Top Ten Tuesday – winter weather skincare

Welcome to my Top Ten Tuesday skincare post. When I was putting it together I realized that I’m super heavy on one brand. As a beauty blogger I’m always testing different brands and there are a lot that I like but then something else arrives to be tested and it’s time to move on. The products I’ve chosen though are the ones that I’ve either bought after using it up or would buy again.  It feels a little like picking your favorite child though. *items were sent for review, **items were sent for review plus repurchased by me — Marcia

1. ALGENIST REGENERATIVE ANTI-AGING ULTRA RICH CREAM** – I really love the Algenist brand for skincare and I’m lucky to have a lot in my arsenal. The Regenerative Anti-Aging Ultra Rich Cream is perfect for winter. It’s definitely rich and very moisturizing. I used up my entire jar last winter so I had to start this year with a new one.  I like all of the Algenist moisturizers I’ve tried but for winter, this is the one!

2. KIEHL’S POWERFUL WRINKLE REDUCING CREAM* – I often use this moisturizer at night. It’s a great one to put on after a serum. I love the ingredients that want to fight the fine lines and wrinkles (Copper PCA, Calcium PCA, Apricot Kernel Oil) and I love that there’s NO fragrance!

3. ALGENIST RETINOL FIRMING AND LIFTING SERUM* – This is fairly new in my skincare regime but it’s quickly become a favorite. It’s moisturizing and works to help boost collagen so that those wrinkles don’t pop out. I have another serum I like a lot too but this one is the one I keep grabbing for since it works perfectly with my Algenist Ultra-Rich Cream.

3. MICHAEL TODD KNU SERUM* – Yes, there are two #3’s. That’s because the more I thought about it, the more I realized I just had to include this wonderful KNU Anti-Aging Serum. I’ve been testing it for review and I love what it does for my skin. Don’t yelp at the price because I’ve found this for as low as $28. I’ve learned too that bloggers of all ages are just as excited about the KNU serum as I am since it has such great anti-aging ingredients to help prevent loss of elasticity. Review upcoming.

4. PETER THOMAS ROTH UN-WRINKLE ILLUMINATOR* – I use this moisturizer when my skin is looking blah. It has great illuminating that works underneath foundation without any sparkle showing through. It’s called an Instant Brightening Moisturizer and that’s what it does. I can wear it over foundation too so that I look less ghostly.

5. SOMME INSTITUTE DOUBLE DEFENSE, SPF 30+ ** – Somme Institute has fabulous skincare. It’s a brand that I recommend all the time. I’ve rebought every single product they make. Don’t tell anyone but Hautelook carries the line several times a year so the savings is terrific. I only use the Double Defense in the winter. It’s a very rich and moisturizing SPF product and is too heavy for me in the summer. But for winter it’s the best.

6. SOMME INSTITUTE TRANSPORT PADS** – This is another Somme Institute product that I love. The pads are for toning and exfoliating. They work best if they are followed by their Serum but they work great without too. These help keep my pores from becoming clogged. On Hautelook I’ve twice bought the double size jar, that’s how much I like these.

7. RoC RETINOL CORRECTION DAILY RESURFACING DISKS* – These discs are pretty new to me but I can already see how well they work. The way these are different from the Somme besides the price ($9.99) is that these are foaming so I have to wash after I use these. The two sides are have different textures. They do the same job as Transport and the cost savings is terrific.

8. ALGENIST EYE RENEWAL BALM** – You know I couldn’t do skincare without eye creams. My favorite product. Algenist’s Eye Renewal Balm is just so moisturizing. It’s great a.m. because of the caffeine in it and great p.m. because of all the great moisturizing ingredients.

9. DERMAdoctor WRINKLE REVENGE rescue & protect eye balm** – Another favorite even with this long name. This is great for puffiness and dark circles which my insomnia exacerbates. Definitely a winner.

10. FOREO LUNA CLEANSING SYSTEM* – This cleansing machine has left all others in the dust (or gathering dust actually). It’s gentle, it’s efficient, it doesn’t need to be plugged in very often and to top it off, it massages your skin. This may be expensive but it should be on the top of any wishlist you have for your holiday gifts.

Now that you’ve seen the 10, I mean 11, I remembered about go visit my fellow Top Tenners to see what else they can recommend. I expect all of us to have the best skin ever this winter. — Marcia


  1. I love these Top 10’s because I always am introduced to things I haven’t tried. Need to look for those RoC Retinol disks!

    I also want to try the Algenist’s Eye Renewal Balm. I have heard great things about it! Super list!

  3. I use a couple of ROC products, I am devoted to the Retinol Correxxion Eye Cream but I haven’t tried the Resurfacing Disks, yet. I should try those. 🙂

  4. I need to find those ROC disks! Love their oober rich night cream I got from Klout awhile back & have been meaning to branch out in their line! great picks! Algenist is just ridiculously good, everything.

  5. Yay for the Foreo Luna getting love!

  6. @Phyrra, it was so hard to narrow down on the list but I felt that the Foreo Luna needed to be on it since it’s so helpful with cleansing.

  7. @Erika and Stephanie-Louise, I think the Resurfacing Disks are one of their newer products. I’m impressed with them.

  8. @Pink Sith, I just bought a new Algenist Eye Renewal Balm when their site had 30% off and free shipping. It’s a favorite of mine. Love the Kiehl’s too.

  9. @Nancy, the disks from RoC are fairly new. They are worth tracking down.

  10. I love my Foreo Luna, too!!! I have abandoned all others for it!!! I totally share your Algenist love as well. What an amazing line. I am completely obcessed with the Michael Todd KNU serum!!! It is *amazing*!!! However, it leaves me feeling dry…so, I just top it with a nice and rich moisturizer. 🙂 I adore it!!! We have such similar tastes!

  11. Yay for more Algenist! And I had totally forgotten about how great those ROC disks were until you mentioned them.

  12. Great list, I like the sound of the eye balm, think I could do with that as my eye area always gets so much worse in the colder months.

  13. Thanks for the comment Replica. I love those two eye balms and have rebought them both. I don’t know what you have available in the UK but you can’t go wrong with either of them.

  14. @Teri, Algenist is amazing stuff. I’m so glad I was introduced to it.

  15. Hi Pammy, I’m always amazed at how often we love the same items. I have fallen in love with the Foreo Luna, Algenist and the Knu. I’ve always used a moisturizer over the Knu.

  16. Great list! I use the RoC pads when I’m in a hurry.

  17. I keep seeing Algenist on lists. Apparently I should get involved

  18. I have those RoC disks up in my office right now, I need to use them!

  19. Christine these RoC disks work really well and I bet you could write about them on Babble.

  20. @Allacqueredup, without Algenist you are missing a LOT.

  21. Kiehl’s makes some kick butt wrinkle be gone products… love them. I definitely need to check out Algenist!

  22. That’s the 3rd list the Algenist cream has been on. I guess I better check it out!

  23. Perilously Pale – Algenist is worth checking out, it’s a true love as you can see by all the posts on it.