How would you like to win a BIC Simply Soleil Click? You would, I’m sure of it

BIC Simply Soleil Click
BIC Simply Soleil Click

The very first razor I ever bought was from BIC. I remember sneaking it into the house because my father was very strict about my sister and I shaving our legs. He absolutely forbid it but even though my sister and I were really obedient children, we drew the line on that. We had a “discount” drugstore that we’d spend hours in and BIC was always in our bag when we left. Much later it became a joke between us all when my father would say “I still haven’t told you that you could shave your legs.” even on our wedding days. Having this new BIC SIMPLY SOLEIL CLICK RAZOR in this gorgeous fuchsia shade has brought back great memories along with simply smooth legs!

BIC Simply Soleil
BIC Simply Soleil Click

The BIC Simply Soleil Click is a razor with removable heads but those aren’t sold separately. What you’ll receive is

  • One (1) new, brightly-colored disposable handle and six disposable cartridges in each package (refills not sold separately)
  • Three (3) blades for a flawlessly smooth shave
  • A soothing moisture strip with cocoa butter

    BIC Simply Soleil
    BIC Simply Soleil Click
BIC Simply Soleil
BIC Simply Soleil Click

There are a lot of reasons that I’m enjoying using this razor. It has a pivoting head which makes it ideal for use at my ankles and underarms especially. The moisture strip is 2.5 times larger than the average BIC razor. It was made for women and we all deserve something special made just for us. None of those blue BIC’s in our baths!! And it’s very reasonably priced at $6.99 MSRP.

BIC Simply Soleil Click
BIC Simply Soleil Click

A lot of us are guilty of not changing our razor blades often enough because of the price but with BIC Simply Soleil Click that’s not an issue. And for TEN of you it’s really not going to be an issue since BIC is happily giving 10 Beauty Info Zone US readers a chance to win one for themselves. I don’t know about you, but I love getting packages in the mail.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  This is for US only and will end on Thursday, August 6th at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Use the Rafflecopter to enter. If comments close toward the end of the giveaway then email me at [email protected] and label it BIC Giveaway and send me your comment, then click and continue. The more options you do, the better your chances. *Prizes will be sent by BIC (who supplied mine).

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  1. Bonny McDevitt | 1st Aug 15

    It is actually Pink and Purple!

  2. Julie L | 1st Aug 15

    The razor I use is pink!

  3. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) | 1st Aug 15

    The razor I use is purple and light blue.

  4. Mary Williams | 2nd Aug 15

    I use a pink razor right now!

  5. Madelyn | 2nd Aug 15

    My razor is green!

  6. Elizabeth B | 2nd Aug 15

    Grey! Honestly, I use a guy’s razor much of the time b/c guys got awesome razors before us females, sad to say. Out of habit, I still use them.

  7. Melissa C | 3rd Aug 15

    It’s a blue razor

  8. Dawn Monroe | 3rd Aug 15

    I’m using a green razor right now.

  9. Neha Kaul | 4th Aug 15

    Incidentally, it is also pink and white!

  10. Sandy Weinstein | 4th Aug 15

    i use a pink and white now.

  11. Sandy Weinstein | 5th Aug 15

    Taking a dip with Tom Ford Nude Dip eyeshadow palette-

  12. Shakeia Rieux | 5th Aug 15

    The one i’m using is blue

  13. Rachel Beltz | 5th Aug 15

    The current one is blue and green!

  14. Kimberly Hilbert | 5th Aug 15

    I am using a blue one right now, and it’s not that good.

  15. laurie murley | 5th Aug 15

    the color I’m using right now is pink

  16. Joan Kubes | 5th Aug 15

    My razor is blue.

  17. angela bauer | 5th Aug 15

    My razor is white and pink

  18. Jennifer Rote | 5th Aug 15

    I’m using a purple razor right now.

  19. Emily W. | 6th Aug 15

    My razor right now is actually white and pink!

  20. Jessica | 6th Aug 15

    My current razor is purple.

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