

Zoella Splash Botanics Botanic’Eau Body Mist

Zoella Splash Botanics Botanic’Eau Body Mist

The Botanic’Eau Body Mist is a truly lovely body mist that is amazing for the season. It’s light and fresh and green, slightly floral with notes of freesia and iris. The bottle is fantastic – I love the lush greenery, and the back of the bottle is even more gorgeous than the front of the bottle!

This collection has impressed the heck out of me. I am planning a trip to Ulta to pick up the rest of the collection – Make a Splash Moisturizing Body Wash ($8.95), Quench Me Body Sorbet ($12.00), Drench Me Bubble Bath Soak ($12.00), and Beautiful Bag Cosmetics Bag (14.00). I hope you do too!  – Lisa

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Treat yourself with Treet Traditions

Now that the holiday rush is over it’s time to return what you didn’t want and use those great gift cards you might have been lucky enough to receive. The rush and crush of Christmas gives us less time for ourselves since we tend to occupy our lives with making it better for family and friends. Now though is the time to relax with a few personal products. I was sent two bath/shower treats from Treet Traditions and there are so many more that I’d like now.

Treets Traditions Bath Salts and Shower Cream

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About Treets Traditions: – Inspired by ancient practices around the world, Treet Traditions searches the globe for valuable knowledge and traditions of body care to enrich these ancient old traditions with the knowledge we have today, Treets ensures that these traditions become accessible for everyone. Treets wants people to rediscover these traditions, so that they will not be forgotten. The Treets Traditions products are based on proven knowledge from the past, adapted to today’s needs. 


Treets Traditions Bath Tea (Healing in Harmony)

Treets Traditions Bath Tea (Relaxing Chakra’s)

Treets Traditions has two sets of Bath Teas: Healing in Harmony and Relaxing Chakra’s. Both give you a relaxing scented bath so it depends on your favorite scent or your end result as to which you’d choose. Treets Traditions Healing in Harmony Bath Tea with Oatmeal flakes and Lavender blossom helps to calm sensitive and irritated skin while bathing. Treets Traditions Relaxing Chakra’s is a bath tea with Ricebran oil, Rose petals and Hibiscus helps to nourish and moisturise the skin while bathing.

Treets Traditions Bath Tea

There are three Teas in each of the boxes ($12). Directions say to put them in the tub and add hot water first, then add cooler water until you reach your desired temperature. Next let yourself go and have a relaxing bath.

The bags are made of a soft cotton that allow the herbal formulas to flow through without getting loose in your tub. I don’t know if you can reuse these but I’d give it a try personally. One of the nicest things about this is that you could travel with a tea bag without worrying if it would open in your vanity bag.

If you love the scent of either Healing in Harmany (oatmeal & lavender) or Relaxing Chakra’s (Rose Petal and Hibiscus) there are many other products in the line that would complement them like the Healing in Harmony Large Gift Set with Foaming Shower Gel, Shower Gel, and Body Lotion. Or the Relaxing Chakra’s Small Gift Set with Shower Cream, Body Scrub, and Body Lotion.

Treets Traditions Healing in Harmony Large Gift Set

Treets Traditions Relaxing Chakras Small Gift Set

The third family of products for Treet Traditions is Nourishing Spirit which has the same array of products as Healing in Harmony and Relaxing Chakra’s. I have the Shower Cream which is a delight to use. At the moment I don’t have a bathtub so I haven’t experienced the Bath Teas (bathroom should be done by mid January and I can’t wait!) But I do have a shower and the intoxicating Nourishing Spirits Shower Cream has been getting use.

Treets Traditions Nourishing Spirits Shower Cream

Treets Traditions Nourishing Spirits Shower Cream gives me a creamy cleansing without drying my skin. Traditional African Marula oil has a soothing effect and Kalahari melon oil helps to moisturize and regenerate the skin. It lathers up nicely and makes my body feel soft and hydrated. It’s tempting not to use a body lotion after but I’ll use one of my fragrance free ones so that I still have a hint of the lovely, subtle melon smell.

Now that I’ve learned about Treets Traditions it’s a brand I’ll keep my eye on. The prices are all reasonable and the products are free of SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, colourants and mineral oils. Which scent do you think you’d like best?  —  Marcia

Ahhhhh, relax……….with Kneipp Bath Salts, Bubble Bath, and Body Oil

Kneipp bath products

There are many stressful times of the year for me, and spring is one of them. Yes, it’s beautiful…I love to see all the flowers and trees coming to life and blooming. But there are all sorts of other things that spring brings…graduations, spring cleaning, weddings, the prospect of bathing suit season…all things that send me straight into stressland.

