Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture – long lasting, lovely and oh so luxurious

Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture polishes
Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture polishes

I have a really good excuse for my obsession with nail polish. I bit my nails down as far as I could go for almost half of my life. I didn’t just bite, I went at them like it was my job. It wasn’t a pretty sight and I can’t believe now that I did it for so long. Now when a fabulous company like Lauren B Beauty offers to send some polishes for testing I have trouble sharing with Lisa. I just want them all. I love to look at all my polishes lined up like ducks in a shooting gallery waiting for me to pay attention to them.

Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture: Ivy at the Shore, Rose Bowl, and #ImSoLA
Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture: Ivy at the Shore, Rose Bowl, and #ImSoLA

Really, would you give away these polishes? I can’t do it. Each one has its own unique beauty that I can’t get enough of.

Lauren B Rose Bowl
Lauren B Rose Bowl

ROSE BOWL is the kind of red that is seasonless to me. I love this bright metallic red any month of the year. Stunning for Christmas and so fitting; gorgeous for Valentine’s Day; perfect for fall when the seasons are changing; and terrific on toes.

Lauren B Rose Bowl
Lauren B Rose Bowl

Lauren B describes the shade this way – Less traditional than red but just as rich: This vibrant, purple-tinged pink has a hint of delicate silver shimmer, lending it cool, unexpected depth. I am crazy about a metallic finish and Lauren B knows how to bring the finish to life.

Lauren B Ivy At The Shore
Lauren B Ivy At The Shore

Ivy At The Shore has the best description ever. I’d buy it just for this “The Goldilocks of teal polishes, this isn’t too light or too dark – just commandingly pretty. Metallic undertones lend it an elegant, luminous vibe.” Such a perfect description.

Lauren B Ivy At The Shore
Lauren B Ivy At The Shore

I don’t normally choose teal polishes but this is irresistible. The metallic shine lasted 7 full days. The polish didn’t scratch up. I never got tired of it. This is the teal of all teals.

Lauren B Beauty #ImSoLA
Lauren B Beauty #ImSoLA

Lauren B wins the name of the month contest with #ImSoLA. Not only a terrific name but the color is fantastic. It’s a deep raspberry pink that wore like it was made for royalty. All Lauren B polishes are non toxic, eco- and vegan-friendly (with no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene or camphor), TPHP free, and proudly made in the USA.

Lauren B Beauty #ImSoLA
Lauren B Beauty #ImSoLA

This cream finish was shiny throughout the week and didn’t wear away at the tips. The brushes on Lauren B polishes are long and full so it’s easy to get your whole nail bed without working too hard.

Lauren B Nail Protector Base Coat
Lauren B Nail Protector Base Coat

To make your nail bed stand up to any hard work you put your hands through you should definitely consider using Nail Protector as your base coat. This has a very light tint but it never effected any polish I’ve used it with. What it’s excellent for though is smoothing out the ridges you have on your nails. It’s a matte finish but when looking at my nail pictures you can see it didn’t effect the shine one bit. I credit it though with making my polish last longer and apply more smoothly.

Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture: Rose Bowl, Ivy at the Shore, and #ImSoLA
Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture: Rose Bowl, Ivy at the Shore, and #ImSoLA
Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture: Rose Bowl, Ivy at the Shore, #ImSoLA, and Nail Perfector
Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture: Rose Bowl, Ivy at the Shore, #ImSoLA, and Nail Perfector

For trendy, long lasting polishes ($18 each) you really can’t go wrong with any you choose. Next on my list is Departing LAX. It looks like another amazing polish from Lauren B Beauty.  —  Marcia

*sent for the purpose of giving me gorgeous looking nails!


  1. chei | 7th Oct 16

    wow! They looks all great! Great product!

  2. Never Say Die Beauty | 7th Oct 16

    They’re absolutely beautiful, Marcia! And your nails look so long and healthy!

  3. Lola Seicento | 7th Oct 16

    These are gorgeous! I am such a fan of their polishes, and as always your nails are perfection!

  4. Anastasia | 7th Oct 16

    Beautiful colors, they look perfect for WInter.

  5. nichole C | 7th Oct 16

    I love reading about new-to-me products.

  6. Stacie Hamilton | 7th Oct 16

    Those all look pretty! I really like the design of their packaging.

  7. Cindy Ingalls | 7th Oct 16

    I love Lauren B polishes. I have a couple in my collection and they are among my favorites.

  8. Kristi V BeginNails | 7th Oct 16

    Love the shimmer in Rose Bowl! <3 So pretty!

  9. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 7th Oct 16

    I love Rose bowl!

  10. victoria | 8th Oct 16

    Those are absolutely a good colors, I want to have this

  11. My Newest Addiction | 8th Oct 16

    Lauren B has some really great polishes.

  12. CosmetopiaDigest | 8th Oct 16

    Nice packaging. I love square bottles for nail polish. And that teal is stunning!

  13. Joyce Chitwood | 8th Oct 16

    Oh WOW they r very pretty. I’m sure it would be hard to let any them of ho. But u could trade back and forth. Share ladies. Lol like telling little kids. Lol.

  14. Babi | 8th Oct 16

    I love the red and the berry pink! Both shades I would love!

  15. test | 8th Oct 16

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    I’ve joined your rss feed and look ahead to in quest of more of your excellent
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  16. Annemarie LeBlanc | 9th Oct 16

    Those nail polish colors are really pretty! I love the Rose Bowl best. I will have to check this brand out. I wish I knew how to paint my nails by myself. Oh well, I can always count on my manicurist to do the job.

  17. Emily Draher | 9th Oct 16

    I’ve never heard of this brand! Sounds nice! 🙂

  18. Nina | 9th Oct 16

    I love Ivy At The Shore!!! Wow!!!!

  19. Kathy | 9th Oct 16

    These colors are very beautiful. I love doing nails with nail polish, and so do my girls. The blue is my favorite. It’s really pretty.

  20. Bailey | 10th Oct 16

    I’ve wanted to try these. Ivy at the Shore is gorgeous!

  21. Elizabeth O. | 10th Oct 16

    That’s a lovely set of nail polish! I’m not much into metallic colors but I do love using them during the holidays especially the New Year! I really think these are perfect for those kind of celebrations.

  22. Ourfamilyworld | 10th Oct 16

    Wow, love the pink, red shade! That nail polish sounds really nice and love the review!

  23. Nicole Etolen | 10th Oct 16

    Wow, sounds so lovely! I want to try this brand, that blue shades rocks!

  24. Kelly Reci | 10th Oct 16

    So pretty colors, I want to try them all. I like coloring my nails and this brand sounds nice.

  25. Lisa Heath | 10th Oct 16

    That red looks great on you

  26. Nora Grahe | 10th Oct 16

    Love the Rose Bowl on you, Rocks!

  27. Nikki | 10th Oct 16

    Ooh, pretty colors! Loving that berry-pink shade!

  28. LacquerExpression | 10th Oct 16

    Gorgeous swatches and I love all of the names!

  29. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen | 17th Oct 16

    It’s my first tie to hear about Lauren B nailposlishes but I love their colors!!! I especially love the red one.

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