Mont Bleu Swarovski Crystal Nail Files – to die for!

Beauty Info Zone is obviously a beauty blog. We like to show you beautiful products that we can recommend to help you make decisions on how to spend your money wisely. Today I have something that I think is absolutely beautiful! It’s a crystal nail file by Mont Bleu and every time I take it out it brings a big smile to my face.

Mont Bleu crystal nail file

Mont Bleu crystal nail file

I love a little glitz in my life, I think most women reading this do too. Mont Bleu makes some of the most beautiful glitz I own. What I have to recommend is their glass nail file. Just look at the pattern of the Swarovski crystals on mine and you’ll know why I swoon.

Mont Bleu close up

If you’ve never used a glass nail file you are in for a double treat with these – beauty and function. Glass files are extremely hygienic, you’ll never have mold or fungus growing on one. They don’t get dull. They have a smoother surface than other types of files. They are easy to keep clean – just a little soapy water, rinse and dry. There is a slight chance of breaking one but if you are careful that shouldn’t happen. Mont Bleu crystal files aren’t guaranteed against breakage but the surface of them has a lifetime guarantee.

Once you realize how great a glass file is, don’t you want one that is absolutely stunning? Mont Bleu makes so many designs that you will want more than one.  I absolutely need this one with the heart on it, it is calling my name!

Mont Bleu heart series

But you might want one of the other 140 designs like this one in pink and purple.

Mont Bleu Comet - Amethyst

There’s surely one that will make your heart go pitter patter or one that will make a gift for someone you care about. These retail for between 8 and 10,00 € ($10.50 – $13 US).

Mont Bleu’s products are made from high quality tempered Czech glass decorated with Swarovski crystals. Ranked as the safest and most durable manicure tool, their glass nail files will satisfy any need of yours; whether for professional use or home nail work. Each file is handmade, they meticulously put the Swarovski crystals on each one by hand. My file is 5.5 inches long (135 mm) and came in a black velvet case to keep it safe.

Lisa has written about the beautiful Mont Bleu earrings she has and wears (I’ve seen her wear them a dozen times at least!) and showed some of the other products they make in her review.  We both agree that Mont Bleu is a quality brand that we want more of in our lives. We also agree that you’ll want them too. — Marcia

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  1. Gorgeous! I usually don’t do my own nails but I want one anyway! LOL

  2. I’ve never had one of these types of files but I certainly want one now. Thanks for the post. 🙂

  3. I get my nails done most of the time but I still love using this. I often get rough edges on the sides so it comes in handy. Plus I just love looking at it!

  4. Glass files will change how you feel about a nail file. Plus who wouldn’t want something this beautiful!

  5. I absolutely love my glass nail file! I’ve had it for many years & I wouldn’t use anything else on my nails. Glass nail files are so much better for your nails & you also don’t have to worry about which way you file your nails with a glass nail file. The quality of a good Czech nail file will last you forever as long as you take care of it. There is an excellent video on youtube regarding these nail files by pinksofoxy if you would like anymore information about these type of nail files.

  6. I love my glass nail files!