Welcome to the Fairytale Forest from Pure Ice

Fairytale Forest collection from Pure Ice

Fairytale Forest collection from Pure Ice

Pure Ice Nail Polishes are those hidden wonders that no one talks about but that many people love. This is my first set of Pure Ice and it won’t be my last. This is most of the Fairytale Forest Collection that feature 8 icy shades in finishes of glitter and iridescent pearl. This collection will be released exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide. Because they are only $1.97 each, I honestly skipped over Pure Ice when shopping. I admit I was a nail snob but I’ve learned my lesson.

These polishes are totally amazing. The colors are a perfect change from the traditional reds and greens we find for the winter holidays. I was sent 7 of the 8 and I love the change of pace I’m finding in these. Plus when spring/summer comes along these will be a pleasure to pull out again.

Pure Ice White as Snow, Prince Charming, True Love's Kiss

Pure Ice White as Snow, Prince Charming, True Love’s Kiss

Look at these beautiful pastels! But they aren’t ordinary pastels since they have a small amount of shimmer within the formula. This winter wonderland of polishes looks beautiful on nails while lasting on me for a solid week. Use a base coat and top coat and your nails can twinkle along with your tree.

WHITE AS SNOW is a very sparkly white that will remind you of the glisten of fresh fallen snow. There are small shards that lie flat make it look even more realistically like a fresh snowfall.

White as Snow

White as Snow

PRINCE CHARMING is Cinderella come to life. When I wore this I hadn’t really looked at the name but I had a feeling it had to do with Cindy and sure enough it does. It reminds me of the sky on a perfect sunny winter day.

Pure Ice Prince Charming

Pure Ice Prince Charming

TRUE LOVE’S KISS is the perfect pink shimmer. It’s my favorite of the group and I couldn’t stop looking at my nails when wearing this. True Love’s Kiss is very sparkly but that is all hidden within so there’s nothing special you have to do to remove it.

Pure Ice True Love's Kiss

Pure Ice True Love’s Kiss

Pure Ice Precious Jewels, Tales Untold, Faraway Land, Stella Grace

Pure Ice Precious Jewels, Tales Untold, Faraway Land, Stella Grace

PRECIOUS JEWELS makes me want to take a Caribbean vacation. It’s the color of the crystal aqua water that you just want to jump into and never leave. The shimmer shines in sunlight and makes you want to escape.

Pure Ice Precious Jewels

Pure Ice Precious Jewels

TALES UNTOLD is also a princess shade. If you have a young girl in your life, she’ll want to steal it away. But it’s not too young for you. It’s actually the one I want for Easter time.

Pure Ice Tales Untold

Pure Ice Tales Untold

FARAWAY LAND has a clear base with metallic teal small shards of color. I’ve shown it on the nail wheel over Precious Jewels since it’s the type of polish I wear as a top coat. I love polishes like this when I’m coming to the end of a mani since it prolongs the life of it.

Pure Ice Faraway Land

Pure Ice Faraway Land

STELLA GRACE had me enchanted instantly. On its own it’s a white with stunning shimmer but it also has some adorable silver stars within (not enough for me though). I am wearing it as an accent nail over Prince Charming and it looks like the sky with little pinpoints of white and a cute little star.

Pure Ice Stella Grace

Pure Ice Stella Grace

The only one I’m missing is Fairytale Forest which appears to be a beautiful darker blue and you better believe that I’ll pick it up at Walmart.

Pure Ice Fairytale Forest

Pure Ice Fairytale Forest

The Fairytale Forest collection from Pure Ice is one to make a special trip to Walmart to find. It’s available in December but only while supplies last. You’ll want the shimmer and shine to make your days and nights a little brighter. — Marcia

Which is your favorite? Mine is the pink that’s truly pinker than shown.

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  1. What a gorgeous collection, Marcia!

  2. These colors are so pretty! I will check them out next time I am in Wal-Mart!

  3. True Loves Kiss and Precious Jewels!! OMG love!

  4. These shades are so lovely and perfect for winter! Pure Ice is such a bargain. Love that brand!

  5. I love these pretty soft pastels! True Loves Kiss is my favorite, SO beautiful!

  6. These are too pretty! I’ll be on the look out for True Love’s Kiss for sure.

  7. Those are beautiful shades. I think I have tried this brand in the past, I need to revisit it again

  8. These are so pretty!


  10. It’s such an interesting choice of shades to create a winter collection, cause we are used to see pastels in spring, but these are true reminders of snowy winter fairytale.

  11. All those pastels are so pretty! My favourite is probably Faraway Land. The name reminds me of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree books.

  12. I haven’t used Pure Ice polishes in ages, but these shades are gorgeous.

  13. These look really pretty!

  14. How adorable! I love the frosty look of these!

  15. Natalie Brown says

    My favorite is Tales Untold but I really like all of them. So magical for the Winter time. 🙂

  16. I looked for this today and didn’t find it muwaaaah ????

  17. That was a crying face lol. Not ????

  18. Such lovely winter shades 🙂

  19. Jennifer Pham says

    I’ve always found this brand to be hit or miss: some of the creams are great, while others are just way too sheer for my liking!

  20. These are such pretty colors! It’s so nice to see them on someone before buying. Thanks!

  21. So beautiful and cute collection!

  22. Christine Wagner says

    Gorgeous shades.


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