How charming is Boxycharm?

Boxycharm subscription box
Boxycharm subscription box

Have you discovered Boxycharm yet? It’s a monthly subscription that contains full size products only. I’m on my 4th month now and I’ve read to receive a sample. Each month there are 4-5 goodies for $21 per month including shipping. I’ve been negligent about reviewing even though I have taken pictures and it’s time I got on the stick here. Each box comes with a card describing the products and prices. The box I’m sharing today has a value of approximately $133.

Information card from Boxycharm
Information card from Boxycharm
Boxycharm for July 2015
Boxycharm for July 2015

So what do we have? How about a mascara from the UK, a blush brush, transparent setting powder, conditioning spray for hair and a lip liner? The only difference in the boxes this month is that some people received a lip liner and some an eyebrow pencil. I’m a happy camper with an international twist (US, Canada, UK, Sweden).

Boxycharm Ofra Lip Liner in Maya and YourMinerals Transparent Veil
Boxycharm Ofra Lip Liner in Maya and YourMinerals Transparent Veil

It’s always a pleasure to see an OFRA product in any of the subscriptions I get. I love learning about this line and what better way to do it! In my box is the OFRA Cosmetics Lip Liner in Maya ($13). This is a brick red so it’s different than what I typically buy and a nice addition to my cosmetic collection. It applies smoothly and lasts well. I’ve used it to darken some of my very very pale lipsticks. It blends well with a lip brush to get the change.

yourMinerals Transparent Veil Setting Powder is the medium full size ($26). This is a Swedish line that is all natural. “Transparent Veil is a transparent fixing powder for the foundation that settles like a soft transparent veil over skin. The ultralight silk texture gives a nice smooth surface by minimizing fine lines and pores. The skin is kept matte and the makeup will perfectly stay all day. Apply over your foundation for a flawless performance. For you who quickly gets a blank/shiny face, this Transperent Veil is the perfect tool!” I haven’t used this yet since I have too many powders open but I appreciate the packaging because I know that I can peel back the sticky label, cut it partway down and be able to get the right amount of product out the perforations in the top.

MDMflow Greater Than Mascara
MDMflow Greater Than Mascara

I love trying new mascaras and MDMflow Greater Than Volumising Mascara is very new. So new in fact that it has will become available for sale in late July at Boxycharm’s website for $35. Currently it’s only sold in the UK for 21 pounds so this is a sneak peak. I’ve worn it now for a few days and I am finding it to be very pigmented. So far I don’t notice that much volume but I think this is the kind of mascara that will do better in a few weeks. Some mascaras are like wine and need to age, this one will age well. It’s a very dark black and it removes without much effort. So far no clumping, no flaking and no smudging. I’m really happy about this product in my Boxycharm.

Vasanti Profession Blush Brush
Vasanti Profession Blush Brush
Vasanti Profession Blush Brush
Vasanti Profession Blush Brush

I do happy dances when I find a brush in my subscriptions and this one from VASANTI made me do a jig. Vasanti is a fabulous Canadian company and this $29 brush is made with high-quality nylon fibers and applies blush and powder effortlessly. I’m a very pleased cosmetic applier with this Vasanti Profession Blush Brush.

GORGE I'll make you look amazing daily spray
GORGE I’ll make you look amazing daily spray

Normally you’ll find me yawning when I receive anything to do with hair. I am pretty picky about what I use and I don’t like to switch too often. But GORGE* I’LL MAKE YOU LOOK AMAZING DAILY SPRAY ($29.95) took away the yawn and made me use it the next day. This is a leave in conditioner that they call “magical”. While it didn’t turn my hair into the sexiest ever, it sure made my hair look great. My hair looks shiny and it didn’t get frizzy!! According to gorge* there are 10 reasons you want to use this! 1) Repairs damaged hair. 2) Instantly adds shine 3) Detangles like no other! 4) Seals and protects hair color 5) Prevents split ends 6) Stops hair breakage 7) Creates amazing silkiness 8) Protects from heat 9) Enhances natural body 10) Helps with flat irons. Pretty big promises but they seem to be accurate. This has a coconut fragrance which does linger but surprisingly hasn’t bothered me.

July 2015 Boxycharm subscription
July 2015 Boxycharm subscription

This is a wonderful way to spend $21. I know that buying subscription boxes is taking a chance but when you get products as nice as these, it’s totally worth it.

Boxycharm has a referral program and a way to earn points towards their products. It’s called earning Charms and I’ve used my link in this review in case you decide to subscribe. I’m really happy that I found this box and can’t wait to see what else is in store for me. Have you subscribed to Boxycharm? Would you consider it? — Marcia

*nothing to disclose


  1. Lola Seicento | 24th Jul 15

    Are you kidding me?! All of these great things in that one box? You are getting so much for $21.00! I may need to get this, as in ASAP!

  2. [email protected] | 24th Jul 15

    I’ve been so impressed with each of the Boxycharm boxes I’ve seen reviewed since the beginning of the year! The contents are always incredible. Love this box, and especially the beautiful brush and lipliner

  3. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 24th Jul 15

    I love the product selection for $21 – it’s a great deal!

  4. Destany | 24th Jul 15

    That is a really nice product selection for $21!

  5. Julie | 24th Jul 15

    You got some great goodies! A full sizes makes this box such a steal!

  6. Erika | 24th Jul 15

    I’ve read good things about Boxycharm. I may try this one.

  7. Jamie | 24th Jul 15

    This box sounds amazing!

  8. Chelsea | 24th Jul 15

    I still haven’t tried this box, but I think I want to soon! I’d be super excited about the Gorge spray.

  9. Miranda Mendoza | 24th Jul 15

    I’m always so happy with my Boxycharm!!

  10. Heather | 24th Jul 15

    Wow, can’t believe you got so much in one box!

  11. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 24th Jul 15

    I have tried a few Boxycharm boxes and I loved them all! That spray sounds great!

  12. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 24th Jul 15

    Good selection for a box for like this. Love that everything is full size!

  13. Honeygirlk | 25th Jul 15

    I think that brush would make me do a jig too… lol this looks like a nice selection of goodies.

  14. Renu | 25th Jul 15

    That is insane value for money! I love that the products came from all over the world.

  15. Anastasia | 25th Jul 15

    Wow, that mascara sounds very interesting! It’s cool that Boxycharm subscribers got a preview of a new product.

  16. Phyrra | 25th Jul 15

    I like how you get to preview new things! That’s a benefit that most sub boxes are missing.

  17. Maryann D. | 26th Jul 15

    I never heard of Boxycharm. I would love this and my daughter also!

  18. Bailey | 26th Jul 15

    Ooh, some great products. The hair stuff sounds really interesting and I love that they included Vasnti (love them!)

  19. Lisa Heath | 26th Jul 15

    I got this box in and was so excited!

  20. Jess Scull | 27th Jul 15

    BoxyCharm is one of the best out there! Great box!

  21. Shipra | 27th Jul 15

    I have heard such great things about this subscription box! Definitely will try it one day! <3

  22. Kendra | 27th Jul 15

    Wow, looks like you get a ton of stuff! impressive

  23. Nataile Brown | 28th Jul 15

    You received some really nice products! My favorites are the powder and make-up brush. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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