How snails can tighten skin – AllGlamR Skin TightenR Serum

 Ready to slather some snail mucin all over your face? I wasn’t either. But, in the name of science and my never-ending quest for less wrinkles and firmer skin, I did it. I used AllGlamR Skin TightenR Serum ($76.50) every morning and every night and waited to see if indeed snails would help my skin in all the ways AllGlamR promised they would.

sampleHere is what AllGlamR Skin TightenR Serum will do for your skin:

Smooths and moisturizes skin
– Increases fibroblasts and stimulates cellular growth
– Rearranges the skin extracellular matrix resulting in a smoother appearance
– Increases skin elasticity, density and volume
– Helps reduce damage caused by free radicalsAllGlamR says, “Thanks to the marvels of nature and scientific advances, our anti-aging Skin TightenR Serum is an incredible formula that uses skin tightening properties of Acacia gum in cooperation with the reparative wonders of Snail mucin to provide an age defying, skin lifting miracle. When it comes to slowing things down, it is fitting that the common garden snail possess some of the finest anti-aging, moisturizing and reparative properties required to reverse skin damage and slow development of visible signs of aging. Combined with the instant lifting benefits of an Acacia gum biopolymer blend, the results of this serum are both immediate and long term.”  So, it’s weird that the stuff that comes out of snails can help make skin look better, but the snails aren’t harmed in the process and whatever works, right?

I found that I did see results right away. The thick serum takes a few minutes to soak in but then it does tighten skin right then, which is pretty cool. Over time, I did experience better skin elasticity, smoother skin, and a reduction in the appearance of my wrinkles.  It doesn’t smell like anything, and it definitely makes my skin look better. This is going to be a repurchase and this weekend is the perfect weekend to do it – see the sale information below! By the way, while the serum is certainly thick and the thought of snail mucin makes you think ewwww…slimy…it’s not really slimy. The texture doesn’t make you cringe or anything. I promise.

AllGlamR products are paraben free, made in the USA without harmful additives or irritants, and they never test on animals.

Here’s some really great news – Black Friday through Cyber Monday, they are having a terrific sale – 50% off ALL AllGlamR products!! Just use the code GLAM50 at checkout.  Happy shopping, and definitely pick up the Skin TightenR Serum – it’s a winner.  – Lisa


  1. 25 Sweetpeas | 23rd Nov 17

    I don’t know if I could get over the though of it being snail related, but glad they are t harmed!

  2. | 23rd Nov 17

    I’m a huge fan, particularly of CosRx and Mizon (who claim they don’t harm the snails). IDK if it tightens, but it does help a huge deal with my acne scars, and keeps my oily skin hydrated without breaking me out.

  3. Kathryne | 23rd Nov 17

    So far I have encountered at least 2 patients with allergic reactions from snail skincare products.

  4. Polarbelle | 24th Nov 17

    This would freak me out too much, but im glad it works for you!

  5. My Nail Polish Obsession | 24th Nov 17

    Truthfully…I am totally grossed out by the thought of putting snail slime on my face or anywhere on my body.

  6. Anastasia | 26th Nov 17

    I adore products with snail mucin 🙂

  7. Fairytalesnails | 27th Nov 17

    This sound really nice and that picture of the snails is adorable x

  8. Ashley Martinez | 3rd Dec 17

    I’ve never heard of this! I need it!!!

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