Are you a ‘Wipeaholic’? Savvy Travelers wipes are definitely addictive!

Savvy TravelersI am not one to recommend starting an addiction, but I am making an exception here:  Savvy Travelers designer wipes are worth becoming an addict, particularly if you spend a lot of time on the road or in an airplane. It all comes down to four words: No water?  No problem!                                                                                                                   samples

Savvy Travelers specializes in TSA-friendly designer wipes. Their selection is far more than the typical baby wipe or makeup removing wipes. They have everything from nail polish remover wipes to personal hygiene wipes to wipes for your electronic devices. All of the wipes are priced at $2.50 for 2 wipes, or 10 wipes for $10. Right now, if you sign up for WIPEAHOLICS you can get 30 full size wipes for just $20 (alert: use the code beautyinfozone for an extra 20% off your entire order). Trust me, you will be happy…although you have been warned, it’s just the beginning of a lifelong addiction!

Let's Make a Deal! www.pegoleg.comYou don’t have to be a traveler to appreciate the convenience of these super effective and sanitary wipes. I keep them in my car, in my desk drawer at work, and in my bag. I am forever thanking the “Let’s Make a Deal’ gods when I magically find the perfect wipe in my purse.

Here are some of the essential wipes that everyone needs:

Savvy Travelers In the Clear


Ewwwwww.  Everyone needs a supply of the In the Klear Lens and Screen Wipes. These wipes work on computer screens, camera lenses, iPads…and they also remove dirt, oil, and makeup from cellphones. By the way, ever use your phone whilst in the bathroom? Of course you have. You need these wipes.

Savvy Travelers Klean Office


No one wants to get sick. I work at a public high school which is tantamount to working inside a petri dish, so the Klean Offz wipes are indispensable. They smell fresh and clean, plus they remove 99.9% of surface contamination.

Savvy Travelers No Sweat


Yes, and working out means that sweat production is unreal…not to mention unseasonably warm days, unexpected runs for the bus, hot flashes… The No Sweat wipes stop sweat, stop odor, and stop clothing stains.

Savvy Travelers Take Offz


You don’t need a sink, or water, or even time – one swipe and the Take Offz wipe cleanses, tones, and moisturizes skin. The wipe is actually quite large so one does the job, even if you use full coverage foundation and happen to be rocking some major smoky eyes.

Savvy Travelers Klean Upz


Besides the restroom, your computer keyboard, and your desk, you know what else is just full of bacteria? Menus. Seriously, wipe your hands after deciding on the grilled salmon. Klean Upz kills 99.9% of germs and doesn’t dry out your hands like hand sanitizer does.

Savvy Travelers Speak Eazy


I guess that means it really is ok to man the Kissing Booth! The Speakeasy Wipes come in handy if you find yourself with questionable breath thanks to their spearmint flavor. Use it as a quick replacement for  your tooth brush – just wipe down your teeth and lips for a fresh mouth and minty breath.

Savvy Travelers wipesSavvy Travelers also offers a subscription service for those of us who travel often, need a steady supply of wipes, and don’t want to waste time finding and ordering them.

Those who sign up for the Savvy Travelers’ subscription service, called “Wipeaholics,” receive a personal stash of their designer beauty wipes each and every month, delivered right to their mailbox. This includes 30 must-have wipes, including five of each of their core products: Klean Upz moisturizing hand and body wipes, Klean Offz sanitizing surface wipes, Take Offz facial wipes, No Sweat antiperspirant wipes, In the Klear lens and screen cleaner wipes, and the Speak Eazy dentist approved mouth and teeth wipes. Wipes users, or “Wipeaholics,” never have to worry about running out of wipes and trying to get to the right store to get more. They will be delivered each month, helping people to simply replenish their stock.

