Makeup splurges for better or worse

What constitutes a makeup splurge? Is it money? Is it the lack of resistance? Is it weakness? I say it all depends on the situation. A splurge can be something that’s $5 or something that’s $100. It’s all what you believe you want rather than just need. Today I’m featuring 7 products that I feel I splurged on. Some are worth every cent, some are regrets. Please check out my choices to see if you agree.  —  Marcia


Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 10

This is my most expensive splurge and one I’m on the fence about. $95 is a lot to spend on a palette but it does have 10 gorgeous shades that are outside of my comfort zone to some degree. The shades are #56p Pearl (champagne toned shimmer), #06p Anthrazit (charcoal black with a subtle silver shimmer), #47p Dark Sepia (dark chocolate brown with a slight gold shimmer), #02m Blue Space (rich royal blue with a shimmer finish), #27m Slate (vivid purple shimmer), #19m Deep Teal (intense teal shimmer), #25m Aura (cream white with a gold iridescent finish), #13m Raw Gold (deep gold with a bronze undertone), #87m Light Coral (peach shadow with a subtle gold shimmer), #07m Graphite (dark grey with silver shimmer).

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 10

As you can see these are all shimmer shades but the extent of the shimmer is unique to each shade. It’s really not the most practical palette because of all the shimmer. The problem for me isn’t the cost though but the quality of the shades isn’t uniform. Some apply easily while others want to fight with me.

WAS THIS A GOOD SPLURGE?  Depends, it got me over my Natasha Denona craving and I didn’t buy the more expensive palettes. I like this but I can’t say I love it. (Swatches from Sephora, mine don’t look like this though)


After falling in love with Pretty Vulgar Early Bird Eyeshadow palette I was anxious for more. But I’m a pretty staid individual colorwise so I went with the tried and true. Considering I have 357962 nude and brown palettes did I need this? That’s why it’s a splurge, I don’t need it.

Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette

WAS THIS A GOOD SPLURGE? I’m the wishy washy queen right now because I haven’t decided. I’ve had it for a few weeks and haven’t touched it. Some of the Early Bird shadows are disappointing and I’m worried that I’ll find that here too. What to do?

Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette


Once I saw the Dior Metalizers reviewed I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Metallics are hot for fall and I’ve always loved metallics in accessories and cosmetics. I chose Bronze Tension – mistake! It’s too dark and doesn’t blend well on me.

Dior Metalizer Cream Shadow in Bronze Tension

I want to like this so badly that I can taste it. I love to start with a cream shadow and use it as a base or to highlight powders. But I picked the wrong shade. I don’t see any metallic on my eyes with this very dark shade. (inject crying emoji here)

Dior Metalizer Cream Shadow in Bronze Tension

WAS THIS A GOOD SPLURGE? Obviously not which saddens me.


There’s a story behind buying this mascara. I received a sample size in one of my subscriptions and put it aside for a while. When cleaning to move I find it and tried it. I totally fell in love with it. Wearing Stila Huge was like being granted false eyelashes. You know I couldn’t wait to buy this in spite of having umpteen unopened mascaras.

Stila Huge Extreme Mascara
Stila Huge Extreme Mascara

Well … the tube I bought is a dud. Some days my lashes look totally amazing, other days they are a mushy mess. I’ve determined that the problem is that the opening for the wand is too large which makes too much mascara coming out. There’s none of that satisfying sound you hear when opening a tube. Even cleaning it off doesn’t guarantee that I’ll love my lashes that day.

WAS THIS A GOOD SPLURGE? With mascara you just never know what you’re going to get. One tube can make angels sing, the next tube can make them cry. This makes my lashes cry 50% of the time.


The Artis Palm Brush is absolutely incredible. My words can not describe how much I love this brush and the Artis Oval 10 brush. Yes expensive, yes worth every cent to me. Here’s a description that explains the Palm Brush: “A brush with a generously sized, rounded oval of fibers to provide coverage to a larger areas of the face and body. It features more than 250,000 fibers. Artis brushes are made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary engineered fiber made for applying cosmetic and makeup products.”

Artis Palm Brush

I use this and the Oval 10 for liquid foundation since I can’t believe the softness of the brushes and the airbrushed application.

