Goodebox, the subscription that includes everyone (with a giveaway too)

goodebox-blue-logoYou may not have heard of Goodebox but after reading this today your world will be expanded by the goodness of this subscription. When subscription boxes first came on the scene they were innovative but they left out a whole section of beauty lovers – those that wanted vegan products, gluten-free products, organic and more. Those of us that want a natural beauty experience will benefit from Goodebox.goodebox intro


Beauty Info Zone was chosen to receive two previous month’s boxes to introduce you to their service. It’s a subscription that costs between $18 and $21 depending on the plan you choose. Each box is filled with natural beauty items and wellness products. You can choose to receive a box monthly or every other month.

How do you know if you are a candidate for Goodebox? Ask yourself these questions:

1.  Do you prefer cleaner beauty? If your answer is yes because you like cruelty free, cleaner products that contain natural wellness and sustainability, then you are on the right path.

2.  Do you value curated products that are right for your lifestyle? If you do then you know that sometimes that comes with a little extra cost. But at $21 a month maximum, this isn’t really more than a lot of the subscriptions available.

3.  Do you enjoy a variety of products? Your Goodebox could be filled with skin care, cosmetics, hair care, and wellness products; all of which are from sustainable companies.

4.  Do you like to try before you buy? The beauty of subscription boxes is that you get to try samples and full size items of products that you might be interested in before committing to paying full price.

As much as we aren’t ready for the winter holidays, it really is time to start thinking about what to buy? A subscription to Goodebox is a perfect solution for that woman you know who you think is picky but really just has discerning taste and knows what products are best for her life.


The August box is a great mix of hair, body, and color items. Inside this natural wellness box are three body products (including one full size), one hair product, and one eyeshadow (the second full size product!).

August Goodebox

August Goodebox

August Goodebox

The first item I tried was the full size Zoe Organics Insect Repellent ($22). I live by a gorgeous biking trail and I always get a mosquito bite or two when I ride so I sprayed this on, hopped on my bike and dared the bugs to bite me. Guess what? The bugs left me alone, so I am loving this 100% organic blend of botanical oils.

The next body item, Kahina Giving Beauty FEZ Body Serum, is a beautiful body oil made with rose and orange blossoms, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, cumin, and clove. The .5 oz sample size is a $16 value and a full size 200mL is $98.  There are some amazing body oils on the market now and they are expensive so it’s great to get a nice large sample size to try. This is a very fragrant oil, so I use it both right after showering (a little goes a long way when skin is damp) and as a fragrance dabbed onto my wrists.

August Goodebox

The third body item is the Lovefresh Sweet Orange Patchouli Deodorant. This is a 2 oz. travel size deodorant (you can buy this on their website for $15, the 4 oz. size is $25) that has no nasty chemicals. The ingredients include Fair Trade Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Kaolin Clay, Sodium Bicarbonate (aluminum-free), Emulsifying Wax (coconut derived) and natural organic essential oils. The Sweet Orange Patchouli scent is gorgeous, and all natural deodorants are perfect for those with sensitive skin.

August Goodebox

The one hair item in the August box is the Josh Rosebrook Lift Hair Texture & Volume. This is a large sample size with a value of $5.50, a 4 oz. full size product is $22. Lift Hair Texture & Volume is an herbal spray texturizer with organic yucca plant.  I sprayed this on the base of my hair before blow drying and it definitely gave me some lift and volume. I noticed it especially on my bangs – the effect was more subtle on my longer layers.

August Goodebox

The final goodie in the August Goodebox is a full size 1g Au Naturale Eyeshadow ($15). The box has one of two shades, either Mojave (plum purple with violet sheen) or Gold Dust (gold with pink undertones).  My box has Gold Dust and I am THRILLED with this shade!! I used to be a major pigment collector but I haven’t used them much in the last year or so. Gold Dust rekindles my love for loose pigments…this gorgeous eyeshadow makes my eyes look bigger, brighter….better!

The 222 sponge tip

The Make Up For Ever 222 Sponge Tip

I find that the best brush to use with it is my Make Up For Ever 222 Sponge Applicator.  It picks up the pigment and perfectly presses it on (ooooh I love unintentional alliteration!).  I adore this eyeshadow so much that now I want all 35 shades. Besides gorgeousness, other reasons to want the Au Naturale Eyeshadow? It’s natural, gluten-free, paraben-free, vegan, non-nano, bismuth oxychloride-free, sulfate-free, carmine-free, and made in the USA. Plus, the eye shadow is pure minerals – no fillers.

I am beyond impressed with my Goodebox.  It’s a great value and the carefully curated items are wonderful natural beauty discoveries.  Nicely done!!


September 2015 Goodebox

September 2015 Goodebox

The September box was all beauty oriented making me a happy recipient. Four skincare products (1 full size) and one full size cosmetic item made up the contents of the September Goodebox. 5 natural and organic items plus 5 small cards to describe them make this an interesting box to receive.

Let’s start with the 100% PURE DARK CHOCOLATE MASCARA ($25 and full size) is a 100% natural mascara meant to lengthen, separate, and thicken lashes leaving you with a glossy look. The ingredients are all good for you, 100% good! It contains fruit pigments and cocoa to color it (not vegan since it contains beeswax) along with ProVitamin B5, Vitamin E, Oat and Wheat proteins to condition your lashes. It’s so rare to receive anything other than a black mascara that this is a treat for a lot of people with lighter lashes.