I am very conscious of making time for self care in times of greater tension and taking care of myself physically is always my first step to de-stress. A line with some beautiful and nicely affordable body products is Kneipp. They have lots of wonderful sets that also make great gifts (two birds with one stone!!) and I love the naturopathic philosophy behind the products. People are such fans of this line that once they discover it they are fans for life.  Here are just a few of my favorites from Kneipp that never fail to keep stress away.


Kneipp Mineral Bath Salts

Kneipp Red Poppy and Hemp Pure Bliss Mineral Bath Salts

Kneipp Mineral Bath Salts

Kneipp Red Poppy and Hemp Pure Bliss Mineral Bath Salts

Red Poppy & Hemp Pure Bliss Bath Salt (17.63 oz., $20.00)  Bath salts in general are fantastic for healing your muscles, getting rid of aches and pains, and keeping your soul grounded. The Red Poppy and Hemp Pure Bliss Bath Salts are really, really wonderful – they are everything bath salts should be and more. You remember poppies from The Wizard of Oz? They made everyone sleep. The poppies in these bath salts smell so good. They are incredibly relaxing so this is a fabulous soak for right before bed, particularly if you have troubles turning those thoughts off at night. Kneipp says, “Our mineral salt is sourced from an ancient underground salt water sea in central Germany that is the last remaining salt works in Europe using traditional pan boiling methods. This method reveals unique salt crystals free from chemical additives and environmental pollutants. Naturally very high in trace minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc, which are absorbed by the body while soaking in your tub.” What a wonderful way to treat yourself both physically and spiritually. It’s pure bliss indeed.

Kneipp Aromatherapy Bubble Bath

Kneipp Aromatherapy Bubble Bath

I certainly enjoy life a little more every time I take a bubble bath with my May Chang & Lemon Enjoy Life Bath (3.38 fl.oz., $20.00). Shoot, just taking a sniff of this lovely citrus bubble bath puts me in a better mood. The scent is lemon-based and juicy, with a slight edge of clean mint. The formula is full of natural plant and herbal essential oils and a good soak in this lovely bubble bath is always a major treat.

Kneipp Aromatherapy Body Oil

Kneipp Aromatherapy Body Oil

Besides relaxing in a tub of beautifully scented water and tons of bubbles, I feel pampered and relaxed when I treat myself to some truly marvelous body oil. I highly recommend the Kneipp Lavender Relaxing Massage Oil (3.38 fl.oz., $23.00), which is saying something since lavender is not exactly my favorite fragrance. To me, lavender can smell sharp, soapy, and unpleasant. This scent is very soft, subtle, and feminine. It’s lovely. And the body oil itself is stellar. It’s perfect as a massage oil with lots of emollient jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. It isn’t greasy, so it’s also exemplary as a daily moisturizer (and especially terrific right after a shower because it locks in that wonderful moisture). There are several other scents I’d like to try, but boy, if you are a fan of lavender you really have to try the Kneipp Lavender Relaxing Body Oil.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Kneipp is fantastic body product line to help you remember to do so.  Happy spring! – Lisa

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Hoppy Easter from Lush!

Lush Easter

Lush Easter

My birthday was last February and knowing how much I love bath and body products my fabulous blogging partner Marcia gave me a gift certificate to Lush. I decided to wait a bit until the cool Easter products came out…holidays are the best at Lush!  They have wonderful items year round, but the LE holiday goodies are always worth the wait. I bought myself three treats that I have absolutely no plans to share with anyone else.

Lush Easter

Lush Easter

Lush Lovestruck

Lush Lovestruck

Lovestruck ($8.65) is so darn cute! Doesn’t this look just like Mr. Bill?  (And if you remember him, you are as old as me!!). He actually looks like an emoji and his happy face makes for some really happy baths. The Lovestruck bubble bar makes for thick, creamy suds that smell of lemon and geranium. I get three amazing bubble baths out of his super cute visage.While he is a LE bubble bar that was actually introduced for Valentine’s Day, I think the bright yellow happy face is perfect for spring. Hurry up and get this before it’s gone.

