Pop Sugar January Box revealed

PopSugar Must Have box for January 2013

PopSugar Must Have box for January 2013

It was bound to happen. I’ve enjoyed all my PopSugar Must Have boxes but the January one is just not me. It’s other people for sure but not Marcia.  The theme of the box is Happy New Year (I know, I’m late!) and it’s meant to give you a fresh start with resolutions. But these aren’t my resolutions. I made resolutions like not buying the same shades over and over (failed by the way) and keeping my lips in better shape (doing good on this one) but not feeling the burn.

PopSugar Must Have contents for January

PopSugar Must Have contents for January

Every month so far there’s been something for exercise and January was no different. What took up the majority of the box is a pilates ball “Merrithew Stability Ball”. It’s to work your core area and there’s a card in the main box with 6 tips for using the ball. As they say “it’s an essential piece of equipment for any home gym” but my home gym is non-existent.  Last month I sent my friend the CD for yoga but this is too big to mail so I’ll ask my family if they want it. I seriously won’t use it. $36.99  january pop ball

The second resolution they want to help you resolve is keeping on time so they’ve included a very nice watch called The Remix Timebomb. Mine is a bright blue, the silicone straps make it easy to keep clean. But I don’t wear a watch anymore and if I did, it would be one of my good ones. I appreciate this in the box even though it’s not my style. $44.95 january pop watch

Then there’s food galore in the box. Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick in both Milk and Dark Chocolate. Now I’d love to just eat this as a chocolate bar but I’m not a hot beverage person. Plus I’d rather eat my calories than drink them. $2.99 each on Amazon.com january pop choc

To go along with your hot chocolate there’s a jar of Kraft Jet Puffed Mallow Bits. These look like what are in kids cereal and will probably find their way into my mouth some insomnia night! Better yet I should bake chocolate chip cookies and put these in there too. Now that would make these worthwhile. (probably under $3 at a grocery store)

PopSugar Must Have food galore

PopSugar Must Have food galore

There are 3 different Think Thin Bars. My box has a snack one called Divine in Dark Chocolate Coconut which looks pretty darn good; there’s a protein bar in Creamy Peanut Butter with 0g sugar, 20 g protein and gluten free plus the third one is Think Thin Crunch in “caramel chocolate dipped mixed nuts”. Hey maybe this box isn’t quite worthless after all. Bars are between $1.69 and $1.99.january pop bar

The last item is Epicuren Discovery Lip Balm; a good choice for winter. This has SPF 15 and contains tea tree oil and aloe vera ingredients. This .25 oz jar costs $8.50 on Amazon.com.january pop balm

There’s always some kind of coupon and this one is from Casetagram. It’s $15 off a purchase. You can make customized phone and tablet cases from Casetagram for $35-$40 for phones. I’ve yet to use a coupon but I’d sort of love to see my grandson on my iPhone case.january pop coupon

The boxes cost $35 plus tax (mine was $37.10) and usually come toward the end of each month. The value of January’s box is approximately $102 but that’s if you use it all. If you read the comments on the PopSugar Must Have site you’ll realize that this box was filled with Must Haves for some but not for everyone. That’s the chance you take. If this box or any of the others I’ve reviewed make you interested in PopSugar Must Have I’d love it if you used my referral code http://popsu.gr/yqR. You can use the code REFERFRIENDS to get $5 off your first order. So far I haven’t gotten a free box but I’m not giving up. — Marcia


  1. The watch is cute, and I like the idea of the hot chocolate stick.

    All of those, apart from the exercise DVD (as it’s not really my thing) sound great.

  2. I liked this box ok enough. I was happy for the yoga ball because I knew my teen daughter would LOVE it (she’s even planning on taking it to college with her). I loved the watch but the band was plain white. I will either bling it up a bit or possibly buy a different color band. Watches tend to literally rub me the wrong way, so I loved the band on it.

    The lip balm is….odd. I just can’t get over the tea tree taste BUT I had some chapped lips and it seemed to heal them overnight. Not that it happens much in FL, but for now I’m also using it around my fingernails for dry skin.

    Not happy with Feb’s box though….:(