My love/hate relationship with Eau de Gaga 001

Lady Gaga. Love her or hate her, you definitely notice her.

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I recently tested her Eau de Gaga 001 ($34) fragrance and it was no surprise to me that I developed a love/hate relationship with it. Let’s start with the hate part and end with some love, shall we?

Eau De Gaga

I hate the way this smells on me. That doesn’t mean this won’t be your cuppa tea, though. It’s a unisex scent with a top note of citrusy lime, a midnote of white violet, and base notes of woods and leather. It really is an intriguing mix of feminine florals, clean citrus, and masculine leather. On me, unfortunately, it smells of lime, lime, and more lime. Later it settles down into something less sharp and more leathery…but still not great.

So now let’s move onto some love.

Eau de Gaga Paris New York

Eau de Gaga Perfume

I love the clean, unisex packaging. It has a hip, modern vibe that looks great on anyone’s dresser.

I also love the fragrance.

Seriously. While it most decidedly does not mix well with my body chemistry…it kind of makes me smell like that dude at the bar who wears his sunglasses inside and isn’t wearing a wedding ring but has a noticeable indentation from one…it smells GREAT on my sheets! I spray this on my linens before putting them in the dryer, and they end up smelling clean, yet warm and snuggly at the same time…masculine enough that the hubby likes it, and feminine enough that I like it too.

Eau de Gaga is not your typical celebrity fragrance, which makes it absolutely perfect. This is a true yin/yang, love/hate perfume. No matter what, this fragrance WILL be noticed. Just like Lady Gaga herself.  – Lisa

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Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga


  1. [email protected] | 17th Apr 15

    I think that Leticia likes this scent. I tend to gravitate toward masculine and gender neutral scents, especially Orientals. I’d definitely like to sniff this one, though it probably has too much lime in it for me.

  2. Liz | 18th Apr 15

    I like gender neutrals and I love both lime and leather, so this is one I’m going to seek out – even though I usually avoid celebrity scents.

  3. Tina @ My Highest Self | 19th Apr 15

    I loved Fame so I need to try this one. Love that idea of spraying your linens. Thanks for your honest review!

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