WAS THIS A GOOD SPLURGE? Without a doubt. Even though I have the Oval 10 which is the same except that the Palm brush doesn’t have a handle, I wanted this and caved. Happy happy.


So I found myself in Ulta without a plan to buy anything and I came across the infamous Tarte Shape Tape. When Shape Tape first came out you couldn’t find it anywhere not even Tarte’s website. That made the hunt more real. The last thing I needed was another concealer.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Fair Beige

This very fat tube and very fat wand are quite interesting. I’ve always liked the concealers that Tarte makes and this one intrigued me. There are 14 shades to choose from and several that are light enough for me. After much deliberation I chose Fair Beige which I now see is for fair skin with pink undertones. The color choice was right.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Fair Beige

Ulta explains how to use this as a contour and as a concealer. I mainly use it under my eyes. I rarely start a day with concealer but I do add it if I’m going somewhere later in the day or evening. “Powered by Amazonian clay and conditioning mango seed and shea butters, the nutrient-rich concealer helps promote skin elasticity and illumination with each crease-free application.”

WAS THIS A GOOD SPLURGE? At first I didn’t think so but it’s really grown on me. I have a ton of concealers and wondered why I bought another, but I’m glad I did. It doesn’t crease under my eyes and does a good job of covering everything up.


Now this was a true splurge. I actually had no intention of buying this and then suddenly it was in my cart and on my CC. Hmm. I did no research into this other than knowing that Kjaer Weis was a luxury brand and that the reviews were amazing. But it’s a cream blush and I’m a nut for cream blush.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush

The first thing to know is that this is the heaviest cosmetic I own. It could be used as a weapon. The metal compact is beautiful on my vanity and slides open to display the creamiest of all cream blushes.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Blossoming

Blossoming is a beautiful light peachy pink shade that is subtle yet shows up perfectly on my fair skin. I’m totally in love with this color.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Blossoming

Kjaer Weiss blush is – Certified organic – Formulated with Rose Rubiginosa Seed Oil to fight signs of aging – Free from gluten, petroleum, parabens, artificial coloring and fragrance. This comes in 5 shades that all look totally amazing to me. Lovely is on my list for the next time I “need” to splurge.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Blossoming

This isn’t a cream to powder but it’s not sticky. I apply a light amount of setting powder to my cheeks first and then use my finger to blend the cream on. It melts onto my finger and applies like buttah! It’s infused with Castor Seed and Jojoba Oils to help strengthen and nourish the skin and has a Beeswax base that’s well-suited to all complexions.

WAS THIS A GOOD SPLURGE? Yes yes and yes again. I love it and when I can afford it I’ll purchase another.

Makeup Splurges
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What’s the verdict on my makeup splurges? Would you buy any of these yourself? Do you have any of these? I’d love for you to share.  —  Marcia

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  1. Lola Seicento | 28th Aug 17

    I absolutely LOVE how you conceived of this post– it’s very useful to hear about when a splurge doesn’t pan out! It is really too bad that the quality of the Natasha Denona shadows was not consistent! At that exorbitant price point one should expect excellent quality across the board! I agree with you about the Artis Palm Brush– it is my most reached for brush! That Kjaer Weis Cream Blush is GORGEOUS and perfect for you!

  2. Brooke | 28th Aug 17

    I’m seriously having panic attacks that I don’t have that Pretty Vulgar palette OR the Natasha Palette…. they’re so gorgeous!

  3. Linda M | 28th Aug 17

    I want to try the Tarte Shape Tape the next time I need a concealer. There have been so many positive reviews on it. Do you actually apply foundation with the Artis Palm Brush or is it used afterward to sort of airbrush the look?

  4. Gabrielle | 28th Aug 17

    Thank you for this honest, helpful post. I’ve been on the fence about trying Pretty Vulgar (their name doesn’t seem to fit what they offer, to be frank) and you’ve pretty much talked me out of it, so thanks for saving me money. But now I want an Artis brush more than ever, so the money you saved me you just spent for me.

  5. beautyin | 28th Aug 17

    @Linda M, I apply the foundation with my fingers by dabbing it on, then I use the Artis to blend.

    @Gabrielle, Artis is the perfect splurge and unlike anything you own already.