Lush Strawberry Feels Forever

Lush Strawberry Feels Forever

Strawberry Feels Forever ($10.95) is a fabulous springy massage bar that is a great excuse to ask your sweetie to give you a rub down. Ingredients include strawberries, hibiscus flower, and coconut oil. It smells incredible and leaves skin sooo soft. The shape is great for really digging into those muscle knots, too. While Strawberry Feels Forever isn’t LE, it is fantastic and you should put it in your shopping bag now!

Lush Chick N Mix

Lush Chick N Mix

Lush Chick N Mix inside

Lush Chick N Mix inside

Chick ‘N’ Mix ($10.95) is the ultimate Easter Lush item – gettin’ chicky with it, as Lush says! This big cute egg-shaped chicken comes already split in half. Inside is a little baby bunny…although mine looks like a little egg. It doesn’t get much cuter than this. I get three fizzy baths from it – two from the outer shell and one from the adorable tiny bunny. The scent is wonderful – citrusy bergamot mixed with vanilla caramel. Yum. By the way, the chick’s eyes are actually dairy-free chocolate chips!  It definitely makes for three sweet baths.

Lush Easter

Lush Easter

While you are buying chocolate bunnies and mounds of Peeps for everyone else, be sure to get yourself some of the really cute Lush Easter products. They will guarantee lots of ‘me’ time after the holiday!  – Lisa

*items purchased by me thanks to a fantastic birthday gift from my fab blogging partner Marcia!

Treat yourself right. Farmaesthetics Hot Toddy for the Body and Camille Beckman Beauty Bath

Farmaesthetics Hot Toddy for the Body set

Treating yourself to a delightful little extravagance every once in a while is the best way to escape all the stress and anxiety that comes from watching the news these days…or even just reading your Facebook feed. I was recently sent two absolute gems that make me feel pampered and relaxed, and I highly recommend them both for escaping our current rather bizarre reality.                     samples

I am obsessed about the new Farmaesthetics Hot Toddy for the Body® set ($30). First of all, the packaging is adorable. The neat little box contains two glass jars of herbal goodness:  Sweet Soy Orange & Calendula Oil and Hot Toddy Body Scrub. You mix the dry scrub with the oil to create an exfoliating therapy scrub that makes skin soft, increases circulation, and makes you feel all warm inside and out.Farmaesthetics Hot Toddy for the Body setFarmaesthetics Hot Toddy for the Body setFarmaesthetics Hot Toddy for the Body setWhile you can use a dish, I just mix the Cinnamon, Orange & Clove Body Scrub with the Sweet Soy, Calendula & Orange Bath & Beauty Oil in my hands. Then I apply this during my shower or after getting wet in the bath – making sure skin is already wet is crucial! Then I scrub my body, especially dry areas like my elbows and knees. It smells incredible and it actually makes my body feel warmer inside, probably from the increase in circulation. Increased circulation helps combat cellulite, a battle that I think we all want to win!Farmaesthetics Hot Toddy for the Body setFarmaesthetics Hot Toddy for the Body setFarmaesthetics Hot Toddy for the Body setFarmaesthetics Hot Toddy for the Body set

You are going to absolutely love this beautiful exfoliating scrub and it is a perfect gift for a girlfriend as well. Also, Farmaesthetics says “Our products are 100% natural, contain certified organic ingredients as indicated, are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating & dermatological tested, with a certified shelf-life of 2 years from the date of opening. No animal testing.”

I like to follow a good scrub with a wonderfully relaxing bath and my current favorite is Camille Beckman’s Epsom Salt and Coconut Milk Radiant and Renewing Bath Soak (4 packets for $12).Camille Beckman Beauty Bath Coconut Milk and Epsom Salt Bath Soak

I love this bath soak because it not only softens and treats skin, it also works wonders on sore muscles. The only thing better than a hot, steamy bath of orange and cinnamon essential oils combined with organic cocoa butter and healing salts is that very same bath…but with a nice glass of wine.Camille Beckman Beauty Bath Coconut Milk and Epsom Salt Bath SoakCamille Beckman Beauty Bath Coconut Milk and Epsom Salt Bath Soak

A bath is a small but very effective way of relieving stress and giving yourself a much deserved break. Pick up some Camille Beckman Bath Soaks for:

-Handmade bath soaks made in small batches
-Healing epsom salt and soothing, powdered coconut milk
-Cocoa butter and coconut oil leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed
-Quality, A grade essential oils

