Red Carpet Kolour: super sexy summer skin!

Summer time means shorts and tank tops, and lots more skin showing.  All those flaws and imperfections that winter clothes cover are now out in the open for anyone to see.  What is a girl to do??

I say try some Red Carpet Kolour ($39.95)!!

Red Carpet Kolour

I have tested many, many temporary faux tan products and this one leaves me very impressed.  Red Carpet Kolour makes your skin look fantastic.  Flaws from freckles to stretch marks to cellulite to uneven skin tone are gently concealed with a sexy, golden glow.

Red Carpet Kolour comes in three shades:  Light, Medium, and Tan.  I haven’t tried the Light, which is a luminous transparent sheen that works for all skin tones.  I tested Medium, which is for light to medium skin shades and it was perfect for both color and luminosity.  Tan gives an even deeper color than Medium.

There are three things that make this product great.

1.  It’s easy to apply and doesn’t come off on clothes.  I have ruined so many tops and shorts because my faux tanner bled onto them, especially in the warmer months.  But this stuff absolutely stays until you wash it off, and then it removes easily.  Major bonus!

2.  It doesn’t look fake or overdone.  It’s not a matte color, it has shimmer, but it still looks like your skin. The shimmer is golden, and it isn’t obvious.  Ok, let me qualify that – it doesn’t look obvious on your body.  You can use this on your face, but for me the shimmer was too much for it to be a face product.  I’m betting the Light shade is awesome for the face, though.

RCK Medium swatch

3.  It minimizes imperfections and makes your skin look sexy and glowy.  I love to use it on my arms because it makes them look thinner in tank tops.  I am a pretty freckley person, and it evens them out and makes my arms much more attractive.

My arm before RCK


My arm after RCK

It’s fantastic for the decolletage, it diminishes the look of freckles and wrinkles and instantly makes you look younger.  And it’s so great for the legs.  Stretch marks, cellulite, uneven skin tone – they all look so much better.

Red Carpet Kolour is one of the best faux tanning body lotions I have tried.  Believe me, if you shy away from tank tops and short shorts because you are concerned about your skin imperfections, you HAVE to try this.  – Lisa

*pr sample


  1. That looks like a nice product! Does it have self-tanner-smell?

  2. This looks perfect for the decolletage!

  3. beautyin says:

    Hi Laura, you know what, it really doesn’t much of a fragrance at all. Certainly nothing at all like regular self-tanner, so no worries there!

  4. That was going to be my question about the smell. It looks like it is subtle enough in color that it isn’t a huge, drastic change too.

  5. Hi! This looks like an answer to my prayers for nicer summer skin. How long does the color last?