Let’s go #MultiMisting with Pixi Skintreats and a giveaway

Pixi Skintreats #MultiMisting
Pixi Skintreats #MultiMisting

Multitasking is the way we can save time and stay beautiful. You can find multitasking cosmetics with ease but the newest trend is to multitask with skincare. By planning out a variety of skincare products you can get it all done quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. Pixi Skintreats has sent their newest products for this job and they are all products you’ll want but more importantly need.

pixi misting boxWhy Pixi? Their products are affordable yet do the same or better than high priced similar items ($15 each for these mists). They are cruelty free. Skintreats has innovative formulas that are infused with botanicals and beneficial ingredients.

4 Mists are being featured here, each with their own special formulas and uses.

To invigorate and revive use VITAMIN WAKEUP MIST

Pixi Skintreats Vitamin Wakeup Mist
Pixi Skintreats Vitamin Wakeup Mist

Shake this up morning or evening to strengthen and tone your skin. This is a boosting treatment toner that adds hydration and protects your skin. The orange blossom water base is blended with skin-loving citrus fruit extracts, lavender, and arginine. Vitamin Wakeup Mist is perfect way to cool and refresh.

To hydrate and soothe there’s HYDRATING MILKY MIST

Pixi Skintreats Hydrating Milky Mist
Pixi Skintreats Hydrating Milky Mist

Hydrating Milky Mist is loaded with fabulous moisturizing ingredients especially Hyaluronic Acid and Black Oat. Use this along with the Vitamin Waking Mist and your skin is moisturized beautifully. Even without the vitamin mist using this before you use any serums helps trap moisture onto your skin. If you have dry skin this will be especially great for you.

To set and hydrate you’ll want MAKEUP FIXING MIST

Pixi Skintreats Makeup Fixing Mist
Pixi Skintreats Makeup Fixing Mist

Makeup Fixing Mist is a setting mist once you have on your face. This helps prolong your makeup and keeps it from moving and settling into fine lines and pores. Makeup Fixing Mist is really helpful in warm weather to keep you looking fresh as can be. The rose water and green tea infused formula comforts, protects and balances skin for a fresh face.

To glow and nourish check out GLOW MIST

Pixi Skintreats Glow Mist
Pixi Skintreats Glow Mist

Glow Mist has been one of Pixi’s best sellers, with 21 natural oils plus propolis, aloe vera, and fruit extracts this is great for your skin as well as giving you a soft dewy finish. This triple threat can be used prior to makeup, following makeup, and throughout the day to refresh.

Now for the giveaway information. Two US subscribers will win a package with ONE of these mists along with a variety of Pixi Beauty products.

Pixi Beauty prizes
Pixi Beauty prizes

COMMENT TIME: 1) Decide which of the 4 mists you’d love to win. 2) Pick one of these two eyeshadow palettes you’d most like

Amethyst Aura or Aquamarine Dream
Amethyst Aura or Aquamarine Dream

3) Pick which one of the Tinted Brilliance Balms you’d prefer

Soft Sienna or Lucent Glow
Soft Sienna or Lucent Glow

4) If any of these others appeal to you then add those to your comment

Pixi extras
Pixi extras

Subtly Suntouched Bronzer, Snow Sparkle Fairy Dust, Eye Bright Liner, Slate Grey Eye Liner, Super Smoky Crayon Duo, Translucid Powder, mini Glow Tonic, Lash Nourish Remover Pads

The only guarantee is the mist you choose. The rest will be sent as close to your comment as possible.

Our giveaway is open to US Subscribers and we’ll have two big winners plus 2 winners for the other mists. The giveaway ends on 4/27/17 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. If comments (Speak Your Mind) close early please email me [email protected] and label it PIXI. Lots of luck!  —  Marcia

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  1. Susan P. | 17th Apr 17

    I like the:
    Hydrating Milky Mist
    Amethyst Aura Eye Palette
    Lucent Glow
    Slate Grey Eye Liner

  2. Lorena Keech | 17th Apr 17

    Glow mist, Amethyst Aura, Soft Sienna, Translucid Powder and Subtly Suntouched Bronzer.

  3. joti b | 18th Apr 17

    I would love to win the Makeup Fixing mist, Amethyst Aura eye palette, Soft Sienna & Super Smoky Crayon Duo.

  4. Darby | 18th Apr 17

    Makeup fixing mist, aquamarine dream, and the pink crayon.

  5. Kimmie B. | 18th Apr 17

    i like the
    Amethyst Aura
    Lucent Glow
    Snow Sparkle Fairy Dust

  6. Courtney South | 19th Apr 17

    I’d like the Glow Mist
    Amethyst Aura
    Lucent glow
    Snow sparkle fairy dust
    Eye Bright liner
    Super smokey crayon duo
    Lash nourish makeup remover pads.

    Thanks so much for featuring Pixi! I have not tried them yet 🙂

  7. Abigail | 19th Apr 17

    Id love to try the glow mist, amethyst aura palette, lucent glow balm, and the super smokey crayon duo or the glow tonic! Id love to try them all!!!

