Use this Staple Relationship from KBShimmer for the best work you’ll ever do

KBShimmer is ready to make your office life a lot better with 8 polishes from their Office Space collection. These work friendly and fun ready polishes will make the day go a lot faster.

KBShimmer Office Space

KBShimmer Office Space

When we received a selection of these KBShimmer polishes I instantly grabbed Staple Relationship, it’s my kind of color.

KBShimmer Staple Remover

KBShimmer Staple Relationship

Just look at that sparkle, just look at that color! Can you blame me for wanting it on my nails instantly? In the bottle Staple Relationship looks like a charcoal metallic shimmer with a purple cast. It has silvery metallic flakes in it. Bright light brings out the amazing colorful shimmer but in regular overhead light you’ll see a much more subtle metallic shade.

KBShimmer Staple Remover

KBShimmer Staple Relationship

Believe it or not the polish can look charcoal or even a little purple. Light and your skintone will affect the tone you see. I see the charcoal and shimmer on my nails.

KBShimmer Staple Remover

KBShimmer Staple Relationship

KBShimmer Staple Remover

KBShimmer Staple Relationship

The holographic shimmer is beautiful yet doesn’t yell at you or your office mates.

KBShimmer Staple Remover

KBShimmer Staple Relationship

KBShimmer tells us that this is a crelly with metallic flakes and that it has a medium amount of shimmer. There’s a very slight texture to the polish but very slight.

I love KBShimmer polishes since they wear perfectly on my nails, lasting a full week without a problem. The hardest part of wearing KBShimmer is trying to decide which one to wear next.  —  Marcia

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  1. That’s a really smart positioning concept for a polish line. Like it!

  2. I thought this whole collection was so clever and Staple relationship is one of my favs!!!

  3. Yes, yes that’s gorgeous! Love it!

  4. Love this collection!

  5. This is definitely one of my favorites from the collection!

  6. That is such a nice collection! I’m on a polish spending ban right now, but I feel like I need this one.

  7. I picked up this collection too! <3 She really did an amazing job with the punny names & neutral colors.

  8. Out office has 7 women and I’m the only one that wears nail polish!

  9. Sometimes I wear nail polish but due to frequent hand washing and sanitizing in between patients make my nails chip easily. It’s a nice color tho

  10. That is such a pretty polish!

  11. I love this colour! It actually pulls more purple against my skin tone!

  12. Holy cow, what a gorgeous polish! I need to try KB Shimmer, every time I see them I’m blown away!

  13. I love this nail polish. If you’re looking for style then this will definitely do it for you.

  14. Lacquerexpression says

    I’m loving this shade and it looks great on you.

  15. I’m OBSESSED with this whole collection. KBShimmer can do no wrong in my eyes!

  16. Fairytalesnails says

    This looks gorgeous on you x

  17. What a gorgeous color! KB Shimmer make some of my faves for sure!

  18. Oh my… KB Shimmer never ceases to amaze me with their gorgeous polishes. This ones a winner for sure.

  19. That silver is SOOOO stunning! I need to try KB Shimmer soon. I recently got a few Glisten & Glow polishes and LOVE THEM!

  20. This is gorgeous! x

  21. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    This is such a lovely collection, the neutral shades are so refreshing and mellow.