TREAT SHERBET LIP SCRUB  is the other full size product ($24) in the box and I just love it. It looks like a giant lip balm but when you open it you can see the sugary goodness. This not only exfoliates your lips but it conditions and plumps them. The texture at first feels a tiny bit scrubby but then it dissolves as you buff it in and leaves a creamy delicious taste behind. Just lick off any crystals that haven’t dissolved. I’ve used this on bare lips and over a lip product. It’s a vegan treat by Treat Beauty.

Treat Sherbet Lip Scrub (Goodebox)

Treat Sherbet Lip Scrub (Goodebox)

KUMARI NOURISHING BODY OIL in MAGNOLIA & SANDALWOOD is a totally organic product. A full size is 4 oz at $38 so this 1 oz deluxe sample is worth $9.50 and will give you a great idea of the efficacy of this nourishing body oil. Once you discover the magic of a body oil, you won’t want to go back. This one by Kumari contains organic oils and botanicals for glowing supple skin. It’s a lightweight and non-greasy formula.



AVITALIN C CONCENTRATE OPTIMAL SKIN PROTECTOR is one of the most different products I’ve had in a subscription box. This little jar contains a combination of 20% L-ascorbic acid and 0.8% ferulic acid to provide protection from environmental damage while creating a brighter, smoother and more radiant complexion. I haven’t tried this yet because of other skincare I’m testing but this light citrus smelling concentrate seems like it could be a very potent and useful serum. It’s in a dark amber tinted bottle to protect it from light. A full size of this is 1 oz. and $68. This is stated to be 0.5 oz and valued at $34.



S.W. BASICS CREAM is just named Cream. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But it’s what this cream in a cute little glass jar can do for you that counts. Cream is a very rich product that is the main item in the S.W. Basics line. This is a very rich moisturizer that is targeted toward body use. S.W. Basics Cream is made from only 3 ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. That’s it. No fillers, no fragrance, no synthetics, no water. At over 60% shea butter, you better believe it absorbs deep into thirsty skin and stays there! While I tried this I’m saving it for winter to bring my skin back to life. The shea butter comes from a Fair Trade women’s cooperative in Ghana; then they add organic extra-virgin coconut oil and organic extra-virgin olive oil. What more can you ask for? This vegan product can be used on your face but I’m saving it for my dry legs, feet and elbows. A full size 3 oz jar retails for $32 so this 0.7 oz jar is valued at $9.50 by me.

S.W. Basics Cream (Goodebox)

S.W. Basics Cream (Goodebox)

The September Goodebox was worth $104 and to top that off there’s a $5 off $15 Target g.c. good through 12/31/15 off Made to Matter products from 31 brands (like Ben & Jerry’s, SW Basics, Mrs. Meyer’s, Pacifica, Method, JR Watkins).

September 2015 Goodebox products

September 2015 Goodebox products

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: One lucky US subscriber is going to win a Goodebox from the company. The box will be a surprise to you so we hope you’ll report back to us which box you received and what was in it. There are two requirements on our Rafflecopter – you must be a BIZ subscriber and you must comment. Everything else is a bonus. You can tweet daily to increase your chances of winning. Don’t you want to be the one that receives a surprise in the mail from Goodebox? You have until October 23rd to enter. If comments close, email us at [email protected] with the subject GOODEBOX to make your comment and continue on. Good luck and good health from Goodebox and the BIZ.

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*all products received from Goodebox and prize will be mailed by them


  1. Michelle Castagne says:

    I like that you can try products before buying the full size to see if you like it.

  2. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i like that they give you 1 or 2 full size products and that they are all natural, or organic. i also like the products are from sustainable companies.

  3. I’m all for organic.

  4. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I really like that you can do it monthly with delivery or every other month do what works for you

  5. I like that the products are more skin healthy than the regular ones on the market.

  6. I’ve been wanting to try Goodebox for awhile. I am all for the idea of putting natural, non toxic items onto your face and body.

  7. Holly Thomas says:

    I like that it gives you the chance to try out products before purchasing full size products and also it’s a huge plus for organic!

  8. Andrea Darst says:

    I love the variety of products!

  9. The best things are that they have natural products, and I love trying new things.

  10. Lindy Davison says:

    I only use natural products because I hate harsh and dangerous chemicals. Either way I’m subscribing to this box. Thank you!

  11. Katherine Riley says:

    I love trying new things.

  12. Tanya devenney says:

    I really like that its all natural and organic also its nice to try a product out before buying it.

  13. jeanette sheets says:

    love they offer all natural products

  14. Priscilla S. says:

    I love discovering new natural and organic brands and products. Goodebox would be a great, fun way to try new items every month.

  15. Rebecca B says:

    I’m finding more and more that the natural products just feel better.

  16. I like all the organic products. I would share with a special friend.

  17. Angela Saver says:

    I love that the Goodebox gives me organic products to try before I purchase a full-sized product!

  18. amybelle2001 says:

    I like the fact that you can try different products without having to buy an entire container.

  19. I like how the products are all natural.

  20. I like that it’s cruelty free.

  21. tina reynolds says:

    I like trying unique new products I might not have know about

  22. I LOVE that the products are natural– thank you for the chance to win!

  23. I love the idea of getting a package full of surprises in the mail! It’d be a fun treat!

  24. I love that it’s curated with natural products. Sometimes it can be intimidating to try new organic or vegan products, but this is a way to sample lots of different things with a reasonable investment.

  25. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    I like a variety of product that I wouldn’t typically buy. It is fun to try new stuff.


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