KBShimmer spring polishes delight your eyes and nails

KBShimmer Prints Charming, Pool Paradise, Blush Money
KBShimmer Prints Charming, Pool Paradise, Blush Money

KBShimmer always creates a seasonal collection of polishes that are to die for. The polishes for Spring 2016 are mixed with creally, cream, holographics as well as their new formula, Ultra Flairs. It’s hard for me to pick favorites when dealing with KBShimmer since they are all wonderful. The three I’m sharing today were sent for consideration and after using them I just had to buy Peony Pincher (see Lisa’s review) and Purr-fectly Pawsome.

KBShimmer is well known for their crelly polishes that contain a variety of glitters within. What makes these great is that the glitters lie flat so I don’t get obsessed with playing with them and can just enjoy the way they look on my nails.

Pools Paradise is typical of these beautiful crelly polishes. It’s a described as a lightened green leaning aqua. The glitters are neon pink, periwinkle and aqua. They really stand out making this quite unique. The glitter load is light and the sizes are small and medium.

KBShimmer Pools Paradise
KBShimmer Pools Paradise

Prints Charming is a great summer polish and will look amazing if you have a tan (real or faux). It needs 3 coats for the white crelly to completely cover and to layer the glitters (fuchsia, turquoise and sapphire) so you get more depth and dimension. It’s rare that I’d recommend a glitter polish for a pedicure but this would look amazing.

KBShimmer Prints Charming
KBShimmer Prints Charming

The third polish is a favorite of mine: Blush Money. It’s a peachy rose with gold shimmer. It totally glows in bright light whether inside or out. I love a holographic polish and this linear holo is perfect for spring. It contains a medium amount of small glitter. I needed two coats. The manicure lasted a full week and if I didn’t have an appointment would have lasted for another week.

KBShimmer Blush Money
KBShimmer Blush Money
KBShimmer Blush Money
KBShimmer Blush Money
KBShimmer Spring 2016
KBShimmer Spring 2016

It’s hard to beat KBShimmer polishes for beauty and long lasting, reliable polishes. They’ve made me appreciate what a good independent company can create. Have you experienced the beauty of KBShimmer?  — Marcia


*sent for editorial consideration


  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 27th Apr 16

    Those shades are so pretty! I think KBShimmer make the most consistently beautiful polishes. I wish I could own them all!

  2. Nikki | 27th Apr 16

    I adore KB Shimmer polishes and these are gorgeous! I can’t even pick a favorite!

  3. Lola Seicento | 27th Apr 16

    What stunning shades! Prints Charming is AWESOME, and so perfect for the season!

  4. Shannon | 27th Apr 16

    Blush Money is super pretty.

  5. The Beauty of Life | 27th Apr 16

    These are all gorgeous! I really need to get on the KBShimmer train.

  6. Aleya Bamdad | 27th Apr 16

    I’m loving Pools Paradise.

  7. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 27th Apr 16

    Blush Money is beautiful.

  8. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 27th Apr 16

    I love Prints Charming–so perfect for spring!

  9. Nina | 27th Apr 16

    I love Pools Paradise!!!!

  10. Kat Dinges | 27th Apr 16

    I don’t have many KBShimmer but the ones I do have I love! I really need more.

  11. Julie | 27th Apr 16

    I have a few of these as well, they are stunning!!

  12. Mai | 27th Apr 16

    I initially thought I’d love Pools Paradise but I really think Blush Money is the standout

  13. nichole C | 27th Apr 16

    Blush Money is lovely.

  14. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 27th Apr 16

    Pools Paradise is so unique! The base shade is one of my fave colors!

  15. Jenne - Polished Pathology | 27th Apr 16

    She does make really pretty polishes!

  16. Kath TheFabZilla | 27th Apr 16

    Pools Paradise is so pretty! I like your nails too

  17. Stacie @ wacie.com | 27th Apr 16

    Ahh, Pools Paradise looks like something I need! I’m a sucker for those minty/aqua crellies, especially when they have pink glitter. I’m actually pretty late to the KBShimmer party, I don’t own a single one! I really feel like I’m missing out.

  18. Kim | 28th Apr 16

    Prints Charming isn’t really a shade I’d usually go for, but I love it

  19. Bailey | 28th Apr 16

    These are so pretty. I love the glow of Blush Money.

  20. Nidia - Lit From Within | 28th Apr 16

    KBshimmer is one of my fave Indies. I need Blush Money!

  21. Leelo | 28th Apr 16

    These all look so pretty!

  22. Emily Draher | 28th Apr 16

    I looooooved the KBShimmer Spring 2016 collection. So pretty. And Blush Money is one of my favorites of all time – great choices!

  23. Shilpa Gandotra | 28th Apr 16

    Blush money is totally drool worthy!

  24. Melissa | 28th Apr 16

    I really love the Spring Collection from KBShimmer. I have the whole set!

  25. Ann | 28th Apr 16

    Blush money is my fave kb polish!

  26. Lisa Heath | 28th Apr 16

    Blush Money is one of my absolute favorites

  27. Honeygirlk | 29th Apr 16

    I am a huge fan of KB Shimmer polishes and these are definitely nice and pretty – especially for Spring and Summer

  28. Jess | 2nd May 16

    Beautiful shades!

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