  8. Natalie | 19th Apr 17

    I would like the VITAMIN WAKEUP MIST or the Hyrdating Mist.
    Amethyst Aura
    Lucent GLow
    I would be excited to try any of them (although I religiously use the bronzer already) especially the Eye Bright Liner or , mini Glow Tonic, or the Lash Nourish Remover Pads

  9. NORA GRAHE | 19th Apr 17

    Pixi Skintreats Glow Mist
    Amethyst Aura
    Soft Sienna
    Subtly Suntouched Bronzer, Snow Sparkle Fairy Dust, Super Smoky Crayon Duo, Translucent Powder, mini Glow Tonic, Lash Nourish Remover Pads
    I truly LOVE them ALL! Thank You so very much for this Pixi Giveaway! I love the brand and hope so much for the chance to Win!

  10. DEBIJOT | 20th Apr 17

    I like the Glow Mist and the Soft Sienna Lip Balm.

  11. Lynne B | 20th Apr 17

    Hi, there,

    I made a mistake in the Post a Tweet entry for today for the Pixi Beauty Giveaway. My entry should be the following:


    I’m sorry! Is this ok? I’m also sending you an email.

    Lynne B

  12. Maren | 20th Apr 17

    I’d prefer the Hydrating Milky Mist, the Aquamarine Dream pallette, & the Soft Sienna Tinted Brilliance Balm. Also interested in the Lash Nourish Remover Pads, the bronzer, & the eye liners.

  13. Shannon | 20th Apr 17

    Hydrating Milky Mist
    Amethyst Aura
    Soft Sienna

  14. jeanette sheets | 21st Apr 17

    hydrating milky mist pixie skintreatsglow mist lucent glow

  15. Esther | 21st Apr 17

    Glow mist, amethyst aura (you should see my room), soft sienna, lash nourish remover pads.

  16. Eldon | 21st Apr 17

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  17. Lisa Jordan | 23rd Apr 17

    Ooohh! I love that milky mist!! I’d Def rock aquamarine dream with that soft sienna lippie!! What’s the fairy dust! ?!?! Intrigued! !

  18. Nancy L. | 23rd Apr 17

    Decisions…Decisions…If I win, I would LOVE the Hydrating Milky Mist, Aquamarine Dream, Lucent Glow, Super Smoky Crayon Duo.

  19. Bethany Suire | 23rd Apr 17

    I’d love to have the Makeup Fixing Mist and the Glow Spray! From the Cosmetics, I absolutely love the Snow Sparkle Fairy Dust, the Eye Bright Liner, the Slate Grey Eye Liner, the Super Smoky Crayon Duo, and the mini Glow Tonic!

  20. Crystal Fuentes | 23rd Apr 17

    ?????? Makeup Fixing Spray?????? , Amethyest Aura is stunning and would beautiful along side Soft Sienna ????I also Love the Mini Glow Tonic, and translucent powder!!!????

  21. Amy Stonger | 23rd Apr 17

    I like the Hydrating Milky Mist, the amethyst aura palette, and the Lucent glow balm.

  22. vanessa m | 24th Apr 17

    milky mist

  23. Tammy Shelton | 24th Apr 17

    I would love the Pixi Skintreats Vitamin Wakeup Mist.

  24. Laurie Nykaza | 25th Apr 17

    I love the HYDRATING MILKY MIST,Amethyst Aura palette,Tinted Brilliance Balms Soft Sienna

  25. Stephanie Clayton | 25th Apr 17

    I’d love the Hydrating Milky mist, the Purple palette, the berry lip tint,

  26. Julie Waldron | 25th Apr 17

    I’d like the MAKEUP FIXING MIST, Aquamarine Dream(blue) palette, Soft Sienna brilliance balm, Snow Sparkle Fairy Dust, Slate Grey Eye Liner, Super Smoky Crayon Duo, Translucid Powder, Lash Nourish Remover Pads.

  27. Lesley F | 25th Apr 17

    I would love the Glow Mist, Amethyst Aura & Lucent Glow

  28. susan byrne | 25th Apr 17

    I like the Glow Mist
    Amethyst Aura
    Soft Sienna
    Translucid Powder
    mini Glow Tonic, Lash Nourish Remover Pads

  29. Laura G | 26th Apr 17

    I like the following
    1. Vitamin wakeup must
    2. Aquamarine Dream
    3. Soft Sienna
    4. Snow Sparkle Fairy Dust
    5. Lash Nourish Remover Pad
    6. mini Glow Tonic
    7. Translucid Powder
    8. Eye Bright Liner
    9. Slate Grey Eye Liner
    10. Super Smoky Crayon Duo

  30. Gia Welch | 26th Apr 17

    Make up set mist, purple shawdows, red lip crayon blam, slate grey liner, translucent powder, and the snow sparkle fairy dust. Wow so many choices!

  31. Andrea Darst | 27th Apr 17

    I’ve been dying to try the VITAMIN WAKEUP MIST! I also love the purple eyeshadow set, the darker of the two Brilliance Balms, and I love the mini Glow Tonic, Subtly Suntouched Bronzer, Snow Sparkle Fairy Dust, Slate Grey Eye Liner, Super Smoky Crayon Duo, and Translucid Powder.

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