Have some good sense and look into Two Good Scents (giveaway too)

The first thing you need to do when the postman comes ringing with your package of Two Good Scents bath and body products is to hide all spoons, serving utensils, and probably even bowls. When you open up a jar of goodness from Two Good Scents your nose will go into overdrive and you’ll be tempted to eat the items. Do not eat. You’ll enjoy your products for a much longer time if you use them as directed.

Two Good Scents

Two Good Scents

When Two Good Scents offered to send a sugar scrub for review and to share with 3 of our readers as well, I gladly read over the list of Sugar Body Scrubs that they’ve created and fell in love with the descriptions of several. I was very excited when I received 2 full size scrubs plus a sample. The scents sound so amazing and they are better in real life.

Two Good Scents

Two Good Scents

Two Good Scents is a company founded by two sisters who have always loved bath products. They put their brains and noses together and came up with a delicious list of fragrances including food, floral, tropical, and clean. They’ll be adding in some seasonal ones too. The scrubs are 8 oz each, cost $10, and there’s free shipping.

Two Good Scents yumminess

Two Good Scents yumminess

Sweet Pineapple Sugar Scrub is like being on a vacation. Take a sweet pineapple, add in some mango butter and jump in the shower. You won’t want to get out. Two Good Scents does the work for you, they just won’t be there to scrub you. You’ll want to do that yourself anyway.

Two Good Scents Sweet Pineapple Sugar Scrub

Two Good Scents Sweet Pineapple Sugar Scrub

I chose Lemon Cookie and I’m in love. It smells just like it sounds – sweet, lemony and vanilla. This scrub has aloe butter in it. You just won’t believe how it makes your skin feel. You’ll get out of your shower and just want to touch your skin.

Lemon Cookie Sugar Scrub from Two Good Scents

Lemon Cookie Sugar Scrub from Two Good Scents

The sample they added in to my package is Peaches & Cream. Talk about cute! Talk about luscious. This embodies it all. It’s a juicy Georgia peach with fluffy white marshmallow cream – side by side. I’m surprised this hasn’t been confiscated by my spouse.

Peaches and Cream - oh my

Peaches and Cream – oh my

These are not oily scrubs, they are a fine sugar that dissolves in the shower just leaving behind the smoothness of the butters used in the product (i.e.- aloe butter, shea butter, mango butter and more). Your skin will feel wonderfully soft and the lingering fragrance will delight your senses even though they do fade away. It’s hard for me to believe I’m sad when a fragrance is gone but the three I have are so wonderful I’m changing my ways. — Marcia

Two Good Scents ingredients

Two Good Scents ingredients

For our GIVEAWAY you’ll get to pick your own scent from the list available. You’ll have trouble narrowing it down but you must pick one for the giveaway (and you can buy as many as you like from their list). This is open through 8/30 at 11:59 p.m. EST. There are 3 winners and this is international!!

*products for review and giveaway are courtesy of Two Good Scents

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  1. Karla Sceviour says:

    I would chose lemon cookie,,yumm!

  2. they look SO good I would be temped to taste! LOL

  3. Oh oops! Watermelon Taffy or Coconut Cream…but they all sound amazing!

  4. rhonda hagy miller says:

    Coconut Cream

  5. I think they all sound great but something about Blossom tempts me the most.

  6. Diana Flynn says:

    Coconut cream!

  7. Andrea Darst says:

    tough choice, but I’d pick the VANILLA FLOWERS SUGAR SCRUB !

  8. Chelsea E. says:

    Popstar Sugar Scrub!

  9. sandy weinstein says:

    wow, so hard to pick, LEMON COOKIE SUGAR SCRUB . would like to try several of them, the coffee scrub

  10. I can’t pick just yet, they all look so wonderful!

  11. Alice Beerland says:


  12. cristi andreea says:


  13. coconut cream!

  14. SO many look good. I would love to try the

  15. teresa koedyker says:

    Coconut cream! Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. It’s a toss-up between Vanilla Flowers Sugar Scrub and the Rice Flower and Shea Sugar Scrub. My mouth is drooling over the scents.

  17. vanessa martinez says:

    vanilla flowers for sure

  18. I would pick the pineapple scented scrub. Using that scrub with a coconut body wash would be pinacolada goodness.

  19. cherry cupcake

  20. Rhonda W G. says:

    They ALL sound lovely but the Lemon Cookie stands out for I love citrus!

  21. Lemon cookie sounds so good! 🙂

  22. Mary Chez says:

    coconut cream

  23. Ecaterina T says:

    The lemon cookie one

  24. Blossom sugar scrub!

  25. I’d want the Blossom Sugar Scrub!! (:

  26. Stephanie says:

    Root Beer Float

  27. I’d love to try the Coffee Mocha scrub first! I’ll have to pick up some of these for gifts, they sound yummy!

  28. Peaches and Cream! Yum!

  29. That’s tough! I would love either the coffee mocha or sweet pineapple!

  30. I’d try the Blossom sugar scrub!

  31. OMG they all look so yummy! I would really like the
    POPSTAR SUGAR SCRUB it sounds amazzing 😀

  32. Nicole Millheim says:

    I love the Coconut cream

  33. They all sound wonderful but I think I’d really like the VANILLA FLOWERS SUGAR SCRUB! The scent and the Shea butter sound fantastic!

  34. All of these sound way too good… I think that I may have to go with peaches and cream or coffee mocha!

  35. If I win I’d like the COFFEE MOCHA SUGAR SCRUB.

  36. So many! Coconut Cream Pie, Popstar, Vanilla Flowers, maybe ALL OF THEM!!!


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