Seriously, treat yourself right. You deserve it.  – Lisa

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Camille Beckman Beauty Bath Coconut Milk and Epsom Salt Bath Soak

Don’t stress out – shop The Body Shop for awesome last minute gifts!

lastminuteheroI cannot believe that Christmas is only three days away! My shopping isn’t done yet…is yours? Fun fact from The Body Shop – 43% of people globally find buying presents very stressful, and interestingly, men actually stress about it more than women. The Body Shop makes it easy to pick up some quick, fun gifts that take the stress out of last-minute shopping. Seriously, they have something for everyone on your list!                                   samplesThe Body Shop

Actually, being a procrastinator pays off on the holidays because the prices just keep getting better and better!

The Body Shop is celebrating their 40th anniversary and their dedication to their campaign against animal testing with more than 120 gift sets – and every single one helps restore the rainforest and protect endangered species.

A never fail gift for those who celebrate Christmas is an ornament. The Body Shop has some super cute ornaments and some wonderfully practical ones, too.  The Body Shop Ornament

Committment Sponge Reggie Jr. ($6)  This cute little guy makes for a super fun ornament…and then an even better bath sponge! The Limited Edition Reggie Junior Commitment Sponge is a perfect gift for a niece or nephew. The Body Shop Strawberry Festive Butters BaubleThe Body Shop Strawberry Festive Butters BaubleThe Body Shop Strawberry Festive Butters Bauble

Strawberry Festive Butters Bauble ($10, on sale right now for $4!) Now here’s a perfect gift for a teacher or friend – the ornaments holds a yummy smelling Strawberry Body Butter as well as a hydrating Strawberry Lip Butter. This is a terrific buy because it’s a $14 Value!

The Body Shop The Finest Facial Mask DuoThe Body Shop The Finest Facial Mask Duo

The Body Shop The Finest Facial Mask Duo ($39, on sale now for just $15!) I adore these masks, and this gift duo is a great combo of deep cleansing and deep moisturizing. At this price, you will want to put two in your basket – one for a friend and one for yourself!

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops of SunThe Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops of SunThe Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops of Sun

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops of Sun ($20, on sale now for $12)  Give the gift of holiday glow with this fantastic liquid bronzer and highlighter! A few drops in foundation brighten up your look, and it’s also wonderful mixed with body lotion for softly glowing arms and decolletage. I know I would be thrilled to find this under the tree.

The Body Shop Color Crush Matte LipstickThe Body Shop LE Down to Earth Eyeshadow QuadThe Body Shop LE Down to Earth Eyeshadow QuadIf your giftee loves makeup, I am a big fan of The Body Shop’s new collection, which includes Colour Crush Matte Lipsticks ($12.50, on sale now for $7.50) and LE Eyeshadow Quads ($24 on sale now for $14.40).

The bottom line is, don’t stress out!  Shop online – free shipping now, yay! – or head over to the mall for some amazing gifts from The Body Shop that will make everyone on your list happy happy happy.  – Lisa

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A Quick Guide to Stocking Stuffers!

A Quick Guide to Stocking Stuffers!What makes for a good stocking stuffer?  Here are the 6 golden rules:

  1.  Make it affordable…spend the big bucks on presents under the tree. You can load up stocking stuffers and make that stocking bulge with gifts.
  2. Make it unexpected…get unique gifts that your giftee probably wouldn’t buy for herself.
  3. Make it flashy…who wants socks or tweezers?  No one, unless they are unusual and full of bling.
  4. Make it pretty….gorgeous gifts make for big squeals of delight.
  5. Make it practical.  Ok, I just told you DON’T make it practical…but I mean make it something your giftee will actually use, not something that will gather dust on a shelf.
  6. Make it relaxing.  Everyone can use some more ‘me time’. Great stocking stuffers give us all the perfect excuse to shut the door on reality and escape for a bit.

So, how about a list of awesome ideas for actual products that make the grade?  Ask and you shall receive!  We get a lot of samples around the holidays and these are my favorites for stocking stuffers.                                          pr samples

Jaqua Sweet Mini Hand Creme SamplerJaqua Sweet Mini Hand Creme Sampler
Affordable!  Four mini hand cremes that smell so you want to eat them? You can’t go wrong with the super affordable Jaqua Sweet Mini Hand Creme Sampler ($12.67).  The Buttercream Frosting Fragrance is delicious and the hand creme has Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Aloe to soothe dry winter hands and you only need a tiny amount so this set will last a very long time.

