Divine anti-aging skin care from L’Occitane

L’Occitane is very well-known for their bath and body products as well as their signature fragrances. But did you know they also have an extensive skin care line? There are products to combat lines and wrinkles, ones to tackle uneven skin tone, and options that focus on hydration and vitality. L’Occitane sent two items from their Anti-Aging Divine line, Divine Lotion ($54) and Divine Extract ($116). Rounding out this line (but not reviewed today) are the Divine Cream ($106) and Divine Eyes ($76).

The Divine line is instantly recognizable by the super luxurious golden glass jars. These jars look and feel totally decadent. You won’t want to hide them in a medicine cabinet, they will go front and center on your counter!!

Divine Lotion

What makes the Divine Collection unique is each product contains the immortelle flower. This flower never fades, even after it’s been picked. It has a large amount of neryl acetate, which is an anti-aging molecule. Products also include 7 plant-derived active ingredients that increase skin’s radiance and luminosity. The Divine products I tested have a definite citrus scent that does linger, so if you are sensitive be sure to try them out first.

The Divine Lotion is a toner and it is much thicker than what I expected. It’s not quite a lotion as the name would suggest; it has lots more heft than a typical toner does. I actually like the screw-top jar since it would be difficult to get the product out with a pump. Smooth this on after cleansing for some impressively hydrated and amazingly soft skin!

love the gorgeous bottle
makes it easy to pour this thicker toner
a swatch of some divine toner!

The Divine Extract Serum has a very high concentration of organic immortelle essential oil along with myrtle essential oil to help smooth wrinkles and plump up skin. It also has hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for anti-aging and fighting the good fight against free radicals.

Divine Extract Serum
love that golden jar
a great hygienic pump
such a velvety smooth serum

As the days and months fly by and I just keep getting older, I notice that my skin tends to look dull and dry. Unfortunately, it also has a nasty reaction to anything that is too hydrating, resulting in painful cystic acne. I was concerned that this serum might be too rich for my unpredictable skin, but it turned out to be nothing short of rejuvenating. The serum has an amazing texture. It’s really silky, almost like velvet, and it feels amazing on. My only complaint is the citrus scent. While it isn’t as strong as the scent of the toner, it does seem to linger longer. (A really cool feature is the jar has a see-through line down the side so you can easily see exactly how much product is left.)

As rich as this serum feels, it doesn’t make me break out at all. It quickly makes dry, flaky skin a thing of the past and it reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

While I wouldn’t say these products are for everyone – they have fragrance and are definitely on the spendy side – they are very impressive. I would love to try the Divine Cream and Divine Eyes. For now I can tell you that the Divine Lotion and the Divine Extract truly are divine anti-aging skin care.  – Lisa

 *pr samples


  1. Dima Al Mahsiri | 28th Nov 13

    I have known L’Occitane for the great product ” shea butter”, one of the best products for curing dry skin, and helping your skin to maintain moist within.
    Thanks for sharing another great product by L’Occitane 🙂

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