  6. Shilpa | 29th Aug 17

    I would surely buy Tarte Shape Tape,..

  7. Courtney | 29th Aug 17

    I don’t have that Pretty Vulgar palette, but I wouldn’t mind picking it up.

  8. Phyrra | 29th Aug 17

    I like the top row of the Natasha Denona palette.

  9. Audrey Stewart | 29th Aug 17

    I love the way Pretty Vulgar is packaged.

  10. Erika | 29th Aug 17

    I am positively drooling over Artis brushes. I have a couple of lovely knockoffs that only fuel my hunger for the originals. One day… I must have some.

  11. nichole costa | 29th Aug 17

    I never splurge on cosmetics like these, but I like seeing what other folks buy.

  12. Kathryne | 29th Aug 17

    Natasha Denona remains on my wish list. I haven’t been experimental lately with eye makeup so I can’t justify the hefty tag. The rest are great recommendations

  13. Never Say Die Beauty | 29th Aug 17

    OMG, that blush is everything!! I have never heard of that brand, but I adore creams and that shade is my favorite too. You are encouraging me to spend more money, lol!! I feel the same way about the Shape Tape. I don’t use it that often but when I do, I like it a lot.

  14. The Jedi Wife | 29th Aug 17

    Shape Tape is THE concealer to use, at least according to a lot of people I follow! I have yet to try it myself, and just need to get to the store to see shade options. I’m intrigued by Natasha Denona, but the costs is definitely a turn off.

  15. Norah | 29th Aug 17

    I caved to Natasha Denona last year, no regrets, it is a gorgeous eye makeup product.

  16. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 29th Aug 17

    Oh my gosh, that blush looks amazing! That would be my only splurge.

  17. Naked Without Polish | 29th Aug 17

    That Nightingale palette has some lovely shades!

  18. Kristi V BeginNails | 29th Aug 17

    Great haul! I love that pretty vulgar palette. Bummer about the Dior. The first palette has some really pretty colors and not something I’d wear all that often, but sometimes I think we need to treat ourselves every so often.

  19. Polarbelle | 29th Aug 17

    I’ve been absolutely dying for the Artis palm brush

  20. Polarbelle | 29th Aug 17

    also, I’d love to see your swatches of the ND 10 pan.

  21. Krystal E | 29th Aug 17

    Ooh I love this! I really like watching empties videos and this is almost along the same lines! That one brush look amazing.

  22. CosmetopiaDigest | 30th Aug 17

    I only have a Natasha Denona blush duo that I love so much! I want some of the eyeshadow palettes – maybe I’ll get one in the Beautylish Lucky Bag!

  23. Stepford Witch | 30th Aug 17

    Heard so much about tarte tape shape, i want to try it!

  24. betzy cuellar | 30th Aug 17

    I need to try that Tarte concealer. It’s been on my list for some time now.

  25. Honeygirlk | 30th Aug 17

    I’ve been eyeing that Pretty Vulgar Palette… such pretty colors and loving all the selections that you included in this post.

  26. Ehmkay nails | 30th Aug 17

    What a fun post! Probably one of my favorites here! $95 is just too much on a palette for me but I want to try pretty vulgar.

  27. Mai | 30th Aug 17

    I’m always down for a splurge…if I can get someone to pay for it. I try to save my gift cards for any major splurges I want to get

  28. Polished Hippy | 31st Aug 17

    Thanks for your takes on all these products. I splurge regularly on nail stuff but have been skipping most makeup lately.

  29. Joyce Chitwood | 1st Sep 17

    The Blush always gets me and the shape tape not creasing I’m almost up for the challenge on my eyes. Lol.

  30. Nikki | 1st Sep 17

    The packaging on all of the Pretty Vulgar products is so cute, I love it. That Natasha Denona palette is gorgeous and I love the colors but I cannot justify that price. It just seems insane to me to charge that much for an eyeshadow palette.

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  32. Nina | 4th Sep 17

    I love the Nightingale palette!

  33. Brittany | 9th Sep 17

    Nooooo, so sorry to see that that Dior Creme Shadow wasn’t great for you. I’ve had my eyes (hehe, see what I did there?) on those!

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