Sinful Colors Celebrates the 80’s with 3 new nail collections

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May is an exciting month in the world of nail polish since Sinful Colors has three fabulous collections coming out that will make your nails stand out and your wallet stay fat.

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Collection one is Color Rebellious ($1.99) which consists of 8 bright and beautiful colors. The Queen of Pop inspired these with ambitious super saturated shades to light up the dance floor. I can’t wait to see these especially the limited edition polishes and grab them up.

Limited Edition  Cherish Me – hardcore pewter polish with heavy metal glitter accents  Starlight – a star bright glittering gold metallic  Pop Queen – shimmering blue-grey metallic studded with bright blue heavy metal accents

The Classics  Cream Pink – bubblegum pink  Endless Blue – en vogue electric blue  Energetic Red – bright lipstick red with attitude  Feel the Vibe – vibrant orange shade Yolo Yellow – bright yellow hue

Sinful Colors Color Eccentric

Sinful Colors Color Eccentric

Collection two is Color Eccentric ($2.99) which are bright and eccentric neon polishes reminiscent of the early days of David Bowie’s glam rock music.

Limited Edition

Diamond Blogs – neon fuchsia,  Interglamatic – vivid violet,  She’s From Mars – neon bright pink,  Eccentricity – neon orange,  Out in Space – neon yellow,  Jean Queen – vibrant neon teal

Top it Off!  Top Coat – shockingly shiny top coat to lock in crazy color

Illuminating Base  White On Time – a white shade to be applied under neons for the ultimate vivid effect

Sinful Color Color Eccentric

Sinful Color Color Eccentric

Sinful Color Color Eccentric

Sinful Color Color Eccentric

Collection 3 are the funky flamboyant Color Symbolic ($2.99) shades. These are reminders of Prince’s vibrant music.

Limited Edition  Cranberry Ca raze – fuchsia pearl with an unexpected violet flash,  Funky Fierce – violet metallic with a flamboyant gold flash,  Rule My World – decadent gold metallic,  So Symbolic – sparkling velvety purple

The Classics  Devious – deep blood red,  Pragmatic – feisty shade of lavender,  Prosecco – glittering neutral gold,  Tutu Thrill – pastel pink

Now that you know what to look out for let me share some of the NEON Color Eccentric Polishes that I was sent. As soon as this is available in stores I’m off to buy White On Time since I think the neon effect will be totally outrageous with the white base.

Sinful Colors Diamond Blogs

Sinful Colors Diamond Blogs

Diamond Blogs is a neon fuchsia that leans a little red. This limited edition shade is going to attract all the right kind of attention.

Sinful Color Eccentricity

Sinful Color Eccentricity

Eccentricity is a neon orange that you want on your tips or toes especially when it’s bathing suit weather. It’s not a pumpkin orange, it’s actually more of a pinky coral and is beautiful.

Sinful Color Out in Space

Sinful Color Out in Space

Out in Space is a neon yellow but with a more subtle look than you’d expect. It’s a sunny color that isn’t in your face – maybe because it’s out in space. It’s the color of the crayon you’d use to draw stars in the sky.

Sinful Colors Intergalactic

Sinful Colors Intergalactic

Purple lovers will celebrate Intergalactic. This is not your mother’s purple, it’s Prince purple with its brightness and vivaciousness.

Sinful Colors She's From Mars

Sinful Colors She’s From Mars

Last of the 5 I have is She’s From Mars and I loved wearing this shade. It is a bright neon pink but it’s also sort of soft at the same time.

Sinful Colors She's From Mars

Sinful Colors She’s From Mars

This isn’t what I expect when I see the name neon. It’s pink and mellow with the neon as an afterthought.

Sinful Colors She's From Mars

Sinful Colors She’s From Mars

If you are a polish lover look to Sinful Colors for their new collections. These wear as long as the more expensive colors but the cost is minimal. Cheaper than a Unicorn Frapiccino, longer lasting, but just as fun.  —  Marciasinful colors neon bottles wheel standng5 free polishes (Tolulene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DPB and Camphor Free)

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  1. Nora Grahe says

    I have many Sinful colors but no Neon and wish I did! Thanks!

  2. I love neons. Must be a throwback to when I wore them in the late eighties, early nineties. lol

  3. I love how they look on your nails or on the card! I agree: more mellow and much prettier too. I love those shades and I didn’t expect to seeing the bottles!

  4. Hahahaha cheaper than a unicorn frapp! I can’t wait to see these displays in my local store!!

  5. Sinful Colors has such great shades and good quality for the price too!

  6. These shades are so much fun! I really like the look of She’s From Mars too.

  7. The neon pink nail polish shade is very nice,..

  8. I love the pretty brights.

  9. These are awesome for summer and also music festivals!!

  10. I absolutely LOVE these neons! Perfect for the season!

  11. I just adore neons!

  12. These are perfect for the Summer. I especially love Intergalactic!

  13. Those are perfect for spring and summer

  14. These are the perfect Summer neons! Looks like pretty good coverage too!

  15. I tend to gravitate toward the classic colors. I’ll leave the neon to my daughter. lol

  16. Missing a neon green! That’s the only neon color that works for me.

  17. Jana Williams says

    Ooh Thanks So Much Ladies for Sharing This Awesome New Sinful Colors Celebrates the 80’s Collection With Us, I Really Appreciate it! I Absolutely Love Sinful Colors Nail Polish, it’s Definitely Among Some of My Absolute Favorites Because I Love the Vast Color Selection and Because I’m On a Really Major Budget So I Really Love That it’s a Great Quality Product for an Affordable Price! This Collection Was Made for Me Because I Absolutely Love Colorful Makeup & Nail Polish, it Just Puts You in a Fun & Cheerful Mood! I Think These Fun & Colorful Nail Polishes are Perfect for Spring or Summer! I Love All of the Nail Colors From This Collection But My Favorite is She’s From Mars Because My Favorite Color is That Salmon Pink Color! Well Thanks Agyfor Sharing Ladies, Have a Fabulous Day My Friends! – Jana

  18. I’m in love with this collection!! This bring me back to sixth grade when I was wearing neon socks and neon nail polish. It was 1985!!

  19. I love that pink!! I need that pink!!

  20. Julie Waldron says

    I love these colors! They definitely bring back memories. 🙂

  21. Courtney South says

    Um yes!! The limited edition with the metallic glitter! That’s my jam!! Too bad I hate Walmart.. hmm wonder if I can order online?? Love love this post!!