Take the faux pas out of faux tans with Bronze Buffer

I know many people…my blogging partner included!…are hesitant to faux tan because it’s so easy to end up with unattractive streaks and blotchiness. Recently, the BIZ was sent the Bronze Buffer (2 sponges for $10), and I am beyond happy to tell you that this is a self tan remover that really, truly works.


Bronze Buffer

Even if a self tanner has a color guide, it’s possible to end up with streaks or dark spots – I usually have trouble with my feet in particular. After the color develops, it’s almost impossible to correct. You pretty much just have to wait until it fades on its own. As a result, many people won’t even venture into the self tan arena. A bad self tan is its own horrendous little hell that no one wants to experience.


Bronze Buffer sponges

Bronze Buffer was created by Paige Herman-Axel, a former beauty editor who is now a freelance beauty writer and blogger. She wanted something that would fix self tanner goofs quickly and easily – and she came up with the Bronze Buffer sponges.

I was skeptical that the Bronze Buffer would really work – these little star-shaped sponges will correct streaks and splotches?? It’s just a sponge, nothing more. Ah, but these are magic sponges!!  I am definitely amazed and impressed. Add a little water, wipe gently – no scrubbing needed – and the sponge instantly exfoliates away the self tan ‘oops’. I find I use these most for my feet, elbows, knees and even palms.

Why does this make me think of Lisa Simpson's head??

Why does this make me think of Lisa Simpson’s head??

The star shape is excellent for reaching places like between fingers and toes. If you are a self-tanner, you NEED these magic sponges! And if you are hesitant to enter into the self tanning world, you have no more excuses. The Bronze Buffer will magically vanish any faux pas from your faux tan.  – Lisa

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  1. How does this work!? I can’t wait to try this out!

  2. Maria lewan says

    I bought a set of these & they do, indeed, work very well, the feel of them felt familiar & realized they were just like the consistency of Mr. clean, Magic Eraser! So I tried one of those & voila! It worked! Not as cute a shape, but easy to purchase!

  3. Maria, that is a great description – it is just like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for your skin!!

  4. What a great idea! I need to find some, as my knee caps always eat up the sunless tanner I apply!!

  5. beautyin says

    Hi Amber, giveaway coming soon!! Shhh….


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