What did the PopSugar Must Have box bring me for November?

PopSugar Must Have for November

Opening the PopSugar Must Have box for November reminds me of Oprah’s Favorite Things show without all the screaming. PopSugar is curated by a group of experts and they pick their favorite things each month. Like Oprah’s show though the favorites too have to be things that these companies are willing to “give” to the subscribers for the publicity.

The November box is a smaller box than last month’s, even the size of the actual container is smaller. It contains more than I first realized though. If you’ve seen my previous openings then you know they follow a pattern – fitness, food, beauty, adornment , brains and usually a coupon or two.

Mandy Ingber Yogalosophy DVD

FitnessMandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy DVD, an interesting choice that reminds me of the first box’s DVD on exercise. Mandy Ingber is Jennifer Aniston’s yoga teacher so I’m sure this is a great DVD if I did yoga (which I don’t!).

Stone Kitchen doughnut mix

Food – I’m glad I wasn’t hungry when I opened the box since the food wasn’t instant gratification like last month’s gummy bears. Instead it’s a Stonewall Kitchen Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mix. It’s pretty heavy and looks good. The problem is that you need a doughnut pan which I don’t have nor will I (even though I eyed it at Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day). (value $10)

La Boite spice mix trio

Recipe card for La Boite

In addition to the doughnuts there’s an unusual trio of spice mixes from La Boite. As a non-adventurous eater they don’t fit my style but they are interesting even if I’ve never heard of Reims, Cancale or Yemen.  Here’s what I found on two of the three: “Cappuccino or iced tea will sparkle with the warm ginger and top-of-the-line cinnamon in the Yemen blend and Reims is delicious rubbed on grilled meats or sprinkled into crock-pot stews.” And on Cancale: “Fleur de Sel, Orange, Fennel bring the fragrant breezes of the Mediterranean to your kitchen. Try this with fish dishes and whatever else strikes your fancy.” (Not sure of the value but I found one spice for $15)

Mor Lip Macaron

Beauty – a Mor lip balm called Macaron in French Vanilla. Nice, handy, but is that all? A cute tin of lip balm? Disappointing but the box doesn’t promise to be for beauty lovers. (Value $10)


image from gorjana.com

Gorjana leather bracelet shown open

Gorjana Parker leather bracelet

Adornment – an Oxblood leather Parker bracelet by Gorjana. This comes in a black box and is actually ready for gift giving. It’s a $55 value so that pays for the box.


Snow & Graham thank you cards

Brains– well sort of brainy, a package of thank you notes by Snow & Graham. Good timing with the holidays coming up. It’s a reminder of forgotten manners in this age of technology. (Value $15)

Canvas and Stylemint cards

Online shopping – There are two cards to order things. One is a $30 voucher at Canvas Pop to have a photo put on canvas.  The other is a card to order a tee shirt from Stylemint, which is one of the Olson twins companies. It’s actually a very Oprah thing to do since you get to pick your own size and color. Personally I could fit both of the Olson girls in one of my tee shirts since they are miniature sizes but my sister is a great candidate for this shirt. The only problem is that you have to join Stylemint to use the card.

Have you heard me screaming? I don’t think so but picture being in the audience of the show and you can imagine what you’d hear. It is interesting and will get some use but I’d probably wish I’d have been picked for last year’s show.  I got my $35 worth, it’s just not my personal “favorite” things. I am looking forward to the December box though and am hoping for a better beauty selection. Of all the subscription boxes I get this one is actually the most interesting and always filled with surprises. If these types of items (or the ones I’ve previously reviewed) look interesting I’d love it if you used my link which would help me earn a free box. More to review, more to give away in BIZ giveaways. Thanks! — Marcia

*nothing to disclose but there is an affiliate link if you choose to use it: http://popsu.gr/yqR


  1. I like that bracelet–kinda rocker chic

  2. I’m a huge fan of Gorjana. I have a few leather wraps like the one above, a few earrings, and a necklace. I like the variety of these boxes.

  3. Liz, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I was very impressed by this. PopSugar has introduced me to lines I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

  4. Cindy, that’s me all the way – rocker chic!

  5. What an interesting assortment of stuff. It’s pretty funny having a donut mix and a yoga DVD in the same box- LOL!!

  6. I didn’t even think of that Lola. Do you eat the donut and then do yoga? Or do yoga and treat yourself after?

  7. I was kicking myself for not getting this November box – probably because the donuts, bracelet and MOR balm look so good!

  8. The donuts look delicious but how do I make them without a donut maker?? The bracelet is terrific. The MOR Balm will be a gift.

  9. I keep debating this box. You definitely get your money’s worth if you can use the items.

  10. It must have been so much fun to open this box. I think you need to eat the donuts WHILE doing yoga!

  11. Carol, someone needs to make the donuts for me. I’ll gladly do the yoga if they’d do that.

  12. Another interesting Pop Sugar box! LOVE the bracelet and I would definitely be in line buying myself a donut maker for that mix!!

  13. The donut mix is so tempting. I wish I could figure out how to make them without the machine!
    The bracelet is very pretty. It’s a fun, interesting box to subscribe to and not filled with samples which makes it unique.