Besides the designer wipes, each month subscribers receive a deluxe size ‘travel treasure’ curated by the Savvy Travelers owners. These items are the ‘best of the best’ and will make any frequent traveler squeal in delight. How much fun is that?? The subscription service just started September 1st. Subscribe today to start earning your ‘Wipeaholic’ stripes!  – Lisa

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Don’t forget, 20% off your order with the code beautyinfozone



  1. I always remember to take makeup off when I sleep, it’s one of those beauty mantras that i never ever break. Love using facial wipes when I’m too tired to invest in a full PM routine!

  2. These look absolutely perfect for traveling! Very convenient!

  3. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    Wow, what a smart idea these are!! I need to go stock up on some for the next time I travel.

  4. I love these because I travel a lot for work and I love the idea of wipes instead of bottles for everything!!

  5. I am a wipeaholic though I don’t rely on just wipes for cleansing. That’s an amazing subscription – what a great idea!

  6. I am addicted to wipes, I love trying new brands out!

  7. Great idea especially for travel! I’ll remember this brand! I like using wipes but I’m always torn between throwing away stuff that can’t be recycled in our town and wasting water for washing since we’re in a terrible drought. What to do!

  8. These are perfect for travel!

  9. I’m going on a trip in Oct. I need these!

  10. Wow. This is genius!!!!

  11. These sound really nice. Kinda high priced for twines is 1.25$ each. I use a lot of Clorox or disinfecting wipes. All over r house remote controls and controllers for games. Door knobs and light witches once a week in r house. Besides the norm Lysol spray and bleach. I’m a germs phon that had a bone marrow transplant. Well really a little OCD. Not severe like u see on tv sometimes. But I do like a clean and org house. I don’t want to lose anything or have to look for something like a pair of scissors or rape etc. told them they never should have transplanted a OCD person. Made me germ a phone then. I had to wear a mask for many months going out. Well worth it all I’m alive. But I think of germs everywhere all the time. I don’t like tonopen a door with my bare hand. Out in public or anywhere away from home. So these r right up my alley. But just don’t know if I can budget them in right now. Hubby just left us high and dry a few months ago and nonsupport. He is not working and probably won’t. Rat. Sorry hard day had to talk to him about it all. Thanks for sharing I would like to have some. I already have self wipes, Clorox wipes why not some for nail polish I carry a pocket back on my purse for hands and Walmart and retailers have wipes for carts.

  12. I really need to pick some of these up for an upcoming trip. They will be so easy to travel with!

  13. Elizabeth O. says

    I love the fact that it has all the wipes that you need. I’m a bit of a clean freak and it’s good to have this on the go especially if you’re in a place that’s not really clean.

  14. Hello there,

    This is cool. A quicker way to get in and out of the airport security and great for traveling. I might just try these out ^.^

  15. I am! I never quit buying baby wipes after the kids stopped needing them. lol

  16. I deal with patients on a daily basis so you can imagine how much sanitizing and washing I do! I also wipe a lot

  17. These are such an incredible idea! I love that they offer something for every need.

  18. Absolutely looks good for travelling. I love to have this

  19. Oh, sounds like addictive. I will share this with my daughter for their travelling essentials.

  20. Nicole Etolen says

    Oh, this is a perfect wipes for our traveling. I will buy some for me and my son.

  21. Nicole Escat says

    I haven’t tried this wipes. Looks like I need to carry it wherever I go, especially when I am traveling out of town.

  22. These look awesome. I work at a farm and whenever I leave work I always wipe my face because of all the stuff – hay, dust, dirt, etc – that ends up all over me!!

  23. This is a great delivery service. We go thorugh wipes like crazy.

  24. My husband travels a lot for his business and I think these Savvy Travelers designer wipes could come so handy for him anytime. I love that they have different wipes for everyone’s’ need and they are surely addictive!

  25. I love that all the wipes you need are included! I’ve heard of this brand, it seems amazing! Have to check them out for sure. thanks for sharing!

  26. Wipes are always great and comes with many different uses. You can also use these to clean your phone’s screen.

  27. The tooth wipes remind me of what I used to use on my daughter as a baby.

  28. I love the packaging of those wipes! It’s really cute. I also like that they are packaged individually, making it more hygienic.