Peace, Love & Polish from Dr.’s Remedy

Dr.s Remedy CHEERFUL Cherry and POISED Pink Champagne

Dr.’s Remedy has created a wonderful small collection of polishes that is especially beautiful for fall. If you don’t know Dr.’s Remedy it’s a brand developed by podiatrists Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel. They wanted to help their patients with a vegan friendly, organic line. They’ve succeeded with over 40 gorgeous shades.


Dr.’s Remedy uses a blend of biotin, tea-tree oil, garlic bulb extract, lavender, wheat protein and vitamins C and E. Even though these ingredients sound like they’d be a little stinky, be assured they aren’t. But they are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, and DBP.

Dr.s Remedy CHEERFUL Cherry and POISED Pink Champagne

Now let’s enjoy the new beautiful shades that have been created to lift your spirits.

Let’s start by being cheerful with Cheerful Cherry ($17).

Dr.s Remedy CHEERFUL Cherry

This beauty is a cream shade but with a little bit of shimmer in it. You’ll basically see that in natural bright sunlight. This applied like a dream, the second coat filled it in perfectly giving it a bold and juicy look.

Dr.s Remedy CHEERFUL Cherry
Dr.s Remedy CHEERFUL Cherry

I enjoyed wearing this shade since it isn’t a Christmas red, it’s a more rose like shade that’s upbeat for this weather.

Dr.s Remedy CHEERFUL Cherry

POISED is a Pink Champagne shade that is called a cream but it’s actually a soft metallic. Dr.’s Remedy describes this a a soft shimmering pink champagne that gives a Midas touch. I find it to be a bit of a chameleon depending on the light.

Dr.s Remedy POISED Pink Champagne
Dr.s Remedy POISED Pink Champagne

This is a softer polish and needs drying time. Don’t be in a rush after applying it or you’ll end up with smudges like I did.

Dr.s Remedy POISED Pink Champagne in brighter light

Poised Pink Champagne took a while for me to appreciate. Normally I love the look of a polish instantly but I wasn’t sure at first if this was the right shade for my cool toned skin. But by the end of the first day I knew it was a winner, as the days went on I realized it gave a warm glow that I really liked.

If you are looking for an 8 Free polish brand that is actually good for your tips and toes then look no further than Dr.’s Remedy. It’s the only brand I’m comfortable wearing on my toes since I find my tootsies can be susceptible to fungus. But these have never caused a problem for me.  Be cheerful and poised with the latest from Dr.’s Remedy.  —  Marcia


  1. Lola Seicento | 15th Sep 17

    I absolutely love the concept behind these healthy polishes, and wow are they ever beautiful! I’m kind of surprised that it took you a while to warm to Poised Pink Champagne because it is absolutely strikingly beautiful against your cool-toned skin! I’m glad that you ended up loving it, because it really is lovely on you, Marcia!

  2. Shilpa | 15th Sep 17

    Both shades are pretty and it’s great that the polish has been created with a lot of thought on the ingredients

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 15th Sep 17

    This sounds like a fabulous polish love with great ingredients. Both shades are pretty but I especially love the red!

  4. Judy | 15th Sep 17

    These are both beautiful picks! I love the cherry shade.

  5. Courtney | 15th Sep 17

    I’m not at all familiar with this brand but I like the red one a lot!

  6. Jen Mathews | 15th Sep 17

    Your nails look great! Those ingredients sound really interesting.

  7. Kathryne | 15th Sep 17

    I lie Poised. Never heard of the brand but what do I know, I’m not a polish person. I mean, I only know few brands and rarely paint my nails.

  8. Kathryne | 15th Sep 17

    I like Poised. Never heard of the brand but what do I know, I’m not a polish person. I mean, I only know few brands and rarely paint my nails.

  9. Ehmkay nails | 15th Sep 17

    Ooooh what a great classic red.

  10. Kristi V BeginNails | 15th Sep 17

    That red is hot! I love a good bright red to be spicy. 🙂 Great review!

  11. Irina G. | 15th Sep 17

    Cheerful Cherry is absolutely awesome shade!

  12. Phyrra | 15th Sep 17

    I like the pink champagne on you.

  13. Krystal E | 16th Sep 17

    I like the cherry but not sure it would look right on me. I love how their really try to make the polish as natural as possible.

  14. Shilpa | 16th Sep 17

    Nail polish with tea-tree oil ? Waaw,.. sounds very interesting,.. Nic eshades

  15. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 17th Sep 17

    Both of those all beautiful, I love how shiny they are!

  16. Katie Marie | 18th Sep 17

    Cheerful Cherry is stunning and so creamy! These polishes sound fantastic!

  17. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 18th Sep 17

    These are both lovely shades, but I just love that red! I like that they have enriching ingredients in the formula too.

  18. Nikki | 18th Sep 17

    These sound awesome and they are beautiful!

  19. Emily Draher | 18th Sep 17

    I’ve still never tried this brand, but the formulation sounds wonderful!

  20. Bailey | 19th Sep 17

    The shades are gorgeous! I need to add a few bottles of this brand to my stash as I love the sound of the formula for on toes.

  21. Lacquerexpression | 26th Sep 17

    I like the concept of these and both shades look great on you!

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