Palovia Skin Renewing Laser: Final report with before and after pics

Well, it’s been four weeks since my first report on using my PaloVia Laser.  I started out using the laser every night, but had to move to every other night half way through because it just made my skin too dry.

Here are my previous posts:

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Moving to every other night was much better for me, I didn’t have any dry skin issues after that.  However, I had a bad reaction to a new contact lens solution that made my eyes so swollen I couldn’t use the laser for about five days straight.  So you could say that my experiment was far from perfect in terms of how often I was able to use the laser.  And when you keep that in mind, I think my results are pretty mind blowing:

PaloVia before – left eye


PaloVia after – left eye

Yup, it works.

What I find interesting is that when I smile, my wrinkle lines are still there – my face muscles and skin still work the same way, so it’s not like Botox where there is no movement and NO lines.  But when I am not smiling, the depth of my fine lines and wrinkles is dramatically improved after using the PaloVia laser.

Since I had to take almost a full week off, I think I will continue to use the laser every other day for another two weeks, then move into maintenance which is twice a week.  I have to say that after a month of my very imperfect usage record, I am very, very happy with my results, and I definitely think this laser is worth the investment.  – Lisa

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  1. The difference is terrific. Your eyes look softer and younger. I hope it continues the improvement with time too.

  2. Vicki Neulinger says:

    Wow..what fantastic results! PS you have amazing lashes 😉

  3. It’s amazing how well it works. I been forgetting to do my maintenance–thanks for reminding me!

  4. I cannot believe the difference. How amazing that an at home treatment can be that effective!

  5. Super photos. It’s been really interesting to follow your posts about the laser.