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Welcome to the future of skincare. Its name is SOLOMOMO and it’s coming our way.solomomo_text_logo_sm

This is a sponsored post with Solomomo but all opinions and experiences are my own.

Solomomo Home Skin Wand
Solomomo Home Skin Wand

SOLOMOMO SKIN WAND is a skin insight machine that will help you find out exactly what your skin needs are. My experience is that every time I’m in a skincare department the MA that I’m working with will tell me my skin is dehydrated. It’s a selling technique yet I’ve bought the recommended product time and again. How do I know for sure if it’s working? Especially since the next time I’m shopping I’ll hear that same spiel again.

Solomomo Home Skin Wand
Solomomo Home Skin Wand

Now I plan on relying on the Solomomo Skin Wand to help me know what’s happening with my skin. When you open your box you’ll find the Solomomo Skin Wand (home version) attached to the skincare tablet. You turn on the touch screen tablet and it will bring you to the main screen.

Solomomo Skin Wand main screen
Solomomo Skin Wand main screen

It’s even prepared for future products and multiple users. The wand does all the work.

Solomomo Skin Wand
Solomomo Skin Wand

There are 19 points that the wand walks you through on your face to get a complete picture. Hold the wand flush to your makeup free skin, click the button on the wand and you’ll be capturing a picture of your skin at each of those 19 points.

Solomomo Skin Wand - 19 points to touch
Solomomo Skin Wand – 19 points to touch
Solomomo Skin Wand - my chin results
Solomomo Skin Wand – my chin results

Each point takes just a few seconds so it’s not like you are spending hours getting this right. After you are done you’ll use your personal wifi connection to send your images to the company for a complete analysis. They in turn will return a report to you. Your results are private and won’t be seen by anyone else. You can use your Solomomo home version of the Skin Wand whenever you want to see how your skin is doing.

Solomomo Skin Wand results, one example
Solomomo Skin Wand results, one example


Solomomo Skin Wand is so new that if you buy it today you won’t receive it until late February but I can wait that amount of time to learn exactly what all the skincare I use does for me. I was sent a promo model that isn’t fully set up to do all my face but I was able to see many aspects of what it can do. When you and I do buy it on pre-order though the cost will go from $199 to $99. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get this special promo price here. Ask for it as a gift (my birthday is in January – hint to my husband) or use your Christmas money for it. Don’t you want to be ready for the future?  —  Marcia

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  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 19th Dec 16

    Definitely an intriguing product! It looks both fun and informative. I remember my aesthetician telling me that my skin was nicely hydrated last time I saw her, and I really appreciated her telling me the truth lol.

  2. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 19th Dec 16

    This sounds really neat. There have been a lot of cool skincare gadgets floating around lately.

  3. Kat Dinges | 19th Dec 16

    This looks amazingly cool! I’d love to be able to try one of these out!

  4. The Beauty of Life | 19th Dec 16

    This looks AWESOME!

  5. Lola Seicento | 19th Dec 16

    You have my undivided attention! I am now very curious about this tool!

  6. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 19th Dec 16

    OMG I’m dying to try this! It seems like it would completely change how I look at my skin!

  7. Erika | 19th Dec 16

    This looks like such a cool gadget. I would love to try it and see what it has to say about my skin.

  8. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 19th Dec 16

    Wow that’s amazing! I’ve gotten the “dehydrated” spiel too!

  9. Kathryne | 19th Dec 16

    Wonderful innovation. It makes a great gift for all the skincare junkies

  10. Bailey | 20th Dec 16

    Ooh, I want one! This is such a fantastic sounding gadget.

  11. Babi | 20th Dec 16

    This sounds so intriguing! I would love to try it!

  12. Lynne B | 21st Dec 16

    OK, you’ve piqued my interest, Marcia! I don’t know if I’d spend the money to buy it but I’d pay less to have it done for me and to get the report.

  13. Lisa Heath | 21st Dec 16

    I’ve been playing with this and it’s so intriguing! I love it!

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