Orange is the New Black POPI Soap Collection

orangeisthenewblackHave you ‘binge watched’ a TV show yet? There really isn’t anything like it. A typical season is 13 episodes for cable and in the 20’s for network TV. Watching an entire season all in a row is a dream come true for those of us with instant gratification issues…no need to wait an entire week to find out who slept with whom/who died/who realized it was all a dream! Of course, this also means assiduously avoiding any spoilers while the actual season is unfolding. I’ve been doing that for five seasons of Mad Men and let me tell you, it ain’t easy.

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I discovered Orange is the New Black after the first season was already over, so if I had read any spoilers I didn’t even remember them. I watched the first episode to see if it came close to being as awesome as The Sopranos, something a friend of mine loudly declared to be a total truth. I had very serious doubts, but after that first episode I was HOOKED. And I hadn’t even planned on a binge session!! That meant sleepy mornings from late nights, secret iPad watching, and an entire weekend meant for some serious decluttering spent instead planted in front of the television. My conclusion…I love The Sopranos, but lord help me, Orange is the New Black is even better. POPI Orange is the New Black Soap Collection

Without giving too much away, in the first season the characters Piper and her best friend Polly were planning an artisan soap company called POPI.  While we see them making soap together, we never see the finished product.  n a stroke of major genius, Lionsgate Entertainment and Chivas Skin Care decided to partner together to create the POPI soap line, which debuted at the same time as Season 3. (By the way, I LOVE that season 3 came out all at once…let the binging begin!!)  I was sent these awesome soaps to review, and am happy to report that they are as fantastic as the show itself.

POPI Orange is the New Black Soap Collection
POPI Orange is the New Black Soap Collection

There are four soaps in this collection from the now not-fictional POPI line. The soaps retail for $12 and are available at The packaging is true to the plot line, with the wrappers proudly stating the products are “handcrafted by Polly and Piper.” In reality, POPI is a division of the Chivas Skin Care line, which was founded by a mother-daughter team who create beautiful soaps from the goat milk collected at their farm.

POPI Soaps

There are four different soaps available, and I love how the scent choices are a direct result of the dialogue from the show.

Piper:  That smells fantastic…  So, you can put anything in there?

Polly:  Just about.  Peppermint, basil, grapefruit, vanilla.

Pete:  She won’t do chocolate…

Polly:  We’re making soap, not Jelly Bellys…I think you’d want something more along the lines of sage, patchouli…

Piper:  You could sell these, you know.  At farmers markets, little boutique stores…I could be your partner…market it right and package it right, this is money.  I mean, it smells so f*cking good in here.

Yup. These soaps smell pretty f*cking good.

POPI Grapefruit & Basil Soap
POPI Grapefruit & Basil Soap

The Grapefruit & Basil Soap is the most unisex scent of the four. My husband loves this clean citrus paired with earthy basil. It is a super sexy scent that makes it even more difficult to keep my hands to myself when I’m around him. The pink kaolin clay absorbs toxins and soothes dry, irritated skin.

POPI Vanilla & Verbena Soap
POPI Vanilla & Verbena Soap

The Vanilla & Verbena Soap is heavenly. We are talking bourbon vanilla, rich hazelnut, and the swoon-worthy cinnamon/vanilla/clove combo of peru balsam oil. This is an immensely comforting scent that makes me feel all warm and happy inside, and all soft and moisturized outside thanks to the cocoa butter.

POPI Lavender & Sage Soap
POPI Lavender & Sage Soap

The Lavender & Sage Soap is a great scent combo. I find lavender to be almost harsh sometimes, but the sage gives it a soothing earthiness. This beautiful soap is especially good for dry, irritated skin since it includes skin-calming oatmeal.

POPI Cucumber & Mint Soap
POPI Cucumber & Mint Soap

If you love refreshing, invigorating scents, then the Cucumber & Mint Soap is the one for you. This soap is the epitome of cool, with refreshing cucumber, hand chopped peppermint leaves, and peppermint essential oil. All this plus skin healing aloe vera juice make this one cool customer for sure.

POPI’s big, thick soaps make a beautiful, sweet-smelling lather. Goat milk is terrific for soap because it has even more vitamins and fats than cow’s milk. Goat milk is extremely gentle, and is often recommended for those with sensitive or very dry skin. It’s intensely hydrating, plus it has a high content of lactic acid – yes, alpha hydroxy acid! We all know that AHA’s get rid of dead skin cells, so goat milk soap does it all – cleanses, hydrates, and makes skin look even younger. It also is an anti-bacterial so it’s a perfect soap for those prone to acne.

Plus…these soaps just smell so f*cking good.

A+ for the show and A+ for these soaps.  No need to feel dirty for binge watching – just lather up.  – Lisa

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  1. Heather | 1st Jul 15

    I love it heheh I am a huge fan of OITNB and binged watched every season. I am definitely trying out this soap.

  2. [email protected] | 1st Jul 15

    I’m not watching the series but I’m a big fan of luxury bar soaps!

  3. Erika | 1st Jul 15

    I just “discovered” OITNB. And I’m hooked. These soaps sound heavenly.

  4. Phyrra | 1st Jul 15

    Super cute set!

  5. Lola Seicento | 1st Jul 15

    These soaps sound amazing!

  6. Julie | 1st Jul 15

    What an awesome idea!! I love that they brought this fictional line to life, so cool! I’m currently binge watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I’m not sure how I ever let it slip by without watching it, but at least this way I can get all the episodes back to back lol. I’ll have to add OITNB to my list of shows to watch!

  7. Linda M | 1st Jul 15

    Goat milk soaps are amazing!

  8. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 1st Jul 15

    I’ve already watched the entire 3rd season. Loved the final episode. These soaps look amazing–I can almost smell them!

  9. Nidia - Lit From Within | 2nd Jul 15

    I need these. I love OITNB (I’m just starting Season 3) and all of these soaps sound amazing.

  10. Sandy Weinstein | 2nd Jul 15

    i love soaps like this. i had a friend who would go thru fragranced soaps so fast. i have her a big basket of soaps and they were gone in a few months. i would like the lavender and sage.

  11. Kath TheFabZilla | 2nd Jul 15

    Such a lovely packaging for soap bar!

  12. Anastasia | 2nd Jul 15

    ooh, these soaps sound wonderful! I love a good bar soap, even though they aren’t as popular as they used to be.

  13. Robin W | 2nd Jul 15

    Awesome review! I really enjoyed it and I love these types of soaps. My DIL (well almost( just gave me a bar of soap from a place called LUSH and it is awesome. Would love to try these too!

  14. Jessica | 2nd Jul 15

    Oh that vanilla & verbena scent sounds perfect for me. I love a good soap, and I do love beautiful packaging!

  15. Brianna | 2nd Jul 15

    Okay, I’m probably the only person who has yet to see OITNB, but I am totally loving this concept! These soaps look really nice.

  16. Honeygirlk | 2nd Jul 15

    I am a huge OITNB fan and I really think this is such a fun collection.

  17. Shipra | 2nd Jul 15

    I haven’t seen the show yet, but I guess I do need to start soon! <3

  18. StephanieLouise | 2nd Jul 15

    Very cute marketing!

  19. Jamie | 3rd Jul 15

    I love that this line exists! I’m obsessed with OITNB.

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