DIY skin protection with About Face Vitamin C Serum

About Face Vitamin C SerumVitamin C serums WORK. They diminish fine lines, even out skin tone, and smooth the skin – they are superheros in the skin care world. However, they have an Achilles heel – they either need super expensive stabilizing ingredients to keep the ingredients fresh, or they are housed in improper storage jars which render the ingredients ineffective.

About Face Sin Protection Vitamin C serum has the answer to the Vitamin C issues — mix your own for the freshest serum that stays stable for several months.  Read on for Lisa and Marcia’s experiences with this awesome product!                                          (pr sample)About Face Vitamin C SerumAbout Face Vitamin C Serum

Lisa says:

How cool is this? I am not much of a ‘do it yourself’ person, but this couldn’t be easier. Just mix one vial of Vitamin C, one vial of hyaluronic acid, and then fill the bottle with water. Let it sit overnight and voila – in the morning you have an amazing bottle of beautiful, silky vitamin C serum. Vitamin C reverses damage and protects skin from UV light, smoke, and pollution. This has brightened my skin and I swear my fine lines have lessened. I am a huge stickler about proper packaging and the About Face Serum is truly like the answer to my packaging prayers. I give this is big vitamin C thumbs up.About Face Vitamin C SerumAbout Face Vitamin C Serum

Marcia says:

I feel like a mad scientist when I prepare About Face Vitamin C serum. I love that I am in control and can create a new bottle when needed. The box comes with three components: an empty mixing bottle, 4 separate tubes of Vitamin C, and 4 separate capsules of Hyaluronic Acid. It’s so easy to mix up so that you have a fresh bottle of serum. Add one capsule each of the Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to the empty bottle, fill with water, close and shake really well. Be sure to allow the serum to dissolve overnight.

About Face Vitamin C SerumAbout Face Vitamin C Serum

Before you apply, shake the bottle and then use the dropper to dispense the amount you need and massage it on your skin. As you can see the bottle is amber colored so that no light gets through.

About Face Vitamin C Serum

Not only are you mixing Vitamin C and getting the benefits that it provides but you’re also getting the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid. While we naturally have this wonder ingredient in our skin adding more helps provide the moisture we need. The hyaluronic acid molecule absorbs 1000 times its weight in water. The end result is that it provides a protective barrier to lock in the moisture making your skin look and feel healthier.

About Face Skin Protection Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid
About Face Skin Protection Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid

This is a great serum that isn’t sticky and can be used once or twice a day. I love that there’s no fragrance to it and it’s great to know that I’m putting on something fresh. This is a great serum to layer too. I’ll apply this onto my skin first thing after cleansing since it’s the thinnest liquid, then once it dries I’ll apply another serum and moisturizer. So if you have a favorite serum then About Face is a wonderful addition, if you don’t have a serum this is all you’d need.

About Face Skin Protection Vitamin C serum
About Face Skin Protection Vitamin C serum

With just three ingredients you can see that About Face Skin Protection Vitamin C Serum is the purest product available. There are absolutely no fillers. And it’s a bargain! You have the components to make 4 bottles and the kit is only $25. Your skin will thank you for using this. It’s Marcia and Lisa approved.

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  1. The Beauty of Life | 28th Nov 16

    This serum definitely sounds interesting!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 28th Nov 16

    I would absolutely love this. Two of my all-time favorite ingredients together. How cool!

  3. Phyrra | 28th Nov 16

    Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are my favorite skincare ingredients!

  4. NORAH | 28th Nov 16

    I do Hyaluronic Acid every day, it is my magic potion.

  5. Stacie Hamilton | 28th Nov 16

    I love that you mix these products yourself so you know they are fresh!!

  6. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 28th Nov 16

    Wow this sounds amazing! I love that it’s fresh.

  7. Erika | 29th Nov 16

    This is so cool! I need to check it out. I love vitamin c and to mix it fresh… That would make it even better.

  8. Kath Thefabzilla | 29th Nov 16

    This semi DIY skincare got me curious

  9. Lisa Heath | 29th Nov 16

    This is a really interesting concept and I haven’t seen it before! Both are ingredients I love in skin care, so Id be interested in giving it a try!

  10. CosmetopiaDigest | 29th Nov 16

    This is great! I keep my 21.5% Vitamin C in the fridge because it is very unstable and oxidises if you even look at it lol. Mixing Vit C as required is a far better idea.

  11. Lola Seicento | 29th Nov 16

    What an interesting concept! It’s nice that you can make it in smaller batches as well– that way the Bit. C stays stable and potent!

  12. Shelley Plummer | 30th Nov 16

    Finally a Vit C Serum that is effective and doesn’t oxidize half way thru!!

  13. Bailey | 30th Nov 16

    What an ingenious product!

  14. Stepford Witch | 30th Nov 16

    I’m loving this concept. I’ve heard that Vit C serums can be unstable so this product is something that appeals to me. Its reasonably priced too.

  15. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 30th Nov 16

    I’ve heard that Vitamin C is one of the best things for your skin. This looks like a surefire way to keep it fresh!

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