Z Palette Small Palette and Empty Pan Palette review

As a collector of cosmetics, de-cluttering and organizing are essential to my mental and emotional health.  If I didn’t consolidate and categorize, I would absolutely lose my mind.  Not to mention I would just plain get lost in my house because of all the stuff!  So I love to de-pot eyeshadows and blushes and put them into palettes.  Z Palette has some of the best palettes on the market.  They are extremely user-friendly and very sturdy.  Plus they have terrific color options so you can match your palettes to your personality and tastes.

Z Palette Small Palette in Leopard

Perfect for an eyeshadow collection is the Z Palette Small Palette ($14).  It comes in six colors:  Black , Hot Pink, Leopard, Striped, Zebra, Purple.  Size dimensions are:
Outside 3.8″L x 3.8″W x 0.56″D
Inside 3.18″L x 3.18″W x 0.25″D
It’s a terrific size, small enough to fit into your purse, large enough for 9 MAC eyeshadow pans.  It comes with 10 round metal stickers for depots in non-metal pans (like MAC eyeshadows).
A lot of palettes on the market don’t have a ‘window’ on top.  Not having a clear top can help to make a palette more sturdy.  The problem is you can’t see what you have in each palette without opening them up, which gets annoying particularly when you have several palettes that are the same color.  So I love, love, love the clear top on the Z Palettes.  It’s plastic, not glass, so it doesn’t increase the heaviness but it’s still extremely sturdy.  Plus, you can get several palettes of the same color and not worry about getting confused since you can see what is inside.  The bottom on the inside of the palette is a magnetic base that really holds those de-pots down.

My Z Palette with my gorgeous Make Up Geek eyeshadows

Pictured above is my small palette filled with Make Up Geek eyeshadow pans.  I didn’t de-pot these, they came as pans which is also always cheaper than regular eyeshadows.  The palette is sturdy and roomy – products don’t graze the top, and they don’t slide around.  You can also fold the top part under so you have easy access without taking up any more room.  I love how I can make my own palette creations using eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, pressed powder, powder or cream foundation.

Z Palette Empty Palette

Lately I am also totally geeked about Z Palette’s Empty Pan (regularly $18, on sale right now for $16).  It comes in Black or Zebra.

This is the Small Palette pre-filled with 16 empty metal pans that are magnetized so they stick to the Z Palette pan.  They are perfect for lipsticks, concealers, and for pressing your own pigments.   I use mine for lipsticks.  I had lots of almost-gone lippies with colors I loved that I didn’t want to toss.  I either used a small spatula like my Every Drop Beauty Spatula to dig out the color from the containers, or else I used a small knife to cut off a portion of the lipstick.

My lipstick filled Z Palette

Check out my ‘What’s in Lisa’s palette?’ post for lipstick names and descriptions.  I was tired of carrying 10 different lipsticks in my purse, so I keep this palette at work.

You can also buy a 10 pack of the Metal Pans for $4.00.  These are great for creating the ‘perfect palette’ , like having a few pans of lipstick plus a blush and several eyeshadows.

If you love to de-pot, or you want to get rid of clutter, or you just enjoy creating your own color combinations, you need to check out Z Palette.  They have a great website with excellent tutorials about using the palettes, and they are also for sale at great stores like Make Up Geek’s website.  – Lisa

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  1. Thanks very much for sharing this! I had never thought to do this and it looks a lot of fun!! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve heard Z palette referenced often but never knew where to find them.

  3. There are several places to get them. Makeup Geek carries them and her shadows are awesome so it’s nice to buy a palette with the pans. Beauty.com also carries them.

  4. I really liked seeing how you used it for your lipsticks, in addition to the eyeshadows!!


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