Summer fun with nails

This week for Makeup Wars we are sharing some favorite polishes for summer. This was actually a last minute decision for the group so I gathered pictures of the polishes I’ve been wearing up until today to share with you. None of the ones I’ve been wearing are new but they are ones I love and hope you do too.


The Halo Hues polish collections are fabulous polishes. Not only do they wear beautifully but they are more holographic than any other polish brand I’ve ever bought.

Color Club Miss Bliss on Polarbelle’s blog

In 2013 I did a guest post for Polarbelle and wore this polish and I’m wearing it now as I type.

Color Club Halo Hues Miss Bliss

Color Club Halo Hues Miss Bliss

It’s still available on ebay and if you love shiny pink holo nails then you’ll adore this polish.

INGLOT MAMMA MIA (number 220)

I wore this over the July 4th weekend and everyone loved not only how pretty it is but how it fit the holiday. I swear I saw it for sale but I can’t find it now. But if you can get your hands on it, it’s a stunner with beautiful shimmer.

Inglot Mamma Mia! #220

Inglot Mamma Mia! #220

I need to get my hands on some Inglot Nail Enamel now that I’ve seen how perfectly this wore for a week.


Lillian Eve is a small indie nail company with a tiny collection right now. I’ve had Navy Been Better for a long time and finally got around to wearing it around Memorial Day.

Lillian Eve Navy Been Better

Lillian Eve Navy Been Better

I gravitate towards blues like this, it’s not really navy except in certain lights. It’s very satiny and wore perfectly for a week with just a bit of wear where it wraps around the nail.


When I was moving I wanted a polish that would last 2 weeks so I turned to CND Vinylux. Beckoning Begonia has an infinitesimal amount of shimmer to it. It looks a little more shimmery in the bottle than on my nails. So while I was disappointed in that, I wasn’t disappointed in the way this lasted through packing and unpacking 1,234,567 boxes.

CND Vinylux Beckoning Begonia

CND Vinylux Beckoning Begonia


I can’t tell you how many weeks I sat and looked at Aruba Blue in the nail polish racks of my nail tech. Finally I had to wear it. It’s fitting for my affinity for blue and this made me wish I was back in Aruba.

Essie Aruba Blue

Essie Aruba Blue


Last but not least is Lauren B Rose Bowl because I love red all year long. This is another brand that is fabulous and Rose Bowl is a perfect example of the beauty of their polishes.

Lauren B Rose Bowl

Lauren B Rose Bowl

I’m ready for more pastels now and I have a set of Julie G polishes waiting in the wings for my next nail polish post. I can’t wait to wear them. What’s on your agenda for polish this summer?  —  Marcia

*Lauren B is from PR, rest were purchased or from my nail tech



  1. They’re all beautiful but for me, the Essie Aruba Blue (and I’m not usually a blue fan) and the stunning Color Club Miss Bliss holo are stealing my heart!

  2. Those are really beautiful and classy shades!!! My nails crave for some TLC

  3. I am having a bit of nail envy with those stunning colors!

  4. Lovely colors!

  5. Oh my gosh, Miss Bliss is one stunning nail polish! This is perfect for spring/summer looks!

  6. Gorgeous shades! I love wearing Aruba Blue as a pedi colour in the summer.

  7. Every single shade here is so gorgeous!

  8. Holly Thomas says

    Lillian Eve Navy Been Better is my favorite.

  9. Debbie Welchert says

    Oh how I remember when my nails looked like that and all the compliments on got on them. Now I keep them short because they break all the time and I just don’t have the time to spend on them like I used too. I just love all the colors they have now and I have to say the blues are my favorite.