Funktional Wearable Fitness Tracker CoverFunktional Wearable Fitness Tracker CoverFunktional Wearable Fitness Tracker CoverFunktional Wearable Fitness Tracker CoverUnexpected!  Funktional Fitbit Charge/ Charge HR Protective Covers ($19) Your giftee has a Fitbit Charge, you’ve got to pick this up. The protective cover is a bit of bling and a lot of protection. I have a Fitbit and I have to say it’s not attractive…this pretty cover makes it look like jewelry. It comes in two designs and ten finishes for both men and women.

These covers work with  Fitbit® Flex™, Fitbit® Force™, Garmin® Vivofit™, Garmin® Vivofit™ 2, Misfit® Shine™, Misfit® Flash™, Jawbone® UpMove™ and nearly all the other current top-selling fitness trackers.

Funktional Wearables can be purchased directly at www.FunktionalWearables.com or from Amazon, and from select boutiques nationwide.

Inglot Nail Polish in 679 and 621

Inglot Nail Polish in 621 and 679

Inglot Nail Polish in 621 and 679

Flashy!  The Inglot 02M Breathable Nail Enamel is beauty with an awesome twist. The colors are fantastic and the nail polish can actually save your nails life! The Breathable Nail Enamel allows water and oxygen to pass through the polish – right to the nail which absolutely needs it.  INGLOT O2M Nail Enamel is available in a whopping 86 colors for $16.00. It is also available in Matte shades for $17.00. I love 621, a red with gold shimmer, and 679, a pearlescent pink. They are a fantastic way to fill a stocking with some great #ManiMondays.

Scunci Hair and Body TattoosScunci Hair and Body TattoosPretty!  The perfect size, the perfect price, and the perfect amount of pretty – Scunci Hair and Body Tattoos ($4.99 at Ulta.com and Target.com) decorate your wrists, arms and even hair. What a perfect stocking stuffer that your giftee can use on New Year’s Eve!

All Caps Hair Capall-capsAll Caps Hair CapAll Caps Hair CapPractical!  Your loved one will be thrilled when she pulls an All Caps ($52 at Amazon, select hair salons and spas) out of her stocking! This is beyond cool. It’s the  first-ever multi-function hair protection tool to preserve hair while you shower, sleep and spa! All Caps is much, much more than a traditional shower cap and it makes for an unexpected and wonderfully practical gift. It protects your blow-out, color, keratin treatment, and more.

Here’s what makes All Caps so unique:
  • Reversible hair styling preservation and treatment tool
  • Preserves and masks hair overnight
  • Protection cap during spray tansspa treatments and skincare routines
  • Deliberately crafted to be delicate on hair – a market FIRST! – leaving room for all types of hair
  • Adjustable to head circumference and hair length
  • Outside is a soft, hypoallergenic, waterproof PUL fabric
  • Inside is a static-reducing satin spandex material with an adjustable microfiber terry band
  • Comfortable on ears and will not leave an imprint on your forehead
  • Machine washable

This is a fantastic, practical gift that will quickly become a favorite for every day use.

Pearl Bath BombsPearl Bath BombsRelaxing!  Pearl Bath Bombs ($17.99) really are the bomb. Ok, so the price seems a little high for a bath bomb, even a nice big one. But these festive bath bombs have a wonderful surprise inside – a Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, or Gold plated ring between sizes 4-10. How fun is that???  The Frozen Berry bath bomb ‘swirls to create an enchanting winter wonderland right in your bath. Blackberry, pomegranate with twists of vanilla and cinnamon will warm your body and melt the iciest of moods!‘  Or, you might want to choose the Candy Cane Bath Bomb, ‘a swirling, red and white delight with an invigorating peppermint cream scent that’s meant to energize your skin and refresh your senses!’ There are tons more creative holiday bath bombs, as well as 3 and 4 packs. Everything is All Natural, Handmade in America, has Cruelty Free ingredients, Never Tested on Animals, 100% Vegan, Ethically Sourced, Free of Synthetic Dyes, Paraben Free and SLS Free.  pearlbathbombs.com

A Quick Guide to Stocking Stuffers!

There you have it – six awesome stocking stuffers that follow the six golden rules.  Have fun shopping and gifting…and pick up some of these for yourself because you deserve it.  – Lisa

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